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I'm assuming if you are looking at this you are familiar with this absolutely classic record. When the reissues came out I was so afraid that I wouldn't get a copy that I ordered copies from everywhere - and lo and behold, they all came through so now I have a few extra copies I need to sell. So, up for sale here is an unopened copy in the black vinyl (the rarest color, limited to 1500 copies). This reissue has to be one of the records of the year and if you don't have a copy of this excellent remastered edition, you are missing out. I also have an opened black copy with the ultra rare 'holographic foil' cover if you to make me an offer on that (or an offer on a sealed non-hologram clear or green version).

Sorry for the stock image, I can email pics of the actual record if you'd like. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns! Copyright © 2004-2017

Sleep Dopesmoker Remaster Rarest

Sleep - Dopesmoker - 12' Vinyl Remastered / Reissue Green w/ Black Splatter Full Recording 7.7. Ac3d 7 Keygen. Smoothed Brown Noise 8-Hours - Remastered, for Relaxation, Sleep, Studying and Tinnitus ☯108 7.2. Sleep's rarest unreleased song, Hot Lava Man, being played live at Che Cafe in San Diego,. Sep 16, 2016. Sleep - Dopesmoker. Desert rockers are an unruly and uncompromising bunch and Karma To Burn aren't the only ones to have flummoxed a record company or two. Originally an unremarkable Saint Vitus-ish doom troupe, for their third record San Jose's Sleep embarked on an insanely ambitious odyssey.

Sleep Dopesmoker Remaster Rarest
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