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Jun 19, 2017. World of Warships review. If you fancy giving it a try, we've got a package of free goodies that will give you a good head start. 00 codes to give away that unlock three days of premium game time, a cache of in- game doubloons and the Ishizuch Premium Japanese Ship. Note that the code. Apr 14, 2017 - 29 min - Uploaded by randomhatoYeah, dat clickbait title. So I found a link that gets new to the game players a couple of premiums.

World Of Warships Free Premium

Mathews Bow Serial Number Search. As you know, WG fest has kicked off today in Moscow, Russia and there are russian sites who cover it. Compiled by „So here we go: – Those who haven’t received presents from World of Warships – be patient you will be taken care of, however don’t expect premium time. (Not sure it it’s only RU but since a couple of days WoWs players are getting e-mails to claim premium days (7-10 days) and free exp.(40-80k).

You only need to login to the game to claim) – There are some ideas about offering the special vehicles (foch 155 & deathstar) for bonds. – There are no plans of changing T-22m ( how could it be a WG event without this question?) – No plans of rebalancing Japanese heavies – Next patch will be announced tonight, at the stage. It will be released in February and will bring a lot of changes to Soviet tanks. Let the ST-II hype begin will be out in March 2018!

– there will be 30 HD maps at the time of release – WG announces the EnCore app, this will allow you to test how your system will perform with the new HD maps. They say it’s available from right now – we have a link: – No need to worry about HD maps, everyone who can play now – will be able to play after the update. – test of HD maps Beta of WoT 1.0 will last 1 month – WoWS Blitz announced on RU region, you can already download it. (It seems to be available on EU too)”.

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