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Ut Business Honors Program Interview Questions

The is a minimum 36 semester credit hour degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. The purpose of the program is to equip students with the tools and skills needed to practice in various professional accounting fields as well as prepare them to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, subject to the requirements of each state’s board of public accountancy. The MS Accounting program also provides students with opportunities to customize their courses among various areas, including corporate accounting, assurance services, taxation, internal audit, and ERP/SAP systems. To apply for this degree program, an undergraduate degree is required (all majors are considered). CPA Exam Upon completion of the MS in Accounting degree, students may be eligible to sit for the Uniform, provided they meet the requirements stipulated by each state’s board of public accountancy.

Open for business from day one. Be immersed in a business education steeped in academic excellence and the Catholic, Jesuit tradition. Real-world experience.

If you plan to sit for the CPA exam in Texas, you will need to fulfill the requirements set by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (“TSBPA”). Please note that the TSBPA makes the final determination of courses that count towards CPA exam eligibility, so you should check with the TSBPA for updated rules and to confirm your eligibility through the Application of Intent process. For more information, please review the, attend CPA info sessions, as well as make individual CPA advising appointments with the MS Accounting team to best plan your courses according to your educational background. Connect with the Director Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the MS Accounting program at UT Dallas! Our flexible program allows students to prepare for CPA eligibility as well as tailor their degree according to specific career goals by selecting electives from various fields, including corporate accounting, assurance services, taxation, internal audit, and ERP/SAP systems. With an internationally recognized business school, broad and project-based curriculum, growing opportunities for internships, close proximity to leading companies in the DFW metroxplex, a top-ranked Center for Internal Auditing Excellence, and strong connections with professionals and alumni mentors, our program prepares students to develop both technical and professional leadership skills to make an impact in the global community. Please take a few minutes to browse our website to learn more about the UT Dallas MS Accounting experience.

Our faculty, staff, and students are committed to excellence, and we look forward to connecting with you soon! Prospective Student Info The following three video modules will provide you with thorough overview of our admission requirements, the MS Accounting degree plan, and CPA eligibility issues. Please contact the with any questions you may have. And we hope to see you around campus sometime soon! As you are planning for your educational and career goals, we encourage you to browse our website to discover how you can develop as a professional in the accounting field through our innovative curriculum, internship and leadership opportunities, as well as our consulting projects with local businesses and nonprofits.

Also, please visit the to read about some first-hand experiences and insights from our current accounting students and alumni. Mary Guan, Director, MS Accounting Program MS Accounting Flex Online Info Session. Lori Goodwin MS Accounting/MBA – Class of 2017 Risk Assurance Associate PricewaterhouseCoopers With a background in psychology, one of the things that attracted me to UTD was the ability to do an MS Accounting/MBA degree and have enough credits to sit for the CPA Exam. Another thing that drew me to UTD was the flexibility.

I was able to work full-time and take classes at night and online. I was also able to be part of the key planning of the ProConnect Program, which is now a vital part of our degree. The professors were amazing and so supportive through everything. I learned and grew so much.

It was really more than I ever expected. Justin Hogue MS Accounting/MBA – Class of 2016 Risk Advisory Associate BDO USA, LLP The most important thing that has impacted me here at UTD are the people. The professionals who have come here to recruit or even to guest speak in a class, have done a lot to influence and motivate me. Specifically working as a TA, I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people. I learned a lot of new ideas, outlooks, and viewpoints, which has really added to who I am as a person.

It really motivated me to reach out to others and learn who they are. The staff and faculty are so vested in the success of those around them and the students. I really wish I could do something that is even remotely comparable to what they do for the students every day. Chloe (Zhaorong) Xu MS Accounting – Class of 2017 Tax Staff Ernst & Young I am truly thankful for the education I received through the MSA program at UT Dallas. As an international student, the program served as a bridge between the two cultures and prepared me to launch my career.

The team experience within the program was an invaluable tool that got me ready for the professional environment. The knowledge and advice from professors equipped me with the skill sets that are necessary in the job market. The MS Accounting Mentor Program taught me about the various options and opportunities as an accounting student. In addition, the opportunities to network and utilize the Career Center was beneficial to my job search, preparation for interviews, and my future endeavors.

