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Play Bleach Training 2 Game

Description: Enter the World of Bleach. Train yourself by fighting an assortment of enemies. Raise your skill level and be the best Bleach you can be. How to play: n/a.

Bleach Training 2 Game Instructions WASD - Move. JKL - Attack.

Storyline: Rukongai - My home. I don't remember how I got here. It's where people go when they die. After people's death, some get their souls eaten by the Hollows, some - the lucky ones - are brought to this world by Bleaches. I entered this world when I was very little, grew up with a few other kids, and called someone father. He taught me many things.

But whenever I mentioned the Bleaches, he would never tell me how they are like. One day I saw a young man sitting in a splendid horse carriage guarded by several men-in-black. Everyone looked at him with envy. That was the first time I saw a Bleach. People say the Bleaches are the most respected and feared people in Rukongai. They protect this world. From then on, I have kept on training my soul power.

I feel I am not that far away from my goal of becoming a Bleach. I will start my journey tomorrow, no matter what Father says any more. I believe I will become the strongest Bleach!

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