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By Paulyboy69 The original Monkey Island was one of my favorite adventure games of all time so I was excited to see this remake become available. They didn't just blow up the graphics. They're actually redone in high resolution 1920 x 1080 glory and they look fantastic! The voice acting is also very well done. There is a built in hint system that's a nice touch.

Monkey Island 2 Mac Torrent

Aside from that it's the same old fun story with clever dialogue and colorful characters. The only downside is I found the interface to be a bit on the awkward side. Unlike the original the verbs and inventory aren't visible because the graphics take up the entire screen. You have to press a key on the keyboard, or keyboard equivalents, to bring these things up. It takes a little getting use to but eventually it's not so bad.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is adventure game, published in 1991 by Lucasfilm Games. Crack Winsql 8.5. We gave this game stunning rating of 97.

I still prefer the layout in the original game however. Nevertheless this is a great remake and with such a low price is well worth it for new players and old players alike!

By JamesMus This is a very good game. The graphics are pretty, the music is fun, and the dialog is extremely entertaining. It's also a long game. I've invested many, many hours into it and I'm not done. You will definitely get your money's worth (I paid $10).

Cons: * The interface is dated. You have to select 'verbs' in order to interact with items. Any moderm point-and-click adventure game lets you simply left-click to do whatever needs to be done.

Not a big deal but it's something that bothers me. * The game runs HOT.

My MacBook gets so hot during gameplay that it worries me. I've been forced to play while sitting on my leather couch and alternating where on the couch my MacBook rests since my leather couch has plenty of cold spots. The graphics are NOT good enough for this kind of hardware load.

It must be a bug. By 17MacMikey I have a Macbook Pro, 2.4GHZ with 6gigs of ram and a 500 gig 7200rpm HDD with 256 megs of video ram. The game ran flawlessly, no problems. Overall, this is a fun game and gets your thinking, but thankfully you have the hints. There are a few quirks though.

When using the hints, they are not always intuitive and still have you guessing as to what to do and what to use. When you complete the game, all the end credits run, of which you are unable to exit out of. The only way is to literally shut your computer down and the credits and everything else that goes with it is quite long. That is my only complaint, that I had to sit through all of that stuff. Truly a great game, I enjoyed it and was sad when I fininshed it. I would recommend you buying it.

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