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Afternoon all, Before I begin - a quick 'thank you' for those behind the forum. The resources on here were immensely useful in helping me to install Google Play on my son's Childpad. I have mentioned this in the relevant thread but I had issues with non-responsive screen and no wi-fi after installing updated firmware (sorry if that's the incorrect term), and eventually got it working with the '2G' update image file. I now have another problem. The internal memory is full and I cannot for the life of me get games to install on the SD card.

Images & movies install there without any problem. I have read a tutorial on doing this using Android SDK but my computer is not recognising the device. It *will* recognise it in recovery mode as I installed the relevant drivers for doing the Google Play install.

For reasons I cannot fathom, my PC is not allowing me to install the ordinary Childpad drivers. When I select the drivers (downloaded from this very forum) it says unable to complete install. I'm using Windows XP.

Thanks in advance. I've tried a load of 'Apps2SD' card but achieved very little. One of them even installed a really annoying ad-tool that pops up every now and again on my homescreen.

I *think* I managed to delete the files manually. So far 24 hours and no-pop ups. BUT I'm willing to try anything Unfortunately Link2SD only got so far as compiling a list of apps. I tried to move the first one in my list - 3D Bowling - and got the following error: pkg: /data/app/com.threed.bowling-1.apk Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE] I tried the next app in the list, Bad Piggies and got basically the same error. In case it makes any difference, when I booted the app SuperSU popped up and asked me to grant some privileges and I agreed. Any thoughts? I can really see the appeal of Android and playing with this tablet makes me want to get a Nexus or similar.

But I really do miss the simplicity that I get with iOS on my phone. Link2SD needs SU privileges so its OK that you gave app that privilege, it wouldnt work if otherwise Yes you must create another partition on SD card (ext2 or FAT). Those errors u're getting, I assume, will be gone when u properly prepare SD Card, although I would suggest if possible to clean up ChildPad first and do app installations with Link2SD already installed and running so that app can manage data space distribution from the beginning.The best thing would be to 'format' ChildPad, install Link2SD and then install every other apps. Berlinken said Hello Arnold, As for your case, I suggest you use, a professional data transfer tool by RecoveryAndroid. Remote Download Wireless Adapter Windows 7 there. Get one and install on PC, and scan your phone data by this program.

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You will get a preview of phone data in categories. Then choose the App category and on SD card with one click.

It's really safe, convenient as well as powerful and has won lost of appreciation from users. You will not regret for a try. Thanks for kindly advice, try it latter and can it download apk from google play?

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