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May 30, 2017. The Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer is a countertop appliance designed to replace your standard fryer. But can also bake, roast and grill as well. The Philips XL Airfryer uses Rapid Air technology to fry foods with little or no added oil. The Philips XL Airfryer has a digital touch screen that is very user friendly. May 20, 2017. The Philips HD9240 Airfryer XL Review evaluates key features, benefits, pros and cons that make this model one of the best XL airfryers in the market.

Philips Airfryer Xl ReviewPhilips Airfryer Xl Review

Hi, my name is Jennifer Lam and I’m a fried food lover. Put me in front of some piping hot chips, a bowl bucket of onion rings, a plate of light and crispy tempura prawns or a pile of golden fried banana fritters, and you’ll make me weak at the knees. While in my fantasy world, I’d be able to eat foods like that endlessly without developing obesity or a cholesterol or heart condition, in the real world, I’m used to exercising lots of self control. It’s easy at home because I’m rather terrified of frying. It’s the micro-explosions of oil, the fear that it will blister my arms or blind my eyes. So rarely do I get the pleasure of eating fried foods at home. However, over the last fortnight, I’ve had the delight of testing Philip’s new Airfryer.

The whole concept is a bit of a contradiction as the idea of frying is to use ridiculous amounts of oil to achieve massive crunch So yes, I was very skeptical about the results That is, until I actually used it. I’ve just become a bit obsessed since – airfrying everything I’ve ever wanted to fry by myself. Here are ten things I’ve air-fried to date: 1. Fish and chips This was probably one of the quickest dinners I’ve ever made. Perch fillets are crumbed in ground tortilla chips and then placed into one half (it comes with a removable separator) of the Airfryer. On the other hand, potatoes are cut, soaked in water and pat dry. Then they’re lightly coated with half tablespoon of olive oil, and poured straight into the other side of the Airfryer.

The timer was set to 15 minutes and dinner was served. I was extremely impressed with how evenly the fish was fried, and how effortless it was. In a normal grill-oven, you’d normally have to turn them around a couple of times or continuously check for even heat distribution – with this, you don’t. Salmon croquettes This was a really quick afternoon snack, made of salmon, egg, dill and chives. The main difference with preparing croquettes for air-frying as opposed to oil deep-frying, is that you need to mix in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil with the breadcrumbs prior to crumbing. Cooking time was only 7 minutes, and out came these golden brown morsels.

Spicy drumsticks with barbecue marinade These drumsticks were done in 30 minutes, from start to finish. A homemade barbecue marinade was made from garlic, mustard, brown sugar, chilli powder, black pepper and olive oil.

This was rubbed over the drumsticks and air-fried for 20 minutes, that is 10 minutes at a pre-heated 200°C and then lowered to 150°C and roasted for another 10 minutes. The drumsticks are slightly crisp and well caramelised So juicy and tasty! Prawn crackers and pappadums After the third usage, I was feeling quite confident with the Airfryer and got thinking about fried foods that I well and truly love to eat.

Who can resist prawn chips or pappadums? I sprayed these with olive oil and air-fried them in batches of 3 – 4 for a couple of minutes each. They don’t expand as much as when fried in oil, but still have the indulgent crunch that I adore. Plus they now have a clean and non-greasy taste! Fries Store-bought frozen fries can be thrown straight into the Airfryer but I like to make mine from scratch. It’s a bit more time consuming (about an extra 30 minutes prep time) but oh so rewarding. For best results, waxy potatoes must be used. Audioproc 1.83 Torrent.

After the preparation process, where the spuds need to be cut into strips, soaked in cold water, patted dry and coated in a tablespoon of oil, they’re pre-fried at a higher temperature, allowed to cool, and then fried a second time. In total, the potatoes only spend about 15 minutes in the Airfryer and the results are beautiful non-greasy golden brown fries. Sweet potato crisps These were a little trickier to air-fry as the sweet potatoes were shaved so thin, they clung onto each other once they were coated in a bit of oil. So I had to be careful with how they were placed in the Airfryer but other than that, these were definitely a delicious wholesome alternative to its deep-fried twin! Dry rub fried chicken wings The explosions of chicken skin blistering in oil scares the heck out of me, but this time, all that occurred within the Airfryer, and saved me the pain of ducking and cleaning up! A dry rub of garlic, ginger powder, ground cumin and freshly ground pepper was rubbed on the chicken wings and then air-fried for just 10 minutes.

As you can see, they’re crisp and flavoursome! Crispy duck pies I’ve been wanting to use this recipe from Donna Hay’s cookbook No Time To Cook for a while now. Finely chopped roast duck is mixed with chopped green onion, hoisin sauce and plum sauce and encased between two gow gee wrappers. These were air-fried and ready in about 10 minutes and were unbelievably scrumptious. Prawn toast By now, I was feeling a bit more adventurous and decided to make some prawn toast – the ultimate party food.

Crumbing seemed to have worked a treat so far and I happened to come across, from his cookbook Balance and Harmony. With the first batch, I forgot to adapt the recipe and mix oil into the bread crumbs so there was a noticeable dryer texture. By the second batch, we just kept demolishing these straight out of the Airfryer! This only took about 15 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes per batch in the Airfryer and no effort in cleaning up as the Airfryer is dishwasher-proof! But more about that later.

Eggplant chips Inspired by, these eggplant sticks are air-fried for about 25-30 minutes until crisp, sprinkled with sumac and served with a coriander, garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and yoghurt dip. It was such an easy Middle-Eastern themed snack.

