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Difx Based Driver Installer

Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) Support The Drivers view allows you to create device driver installations that utilize Microsoft's Driver Install Frameworks version 2.01. The same project will support installing drivers on both 64 bit and 32 bit systems, with options to suppress Add/Remove Programs entries and to only install if the device is attached. The included DIFx Driver Installation sample project demonstrates how to use the commands that install a driver. The sample provides wizard screens that attach and disconnect a simulated 'toaster' device based on user selections.

When the 'toaster' is attached, Windows automatically finds and installs the 'toaster driver' using plug-and-play. This advanced sample project will allow you to quickly build your own device driver installations that test for the presence of the device, or possibly configure the device from the installation wizard.

Difx Based Driver Installer

I need to create an InstallShield 12 project that installs a driver on WinXP or higher. How can I do it using InstallShield 12? Cause a single file to be copied from the source media to the default destination directory. Reference one or more INF-writer-defined sections in the INF that each.

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