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Mar 12, 2009. Hello, I need to change my license key in FM Pro 9 Advanced. Join Date: Aug 2005; Posts: 583; Last Post:; Local Date:; Local Time: 11:35 PM; Last Active:. Re: Changing license key. License information is held in FileMaker Pro

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Filemaker Pro 11 Licence Key

Hello, This morning I went to remotely open a FileMaker database from our server and got the following message upon trying to open the database itself. 'The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro. License Key conflict occurrued with user 'Myself'.

I don't know how, but it looks like I'm causing licensing conflicts with myself. Say for example my machine was named 'Zach HD', any changes I make to the name also reflect in the license key conflict line of the message I'm getting.

We're also supposed to have an unlimited license for FileMaker Pro. Any suggestions? I assume the file is being hosted by FM Server. If so check the admin console it will still show you logged in. This usually happens if you disconnect your computer from the network while connected to a hosted file or if you are wireless and you lose the wireless connection. Not sure why it would keep you logged in all night though.

In my experience it usually sees that you dropped connection after about 2 min and removes you from the logged in status. Michael Doesn't say I'm logged in. The timeout is set to 15 minutes on ours, but even after restarting the FileMaker Server today I still receive the message.

This is precisely the problem I am having with 8.0/8.5 access the FM Server. I just wrote this letter to FM Tech Support. ------------ Highly irritating erroneous license conflict issue with FM Server 8: Single user license of FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.5.

If it crashes or needs to be force quit, while connected to a FM Server, the app will NO LONGER LAUNCH when trying to access files on that server. It yields a license conflict error, to which there is none. We have to SHUT THE SERVER down and restart it. My guess is to reset the license access list. Other info: • We have 3 other licenses, all do the same thing.

• It occurs on 2 different servers and the problem sticks with the server (whichever was being accessed at the time) • It happens with FM Adv 8.0 and 8.5. Is there anything that can be done about this??

It really slows things down, not to mention the inconvenience to our clients for repeatedly having to restart their servers. We had this problem with a PC in the office and also with my own PC connecting remotely from home.

From home, if Filemaker crashed (my PC has issues) and I tried to restart Filemaker it came up with the clash message. To solve it I restarted the PC and the problem was solved. At the office we never got to the bottom of it. We were due an upgrade, explained the ongoing issue and bought new license keys as part of a deal.

That may not help other than to point out that there was an unresolved issue of this nature.

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