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If any of those is not installed, downloaders will fail to start. You may download the standalone installers on Windows to avoid installing these. Set up a working Wine environment. Download Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction installation files from Battle.net - launch downloaders, pick a. Mod for Diablo 2 Lords of Destruction 1.13c that allow you to create powerful equipment.

This is annoying me sooo much. I've got 2 copies of D2. So I remember there being some problem why I couldn't install it anymore. Still tried anyway. I took one copy, installed D2, no problem. Then I wanted to install LoD.

Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction InstallDiablo 2 Lord Of Destruction Install

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Soundtrack on this page. LoD installation says: 'please insert Diablo 2 cd labelled 'play disk'. Nothing happens. The installation loads for 3 minutes, then it says 'please insert Diablo 2 cd labelled 'play disk' again. Tried it a couple times, keeps giving that problem. So I grab the other copy of D2, open the cd cover. Where the fuck is the play disk? It's not in there Anyone know how to install LoD without having to let it verify I have the D2 play disk?

I guess I could just play the game without LoD but I was looking forward to starting an Assassin again. Open My Computer from the Windows Desktop - Right click the CD ROM drive containing the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Disc and choose OPEN - Right click on the D2XMUSIC.MPQ file and choose COPY - Open the drive letter onto which Diablo 2 has been installed and then open the Diablo II folder - Right click on a blank space within the Diablo II folder and choose PASTE - Select the D2XMUSIC.MPQ file and press F2 to rename the file to D2MUSIC.MPQ. - Install and play the game make sure it's not read only source.

Thanks, but I fixed the problem already First I tried swapping the cinematics disks from the 2 versions of the game I have, thinking they might have been mixed up (note that the cd-key is on the cinematics cd box). Then I tried (having swapped the cinematics disks back) using the version that lacks a play cd with the play cd from the other version, since that may have been mixed up too. Than I searched if I could find the other play cd again.

I found a copy of a play cd, and completely reinstalled with that. And that did the trick Now to get the game updated so it will run on Vista. Yep, playing. Dang it looks alot better than I feared it would look! I know this thread is useless now, but I just can't help screaming out in JOY.

Man, I was afraid playing D2 again would just result in feeling a bit less excited due to lousy graphics - but nope, the game is still amazing. I can't help loving the graphics and art. In fact, how could I ever have played Titan Quest when even though the graphics in there are more up-to-date D2 simply whipes the floor with it?! I think it's incredible that a game that's so old can still instill so much ferocious happiness in me from playing it! In fact, I had trouble hitting 'save and exit' all over again. Even though I told myself 'next waypoint, then I'll quit' I found myself examining my inventory and stash just one more time, looking at my skills just once more, and stalling before hitting the button. Damn this game rules Now I know what I was missing all this time in the newer games, I was starting to feel like I just didn't enjoy gaming anymore.

Well, that's not the case obviously!

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