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The big homie: Master P Nepotism. It explains so much of (real-life) big brother Master P's successfully puppeteering the career flourish of a rapper who never once successfully located the beat. Which isn't to say that Silkk the Shocker didn't have a few legit smashes. He elbowed his way onto 'Make 'em Say Ugh,' a 1997 posse clusterfuck that still knocks despite the 17 subsequent years in which I should have outgrown this furious nonsense. Most of Silkk's solo, unaccompanied output wilts in comparison to his biggest hits with Master P, Trina, Mr. Magic, and Mystikal. Silkk' s both a No Limit foot solider and a No Limit hero.

He's blessed. —Justin Charity.

Today's matchup features Silkk The Shocker / Charge It 2 Da Game (Just Be Straight with Me, It Ain't My Fault, Mama Always Told Me, etc.) against C-Murder / Trapped In Crime (Down for My N's, Hustlin, How a Thug Like It, etc.). You may also comment on Twitter and Instagram. The best responses will be.

Silkk The Shocker The Shocker Rare
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