Deadmau5 Get Scraped Zip Media Fire Safe

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Deadmau5 Get Scraped Zip Media Fire Safe

• • • • • All posts involving the Mau5trap label or its artists must be tagged with [Mau5trap]. What not to post here: • Questions you want Joel to answer, • Anything else you want Joel to see, • Music that doesn't include works by deadmau5, • Purchasable works and paid content produced by deadmau5 (there's a reason you have to pay for it), • Anything that has not been explicitly put out to the public by Joel, • Insignificant things (e.g., mau5head Call of Duty emblem or a sticker bought on Amazon). Mods have final say in what this could be, • Personal information of any kind relating to Joel, • Questions about region restrictions (see post). Rules further explained.

Read before posting. Links to Joel's social media accounts: Download Joel's misc or older works here: • • • • Related subreddits: • • • • • Spoiler: [Spoiler text](#s) Output: sub design by mau5head flairs provided. It's time for another 'Is the 2005 Get Scraped CD real?' (we know the demo CD is real: ) Discogs cites Wikipedia, Wikipedia cites Discogs. No one seems to be able to prove it exists, they just cite sources that cite each other.

Deadmau5 Get Scraped Zip Media Fire Safe

Zaffa on Discogs mentioned this photo on live.deadmau5: Personally I think this photo is just talking about the Get Scraped demo CD? What do you think? Wikipedia and discogs say the album CD was limited to 500 copies. Where does this number come from? Also on Discogs they say the demo CD only had 100 copies made, however that box deadmau5 posted a picture of full of em has way more than 100. I think some dude just pulled these numbers out of his butt. Unless anyone can prove the album CD exists (IE deadmau5 himself, or a picture of the thing), it needs to be removed from wikipedia and discogs.

The only proof on Discogs is that it is on Wikipedia. The only proof on Wikipedia is that it is on Discogs. Edit: formating Edit2: apparently received a copy of the 2005 album first hand! Looking forward to seeing pics! Edit3: here are the pics, it is the Demo CD • • • • •. While I don't really have much to add to the discussion (as you say, most of the sources are unreliable), I remember someone on Random Forum Title claiming they knew that another member owned one. Who these members were, whether they were telling the truth, and whether they had confused it with Demo, I have no idea.

It is also possible that the CD does exist in low numbers, and no photos exist simply because of it's rarity. Additionally, the sources where people got the '100 copies' number from may have possibly just disappeared from the net, given the CD's age. Edit: Just had a thought, where did the CD tracklist come from? 2 of the tracks on there are real, which means they must have come from somewhere.

Get Scraped is the first full-length album by deadmau5. It was released on the independent record label ZOOLOOK. The album stylistically departs from deadmau5's usual progressive house sound. Many tracks feature influences from IDM, ambient/downtempo, noise pop, trip hop, among others. This album exists in two versions: a physical CD release which appeared in a limited edition of 500 copies in 2005, and a download release which appeared in 2006. The latter has a different track order from the Tracklist Track number Play Loved Track name Buy Options Duration Listeners 1.

You can re-host images at Ensure your tags are correct and that you have specified both Artist/Album in your post. Upload your files in either or a.rar archive to mediaf!, in multiple parts if the album is over 100mbs. The reason for this is that we know mediaf!re is safe and.

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