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White Trash Heroes - Archers of Loaf. The final studio record from the Archers of Loaf is a far cry from their early days of fast, dirty, and unrelenting indie rock anthems, but it is also a phenomenally progressive album for the band as well as a fitting swansong. The presence of a keyboard that soon starts to drift in. ARCHERS OF LOAF - White Trash Heroes - CD - **BRAND NEW/STILL SEALED** - RARE [46] - Condition:New:An item that is still in its original shrink wrap from the manufacturer and the original manufacturers seal -if applicable- has not been removed Genre:Rock Record Label: Alias Release.

The final studio record from the Archers of Loaf is a far cry from their early days of fast, dirty, and unrelenting indie rock anthems, but it is also a phenomenally progressive album for the band as well as a fitting swansong. The opening, 'Fashion Bleeds,' is the closest the band comes to its days of yore, with a chugging drumbeat and vocalist Eric Bachman's strained vocals leading the way. The presence of a keyboard that soon starts to drift in sets the tone for the rest of the record, a dark and moody venture with some unexpected styles emanating from the group. They still get raucous and loud on occasion, but sometimes they mask it under a wave of distorted sounds or in the guise of a slowed-down dirge. The closing title track is also of note, in that its sinister keyboard and drum machine sounds, along with Bachmann's oddly throaty and melodic vocals, are exactly what the singer went on to do with his next group, Crooked Fingers. In fact, sounds more like a mix of the two groups than an actual Archers record, a fact that anyone familiar with the latter group will certainly realize to be a good thing. This is certainly not the simple and sloppy indie rock outfit that churned out short poppy hits in the mid-'90s, but the band clearly developed into something equally astounding and, with a few listens, the emotion and craftsmanship of these songs prove to be a truly impressive feat.

• There is a commercial for Pay As You Go phones, where a cell phone from the 1980s and a pink modern cell phone are the proud parents, extolling the benefits of their new baby cell phone and how it is going to help people save money on their monthly talk, text, and data plans. And then they walk off screen to go raise some bars,. Note Perhaps someone familiar with this commercial SHOULD explain the joke to clarify this trope. • A DirecTV ad has extolling the virtues of being able to 'go back in time' and watch past episodes of TV shows that a married couple have missed, then starts singing about other uses for the ability to go back in time and correct mistakes, starting with choosing a different kind of salsa and ending with deciding not to have a second child, whereupon the salsa changes and the couple's youngest son, meaning the ad effectively ends with Bon Jovi killing a kid because his parents didn't want him. • uses the camera shot version of this. A character (Our protagonist, Utena) lying in bed has what seems like a meaningless monologue about lunch until the audience realizes the scene is establishing that the character is having (or just had) sex.

With whom they had the sex ( Akio, who's more or less her principal.and the villain of the series.and she's fourteen years old) which is where the squick really comes in. • Occurs several times in. The most notable example involves the employees of the secret lab thing making idle chit chat as their superior (who seems a genuinely likable, if eccentric, person with a love for candy sticks). The final panel reveals that whilst the coworkers are chit-chatting and eating candy, a seemingly endless train of completely uncensored dismembered diclonii torsos — complete with dangling entrails — is trundling past the window.

• Ryoko Asakura complains about how is not doing anything interesting and talks to Kyon about whether or not it is alright to enact a change to get a result even if it is dangerous right before trying to murder Kyon with a knife just to see how Haruhi would react, all without changing the pitch in her voice. • It's worse in the, where it is implied that Asakura intends to rape Kyonko. • Parodied in one episode of when discussing how people mention very important (and urgent) things in a casual tone. Examples included: 'You're all held back for another year, see you tomorrow'; your parents explaining to your neighbor that you were an accidental child; finding out that your parents divorced last week, not bothering telling you and act like it's no big deal. The entire class decides. Chiri decides it looks fun and joins in.By revealing she's been doping her sister with illegal injections in an overly dramatic manner, not only subverting the intent of the exercise but also revealing that doing so is apparently is a meaningless triviality to her.

Archers Of Loaf White Trash Heroes Rare

• • gives us this.magnificent example. For bonus points, they're all true.

Raven: Have you heard any interesting rumors lately, Mustang: Only the ones too absurd to be worth mentioning. Being sighted feeding a stray. A man who can't be killed no matter how hard you try.

