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IVMS Software for HNC series, HAR series, HSR series, HNR series, HNRT series, HHRA series.

Cms Dvr Software Download Windows 8

V1.02.00.50 Latest release version: New Version Release (): • Only substream access at the moment for improved stability. • DO NOT use the software to change camera settings on recorders that support h.265, results may vary. Please use the menu on the recorder to change camera settings. • Please retrieve recordings direct from the recorder using USB. The substream recordings are used for mobile device playback, not for evidence capture. When installing the software, you only need to select the Client module.

The Client module is what you use to access the recorder and display images and footage. The other modules are optional and provided as-is (not supported).

CMS DVR software not installing on windows 8 PC Few of our DVR’s like the one’s starting with LTS, ED or DVR come with a CMS software. A CD is included in every DVR we sell. Some people might have difficulty installing the software on windows 8 PC. Here are few steps you can follow to solve this. Go to control panel then user account controls setting then lower the bar to never. If you still get issues like winpoop not getting installed, then simply go to and download it.

Cms Dvr Software Download Windows 8

This should fix the issue Source.

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