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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 sees the return of the multi-award winning franchise complete with an abundance of new features and quality improvements. If you like PC strategy games, you should really listen to this podcast, where Soren Johnson (Civ IV) chats with Henrik Fahraeus (Crusader Kings II) and Jon Shafer (Civ.

The word Wellness was first used in 1563. Wellness has been around for several decades, but until these days it seems odd to some native speakers. The truth is that even if the word Wellness might sound unfamiliar, unnatural or even grammatically wrong, it is no new-created term.

It has its long history traced back to the years 1563 – this first known use of the term Wellness was in a correspondence as an inquiry about state of health of recipient’s daughter that was recovering from illness. A statistician first used Wellness as a special term. The first person mentioning Wellness in modern history was a statistician, former physician Halbert L. Dunn, at that time chief of the National Office of Vital Statistics. He was looking for new terminology to convey the positive aspects of health that people could achieve, beyond simply avoiding sickness. Dunn, who is viewed as one of the founding fathers of the wellness movement, defined Wellness as “an integrated method of functioning, which is oriented toward maximizing the potential of which the individual is capable.” FACT 3. In 1970´s you had to spell W-e-l-l-n-e-s-s, because people didn´t understand the word.

Even if the word Wellness has its roots deep in the English language, it has never been a common word. The founder of the first wellness center, John Travis, admitted first he thought he word Wellness was stupid, and it would never catch on, and that at the very beginning of the wellness movement in the 1970´s he had to spell w-e-l-l-n-e-s-s when saying the word over the phone. Wellness turned huge in 1980´s and it had its own episode in the 60 minutes show. Not only has above mentioned John Travis been the founder and owner of the first wellness center on the world, but he has been the person that made United Stated recognize the word Wellness in 1980´s. He and his center (and his patients) were portrayed in the famous TV series 60 minutes in 1979 and since then Wellness became a buzz word. Download Chinese Zodiac Movie Sub Indo.

The first university that started teaching about wellness was in Stevens-Point, Wisconsin. Nowadays you can choose from number of universities and schools that offer some kind of wellness degree, course or certification. In 1979 there was none, except for the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point where former staff physician Bill Hettler founded the National Wellness Institute and from that year they annually organize the National Wellness Conference where over a hundred speakers from all around the world come and share what they know about wellness. You don´t find Wellness in any translation dictionary. Yes, wellness is everywhere now; even my grandma knows the word. Still, if you open any world language dictionary, you will never find a translation of Wellness.

This word is so specific, that even if there might be some similar terms in other languages, like German term “ wohlbefinden”, they are never directly put together as equal translations. Wellness doesn’t have one definition. Halbert Dunn, John Travis and even National Wellness Institute have their own definition of wellness. So do hundreds of other wellness professionals. As a result, there is not one single definition that would be broadly accepted. Stanford Research Institute International summed this up: “While recognizing that there are regional variations in the concept of wellness, several common threads stand out across the various definitions of wellness: • Wellness is multi-dimensional. • Wellness is holistic.

• Wellness changes over time and along a continuum. • Wellness is individual, but also influenced by the environment. • Wellness is a self-responsibility.“ FACT 8. In many countries around the world, Wellness means spa. Despite of all existing models and theories of wellness, outside the United States, Wellness is perceived as a marketing brand for spa services, hotel offers and pampering procedures.

This notion is usually based on local traditions and shortsighted promotion strategies that. The word went from the times when nobody knew it to times when everybody knows, but at the same time only few know. Do you agree? Leave me your comment in the Discussion.

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