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Callaway Apex Serial Number

Purchasing new golf clubs can be an expensive propositions. A new full set of golf clubs from a leading brand can run close to $2000. Many of us when shopping for new clubs operate on a strict budget which places these new clubs with the latest tech out of our price range Callaway Golf has provided a great alternative in Callaway Golf Pre-Owned clubs. They provide us the option to buy recent model clubs that are pre-owned at up to 50-75% discount from the original retail price.

Buying pre-owned can be a scary proposition because you never know what kind of quality you will get. This is why Callaway has gone to extreme measures to put the consumer at ease.

Let’s have a look at the steps they have taken to instill confidence in a pre-owned purchase. Certificate of Authenticity: Callaway Golf’s unwavering commitment to innovation and the creation of new golf technologies is well-established.

Callaway Apex Serial Number

Aug 18, 2014. There is no engraved serial number on the Apex irons. The 8 Iron would have had a sticker on the shaft above the hosel with the set serial number on it, there would / should also have been a holographic sticker just below the grip which states it is a genuine Callaway product and do not remove it.

Because of the company’s success in producing easy to use, forgiving golf clubs for every player, there are many imitations. But you can shop confidently with Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, knowing that Callaway Golf puts its stamp of approval only on Certified Pre-Owned products. To demonstrate that trust, every Certified Pre-Owned club you buy will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Callaway Golf. Guaranteed Performance: Every Certified Pre-Owned club you buy is backed by Callaway Golf, which means you can shop with the confidence that you’re getting the best possible quality.

They will guarantee that the condition of the club you get will match what was represented online. If you disagree, no problem. Send it back for a 100% refund of the purchase price. If, during the first 15 days following the receipt of the purchase, you wish to return any product in the exact condition that you received it (has not been played with), a 100% refund will be given for the price you paid for the product. Price Protection Guarantee: If the price of a product on is lowered within 14 days from the original purchase date of the same product, they will provide a price adjustment (i.e. A partial refund) at your request. The price protection adjustment will equal the difference between the original product purchase price and the lowered, or promotional price, of the same product.

Buy It, Then Try It: See something you like but not sure it’s the club for you? They offer the ability to purchase any club today, and then try it in real-world conditions for up to 90 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, they will buy it back from you for a preset value. Please note that it is not a cash refund, and is only store credit to be re-used at Callaway Pre-Owned. The buy-back is based on the length of time you have played the club. • 30 Days = 90% Buy Back • 31-60 Days = 80% Buy Back • 61-90 Days = 70% Buy Back 10 Point Inspection: Callaway Golf Pre-Owned preform the below 10 point inspection on clubs sold through Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. • Structural integrity of head • Cosmetic evaluation / clean-up • Proper length • Proper loft • Serial number authentication • Structural integrity of shaft • Grip replacement • Proper lie • Proper swing-weight • Field test 12 Month Warranty: The promise of a great Certified Pre-Owned club doesn’t stop when you hit the course.

Just like any new Callaway Golf product, a Certified Pre-Owned club comes with a warranty against defects. That means if something happens to your club that is directly related to an original manufacturing defect, they will fix or replace it. No questions asked. Trade In Trade Up: For those of you who are existing Callaway club players, you can trade in your existing clubs for a rebate towards your new purchase. Think of it as in the trade in value of your old car, when you make a new purchase. For the full details of which clubs qualify for this offer see their rules.

Simple, Flat-Rate Shipping: It can be frustrating when a good deal ends up not so great once shipping and tax is factored in. Callaway have streamlined the ordering process to provide a simple, up-front purchasing experience. No matter how many items you order, ship everything within the contiguous 48 United States for the flat rate of $9.95 per order. It’s that simple. Plus, all purchases are sales tax free when shipped outside the states of Texas and California. Online Customization: You have the power to change nearly any specification to meet your exact needs.

Just click “Customize” before you add your purchase to Cart Free Headcover: A free headcover is included with every Callaway Golf driver, fairway wood or hybrid purchase. Now that we have established why you should buy a pre-owned club through Callaway, we can look at which clubs to buy. In the first installment of this series we will look at the 5 best irons sets from Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. Callaway Apex Iron The Callaway are good overall performing clubs. They are not going to be the longest, most forgiving, best feeling, or looking club on this list.

These clubs are a jack of all trades, master of none. That has nothing to do with the clubs itself it has just become the victim of greater technology.

