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September 2013 - Bondage Video Discussion Forum Archive September 2013 Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Gabriela Atar wrote: I think there are some guys who would love to stuff a girl's worn, soiled panties in her mouth as a gag. Few things are hotter.and more degrading.than to take a girl's own panties and force them into her mouth so she has to taste her own secretions. Then of course, seal them inside with a long strip of duct tape, wrapped several times around her head so she can't possibly spit them out. I wouldn't like it done to me, but then I'd probably be tied up and have no choice in the matter. Yes, tightly bound and gagged with your legs spread wide and your pussy open and dripping wet in anticipation of what will happen to you. What a shame you can't do anything about it. Get her, guys.

Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 01:19:10 AM Name: Bill K. Gabriela, so you meant a cum soaked worn old panties gag which is great and we would have no problem with stuffing them in your mouth I'm sure. Right Gimpers? Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 01:22:34 AM Name: Gog - Looks like Amy's in for it now. But at least they dressed their best for the occasion.:-) Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 09:19:24 AM Name: YikYakker Homepage URL: It's great to see an ensemble of RF Chikas in the cast of Dead but Dreaming. There's Amy, of course.and Mila. Santorum wrote: I've seen her before in Maleficarum and Barbazul, and in both I thought she seemed rather timid and self-conscious (granted this was consistent with the characters she played, but I think it was more than that).

Heaven Brian Adams Free Mp3 Download SkullHeaven Brian Adams Free Mp3 Download Skull

But in Dead but Dreaming I was happy to see her expressing a very sexy confidence. That's good to hear. Mila did show a bit of defiance early in Le Marquis de la Croix; that is, until her character was beaten down.

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But in watching Mila, I've always gotten the sense that there was something kinetic inside her just waiting to get out, like a tiger about to spring out of the bushes. I suspect we'll see more of that in the movies to come. And from the other day shows the lovely and lissome Veronica Paintoux. 'Vero', as Margot refers to her, has not been a topic of discussion on this board as frequently as Amy and Mila, but I aim to correct that. She did fine work as the prima victim in Amy's Barbazul, and also starred in the first film that Amy directed, Sirwinakuy. This flick is quite different from the usual fare we've come to expect from this company, but besides offering plenty of Vero, it also provided a hint of Amy's directorial style, particularly the surprise ending (at least, it was a surprise to me).

A review follows. -------------------- This review is way overdue. But I made a promise and I intend to keep it, by gum. Once again my thanks to Lady Amy Hesketh and Ralphus for their assistance and patience. Sirwinakuy (2010) aka Living Together Directed by: Amy Hesketh Running time: 111 minutes The title of this movie comes from a custom practiced by native Bolivians - that is, the folks who lived there a few hundred years ago, before the Spaniards took over and ruined their fun. Sirwinakuy involved a woman 'shacking up' with a man who 'kidnapped' her as a method of trying out a living arrangement before the formalities of marriage took place. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

Some trace elements of Sirwinakuy survived to the present. This modern-day story centers on the adventures of Anouk (Veronica Paintoux) and Luis (Jac Avila), who meet by chance at a small cafe in La Paz, Bolivia. From the beginning, Luis demonstrates that he is a man of few words and he expects to be in control. After the couple briefly exchange pleasantries Luis says, 'Shall we go?' He does not hold Anouk's hand, but grabs her around the wrist, like a shackle.

Then when they pass through the outer gate to the apartment complex, Luis throws Anouk's keys back over the gate, which locks them out as it slams shut. Anouk has effectively been 'kidnapped'.

So off they go to Anouk's apartment. 'Pack,' says Luis.

He begins to round up some items of her clothing that are strewn around and puts them in her bag. Luis does not bark orders or raise his voice when he speaks. He simply makes statements, and anticipates that Anouk will do as he wishes. She seems a bit taken aback by this behavior but goes along with it. At Luis' place, they have a small snack with their conversation. Luis objects to the way Anouk chews her food with her mouth open.

He asks her how she was punished as a child when she misbehaved. She tells him that she was spanked. So he says that he will spank her for her bad manners. And he does so, with the palm of his hand, after telling her to get on the floor and bare her butt.

Next morning at breakfast, Anouk doesn't fare any better. Luis makes her ask for everything (instead of just reaching for it) and she dutifully says 'Thank you', although she does not exhibit much sincerity. After breakfast, Luis tells her she has misbehaved and must be punished.

He bends her over a small table in the living room, removes his belt, and thwacks her hard with it several times. The force of the blows is enough to elicit loud groans and make her say 'Shit!' When Luis goes to work, Anouk inspects the damage. She decides to take a shower. While in the shower, she begins to massage her sore ass with one hand.

Then she uses the other hand to massage her tits and muff. This is the first indication we get that the brutality is getting Anouk off. Since Anouk is French, Luis decides to give her a temporary job at his business doing translation work. One day, while Anouk is having lunch alone at the cafe Geoff (Erik Antoine), a former college classmate of hers, recognizes her and joins her at the table. He marvels that she still looks the same since he last saw her 10 years ago. Geoff, on the other hand, has been married, had two children, and divorced during the same time.

