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I was going to wait until I hit Paragon 100 to make the switch to SnB, but I'm sick of leveling so I just went and did it. It's very satisfying to poke around high MP, completely ignoring elemental damage. Even more satisfying to stop spinning for a while. I was SnB for many months in this game. Finally came back to my roots.

Anyone have suggestions? I'm not looking to be top-ranked, just balanced and efficient at high MP.

Crypter Cracked 2013

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Crypter Cracked 2013

I should have a whole lot of gold after selling my dual wield weap's. @Veepow - hey man welcome back to S&B!

Yeah i remember you used to be an S&B barb before when acrimony was still active in the forums. Anways here it is Your barb is pretty balance in terms of DPS and EHP. By your defensive skill sets WC+Impunity and Tough as Nails i would assume your buffed EHP would reach 2M which is pretty good for damage mitigation that's why you should be good to go with your LS in your belt. At this stage i would recommend for you to focus on your DPS in every upgrades but if can account some EHP stats in it, it will be cool as well. Some items you may need to consider upon upgrading your DPS.

Crit Mempo 2. The Witching Hour 3. Priyanka Chopra Song Download In My City.

High base STR in pants 4. High STR Ice climbers 5. DPS Rings, preferable with AR or Armour or Vit in it 6. Lastly Gems Cheers, Nike. The Witching Hour Thank you for the ideas.

Would WH belt force me to use the life steal passive 100% of the time? Or does Rend or some other skill provide enough healing without life steal? Hey may, yes just like what crypter did. But the advantage of WH will have a huge effect on your hota crits as well as its bonus atkapd which really goes well with your sword, lacuni and a mempo.

For S&B there are no breakpoints so the higher atkspd u can maintain with wotb - hota then the more efficient you be in higher mp level coz u can kill fast. But if u dont prefer the WH belt for now another option is to stack those CD in you accesories 40%+ preferably. The safest investment that you may have now would be that crit mempo Cheers, Nike.

06:20 PMPosted by Any of the godly barbs can give me an idea of what to upgrade next? Btw my crit lacuni is with my WD. The ammy has 7 cc n 89 cd. Any help is appreciated. And also I'm trying to reach 150k on paper dps.

Currently sitting at 138k. On DP I'm bout 102k n 2.2m ehp. N nike do u still have ur old surcoat with u?

Hey man, your barb is really looking pretty good compared to when i first saw it. As for the surcoat unfortunately man it has been sold in AH so i can upgrade my gloves. Speaking with gloves, i recommend for you to buy a solid IK Gloves with the ff stats High STR AR / VIT - would prefer AR if you can easily find one. High CD - 40%+ if budget allows or 30%+ if strict budget This ik glove upgrade will extremely boost both your DPS especially your EHP.

EDIT: Refer to Crypter and BALLER's IK gloves. Other than that probably next one is your ammy, look for something with 9cc+, 90cd+, Hight STR, and with VIT/Life% in it (you can check mine, something similar). AR can be also an option of Life% is not included.

EDIT: also you can look for with an Armor as a replacement for Life%/VIT, refer to Crypter's ammy. Those are the 2 big bang upgrade i have for you Cheers, Nike. 07:03 PMPosted by Just did some upgrading to my barb, was wondering if people could provide some input since the GG Barbs are in the house! Man sick babr you got there! Very balanced and i like it.

I had a quick look and would suggest to get the following 1. BIS lacuni with STR/VIT, AR in it. Insane Rare Shoulders - 250+STR, 140+VIT, 65+AR, 10-12% Life, with an additional Armour or Dex is a plus 3. Lastly BIS IK Chest with 270+VIT, 170+STR and 800+ Overall Armour i would actually recommend for you to get a HIGH STR WH but i noticed yours have 6% frenzy bonus which is really cool so i will suggest for you to say with this Cheers.

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