Upon its launch in 2014 the Callaway was the premiere iron set in the Callaway Stable. Three years later it still performs very well, but not at the level of some of the newer clubs that Callaway has released. The two areas the club stands out in is look and feel. The Callaway is made of a forged carbon steel which gives it a soft responsive feel on impact. The club head uses a thin Carpenter steel which was previously used in Callaway’s X Hot woods. This technology saw increased ball speed up to 1-2 mph. The thin light material of the face allowed Callaway to add extra weight where it was needed.

This was achieved by an added tungsten weight in the sole of the 3-5 irons. This lowered the center of gravity to help with the launch angles on these longer clubs. The Callaway also has a great sleek look with a thinner top line than some other game performing irons on the market today.

Visually Callaway did a great job with the cosmetics of this club that will make it look great in your bag. The iron is marketed as a game improving iron, but it has some elements that appeal to the golfer using pro player irons. The irons have wide spaced grooves, which helps produce more consistent spin and control from all types of lies. Also the offset is marginal which will make these clubs more playable for mid to lower handicaps The has the standard tweaks most low handicappers are looking for. One area where it differentiates is in its weaker lofts. The 7 iron is at 33 degrees which is a loft we are not seeing as much these days with the push for stronger lofts for added distance.

If you are looking for something with some true lofts from days gone by, then take a look at the of the Apex Iron. As with most pro version clubs only take the plunge if you are a low handicapper as these clubs are still designed for that type of player.

Upon release these clubs retailed for $1100 dollars, they can now be had for about half that price on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, check out the latest prices below. Callaway Big Bertha Irons The launched in 2015, and were the first irons to introduce 360 Face Cup Technology which has become a staple for Callaway Irons. The 360 Face Cup utilizes a single piece of metal at the front of the clubhead creating a curved striking surface on the crown, sole, heel and toe. That gave Callaway more control of the design of the clubhead. This meant that they could choose a material for the Face Cup that is stronger than the rest of the body.

This results in a lot more flexibility all over the club face and produces outrageous ball speed. The fit into the super game improving category, and is aimed to mid to high handicap golfers. A senior golfer looking to get more distance out of their irons, with great forgiveness will love these clubs.

Upon release Callaway claimed this iron can make you 2 clubs longer. Depending on which clubs you are upgrading from this could very well be true for you. Realistically the increase is closer to a club, or a club and a half. The club makes use of an internal standing wave technology that was commonly found in Callaway’s fairway woods and hybrids. This technology places the weight of the club low on the club face. The lower center of gravity (CG) creates a higher launch angle, while increasing the moment of inertia (MOI). There is a substantial offset to this club.

This is designed towards the higher handicap players, who is struggling to keep that ball on line, and needs to get that ball up in the air. A lower handicapper who has been playing with pro style irons will likely feel a big pull from these irons, and they would not be recommended for them. Callaway has made it very specific as to whom these clubs are designed for, and when used by its targeted audience it has fantastic results. One of the major complaints about this club is the look of it. Psa Diagbox Keygen. The club is chunky looking with a thick topline.

Whether looking down at the ball, or in the bag these irons visually look very big. This is where the niche marketing comes into play. If you are a higher handicap that thicker club may install greater confidence, where a lower handicap is likely to never play with these clubs strictly because of the size of it. The sole of the club does become progressively narrower as you move from longer to short irons, but it is still quite thick.

Especially when compared to some of Callaway’s newer models. If you are looking for a forgiving club with a better look, some of the other clubs higher on this list will likely be more appealing. If look is not important, then this club may be right for you. The distance, ball speed, and forgiveness from this club is still amongst the best on the market, even after more than 2 years after its original release. Callaway Steelhead XR Irons At the release time of this article the is the newest model irons you will find on the Callaway Golf Pre-Owned site. The irons were released in September of 2016 as a throwback to the irons. The Steelhead X-14 were one of Callaway’s most successful irons of all time.

Originally released in 2000, the really put Callaway on the irons map. The Callaway XR model achieved a breakthrough in performance in 2015 with its incredible ball speed across the entire club face. The easiest way to build on this series, was to give it a different design. This resulted in Callaway taking the proven design of the old and combining it with its Face Cup 360 Technology found in the XR series.

Aesthetically the has a longer blade length with a more rounded face. The curved toe, and overall topline shape do a nice job of hiding some of the bulk of the club when looking down at it at address. There is a decent offset on this club that is designed to help straighten the ball, but it is no more than what you will find in your typical game improving iron. A unique feature of this iron is the return of the bore-through hosel. This was a prominent feature in the X-14.

