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Derived from open source, and as freeware. The Le Mans Lotus 2-11 is specifically built for the Le Mans 4 FSX Racing circuits. Its a race car but also a nice roadster for just touring Le Mans 4 FSX. Note: You can enable War Powers, or manifold boost ( Green Light On ) as a button to add boost for 180 MPH down the Mulsanne Straight between the Chicanes, but make sure you disable the boost ( green light off ) when wanting to slow down or in curves like in the chicanes - If you have or when you get Le Mans 4 FSX, just put the recorded flight from the 'Starting Line at Le Mans 4 FSX' into your FSX flights folder, click it and you will be at the start line at Le Mans 4 FSX.

Pointers In C By Yashwant Kanetkar Ebook Reader. The Le Mans 4 FSX Porsche 917 prototype series has 5 models of equal caliber. This is Version 2 which has the additional enhancements - Fully Digital Dash, Further Automatic Stabilization like Speed Brakes and tighter turning radius.

Derived from open source, and as freeware. The Le Mans Lotus 2-11 is specifically built for the Le Mans 4 FSX Racing circuits. Its a race car but also a nice roadster. Last updated: The 1st of December 2017. Back to scenery overview. Click here for Flight Simulator X United States sceneries. Can't find the scenery you are looking for?

Please note that these are freeware cars. They are built based on open source with modified FSX parts and xml and do not include animation. Their Animated versions will be available for Le Mans 4 FSX simmers. Regardless, these models can hit 270 mph down the Mulsanne Straight in Le_Mans 4 FSX, Have fun! O.K.Daley dba

Good Traffic Freeware For Fs2004 Freeware

FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 Upgrade for the German sea rescue ship (SAR-boat)John T. (Requires my addon ''. The upgrade is just for overwriting. With more experience and grown abilities I can provide now this improvements: Realistic and detailed interior wheelhouse with navigation desk and radar console.

Replaced and much better towed motorboat, replaced crewman at the prow and a better wake for the animated daughter boat Elsa. FSDS 3.5 model and all configurations by Erwin Welker. This voice pack has been created to offer more variety to the Flightdeck Sound Effects Panel by Marcus Thompson. I cast Alexandria, aka LilHazelEyez, for the flight attendant. She's not a real flight attendant, but she was dedicated to doing a good job. Feel free to give her some appreciation on her Steam page.

The FDSFX panel was originally made for FS2004, but it works with FSX just fine. I did not include his panel, because I did not get permission from him. However, I did include a readme file with the gauge section to input into your panel.cfg that will make the panel look right. The panel is called FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel for FS2004 and FlightDeck SFX Colored Panel Plates for FS2004, and you can probably find them on any freeware site. It is a free alternative to having callouts, and it is customizable. FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 package cargoship Cap San Diego as pilotable version and ai-version. This fast cargoship with a length of 160 m and a speed of 19 knots was was buildt in 1960 and sailed between Germany and South America until 1980.

Now she is worldwide the biggest, still operational museumsship and can be visisted in Hamburg. Some days per year she makes daytrips with tourists. The FS-models are very detailed. Thirty one cameras let you explore the whole ship including the complete and realistic detailed virtual navigation bridge.

The models are successfully tested in FSX, Acceleration and in FS2004 and it is also supposed to run in P3D but not yet testet. The ai-version is supposed to be used with the great tool Ai-carriers2 or for ai-traffic.

FSDS 3.5 model and all configurations by Erwin Welker. This package contains modified autogen files and a modified effects.cfg file that will give you a much needed boost to your frame rate. It will also provide those of you with slower machines the ability to display volumetric effects that would normally slow down or even crash your game. It has almost no noticeable visual impact on your sim other than improved performance. It really works!

Please read the included readme for installation instructions, and remember to back up your original files! Also, please leave a comment on my Steam page if you liked!

This package replaces the original FSX FPS Modified Files download. BE SURE TO BACK UP ALL ORIGINAL FILES!! FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 Megayacht Attessa IV as pilotable and Ai-version. This beautiful ship with a length of 100 m is in the ranking list of the longest megayachts on place 33. Like the real one the FS-model has two motorboats and two helipads.

At the aft is a Eurocopter which belongs to the owner. A second one is a Bell 206B Jetranger doing animated landings and take offs at the heli pad at the bow. Below the bow is an animated dolphin. Another motorboat can be toggled between two modes: Riding the waves on parallel course or running one minute circles with a bikini girl on waterskies. The FS-model is extremly detailed. Twentytwo cameras let you explore the whole ship and let you watch all the animations including a walking girl.

The model is successfully tested in FSX and needs just the replacement of the effects for FS2004. Not yet tested in P3D! FSDS 3.5 model and all configurations by Erwin Welker.

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