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Corel Painter Lite Serial Number

PLEASE NOTE: This article only applies to customers who have purchased an Electronic Software Download or Purchase Key for Corel Painter 11 for Macintosh. If you have purchased a CD version, but have a trial version installed, you must uninstall it and install from your CD. The serial number that comes with the CD.

Corel Painter Lite Serial Number

I have tried the past three days to download software that came with my Intuos Draw. I find the website very confusing with lots of different domains, pages not being loaded and incompatibility with the Chrome browser.

I managed to register my tablet yesterday, but I got an error. But also an email telling me I has successfully registered the tablet. Now where do I donwload the software that came with the purchase? The email said: 'Software Library Link: /Account/MyLibrary' I tried to go to but I get a page with no content. It would be really nice if you could shed some light on this situation. I tried to contact the support team, but they did not answer. (yet) Thank you very much!

I've been having the same problems. I'm not impressed to say the least. I ended up eventually getting the product registered after much pain and way too many attempts. Once registered I was able to get the software download setup here: However, this gave me a 2 limit download button for my software. Clicking the link would usually just time out and do nothing.

Twice however, attempted to download but reached a broken link and gave me a HTTP 400 error. To make matters worse, this ate up my allocated 2 downloads >_.

Update: not sure if this will help you or not. The software I was trying to download from my bundle is Corel Painter Essentials 5. I was able to find a free trial download from the Corel site (link below), then it gave me an option to put in a valid serial number (which you can get from your 'my library' page on the wacom site, and boom, I've got my software. Despite wacom's best efforts to wreck the process and make it as difficult as possible to get my software, here's at least one workaround. Hope it helps! Visual Comfort Chandelier.

These beautiful and slim Intuos pen tablets come in a updated design with two sizes. The pressure-sensitive pens offer proven Wacom pen technology, and two customizable side switches. The durable paper-like surface provides a natural feel when drawing or painting. Updated design of the four ExpressKeys that recognize the software used and offer ideal settings. All Intuos tablets work with the Wacom Wireless Accessory Kit. Otherwise, a detachable USB cable provides reliable and simple connectivity.

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