Kathryn Kennedy MS Accounting – Class of 2017 Audit Staff Lane Gorman Trubitt LLC Through my Accounting Communications course, I had an opportunity to help rebuild my student organization, the Institute of Management Accountants. That experience was very meaningful and helped me grow individually. As a professional, I learned about communication and teamwork, and I had many opportunities to meet professionals in the accounting field. It has been great and overwhelming to be part of something that I hope left an impact here at UTD. Sneha Bose Professional Program in Accounting – Class of 2017 Audit Associate Grant Thornton LLP Before I came to UTD, I was very nervous and shy. Being in the PPA program definitely helped open up my world. It gave me a lot of opportunities, pulled me out of my shell, and allowed me to become a more confident person by giving me networking opportunities and allowing me to become a better version of myself.

It also gave me the opportunities to learn and impact my knowledge on other people by allowing me to become a tutor in the Accounting Lab, which has not only helped me with my classes but also prepared me for the CPA Exam. Yao (Christina) Sun Beijing, China – Class of 2015 Undergraduate Degree: Economics, University of Colorado at Denver Why did you choose UT Dallas? I chose UT Dallas because the business school has great rankings and Dallas is a great location for job hunting. You can learn more than just professional accounting knowledge at UT Dallas, and you will never meet this great group of people (professors, classmates and people from all around the world) anywhere else! What are your plans post-graduation?

I got my accounting internship with CBRE last semester, and I will start my first full-time job with Ernst & Young after I graduate. I am preparing for my CPA exams and, hopefully, will pass one or two parts before I start my job in August. Any advice for new or prospective students?

For those who are pursuing their dreams in the UT Dallas MS Accounting Program or just considering this program, I wish you all my best, and I’m sure you will obtain great friendships and professional success! Go Comets and go future Accountants!

Cannot Download From App Store Ios 8 on this page. Jamie Bendure Cypress, TX – Class of 2015 Undergraduate Degree: Accounting, The University of Texas at Dallas Why did you choose the MS Accounting program at UT Dallas? Ultimately what brought me to UTD was its location and its highly ranked School of Management.

What has kept me at UTD for my master’s degree were my classmates, professors, and the wide range of services offered to students. The students at UTD are very serious about education and success, which motivates me to be the best student I can be. The professors are genuinely interested in helping you accomplish both your academic and career goals. There are also many services to help you on your journey, like the Career Management Center, the Writing Lab, the Business Communication Center, Career Expos, Meet the Firms, tutors, Teaching Assistants, and Supplemental Instruction Leaders. What are your plans post-graduation?

During my senior year, I obtained an internship with PriceKubecka in the audit department. They were one of the companies that came to Meet the Firms, a career expo solely for accounting students and firms.

I also interned in the tax department of Litzler, Segner, Shaw, & McKenney. I have accepted a full-time position in the audit department of KPMG. I will begin taking the CPA exam this summer, and my goal is to become licensed within a year. Several years down the road, after I have some solid work experience, I would like to begin teaching accounting.

My professors were so helpful and influential in my life, I would enjoy being that guiding force for future students. Krishna Wagle Dhankuta, Nepal – Class of 2015 Undergraduate Degree: English, Tribhuvan University Why did you choose the MS Accounting program at UT Dallas? There are in fact multiple factors in my choice to attend UT Dallas. First, I had degrees from foreign university, and UT Dallas was more generous in acknowledging those qualifications than other universities in Texas I applied for. Second, I knew UT Dallas was an emerging school in national ranking on various matrices.

Third, Dallas is one of the best places in terms of career opportunities for business school graduates, and UT Dallas is undoubtedly the best public university in this area. The variety of subjects and concentrations for students and highly qualified faculty and advisors that can suggest on those selections, multiple sections and online classes that make the program really flexible are among my most favorite things about the MS Accounting program at UT Dallas. What are your plans post-graduation? I had two internships during the first year of my graduate schools, and I got both of those with the help of my teachers and the program. I am going to work as a Risk Advisory intern at Weaver starting coming summer.

Besides, I am receiving multiple interview offers just by posting my resume on the Career website and internal audit programs directory, which is really exciting. My plans are to have the CPA and CIA certifications after I graduate and work with mid-tier public accounting companies for a few years. I think I will then have an opportunity to decide if public accounting is a right fit for me and make my final decision.