Later, Luis tells Anouk that he is not satisfied with her child-like appearance (blue jeans and ponytail); her problem is she refuses to grow up. He buys her a new wardrobe, and sets to deciding what she should wear every day and how she should wear her hair. They go out to dinner, Anouk sporting her 'new look' and improved table manners. When they return to Luis' apartment, Luis expresses pleasure with her good behavior and tells her he will reward her.

The reward is to cuff her wrists behind her, bend her over the bed and ream her from behind. Luis and Anouk take a trip to the hills high above La Paz to check out what must be the world's biggest open-air flea market. Luis inspects some whips and chooses one that is fairly short and has three prongs. To test it, he pulls Anouk's hand out, palm up, and thwacks her. Yes, that's the one.

When they get home, Luis begins playfully swatting at Anouk with the whip. But she'll have none of it, and tries to take evasive action. Finally, she grabs the whip, yanks it from Luis' grasp, and runs to another part of the house. We don't see what happens next, but the evidence appears the next morning, when the sleeping Anouk presents her bare back and butt, displaying whip marks. What a vision of beauty this is. On another occasion, Luis takes Anouk to the home of one of his co-workers, who is out of town, to feed his cat. The two start to get jiggy and Luis exposes Anouk in the bedroom window, presumably in full view of passers-by on the street below.

It's been a week since Anouk met Geoff, and they have lunch together. This time he is shocked at how much she has changed.

She explains, 'I've grown up,' but Geoff is not pleased about Luis' sudden and extensive influence on her appearance and behavior. He wants Anouk for himself, the way she was. Luis comes home with a bunch of roses and it appears that he is going to romance Anouk. As he sits in a chair, Anouk sprawls across his lap. He opens her robe to expose her loveliness and sets the roses across her thighs. Then he unwraps the roses, takes them one at a time, and presses each one against her chest so that the thorns draw blood.

Anouk protests, 'You don't know how to love me; you only want to hurt me.' She walks out, wearing only her robe and a coat, but dragging one of those luggage-on-wheels things. At first she goes to see Geoff. He is appalled when he spots the wounds on her chest. Geoff offers to put her up for the night, but Anouk decides on another plan.

She checks into a hotel. There she cleans herself up and, fully naked, stretches out in full view of downtown La Paz. Is this the end of Sirwinakuy for Anouk and Luis' Or will these two crazy kids get back together again? You know I'm not going to tell.

Once again I am thoroughly impressed by Veronica Paintoux's talent. She has a slender, willowy figure and an aristocratic visage, yet she slips comfortably and subtly into the role of a character who is unsophisticated and uncertain. The interaction between her and Jac is very natural, as if they have worked together for years. Amy Hesketh's writing and direction are coherent and the editing is parsimonious; there are no wasted scenes, words or shots.

As a movie, this easily earns a B. During the closing credits, there is a little bonus for the viewer: an amusing outtake showing Amy suffering for her art once again, as she provides some coaching to her cast on the proper way to slap someone in the face. But don't look for any Merciless Peril here.

The scenes of punishment/violence are all consensual - Anouk is free to walk away from the relationship. So in fairness, I cannot give this movie a GIMP grade, because there is no GIMPage. But it's a great opportunity to see Vero in action - in and out of her clothing. Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 09:59:08 AM Name: A Canadian Homepage URL: YikYakker wrote: So in fairness, I cannot give this movie a GIMP grade, because there is no GIMPage. Does this mean Ralphus will have to list the movie as 'unrated'?

And what does it say about Amy/Jane that she could spend years on this board -- seeking our fellowship and counsel, earning our trust -- and then turn around and commit the ultimate act of betrayal by directing a film that is consensual? Oh, the shame of it all. In any event, thanks to YikYakker for providing the informative and entertaining review of Sirwinakuy (I'm glad I only have to spell that title and not try to pronounce it). Although my personal convictions will prevent me from seeing the movie, I enjoyed the review and the caps were excellent.

Great job putting it together. Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 10:35:38 AM Name: A Canadian I just noticed the Robin Thicke line in today's photo cutline. That's pretty funny. Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 10:46:37 AM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Homepage URL: YikYakker: Great to finally read what you thought about Sirwinakuy; I saw that film on DVD many months ago and your grade perfectly matched what I would have given it. A grade of B as a movie, even though I didn't feel right writing a review of my own for the site, since, like you mentioned, it's not a true GIMP film by definition. It's along the same lines as a film like Secretary, in that it's about a kinky relationship told from a female's point of view. I hate to call it a 'chick flick', because that sounds demeaning, and also because I liked both films myself.