The purpose of the technology is to take some weight out of the hosel, and put it towards the center of the face creating a more forgiving club that is easier to launch. The has also placed an infused Polyurethane Layer behind the lower portion of the face of the club. This technology serves two main purposes. One, it absorbs unwanted vibration producing a great feel, and it adds weight to the club to get the CG back lower down. This produces faster ball speeds, and higher launch characteristics. The clubs also feature a progressive center of gravity. In the longer irons the CG will be lower, as you go into the shorter irons and pitching wedges the CG moves higher up the club face.

This will allow us to get our longer irons in the air much easier, and our short irons lower, with a higher spin. In terms of loft design the has definitely shifted towards the XR scale. If we look at the 7 iron it has a 30 degree loft, which is the same as the XR series. If we go back and look at the XR-14 lofts it was at 33 degrees in a 7 iron. This really illustrates the push to stronger lofts over the last decade. The standard shaft is the all new True Temper XP 95 Stepless Shaft.

This shaft provides good stability, and a solid kick point through the transition of your swing. This set comes with a great variety in shafts as it offers 8 additional no-upcharge shafts including the KBS Tour V-90, and the UST Recoil 660/680 if you have a graphite preference.

Despite being the newest club on this list the ranks below its predecessor the XR series. The reason being the differences between these two sets is marginal in terms of performance, but the difference in price is noticeable. The newer model may fall outside our preset price range. With the XR series you will get a very similar performance at a reduced cost. One plus on the side is that with it being a recent model you will find a good selection of these clubs in the “Like New” to “Very Good” category. With the older XR model they have had more time to get some wear on them, making the higher condition ratings more challenging to find. Callaway XR Iron/XR OS/XR Pro The original model of Callaway were released in 2015, and were targeted as a replacement for the model which was for a higher handicap player looking for maximum distance.

The were the second irons after the to feature Callaway’s 360 Face Cup Technology, and the first to put that technology into a cavity back iron. As previously described in the review for the the Face Cup technology provides a thinner club face to create increased ball speed across the entire face of the club. The equation here is simple, increased ball speed, equals more distance. The clubs also brings over the internal standing wave found in the series. The standing wave is a weight pad at the bottom of the club that places the weight of the club low on the club face. The lower center of gravity (CG) creates a higher launch angle, while increasing the moment of inertia (MOI). The area it improved on from the was a new two piece construction that allowed Callaway to improve on the topline and sole size which were the biggest complaints with the line.

The are a game improving iron, and still possess a thicker sole, large top line, and decent amount of offset to cater to the golfers in this category. Where the XR series excels is none of these features are over-done. Aesthetically the club has been given some color with blue and red accents that reflect the focus of speed for this set of irons. They have a slick polished chrome finish that sparkle upon first purchase. When buying pre-owned this finish needs to be taken into consideration.

If the appearance of the clubs is important for you, then I be very weary purchasing any condition below “Very Good”, as the wear is likely to show more on the polished finished. The highlights for this clubs is in the categories of distance and forgiveness. The secret to the success is in the 360 Face Cup technology. The ball explodes off the face with a spring like action, that gives incredible ball speeds. The Big Bertha had claims of adding 1-2 club lengths to your drive, and the can boast similar results due to the same face cup technology. The forgiveness is great for a game improving iron, and the model discussed later offers even more forgiveness for the player who needs it. Do make note that these are strong lofted clubs.

The 6 iron sports a 26 degree loft with a 37.625 club length, that is closer to the specs of an older 5 or 4 iron. If you are looking for a club with some truer lofts have a look at the (for high handicappers), or the (for low handicapper). XR OS The launched in early 2016 as a super game improving alternative to the. If you are higher handicap, or maybe someone just getting back into the game this is the iron set you need to be looking. This an iron set for a player that is looking to strike the ball more consistently, and increase that level of confidence by having technology tailored to your skill level. The goal with the is to get the sort of distance seen from the, but through a higher ball flight.

The increase height is achieved by having the CG lower on the club, and a little further back. Average golfers tend to hit the ball a little lower on the club face, so this tech is going to really help with the launch, and getting the ball in the air. If you are someone who hits the ball thin, this club will really help you out. Callaway has changed the loft and length configuration of the. Recently there has been a shift to really strong lofts on clubs to maximize the distance. The OS version of this iron set returns to much more manageable lofts.

Let’s take for example the 7 iron. The 7 iron loft in the Callaway sits at 32 degrees, which puts it above that 30 degree range that we have seen of some of the newer 7 irons under. Even the standard version of the club has a loft of 30 degrees on the 7 iron. These stronger lofts are there to add distance, but often this added distance can be deceiving as the clubs are not considered to be true lofts.

