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Hi, I just became the owner of a Hot Springs Spa, basically for the cost of picking it up. I'm trying to ID (model and year) since it came with no manuals and I'll be darned if I can find any hints. It's going to need some work (pump seal replacement, some leaking, some cosmetic stuff), but I have high hopes. Since it cost me nothing - yet - I'm ready to dig in. Anyway, I've included a picture.

Additionally - it's 110v, measures about 6'2x7'4x29' Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Yes, I know I can call Watkins, but thought maybe you guys would be faster and have more anecdotal info. 1987 Sovereign, or close to it. 110 volt 20 Amp Wood for the door is still available, so are the brass T nuts and SS screws to hold it closed properly. Move the T nuts and holes over an inch if the holes in the door have oversized.

Filter is the same one used on the new Tiger River spas. You have a broken air control valve - they only come as a complete assembly: 30724 If you need the PVC elbow(s) they are part number 71014 Very important: DO NOT leave this spa sitting in the sun uncovered and empty. DO NOT throw a sheet of plastic over it to cover it. I only say this because there is no cover in your photo, and a this tub has a lot of life left in it - but the sun can damage the shell material if left in the sun without water or a cover. It's a nice spa to come home to - put in back online and enjoy! I was not mistaken in asking about the hot tub here. That's for sure.

The only serial numbers that I've readily found are on the Pump and motor. Where should I look? It's quite a bit older than I thought. Hopefully that's okay. Besides potential hairline cracks, what else should I be thinking about?

Are parts easy to come? Also, has anyone here tried solar heating in addition or instead of standard electric heating methods? Just curious. As I live in Los Angeles, it seems such a waste not to put the sun to use.

31 Comments To 'Hot Spring Model Serial number chart'. I have a D-UL3196 hot spring and need to know what year it is and I also need a wiring schematic too, where can I find this out. I have a Hot Springs Spa with Watkins 2 speed Wavemaster 6500 Jet pump 1.5 hp volts 230.

Hot Springs Spa Serial Number Lookup

(Maybe I should break that solar heat question into another thread) Thanks again. It looks like the top part of an air valve sitting on the spa next to the sponge. I could be wrong. As far as solar heating - there would be no point. That thing shouldn't cost you more than $15 a month to keep hot and bubbling. To fit it with solar heating could cost more just to power a larger circ pump, and since there would be no savings, there would never be a payoff point. I have some customers down in Malibu who have solar for domestic hot water, and a pretty huge hot water storage tank.

They fill the tub from that when they do water changes, but they have learned the hard way to keep a close eye on the temperature of the water as they fill.

If you ever need to contact Watkins Manufacturing or your local Hot Spring dealer about a warranty claim or for spa service, you will need your serial number. The customer service representative will do a serial number lookup to locate your spa in the system. We recommend that you write your spa serial number in your owner’s manual and keep it on file for easy reference.

In this video, we will show you how to locate the serial number on your Hot Spring or Hot Spot portable spa. Steps to locate your spa serial number: 1. Remove the equipment compartment door located directly below the main control panel on the front of the spa. Note that each door can be different, depending on your spa model. You may need to remove screws and/or clips. If you can’t see how to remove your door safely, refer to your owner’s manual. Once the door is removed, locate the serial number on the label marked Serial Number.

The name of your spa model will be listed above or next to the serial number.

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