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Download Rng Reporter 9.81 Beta

If you need help, I can possibly help out, but most of your questions can be answered by looking through Smogon's 5th Gen PRNG Help Thread. Keep in mind this info is as of RNG Reporter 9.81 Beta. In the future, the process may be easier, such as checking for characteristics. For the battle where I actually catch shiny Thundurus: Tips and Tricks: When looking for a usable seed in Time Finder, make sure you set your min/max frame to 1. This way, you'll only need to do PID advances.

If you're looking for shininess, set max shiny frame to 1000, because we need to find a frame at 650 or above. Consider ID/SID Abuse if you can't find easily find a usable seed. This requires you to have a Roaming PID frame that you want to make shiny. Check what frame it's listed as under Wild Pokemon Encounter type. You'll input this Wild Frame where it asks for it in Pandora's Box.

Test any possible ID/SID combos to see if they make the Roaming PID Frame shiny. If you fail to get your seed on the first attempt, input what ID you received.

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Subtract the frame you land on from the target frame- this will be the number of times you need to say no to Juniper when she asks about your name. A SSF for ID/SID Abuse requires you to say no to her once, and then say no to her as follows- ((Target-SSF) plus 1).

The rain that the roamer summons advances the PID frame at a rate of 60 frames per second. Snow advances it much less, but it still screws up with your PID frame, so it's better to not have any weather at all. There are also Wandering NPCs on Route 7 as well. Before saving in the house, check if there's weather outside on that date.

Summer doesn't have any weather (February, June, October), so you might want to search for those months. This is why I recommended finding a seed with a target frame of 650 or above. I don't recommend doing it in the rain, because the PID will advance to 1000 and above and be much harder to control. Encounter any season change screen before you reach the house, because this will mess with the consistency of your mashing. When first calibrating for the roamer's SSF, you'll want to do a control run of 0 Chatters. Exit the house mashing the A button until the cutscene's over. Catch the roamer and check its IVs to see if you hit your seed.

If unsuccessful, your Timer0 was off. When it you hit your seed, make note of its nature and characteristic. The PID%6 Method is used to find our SSF. On a piece of paper, draw a hexagon and label it HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp.

Def, in that order clockwise, on each point, like shown in the video. Based on your IV spread, mark all stats that tied with the max (like if you have 31 IVs in more than one stat). Now go back to the main RNG Reporter Window (You should still have the list of PIDs from your seed open). In the upper right corner, click Performance Options, PID Display, Decimal. That will convert the PIDs from hex to decimal.

Now find a frame with the nature you got. If you have Windows, open up the calculator in programmer mode, enter the PID for that frame, and click Mod, 6, enter You'll get a number from 0-5, which we'll call your PID%6 Mod. Now go back to the hexagon you drew. Each stat corresponds to a number, such as HP goes with 0, Attack with 1, and so on, going clockwise. Mark the stat that you obtained from your PID%6.

Now starting from that stat, travel along the hexagon clockwise until you reach a stat that is tied with your max. That stat should correspond with your characteristic. If not, then that PID frame isn't compatible, try a different one. Also, if you start at a tied max stat, then that'll be your characteristic. When looking at possible PIDs for your SSF, it depends on what type of weather you have outside when you immediately exit the house. For those with no weather, it's been said to search between 550 to 750.

For rain, I've read that it's between 1500-1900, but it's highly advised to not do it with rain. For snow, I believe it advances to around 260 after your initial frame. Of course, you may need to check outside those ranges anyway for your own SSF, since those are just common for most people. You'll want to do advancements of 10 or so and try to establish a pattern of natures based on the list of PID frames.

They do not have to correspond exactly to the number of advancements, but they should be somewhere close to the predicted frame. This should help you to estimate a range of values for your SSF, from which you can begin to vary the number of PID advancements to attempt to hit your target PID frame. If you encounter any anomalies in your pattern, check to see if the rest of the pattern seems consistent with your advances.

If so, you can probably ignore it, and stick with that pattern (That's what happened to me). RNGReporter I will no longer be actively developing RNG Reporter. I will attempt to fix any bugs that are found. Checkout for a WIP cross platform RNG tool.

Credits Original RNGReporter dev team(mingot, slashmolder, omegadonut) for creating RNGReporter. Credits to amab for all the Channel Jirachi logic and Pokespot RNG. Credits to Zari for the 16-bit seed to time logic, GameCube RNG searching logic, Pokespot RNG, and generally other advice. Credits to Kaphotics for PID to IVs (aka Find Frame) logic and Pokespot RNG. Credits to CollectorTogami for TogamiCalc. Credits to Signum21 for IVs to Frame Planned Features Poke Walker Time Finder Will update list with other things Finished Features TogamiCalc 16-Bit Seed to Time Colosseum Time Finder Channel Time Finder Box Time Finder Wshmkr Time Finder PID to IVs Pokespot RNG Gales of Darkness Time Finder IVs to Frame.

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