King Bradley is a homunculus. •: • The English has Shin's mother saying 'You'll just waste your money on kiddy crap like trading cards, and video games, and crystal meth'. • Another episode had Ai's bodyguard having a team search a lake for a kappa, but instead found '600 catfish, 1400 minnows, a Loch Ness Monster, Penny's sister Caitlin, and 500,000 copies of Eddie Murphy's 'Party All the Time'. • When Georgie and Shin are at a library, three shelves are labelled 'fiction', 'non-fiction', and '. • In, L does this, all without so much as looking away from the evidence received from the tape sent by 'Kira'.

L: Hair, food crumbs. Oh, and by the way, if I die in the next few days, your son is Kira. • In the manga, Chitose is out jogging when she bumps into her teacher Ran doing the same. She asks Ran a bunch of innocent jogging-related questions, and then concludes with 'Does Sensei insert her finger when doing lecherous acts with girls?'

Ran carelessly answers 'Yes!' Before she can process what the question is. • In, two lab employees are discussing the health of the latest, before ordering her to clean up about a dozen identical-to-her corpses, just recently murdered. •: At chapter 56, Yuno's feelings for the 2nd world Yukki are very confusing, so she plays a with her unique style.

Yuno: No, no no no! I've already abandoned this Yukki! I don't like him or anything. Not only that, I'm the one trying to kill him right now! • A visual version of this happens in when all the Straw Hats are shown separately finding a secret message Luffy sent them.

It's simply each crew member individually saying 'I get it!' , until it ends with a view of Franky, who was last seen in the middle of an explosion and now. •: When Akito falls ill, Arisa brings in a massive selection of foods as well as a few non-food items to help him get well. She lists out the non-food items: '. Pickled plum to crush on your forehead, a sake-soaked hot cloth, a fried leek to insert rectally, some garlic.'

• In, when Mikoshiba is shanghaied into being a model for Sakura's art club, most of the girls let him do poses appealing to them. Sakura has him imitate, other girls have him do stock sexy poses. And one girl has him pose as a guy crawling pathetically after an angry girlfriend after breaking up due to his infidelity. Said girl looks upon the scene with a very pleased smile, weirding out the rest of the club. • has, who idly has a chat with a classmate and says that, in the coming school year, he'd like to get to know everyone in class 3-E, live his life without leaving things undone, and kill their teacher. Not as psychotic as it sounds, as the teacher in question is a that will if they don't kill him..

•: In 'Elegy of Entrapment, Verse 2', when Fuu and Jin sense that Sara is being manipulated, Mugen responds with 'Take your pick. We've dined and dashed, snuck through a checkpoint, and, oh yeah, killed people.' • contains a visual example. While Saizo is complaining about the other Braves goofing off, there are images of hanging out with his animals, sitting by a river and threatening a villager.

She weds him in his Clark Kent identity! She adopts a secret identity of her own! She even makes a deal with the DEVIL! • From the 6th issue of the comic adaptation of, quoth a demon kid's mom: 'Your ten minutes of unstructured playtime are up! Time for ballet, then swimming, then disembowelment of the damned, the piano lessons!' • Inverted in the first issue of. Pepito (the Antichrist) goes into a long speech about evil and damnation when asked to introduce himself to Squee's class and abruptly drops, 'My dog's name is Woofles' before continuing with his monologue.

•: Before in the middle of the night, Billy Kaplan made sure to leave Teddy Altman a note. • From the original Charles Addams comics, was a wardrobe filled with suit bags, each labeled as being another portion of Uncle Nick Nack's wardrobe. The last one (which bulged suggestively)? 'Uncle Nick Nack'. This joke was used in. • In, Lemont is trying to sue for custody of his son from his evil ex-girlfriend, who has the advantages of being the kid's mother, white, and very wealthy (and possibly a vampire who wants to be a daywalker.

When Lemont asks why she hasn't been served yet, • a. • ◊ Drew lost her baby in a car accident a few days earlier, which was apparently caused by her texting to Lila while driving. • From Real Life Adventures, two guys meet up in a snowfall. One brings up: 'Yeah, there's pestilence, famine, war, death, and your ex-wife.' Bloody Mary was standing there. 'Hajimemashitee gurl.'

She said happily (she spex Japanese so do i. Dat menz 'how do u do' in japanese). 'BTW Willow that fucking poser got expuld. She failed al her klasses and she skepped math.'

(an: RAVEN U FUKIN SUK! FUK U!) 'It serves that fuking bich right.' I laughed angrily. Well anyway we where felling all deprezzed.