Stephanie Huang Longyan, Fujian, China – Class of 2015 Undergraduate Degree: Accounting and Finance, The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Why did you choose the MS Accounting program at UT Dallas? I chose UT Dallas because there are several professors in Accounting department who have a passion for providing valuable resources and good advice to international students.

I personally benefit a lot from the advice provided by professors of Accounting department. Also, there are various student organizations – particularly Ascend UTD Chapter and Accounting Leadership Association(ALA) – which are very professional and interesting student organizations which help me to develop my soft skills. I enjoyed the time in Ascend and ALA! Finally, Dallas is a major city of Texas. There are many internship opportunities here.

An internship experience in United States has helped to make my full time job after graduation easier. What are your plans post-graduation?

I interned at BTerrell Group as an accounting and consulting intern from May 2014 to Dec 2014, and I will work as a business technology analyst in Deloitte Consulting LLP (Dallas office) after my graduation. I plan to join Toast Master club to further improve communication skill and public speaking skill and the Young Professionals to expose myself to more networking events. What did you find to be different about the MS Accounting program at UT Dallas?

The MS Accounting program of UT Dallas is a very international student-friendly program. As an international student, I received a lot of support from the Accounting faculty and JSOM staff during the two years. Additionally, the Institution of Business Language and Culture helps international students improve their communication skill and other soft skills.

The Career Management Center provides all kinds of career development service to students. I personally had my resume, cover letter critiqued by CMC coaches more than 10 times. I also had several mock interviews and small talk practice with CMC coaches. The coaches are very professional and knowledgeable. They always provide useful and meaningful suggestions to me to improve my skills. Internships and Jobs Career Development Opportunities In partnership with the Jindal School of Management Career Management Center, our Master of Accounting (MS ACCT) Flex Program at UT Dallas maintains various corporate relationships to support the recruitment of our accounting students and graduates.

The MS ACCT degree prepares our students for various careers in the accounting field. Accounting Consulting Service Opportunities Our program’s curriculum provides students with the opportunity to gain practical working experience and professional communication skills through delivering accounting consulting services to local business and non-profit clients. Please visit for further details. Internships and Employment Opportunities Texas is our future. Many corporations are moving their headquarters to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, providing our students with more opportunities for internships and full-time employment. Companies Hiring MS ACCT Students for Internships & Full-Time Employment. Kelly Richardson, TX – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Accounting and Biology, The University of Texas at Dallas Areas of Interest: Audit Hobbies: Running, tennis, sewing, cooking “I also attended the University of Texas at Dallas for my undergraduate education during which I completed a double degree (B.S.) in Accounting and Biology.

I chose to attend UT Dallas because of the quality of education and opportunities made accessible to students. The exposure and experience I gained as a student at UT Dallas helped me to become more aware of the direction I want to take in life and what I truly aspire to do. The prestigious reputation achieved by the Jindal School of Management and excellent MS Accounting faculty has not only helped me to develop the requisite skills I will need in the profession but has been a great support. The university student body has such a diversity of cultures which has been great for building relationships and cultural-awareness.

I have truly enjoyed my experience over the last five years at UT Dallas. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions..”. Xin (Lori) Tianjin, China – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: International Accounting(CGA), Nankai University Areas of Interest: External Auditing, Public Accounting Hobbies: Drama, basketball, reading, badminton, ukulele “I studied for my bachelor’s degree in International Accounting (CGA) at Nankai University and went on to study for a master’s degree in University of Texas at Dallas. The accounting program I used to enroll is based on IFRS.

The reason why I still want to pursue my master’s degree in accounting is that GAAP and IFRS are two major accounting standards in the world. What attracted me to UTD was that it had (and has) a highly-ranked accounting program and beneficial location. I am looking forward to hearing from you..”. May Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma) – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Business, Randolph College Areas of Interest: Taxation, Auditing Hobbies: Reading, traveling, listening to music “I hold a bachelor degree in Business. During the four years of my undergraduate studies, I was able to explore different fields of business, such as management, accounting, marketing, and so on.