When you are hitting a 7 Iron at 30 degrees loft, you are hitting closer to what your 6 iron resembled a few years back. If you are use to the more standard loft, but have lost a few yards as father time has caught up, then this club will help you get back to where you would like to be. To compensate for the weaker loft The Callaway has also added ½ inch of length to the club to help with club speed. This club is really a great blend of a club that is easy to hit with the manageable lofts, and added length for increased club head speed. Visually the biggest difference is a wider sole designed for more forgiveness. The back edge of the club does have a redesigned bevel which allows for more smoothness through ground impact.

A very important note on these irons is that it naturally has a lot off set on the club. If you a player who is hitting a lot of pushes or fades these clubs will help. On the contrary if you have a draw tendency, then this club will exaggerate that tendency further. Depending how drastic your draw is you will want to look at the standard which has a slight offset, or the which has almost no offset at all. The standard shaft on this club is the True Temper Speed Step 80 Steel, which is 88g making it very light for a steel shaft. This steel shaft is same as the model.

The graphite shafts are Mistubishi Fubuki, and will range between 61-68g, this differs from the model which offers the Project X SD as its graphite shaft option. XR Pro The has a more classic design that is almost blade like. It is compact with a smaller face length than both the and. This design is not for the casual golfer, and is for someone who is a consistent ball striker. One of the primary difference for the pro version that appeals to low handicappers is the narrower sole design reducing the ground impact, and giving the skilled golfer more ability to work the spin on the golf ball. The Pro version also has a brushed chrome finish so the wear and tear will be less noticeable then on the standard which has the polished finish.

The lofts on the clubs are a shade weaker that the lofts on the. The shaft is also different offering the KBS Tour V90 Steel shaft. The KBS Tour V90 is a light weight shaft with a mid-trajectory, and low spin, allowing for a tighter shot dispersion. The one thing that rises these XR models above others is the affordable price tag. From the standard, to the, to the, a pre-owned set of XR won’t run you more than $500. This is a fantastic performing set for golfers of all skill sets. Whether you are a low handicapper and opt for the, or a golfer that needs a lot of help and goes for the, these golf clubs will not break the bank.

They are the premium choice on this list for a consumer who is looking for a high performing club at a reasonable price. Going the pre-owned route for these amazing performing clubs is the perfect choice. Check out the latest prices below on. Callaway Apex CF 16/Apex Pro 16 Like the Callaway has merged two of its best performing clubs. They have once again taken the 360 face technology from the XR Series and now put it into a forged iron to create the. The results is all the length and forgives of the XR series, with the softness and feel of the forged Apex Series. The has a multi piece construction where they utilize the face cup technology in the 3-7 irons to generate maximum length and forgiveness.

These longer clubs feature more offset, and a wider sole. The 8-AW are built with a different engineered club face that is more geared for feel and accuracy. This set also includes some of the features we have previously discussed in other sets. It has the progressive offset, sole width, CG height, and notch weighting see other irons from Callaway. In terms of offset the is much more relaxed in comparison to what you would find in the,.

It is not at the level of a Pro model, but sits in a nice happy medium between a game performing iron, and a pro iron. This offset makes the set geared more towards the mid to low handicapper. The stock shaft is the True Temper XP 95 Steel, but Callaway Golf Pre-Owned offers a slew of different shaft options.

These options include Project X, KBS Tour, and the True Temper Dynamic Gold. In the graphite department the UST Mamiya Recoil 760 is offered in varying degrees of stiffness. Apex Pro 16 The does not have the same length as the because it does not have the face cup technology. The club does have all the elements a low handicapper is looking for.

Increase work ability, literally no offset, and very true feedback when you mishit a ball. If you are a golfer that has the consistency in his game, and is not looking for added length then these Pro Version are highly recommended. Like its predecessor the, the lofts on the pro version of the are much weaker than other clubs on the market. The 7 iron sits at a very true 34 degrees, adding appeal for players who dislike very strong lofted irons In terms of looks you will not find more gorgeous set of irons in all of golf. Unlike the they have a polished chrome finished, that has an almost mirror like reflection.

This polished look is damn sexy, but prone to more wear, so be aware of the condition you are purchasing. There is a third Apex option, the. These irons combine the best of both sets for a true balance.

It takes the 3-7 irons from the, and combines it with 8-PW of the. The set comes in the satin chrome finish of the standard. In our opinion this set is currently the premiere iron set available right now on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. The only thing that could hold you back from choosing it is the price point. This is where the beauty of buying pre-owned comes into play.

These clubs that were once priced out of some people’s price range can now be found in an affordable range. These clubs are worth every penny, and every one of those pennies is backed and guaranteed by one of the best brands in Golf. Check the latest prices below on, and go pick yourself up one of the best set of irons for a great price.

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