How does it work? The Airfryer combines fast circulating hot air with a grill. As you can see with the test results above, you’re able to prepare tasty fried foods with very little oil. Because hot air is ued to prepare food rather than oil, it also emits fewer vapours and odours so the house (and you) don’t smell 🙂 The only negative is that it’s not made for wet coating type batters.

How much does it cost? The Philips Airfryer is now available from leading electrical and department stores at RRP $329.

Overall thoughts In general, I was really pleased with how economical the Airfryer was for a small household like mine – we didn’t have to fill up an entire pan with oil just to cook a small meal for two! It was also a relief to know that there was no possibility of getting burnt from random explosions of oil. The two major benefits I experienced with the Airfryer was how quick it cooked food, particularly with the convenience of the timer, which meant I could step out of the kitchen to do other things; and how the parts are removable, non-stick and fits into the dishwasher with ease! It is a little pricey, being over the $300 mark, but you gotta love hassle-free frying! I guess it comes down to – how much do you really love fried food?

For more information: Promotional consideration was provided by Philips with thanks to Fleishman-Hillard; as usual, opinions are our own. Jennifer is the founding blogger of I Ate My Way Through (originally, Growing up in the multicultural melting pot of Sydney’s Inner West as a second generation Australian (of Vietnamese refugee parents of Teochew Chinese ancestry), Jen has always had a deep curiosity about global cuisines, culinary heritage and the cultural assimilation of immigrants. For Jen and her family, food is always at the centre of all celebrations, life events and milestones. A lover of the finer things in life, as well as cheap eats, her blogging ethos is all about empowering and inspiring people to expand their culinary repertoire.

When not running her two companies (she is also the Managing Director of The Bamboo Garden online marketing agency), Jen can be found exploring old-world charms at vintage markets and delving into local eats around the world. She has a weakness for fried chicken. Hie, I read your review several months ago and it was great and helpful.

I have been waiting since Phillip’s is way over my budget. Until just recently there is a new model out in the market priced only half of what you’re paying for Philip’s and work as amazing. It is Princess Fat Free Air Fryer. What’s impressive about it is all the compartments are detachable, saving you all the hassle and difficulty in cleaning.

Fully stainless steel body this product is amazing, especially for the price of only MYR 489/ USD 162. The brand Princess is from Dutch, an imported and reliable brand. I bought it online from, paid and received in good condition. I’ve tried it and it produces results just as fine as your try out with Phillip Air Fryer. If any of you guys are interested try look up online for Princess Fat Free Fryer 181000. Or you can visit, they provide complete information.

1 tin of red salmon (approx. 200g), drained 1 egg, lightly beaten 1 tbs. Fresh dill, finely chopped 2 tbs. Chives, finely chopped Freshly ground pepper 50g bread crumbs 2 tbs. Vegetable oil Prepare by mashing up salmon in a deep dish using a fork, mix with the egg and herbs and season to taste with pepper and salt.

Preheat the airfryer to 200 Celsius, mix bread crumbs with oil in another dish until you have a loose mixture. Shape salmon into eight smoth croquettes and coat in bread crumb mixture. Place croquettes in airfryer and set timer to 7 to 10 minutes, bake till golden brown. The question that probably troubles you the most if you are thinking about buying an air fryer is probably this – are air fryers good for you? Well, the easiest answer that I can provide for you is – yes, they are.

However, there are many reasons why you should buy them over, for example, deep fryers and the health is not the main advantage that makes air fryers a better option. Furthermore, there are a lot of other things that you should ask before buying this product. But for now, let’s just focus on the issue of health benefits that air fryers provide. •. I am surprised by your results, as mine have not been this great. I used my air fryer yesterday for the first time and made chicken wings and sweet potato fries. I am a pretty good cook, but felt like everything took forever.

The wings tasted great, but had to cook for about 30 minutes at 370 to get crisp and my sweet potato fries never got crisp (I cooked at 390 for 25 minutes). I did not buy the $300 Phillips one, but did get one that had amazing reviews. Do you not notice that things take longer than the recipe books state?

I am determined to figure this out! • Pingback: () •. Great reading and i would like thanks Jennifer Lam (Jenius) for this great cooking recipe. I am very new in air fryer cooking and i think this page will guide me to be a great fryer cooker. Philips has got its popularity in 2011. In that year they have launch revolutionary Viva Airfryer. The consumers said that they liked to have an air fryer that would require no oil.

Now the Philips has come to the point. They now invented a modern air fryer. This air fryer can cook food without using any oil. The oil inside the food helps to cook outside itself.

The Airfryer has Rapid Air technology which circulates hot air (details- ). It cooks food eighty percent faster, and the taste of the food is very good. And also reduces the cooking time.

It produces a crispier result as heat is lead to the cooking chamber forcefully. For its performance, versatility and capacity the AriFryer XL is the most popular air fryer to the people now. I Ate My Way Through is an online food & travel concierge - a resource for those who travel with their appetites first. From our humble roots as one of Australia's longest running food blogs, we started as in 2006 and following the demand of our readers for real-world experiences, we began curating food tours and food crawls in 2009. Both brands joined forces in 2013 to truly embrace the potential of online to simplify the process of finding where to go and what to eat. We're inspired by the provenance of food and the untold culinary stories behind street hawkers, cafes, eateries, bakers, breweries, producers, manufacturers and markets.

In turn, we hope to elevate and enrich your eating, cooking and travel adventures so you can squeeze more joy out of every day. Our specially curated guides and food events directory celebrates the kaleidoscope of cultures surrounding us, making it more accessible than ever to support local and independent businesses.

We're always on the prowl for incredible local food experiences and we trust I Ate My Way Through will become your springboard to many fond memories and real connections. -- Jennifer Lam () Founding Editor.

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