Since my interest in accounting grew during the four years, I decided to pursue a master’s in accounting upon obtaining my BA in business. UT Dallas was my top choice because of the accounting faculty and its program’s high ranking. Indeed, I made the right choice because the UT Dallas professors deeply care about the students’ education, and I got useful and helpful advices and career coaching from student resources centers, such as Career Management Center. It is a privilege for me to share my experiences with you, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have..”. Zhao (Michael) Tianjin, China – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Economics, Shanghai University of Business and Economics Areas of Interest: Managerial Accounting Hobbies: Basketball, piano “I chose accounting because I wanted to have foundational skills in a specific business area and to find a job in the U.S in the future. So, accounting is definitely a great place for me. Additionally, UT Dallas is in a great area where you can find tons of job opportunities.

That makes me love this place even more!.”. Randy Mapleton, IA – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Accounting and Finance, The University of Texas at Dallas Areas of Interest: Tax, Financial Planning, Accounting Research Hobbies: Running, reading, traveling, volunteering “Accounting is actually my second career. I spent about 10 years doing IT support before I choose to go back to school for Accounting. My choice of Accounting was based on how important it was in the business decisions at my previous job as an IT Supervisor and also an affinity for numbers. I initially choose UTD due to the location. After I started, I realized I was very fortunate such a highly regarded university was nearby.

I choose to double major in Finance, in addition to Accounting, at the undergrad level since the two subjects are so closely related and interesting to me. UTD has also given me a long list of mentors that have all helped broaden my horizons. Especially in the area of academic research and looking more into the PhD options available at UTD..”.

Peng (Penny) Guizhou, China – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Economics, Anhui University Areas of Interest: Taxation, Consulting Hobbies: Music, sports “The reason why I chose UT Dallas was its location and its relatively lower cost of living. Since accounting is a basic business language, I chose it to pursue my master’s degree. UT Dallas is a big platform, which has enough resources and opportunities for you to learn and grow.

We can understand your current situations, because what you are experiencing now is what we experienced one year ago. If you have any questions about our school and our program, please feel free to ask me. Welcome to our big family!.”. Mayiyang (Patrick) Wuxi, China – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Forensic Accounting, Nanjing Audit University Areas of Interest: Consulting, Auditing Hobbies: Basketball, pool, watching soccer games “My undergraduate major was forensic accounting. To be simple, this major is a combination of the law and the accounting. During my undergraduate time, I found that my interest grew in accounting. So I decided to continue studying accounting after graduation.

I got several offers, but I chose the University of Texas at Dallas because UT Dallas has the advantage of its location, which provides us with better job opportunities and lower living expense. After I came here, everything is better than I thought it would be. If you want to know more about my life here, feel free to contact me..”. Sisi Anhui, China – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: French, Shanghai International Studies University Areas of Interest: Taxation, Teaching, Consulting Hobbies: Reading, swimming, tango, traveling “I have an undergraduate degree in French.

However, I’m very interested in accounting, the basic language in business. It’s quite a challenge for me to further master accounting abroad.

Thanks to the fantabulous professors and awesome studying environment here, I have gone through a comfortable transition. This semester, I have taken four courses, served as the Vice President of Accounting Leadership Association and also filed the tax return for local people. I strongly believe that: if you choose UT Dallas, namely, you choose a colorful life and bright future!

You’re always welcome to join our UT Dallas big family. I’ll definitely spare no effort to answer your questions..”. Yana Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: Business Administration and Political Science, American University in Bulgaria Areas of Interest: Taxation Hobbies: Music, reading, running “I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Political Science from the American University in Bulgaria. I choose UT Dallas for its highly ranked program, excellent academic faculty, and great internship and job opportunities in the Dallas Metroplex area. I am very excited to share my experience with you, and I look forward to your questions..”.

Yan (Ashley) Hangzhou, China – Class of 2016, Spring Undergraduate Major: English Literature & Accounting, China Women’s University Areas of Interest: Auditing, ERP Hobbies: Scuba diving, volunteering, reading, traveling “I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature and a double major in Accounting. After working in an International Trade Company for half a year, I decided to pursue my MS Accounting in the United States in order to learn more about GAAP. UT Dallas became my final decision because of its great reputation, high rankings and the numerous job opportunities in Dallas. Since I joined UT Dallas, I have been mentored by our excellent faulty and the outstanding fellows. Besides, a great variety of student organizations have improved my leadership skills.

