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Pearson Classroom Response Systems Resources & Support Technical Support Adopters are entitled to the same support and service as if the department or institution purchased the system directly from PRS. Visit the for documentation, downloads and examples. If you are considering using, your Pearson representative is happy to talk to you about our partnership and how the system can benefit you and your students. Ask the experts! InterWrite PRS Phone: 800-344-4723 Fax: 410-290-9065 Email: GTCO CalComp, Inc. 7125 Riverwood Drive Columbia, Maryland 2104 FAQ & Resources (Download MS Word document) (Download MS Word document) Where can my students get a PRS rebate card? PRS mail-in rebate cards are an exclusive offer from Pearson Education and are only available when bundled with a new text.

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Ask your publisher’s representative for a special text + PRS rebate card bundle ISBN to give to your bookstore. As a best practice, discuss with your textbook manager what you are ordering for course materials and how they will be used in class. The $20 rebate adds no additional cost to the textbook and may only be redeemed with the purchase of a new text and new clicker. Where can my students get a clicker? Students will need to purchase their new PRS transmitter from your bookstore.

Be sure to indicate them as a required item for your course: Neither Pearson Education nor PRS sell clickers directly to students. Suggested retail price for a PRS “Fixed ID” clicker is $30.00 and the $20.00 PRS rebate is valid only toward the purchase of a new clicker. What are the minimum requirements for a classroom computer? PRS is compatible with both PCs and Macs. You will need at least one open serial (COM) port or USB port using a USB/Serial converter. • A Windows computer operating on Windows 98 or later, with a minimum configuration of Pentium chip and 16-MB Ram.

• Macintosh computer with 16-MB RAM with OS9.1 or later. Is the software site licensed? PRS software is automatically site licensed to the entire institution. It may be installed on any number of school or home personal computers that are used for instruction or course preparation.

PRS software is delivered via CD with the course starter-pack; periodic upgrades are available from the EduCue website Downloads page. How does the clicker work? PRS student transmitters use infrared technology similar to a TV remote. Download Battery Saver Pro Apk.

IR has proven reliable and operates on a “line of sight” so it will not interfere with radio frequency equipment or clicker receivers in adjacent rooms. Each student is associated / identified by a unique serial ID number printed inside of their transmitter. They simply point and “click” a response using the 10-digit keypad; the transmitter LED will blink after their IR signal has been received and students can confirm their response by referring to the in-class display. Each transmitter comes with 2 AAA batteries and will automatically shut “off” after 15 minutes of non-use. How many receivers does a classroom need?

Average lecture halls need 1 receiver for every 40-50 students. Multiple receivers are daisy chained together and one of every four receivers in a chain will require a power outlet. How should the receivers be placed in the classroom? For best performance, receivers should be placed so that a given student signal is detected by only one receiver.

For example, if two receivers are used, mount them in opposite the corners at the front of the classroom, and angle the sensitive part (glass) of each unit toward the diagonal corner. Most likely, you have a Technology Services or Campus Instructional Technology group on campus that will need to manage the actual installation process. For guidance with individual classroom set ups. How do I get the department the classroom hardware? If you are adopting PRS in conjunction with a Pearson textbook + rebate card package, we will provide your department with the classroom hardware for the course at no charge. Your publisher’s representative will simply submit a Pearson installation form to EduCue with your adoption information.

A PRS representative will follow up to establish exactly what hardware your classroom will need and ship it to your school. If your department would like to purchase or inquire about purchasing hardware directly,.

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