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Programs used: - Google Sketchup (for site modelling) - Google Earth (for site terrain) - Rhinoceros 4.0 Trial - Grasshopper (for form generation) - Chronolapse (for screen timelapse and rendered video) As part of my final semester architectural design studio, I figured it'd be good to get cracking with some site modelling to start applying the things I've learnt from various 'experiments' I've been doing over the last six weeks. It was a bit rushed since I had to get it ready in a little under a week, and with not much spare time to do it in. The result was a site model that's complete enough for sun exposure analysis, and can have a form generated on it. I haven't decided what kind of form would be appropriate for the site, so I somewhat arbitrarily tried a twisted form offset from the road's edge just so I can try out sun exposure. (Sidenote: Thanks to Chronolapse taking an unprecedented amount of time to compile this video, it's going to come in for submission about an hour late.

Rhinoterrain 2 0 CrackRhinoterrain 2 0 Crack

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