It is my pleasure to share my experience and to answer your questions..”. Zeyang (Charlie) Changchun, China – Class of 2016, Summer Undergraduate Major: Finance, Jilin University Areas of Interest: Auditing, Consulting Hobbies: Traveling, music, food “Unlike many students in accounting, I did not have a background in this field.

I come from a finance undergraduate major and started here in UT Dallas as an MSF student, with several courses in accounting. However, after getting to know accounting, I’ve discovered that this is actually more fun than finance, and I would enjoy my time here even if it means a lot of work. Therefore, after careful consideration, in my second semester, I’ve decided to transfer to accounting. I am very excited to share my experience with you and you are more than welcome to ask me any questions you may have..”. Xue (Chelle) Hubei, China – Class of 2015, Fall Undergraduate Major: Accounting, Wesleyan College Areas of Interest: Taxation Hobbies: Travel, badminton “I obtained my bachelor degree in Accounting at Wesleyan College. My academic courses in accounting and my professional experience in VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and Wesleyan’s Business office have not only introduced me to various concepts in accounting but also convinced me to specialize in taxation.

The reason that I chose MS Accounting program at UTD was because courses offered by the program would let me explore more accounting facts and prepare well for the CPA exam. My short-term career goal is to pass the CPA exam and work in a public accounting firm as a tax accountant. After one semester at UTD, I strongly felt MS Accounting program was right for me.

Moreover, the student resources provided by Business Communication and Career Management Center at JSOM helped to develop my communication and networking skills. I believe I am moving closer to achieving my goal. I am pleased to share my experience with you and answer your questions..”. Student Involvement While enrolled in the MS in Accounting program, students are able to strengthen their leadership and networking skills as well as apply their professional accounting knowledge through initiatives that impact the community both on and off campus.

Whether your interests are joining a professional student organization, serving the community through projects such as VITA, or participating in experiential accounting-related projects with local businesses or non-profits, UT Dallas strives to create a transformative experience for you! Experiential Projects Experiential projects through various courses, including Accounting Communications and Internal Audit, provide students with opportunities to work on accounting-related projects with diverse teams for various local businesses, non-profits, start-ups, organizations on campus and in the community, while gaining practical experience and leadership skills.

Projects include providing tax research for a car repair company, helping set up payroll for a local bakery, assisting the UTD international tax office with researching international tax law, and creating a business plan and financial consequences for a new ballet school. Community Service. A great program that UT Dallas students have been involved in for the last six years is the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program, which provides assistance in tax return preparation and education for low to moderate income families.

In each of the past two years, over 150 students have volunteered and provided almost 13,000 total hours of volunteer work which generated over $20 million in tax refunds. This program not only provides a great service to the community but is also a practical way for students to apply their accounting knowledge while developing leadership and communication skills. MS Accounting Mentor Program A peer mentor program was launched in Fall 2015 to connect our experienced graduate students with entering students to share academic and professional advice, resulting in greater student leadership and a culture of support and encouragement among our student body.

Professional Connections Our students have continued to lead and make an impact through involvement in various student organizations, resulting in greater leadership opportunities, numerous professional networking events, connections with professional speakers and alumni, company visits, a visit from the US tax court judge. Topics covered by the speakers range from insights across accounting industries, including big data analytics, fraud, and consulting. Our students have connected with professionals and alumni as mentors and guest speakers from various companies, including: EY, KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, McGladrey, Weaver, Intuit, Kimberly Clark, Texas Instruments, AT&T, Trinities Industries, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Lennox International. Deloitte Mentoring Circle:Deloitte professionals share their experiences and career advice across various accounting service lines. Accounting Student Organizations •: A student led organization founded to provide graduate and undergraduate accounting majors with personal and professional development opportunities.

•: Ascend is committed to training the future generation of Asian leaders in finance, accounting, and business. •: To empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy. •: An organization develops servant leaders of integrity among international students and furthers the leadership. • Institute of Internal Auditors Student Chapter (IIASC): A student organization focused on providing students with the resources to be successful in careers in assurance, consulting, IT auditing, and fraud examination. •: A global organization of accountants that is responsible for the CMA Certification.

•: NABA’s overarching objective is to bridge the opportunity gap for people of color and to create business leaders. Focusing on the essential skills for success, NABA offers unique value-added leadership training and professional development opportunities, as well as venues for organizations and individuals to develop and build relationships.

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