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Sharethread v76: Not Forgetting To Put The Title In Edition Anonymous 05/07/16(Sat)01:45:08 READ THE PASTA BEFORE POSTING ETIQUETTE -Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the file type (v0, 320 mp3, FLAC, etc), short description, YouTube sample, link) - Send thanks if you have downloaded something to let them know they did a good thing - Avoid sharing / requesting things that are already on the archive - Soulseek /rutracker are your friends, too - just don't argue in this thread about it REQUESTS >I have a request! The Sims 3 Wii Iso Ntsc Game. - Check the archive for a live link before requesting? - Share something first?

- google 'blogspot + artist name + album name' >I don't have anything to share! - Have a Goodwill, thrift store or library in your area?

Saccharine Trust: Pagan Icons (SST 12”) 33. Au Pairs: Playing with. I looked up his file and discovered his class schedule and determined we were enrolled in an introductory English composition class together. I cannot say if. A side note worth mentioning: his file was unusually slim. I assume the police.

Saccharine Trust Paganicons Rar FilesSaccharine Trust Paganicons Rar Files

Try picking up the most obscure thing you can find there and share it. Somebody might be happy you shared it! ARCHIVE >'I don't know how to find what I'm looking for in the archive' - Go here: >>>> - When searching, limit your search to links only, like so: 'desired album mega zippyshare mediafire' - Make sure you've typed 'zippyshare' and not 'zippy', or else Zippyshare links will not be found. - No samples available on Youtube, Soundcloud, etc?

Drag'n'drop any MP3 on FOOTNOTE FOR FUTURE THREADS; Please for goodness sake, stop replying to every shareless request with 'Share before requesting'. It's even worse than a shareless request, because at least requests can result in a share.

All 'share before requesting' does is add a post to the thread that doesn't contribute to anything. If someone didn't read the pasta before posting, that's their own fault. USEFUL SHARES PREVIOUS THREADS v75: v74: v73: v72: v71: >>64450302 >Big Moe - City of Syrup (2000, 320) >h-rap, hip hop, trill homebrew: rup/ sample: 7GBhsi7c I got Who is Willam Onyeabor uploading rn. File: (80 KB, 500x500) Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Take One (1974-79, re-released 2007, 320kbps) >The Hallelujah Chicken Run Band (or HCR for short) was one of the seminal bands that formed the explosive Zimbabwean music scene in the 1970s and one of the first acts to develop the staccato style of guitar playing for which Zimbabwe is known today, a 'breathless, loopy, dampened plucking that mimics traditional mbira thumb-piano melodies' (Rolling Stone).

Upbeat, vibrant and catchy, as well as beautiful and emotional, their music can now be explored on the compilation 'Take One (1974-79)', to be released on 8 October by the Analog Africa label whose previous release was by The Green Arrows. >'Take One' presents 18 of HCR's biggest hits (including a series of singles for which the band received eight gold records in 1974), as well as rare songs, all recorded between 1974 and 1979. The CD has been compiled from vinyl records and the original master tapes found in Zimbabwe, all painstakingly remastered. Homebrew: -Chicken-Run-Band-Take-One-320/ sample/bandcamp: lbum/take-one-1974-79. File: (727 KB, 1110x1119) is a private tracker, so it's a lot safer. is mostly good for finding obscure music anyways, so it's pretty safe in that regard. You just have to be wary of public trackers like Piratebay and Kickass, and only for big stuff like the latest movies, game or popular music releases. If you want to get those just use rutracker. Personally, I only tend to get my movies from rutracker through, then just use mkvtoolnix to get rid of the russian audio and subs I also usually just try and get my music from here/the archive, since you pretty much run no risk at all getting it through a DDL The Deadly Ones - It's Monster Surfing Time (1964) (128 kbps) >some groovy as fuck monster-themed surf rock yMU5I1uA 3g38wsx1IASYiPHBd7L_AT5b_OQI3-0AWjI. File: (31 KB, 407x400) >Heltah Skeltah I assume you know that their only album, Nocturnal, is live in the 'chive? M/mu/thread/S64480472#p64506959 you should also get the other Boot Camp albums: Black Moon - Enta Da Stage m/mu/thread/S60092876#p60095251 and the pinacle IMO, Smif-n-Wessun - Da Shinin' (1995) [320] >NYC Brooklyn grimy hip hop >Boot Camp Clik >excellent minimal, sample-based production >tight flows >if you like Wu and The Infamous you should already have this sample: woj89Lgw share: KypScCv1ayN2Jwc0zvMaIVS8OQ9Xvm_N_Ts trivia: the album cover is an homage to Roy Ayres Ubiquity's He's Coming which has the famous 'we live in Brooklyn baby' song. Thanks, Kurtposter.

Great thread, everyone. File: (43 KB, 500x400) I have everything but the first demo since I deleted it almost immdeiatly, it was just really shitty recordings of stuff on their later albums, plus its on full on youtube >Kinoko Teikoku Discography (きのこ帝国) >4 Albums / 1 Demo / 2 EPs 2nd Demo Sample: dFQYniRI Whirlpool Sample: NwxSNNNY Eureka Sample: lYZE8VhI Long Goodbye Sample: dy6Hc0yA Fake Plastic Wonderland Sample: EjzuStaw Before The Cherry Blossoms Bloom Sample: ssjA-tnk No samples for their final album in1bDscIyulOyRv_VsT-WzuE3df5aNDic5g. File: (51 KB, 500x500) Reposting an interesting find on the archive. The infamous rapper that smoked dust and ate a gang-affiliate's girlfriend's lungs in a trap house and is serving life in prison. Was he set up? I don't know. What I do know is that this only album by him (released when he was already in prison) is dope.

The beats are pretty surreal and his voice and flow is very strange and fitting for his hard lyrics and 6'7' stature. Fantastic album and one of my personal recent favorites.

He was from Texas originally, went out to the bay area, and this album is no doubt influenced by the psycho Sacramento rappers and released on the Siccmade label I'm 90% sure. Big Lurch - It's All Bad mUoJZHcA >bay area rap, horrorcore, gangsta rap, siccmade, dope shit 3vApnxzGpfwWhyNygqeH924nm-e7TpHgGmE Anyone have some hard / heavy blues with slide guitar and smacking drums and really loud complaining? File: (11 KB, 304x298) Radio Scenic Glow Vol. 1 (2009, MP3 256CBR, CDr rip) >Ambient, synth, experimental, lo-fi, noise This is a compilation put out by Daniel Lopatin's long-forgotten Upstairs Cdr label, with his own cover of Grouper's Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping, the first Games track to ever be released, an unreleased Autre Ne Veut track, and a few more interesting tracks in between mediocre synth/noise pieces. I'm buying this off Discogs and I'll put up a FLAC copy with some artwork scans in a few weeks. 62cgpse9ds94h4/RADIO+SCENIC+GLOW+VO L+1.rar >OPN track: x7c_dJdI. File: (69 KB, 588x585) Cymande - Cymande >world, African, jazz, funk sample: J3aXSo48 8LVV4Nzw link: KIY7XkxTzf2mgyg Baby Huey - The Living Legend >funk, soul, essential Sample: yocin8DA Download: c5-9m0PL1qMOJ-QcuRAGY-oMqq5sXQli35H tYY Ponderosa Twins Plus One - 2+2+1=Ponderosa Twins Plus One (1971) >R&B, soul, funk, vocal s: GHwHMB5s d: p1e68sauxs6q22/Ponderosa+Twins+Plus +One+%282+%2B+2+%2B+1+%3D%29+%28197 1%29%29.rar Requesting Renaldo & the loaf - songs for swinging larvae.

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