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Feb 18, 2015. I need some help loading and running a 2 axis program with tool changes on this older machine. Trying to decide which software to use with AXYZ router table. I have a question regarding the ToolPath software for the AXYZ 4008 cnc router. FluidRay RT The most advanced real-time renderer on the market now has Rhino support.

Axyz Toolpath For Windows

Answer This is what the error 331 saying: 'Error 331 - The job the operator is about to run goes past and/over the soft limits of the machine. The soft limits are defined by the machine's programmed size.. See section for code Error 47.' But for error 47, this is what it says: The machine is actually at the outer limits you must jog away from the limits.

The machine is incorrectly sized in the Setup Menu of ToolPath. Check the settings in ToolPath setup. Compensation is forcing job outside the Machine Size vales as defined in Setup For additional information consult the following website:

It's not my machine, if it was it'd be already running under CB and Mach3 I started doing late shifts as a temporary job on an large AXYZ router (built around 2005-2006) to help a neighboring construction company produce a large number of panels which take a lot of time to make. This is the first commercial machine I get my hands on. I am shocked - a very rigid mechanical construction tied to a primitive software and user interface compared to CamBam + Mach3. After reading the manuals and on-line help my impression is that the G-code interpreter is quite limited and uses own non-standard codes. The panels we make are 2000x1250 mm sheets of Aluminum sandwich material (3 or 4 mm thick) where a grid of around 340 circular holes (d=50mm) have to be cut.

Currently the operation is a vertical plunge to full depth and then cutting. I couldn't find a way to define ramping moves and ease the load on the 4mm end mill. The 'Toolpath' software which is used for the CAM work and sends the machine code to the router is very limited (again compared to what I am used to).

I can save the.NC file and looking into it there are codes and parameters I could not find information about. Like this one. G0 G90 G0X-3.990Y-3.990Z0.000 N0 M12 N1 G1 X420.986 Y-3.990 Z0.000 R=0.000 Cx=0.000 Cy=0.000 Cz=0.000] N2 G1 X420.986 Y336.984 Z0.000 R=272.428 Cx=208.498 Cy=166.497 Cz=0.000] N3 G1 X-3.990 Y336.984 Z0.000 R=272.428 Cx=208.498 Cy=166.497 Cz=0.000] N4 G1 X-3.990 Y-3.990 Z0.000 R=272.428 Cx=208.498 Cy=166.497 Cz=0.000] M0 M22 It should cut a rectangle 417x333mm with a 4 mm tool. M12 is 'Start of shape' M0 is 'Shape end' M22 -file end/ G0 (without parameters) - file start G1 command is given some parameters which I cannot decode. Z0.00 eventually means 'plunge to lift bottom' or is simply ignored by the AMC controller.

Any help on how to organize and optimize the work with this router will be of high value. Problem is the whole system is built like a 'black box' and probably with simple cutting jobs in mind. Although they mention 2.5D and 3D in their help files. Especially the tool radius compensation in their proprietary 'Toolpath' application is quite lame.

And there is no visualization of the actual toolpaths. There is also some color coding I discovered by chance - blue = outside a closed shape, red = inside. Compensation is given both in negative and positive values and the actual offset depends on whether the shape is set to be inner or outer. Conventional and climb milling add even more to this mess. The documentation is very brief.

People who work there had given up understanding and using tool compensation and instead the engineers at the office prepare.DXF files with hard coded tool offsets (manually offset the geometry). And of course there are confusions. My ambition is to get to grips with the issue and allow for different tool diameters to be possible for a given job. Download Super Mario Hack Roms Free. I can save machine (.NC) files and can import such into the program. So there is a chance I could discover enough about the particular controller.

BTW, against the background of such lame programs one can really appreciate the value of CamBam. Pity I cannot use it currently.

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