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This is a and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by with entries. This is a list of file formats used by, organized by type. Are usually noted in parentheses if they differ from the name or abbreviation. Many do not limit filenames to one extension shorter than 4 characters, as was common with some operating systems that supported the (FAT) file system. Examples of operating systems that do not impose this limit include systems, and,,, and which have no three character limit on extensions for or applications on other than pre-Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.5 versions of the FAT file system. Some filenames are given extensions longer than three characters.

Some file formats may be listed twice or more. An example is the.b file. Main article: • – A cabinet (.cab) file is a library of compressed files stored as one file. Cabinet files are used to organize installation files that are copied to the user's system.

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Ac3d 7 Keygen

– files compressed by the • – 7-Zip compressed file • AAC – • – ACE compressed file • ALZ – compressed file • – Applications installable on • AT3 – Sony's UMD data compression •.bke – data compression • – pre-Zip data compression • – ARJ compressed file • – a subtitles file created by, a video typesetting application (also a game engine file) • B – (B file) Similar to.a, but a little less compressed. • – Scifer Archive (.ba), Scifer External Archive Type • – Special file compression format used by Electronic Arts to compress the data for many of EA's games • BIN – compressed archive, can be read and used by CD-ROMs and Java, extractable by 7-zip and WINRAR • bjsn – Used to store The Escapists saves on Android. • ASE – Adobe Swatch • – proprietary format • BLP – proprietary texture format • – Bitmap formatted image • BTI – proprietary texture format • CD5 – image • CIT – Intergraph is a monochrome bitmap format • CPT – image • CR2 – Canon camera raw format; photos have this on some Canon cameras if the quality RAW is selected in camera settings • CSP – CLIP STUDIO PAINT format • CUT – Dr. Halo image file • – DirectX texture file • – Device-Independent Bitmap graphic • – DjVu for scanned documents • EGT – EGT Universal Document, used in EGT SmartSense to compress PNG files to yet a smaller file • Exif – (Exif) is a specification for the image format used by digital cameras • – 's Graphics Interchange Format • GPL – GIMP Palette, using a text representation of color names and RGB values • GRF – proprietary format • – format for in. Contains bitmap images at multiple resolutions and bitdepths with.

• – a format used for in. Contains small bitmap images at multiple resolutions and sizes • IFF (.iff,.ilbm,.lbm) – • – a single-frame using compression and possibly an •, JFIF (.jpg or.jpeg) – Joint Photographic Experts Group; a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images • – JPEG2000 • – JPEG Stereo • LBM – image file • MAX – ScanSoft document • MIFF – 's native file format • MNG –, the animated version of • MSP – a format used by old versions of Microsoft Paint; replaced by in 3.0 • – A U.S. Government standard commonly used in systems • – Over The Air bitmap, a specification designed by for black and white images for • – Portable bitmap • PC1 – Low resolution, compressed Degas picture file • PC2 – Medium resolution, compressed Degas picture file • PC3 – High resolution, compressed Degas picture file • PCF – Pixel Coordination Format • – a lossless format used by ZSoft's PC Paint, popular for a time on systems.

Main article: Formats of files used for bibliographic information () management. Main article: • CML – (CML) (.cml) • (CTab) (.mol,.sd,.sdf) • (JCAMP) (.dx,.jdx) • (SMILES) (.smi) Mathematics [ ] • graph6, sparse6 – ASCII encoding of (.g6,.s6) Biology [ ] • Molecular biology and bioinformatics: • AB1 – In, files used by instruments from • ACE – A format • ASN.1–, is an International Standards Organization () data representation format used to achieve interoperability between platforms. Uses ASN.1 for the storage and retrieval of data such as nucleotide and protein sequences, structures, genomes, and PubMed records. • BAM – format (compressed SAM format) • BCF – Binary compressed VCF format • BED – The is used for describing and other features of sequences • CAF – Common Assembly Format for • EMBL – The flatfile format used by the to represent database records for and from databases • FASTA – The, for sequence data. Sometimes also given as FNA or FAA (Fasta Nucleic Acid or Fasta Amino Acid). • FASTQ – The, for sequence data with quality.

Sometimes also given as QUAL. • GCPROJ – The project. Advanced format for genetic data to be designed, shared and visualized. • GenBank – The flatfile format used by the to represent database records for and from the and databases • GFF – The is used to describe and other features of,, and sequences • GTF – The is used to hold information about structure • NCBI ASN.1 – Structured format used at for DNA and protein data • NEXUS – The encodes mixed information about genetic sequence data in a block structured format • NeXML–XML format for • NWK – The is a way of representing graph-theoretical trees with edge lengths using parentheses and commas and useful to hold. • ^ (PDF) (DEC-11-ORSUA-D-D (RSTS/E V06A-02) ed.). Digital Equipment Corporation.

Retrieved 22 March 2011. • ^ • ^ Leo Notenboom. Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. Data Formats. IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology). Retrieved 5 May 2016.

• (in Japanese). Earthquake Observation Center, Earthquake Research Institute, U. Tokyo, Japan.

Retrieved 5 May 2016. • Tim Fisher.. Tech.

• Computer Knowledge.. • • Computer Knowledge.. • Computer Knowledge.. From the original on 28 July 2009. Retrieved 2009-07-26. 090707 External links [ ] • at Curlie (based on ).

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