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TRAVEL-LITE WHEELDRIVE™ ULTRA EASY - ULTRA LIGHT Travel-Light simply unfolds just like a push-chair in a few seconds, allowing you to Just Unfold And Go™ - wherever and whenever you like! It’s unique folding design also separates into 3 lightweight pieces for easy transport by car, coach, boat, train or plane*, making it the perfect all year-round traveling companion. Half the weight of most scooters the versatile Travel-Light fits easily into any car boot, making it the perfect, Car Boot Scooter. Travel-Lite was designed with all your needs in mind over 12 years ago. There are no fiddly catches or difficult mechanisms to contend with, just three lightweight parts that simply go together in a few seconds.

Aquasoothe Travel Lite Manual Handling

In spite of its lightweight construction the Travel-light is deceptively robust and can carry up to 114Kg. Its patented Wheeldrive™ system ensures a quiet smooth ride, with ample power control up to 4mph. *Subject to individual operators Carrying capacity: 114kg (18 Stone) Travel-Lite seperates into 3 ultra - lightweight Peices.

Dimensions Length: 104cm Width: 57cm Height: 86cm Folded: 82cm x 57cm x 39cm Travel-Lite has a unique design that enables you in many cars boots situations to actually roll the rear frame into the boot without actually lifting it - 'It's just so easy when you know how.' Travel-Lite is a great gaget and like all great gagets it can do things - No other scooter can. Colour Silver Wheeldrive System Puncture Proof Tyres Release Pull It's Really easy To... 'Just Unfold and Go' Over 100,000 sold worldwide Superbly Designed And Very Comfortable The Travel-Lite Scooter is a five star award wining scooter. Receiving great scores in portability, design, and performance. You can conveniently fold the Travel-Lite similar to a piece of luggage for transportation.

The scooter can be disassembled into three lightweight components for easier lifting. Travel-Lite has no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open and close when folding or taking apart, it's just so simple! Designed to enhance your quality of life by enabling you to travel whenever and wherever you like, by car, taxi,boat, train or plane* effortlessly, without the restrictions of a large heavy scooter. Features and benefits Compact and light, yet sturdy enough to be the primary scooter for a person weighing upto 18 stone.

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Aquasoothe Travel Lite Manual Handling

• The Travel-Lite folds effortlessly in seconds. • Assembles and disassembles in seconds without any tools. • The front column is detachable from the rear end. • The battery pack is removable from the front column.

• The Travel-Lite is compact & light and can be transported in the boot of any car. • Leave your Travel-Lite in the boot. Just bring the battery indoors for recharging.

• There are no heavy ground-level parts to be lifted. • Freewheel switch option Freewheel Switch No Lugging Around required! Travel-Lite was the very first fully folding scooter and after 12 years on the market - it is still the very best out there! We're lighter than any of our competitors - Travel-Lite uniquely seperates into 3 lightweight manageable pieces for easy lifting and transport. There are NO fiddely catches or screws, 'it's just simple' and takes only seconds - No other scooter dose that. We have worked hard to create a scooter that you can 'JUST UNFOLD AND GO'.

The reasons are obvious why other mobility scooters 'Just don't do it'. Most are big, bulky and don't seperate for easier transportation, making your mobility a real hassle. 'It doesn't need to be that way.' The Travel-Lite is different - Its: - • lightweight • portable • simple • stable • cost effective • easy to Seperate 'It's time to get your mobility back!' Call or email today and ask about our Free No Obligation home demonstration Grace In Age - Aquasoothe are proud to be a family owned caring business with over 20 years experience! Unque 4 point foulding seat design 3 lightweight parts for easy transportation Standard and Heavy Duty Battery Packs Available Travel Lite has two types of battery pack available, a standard pack and a heavy duty pack. Quality Standards and Accreditations Meets Council Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Devices Directive) Manufactured under Quality system BS EN ISO 9002; 1994 Medical Devices Agency Registered Product CE Approved Travel-Lite frequently asked questions Q.

Can I buy the Travel-Lite scooter from any other company? Grace In age is the sole UK importer of the travel-Lite range.

We import these products direct from the manufacturers for our customers. Is the Travel-Lite scooter a truly unique design? It was first developed over 12 years ago and it's design is totally unique and protected protected by patent. How easy is it to fold the Travel-Lite scooter? A. travel-Lite can be taken apart and folded in seconds - with no fiddly catches or difficult mechanisms to deal with.

Will the Travel-Lite scooter fit into my car boot? A. The Travel-Lite will fit into almost any car boot, including many of the smaller hatchbacks. Is the Travel-Lite scooter difficult to lift? Travel-Lite uniquely separates into three lightweight pieces: 1.

The battery pack: 2. The front column: 3. The rear body. Can I take Travel-Lite scooter on holiday with me? A. Travel-Lite, like any luggage, is simple to transport by coach, train, boat or plane (subject to individual coach and airline operators). Will Travel-Lite scooter carry my weight?

A. The Travel-Lite will comfortably carry up to 18 stone in weight. Does the Travel-Lite scooter have a shopping basket? A. Yes, under the seat. Is Grace In Age Aquasoothe a reliable company?

A. Grace In Age Aquasoothe is a nationwide leading healthcare company with over 20 years’ experience in providing mobility, disability and healthcare products. Uninstall Gfi Endpoint Security Agent Service. We are also a British family-owned firm. Is the Travel-Lite scooter guaranteed? All Grace In Age products carry full no-quibble quarantees.

What quality standards and accreditations apply to the Travel-Lite scooter? A. Travel-Lite is CE approved and is a Medical Devices Agency Registered Product. Call Us Now on 0800 281271 or email for a home dem or to recieve a free full colour brochure.

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