We wutsched some goffic movies like Das niteMARE b4 xmas. 'Maybe Willow will die too.' B'loody Mair shook her head enrgtically lethrigcly. 'Oh yeah o have a confession after she got expuld I murdered her and den loopin.' I commnted happily. We talked to each other in silence for da rest uv da movie.

• Chapter one of is called 'Lights! • Xaldin's description of Saix before he was in is 'stoic, collected, and mildly psychopathic with a sadistic twist'.

• Chapter Eight of Free as the Wind has this gem, between the Hero of Time and Hero of Light. He realized it was really a lovely Sunday morning.

The sky was clear, with only some little clouds showing here and there. It was getting warmer now, springtime was near. Mind Workstation Activation Keygen Mac.

He had a nice little house, with two well furnished bedrooms, a comfortable bed, a simple but welcoming living room, coffee waiting for him in his convenient kitchen and a dead body at his front door. Everything was perfect. Everything was silent. His mind went blank, as he slowly got the meaning of 'Dead body at my front door'. •: Ichigo does this in the third chapter of while talking to his Zanpakuto about Rukia. Luna: But now that I've been to Ponyville, I decided that I need to see all of Equestria!

I want to see the mountains and the plains and the Changeling hive so I can beat their Queen up and the great cities and the tiny hamlets— Shining Armor: Wait. What was that last part? Luna: Changeling hive? Shining Armor: No, the. [blinks, surprised that Luna didn't play dumb] • This note at the end of Chapter 7 of. Granted, the author's saying this comes off as less of a surprise than most examples of this, given his hatred of liberals and Obama, but it's still fairly jarring compared to the previous items. • shows Fidget's list of things to get for the plan: 'Tools.

• In, The Beast asks Cogsworth for advice on what to give Belle. Cogsworth replies 'Flowers, chocolates.promises you don't intend to keep.' Doubly awesome considering that David Ogden Stiers, Cogsworth's voice actor, ad-libbed this end to the line just to be funny. Expecting to get a laugh and then re-record it, the director loved it and. •: 'Don't you have anyone else you can annoy? Poisonous reptiles?' • From, when Emmet is incredulous to find out that President Business is actually an plotting to bring about.


But that was an accident really.' • Valentine in: 'My mother always said, 'It's a dog-eat-dog world, son. You get them before they get you. Eat your greens. Don't embarrass me in front of the neighbors. I think it would be best if you just leave and please never come back again!'

(pause) She wasn't even my real mother. She bought me from a man.'

• There's a bit in ( is in its own right) where shares her 'true story' of working in a theater troupe like the eponymous Aristocrats. Then she shares her account of rehearsing with Joe Franklin, a legendary vaudevillian agent who's been glorified throughout the work.but as the tale goes on, she eventually reveals, 'Joe Franklin raped me.'

Hell, Sarah Silverman's shtick in general often involves this. • In, when the eponymous character is being searched by the police.

The items: really big sunglasses, Nerf ball, bike horn, small-mouthed bass, bowling pin, mousetrap, rubber chicken, funny eyeball glasses ('I've never seen those before in my life!' ), and a bazooka. ((calmly) 'I have a permit for that.' ) The cherry-on-top: a picture of the arresting lieutenant's wife, in lingerie with the words, 'Call me lover' hand-written on the bottom.

Del: So there I am, in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, at about 3 o'clock in the morning, looking for one thousand brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn't go on stage that night. So, Jeff Beck pops his head 'round the door, and mentions there's a little sweets shop on the edge of town. And - it's closed. So there's me, and Keith Moon, and David Crosby, breaking into that little sweets shop, eh. Well, instead of a guard dog, they've got this bloody great big Bengal tiger.

I managed to take out the tiger with a can of mace, but the shop owner and his son.that's a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes. Nasty business, really. But, sure enough, I got the M&Ms, and Ozzy went on stage and did a great show. • Also from the second movie, one scene has Wayne chatting with a Swedish secretary.

He impresses her with his knowledge of Sweden obtained while writing a report in eighth grade, and then tells her how the next day at school, he had diarrhea on the trampoline in gym class. • The song 'Chromaggia' in starts as a sad-but-harmless Italian opera song.

Then Mag switches to English, declares 'Come take these eyes, I would rather be blind!' • Played straight in because the police chief Mauch (played by ) is holding down a second job at Bed Bath N Beyond.

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