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Dec 11, 2013. I've just removed a load of software from the PC I use for vinyl cutting following an upgrade to WinPCSign 2014 Pro. I now can't get the USB COM port to appear, can anyone direct me to the latest Windows 7 USB drivers for the Foison C24 (the older black & grey version)? Also, does anyone know the. Sep 17, 2017. Us ~ View topic - How to set my plotter USB,SERIAL,FTDI,CH3, or ADAPTER. PCSIGN already installed the cutters drivers, so you only need select your plotter from the plotter list. Setting/Plotter Code /Port: Com, USB, Lpt. If your plotter is not on the list, please contact us via.

If you cannot get your cutter working, check that you've followed these steps carefully. 1) Turn your cutter off, and plug it into a free USB port on your computer.

Foison Vinyl Cutter Driver C24

The new hardware wizard should appear, or if you've already done this, it should go 'Bing Bong' 2) On the cutter, Keep hitting 'Menu' until you see the setting for 'Baud.' The value should read 0. If it does not, use the arrow keys to make that so. Then, hit mode until you see normal screen FOISON. 3) Make a note of the Com port and set the flow control. To do this: Go to Start, and then Run.

Foison Vinyl Cutter Driver C24

In the box enter: devmgmt.msc or right click 'my computer'--properties--device manager---ports.Then, hit OK. 4) Hit the plus sign next to 'Ports COM And LPT' 5) You should see 'USB Serial Adapter', Right click on this and go to 'Properties' 6) From there, select 'Port Settings'.Adjust the Boud Rate as per cutter setting. Set the flow control to 'X-ON/X-OFF' 7) Hit 'Advanced', Make a note of the Com Port, and if possible change it to something 1-4 if they're not in use. Hit apply and OK to leave those menus.

Close device manager. 9) Open Flexi, use the 'T' on the left hand side to type a couple of letters.

10) Go to File, then hit 'Cut/Plot' 11) This opens the Cut Plot screen. In the top left you should see CM-24 @ com x or CX-24 @ com x. The x needs to match up with the com port we noted earlier. Netsupport Manager Keygen Download here. If it does not: 12)Hit the properties button under theCM-24 @ com x drop down box.

Select the right hand most tab. It has a picture of something that looks like a microphone. 13) At the top, change the com port to match yours. Hit OK 14) At the bottom, make sure 'Flow Control' says 'X-ON/X-OFF'.

Been very busy so not been about for ages, I have just bought some gear of a competitor who is no longer in the trade and swapped his Foison C24 cutter for a projector I had, It seems ok in fact quite a decent machine which will do as a nice backup for My Roland, however I cannot install it on either a windows XP or Vista computer, does anyone have any experience with this cutter at all? I have downloaded the latest USB driver from signwizard but to no avail all help or pointers appreciated cheers Steve • • • • •.

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