Let's just say it's the cinematic equivalent to a book like '50 Shades of Grey' in that it explores bondage in a way that's appealing to women.and probably some men. And I might add that without Sirwinakuy, it's likely there might not have been a Maleficarum, or at least not to the scale that it turned out. At the time Amy agreed to do the Inquisition project with my proposed roasting scene, the budget was initially quite small. But at the same time, Sirwinakuy was just finishing up a monster run in Bolivian theatres.I think it ran for about 5 straight months or so. I mean, it was this huge cult hit, and the money was pouring in every week from its success, which enabled the Pachamama crew to sink that money into making a much bigger budget production, and of course, we know how that turned out. So this little film with the unpronounceable title.they should have made more effort into calling it 'Living Together'.turned out to be a major lynchpin into the success of the company, which led to them putting out such interesting and GIMP-worthy films today. Amy made a good movie, and it deserves a bigger, more international audience.

Let's start, shall we, with that title change? But that's just my opinion, and it only counts as one vote. So let's open up the polls and get some feedback from the rest of you. GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: A) your victim stripped completely nude B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed C) It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless Guys (and ladies), never before has a vote been so crucial to the fate of mankind as the one you are about to cast now. We will be keeping track this time so it's imperative that you take the time to tell us what you think. Remember, what you have to say is just as important as anyone else's opinion, so let's hear from you.

Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 12:20:15 PM Name: D. Santorum I can appreciate a cute GIMP either way. But generally speaking, my preference is: A) your victim stripped completely nude. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 01:09:39 PM Name: YikYakker: I hope you don't have to have a uniform to get a turn here. Mine's still at the cleaners.

-------------------- GIMP Poll: Count me as a C. I think either partially undressed or fully naked can each work well, depending on the scene. For example, below are two of my favorite scenes wherein the damsel has had her goodies exposed. They both reflect the action in the scene, in which the babe has been seized roughly and violently, secured in place quickly, and exposed in a rough and uncalculated manner. The asymmetries of the clothing remnants that drape them artistically convey the fury of the moment. That is to say, they look hot. Rita Calderoni in Resurrection of Isabella (l); Jewel Shepard in Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom (r) Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 02:04:04 PM Name: brainmaster E-mail address: GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: A) your victim stripped completely nude B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed C) It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless Attire of the victim and proper stripping are what sets the mood and pace.

Of all the producers, Blakemore seems to be the one who got this right. Give me a victim who is hot, who uses her sexual power, to present herself in a way so as to revel in reducing men to slobbering idiots, and then comes a man who uses his physical power and twisted imagination to give her what she has coming.

So I vote B, but ending in A. Take your time to get there. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 02:13:38 PM Name: Bill K In the rape of Amy scene, the jury is still out for I have not gotten my 'Dead by Dreaming' DVD yet but her partially clothed look may just be due to the storyline. Do modern rapists take the time to remove all clothing of their rape victims? I don't think so. Complete nudity in torture scenes especially dungeon torture is a must for me but in rape scenes the bare breasts and vagina and buttocks area are good enough for me and is logical in real life rape.

I wonder from those posted Amy rape scenes if we're going to see any of Amy 's vagina being violated at all, which is not important to me, because it's about the whipping and other torture scenes that I bought the movie. Any movie where the main scenes center around rape I'm not interested in for it's just not my Gimp thing. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 02:35:38 PM Name: Dr Yuya Homepage URL: Speaking of Shades of Grey, not that it's HUGE news by any means but a casting decision has been officially made for the movie adaptation. Actress is about average as far as Hollywood actresses go IMO.not a complete goddess but prettier than your average person (and admit it or not, BDSM actress) for sure. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 03:29:37 PM Name: TRG GIMP Poll: B One of the purposes of clothing is to cover nudity, to preserve modesty. When clothing doesn't do that, and in fact helps to make the woman more helpless (notice Amy's shirt pins her arms to her sides) it adds to her humiliation, and to her terror. Removing all her clothing also takes time.

Removing only enough to get the job done lends more intentsity, and hence more brutality, to the attack. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 03:44:26 PM Name: Daniel E-mail address: 'B' I going to pass on Amy & Jac's latest release! I think the old 'standards' after Red Feline offer more of what I'm looking for!

No dialog, rope, whips, Amy and something to tie her to or from. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 06:51:00 PM Name: Eda Re the latest poll: My vote is unoffered choice (D) -- 'it depends' -- for two reasons: (1) variety is the spice; and (2) for some scenes one way works better and for other scenes the other way works better. Do you always like chocolate better than strawberry even if you've had chocolate the last ten times, or does it depend on what you've had in the past and what your mood is? Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 07:00:16 PM Name: Badger I'm with Eda, on the poll question too! Big plot oriented fan that I am, I love a scene that opens with a well dressed lady followed by some major clothes ripping or some humiliating forced-to-strip, with a brief pause to admire the underwear.

Nothing turns me off quicker than a scene with the victim already naked. Naked eventually, fine. But it's all about the process. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 09:27:42 PM Name: elkcreek E-mail address: As to the poll, I prefer someone partially clothed over a mediocre chick covered in tats.

I will actually say that in the case of someone whose really hot like a Natalie Portman or Alexandra Daddario, I can even live with bra and panties. I have a vivid imagination. The hotter the chick the more clothing I can live with. But I have one exception to this rule that EVERY Jap AV producer should take note of. Don't cover a tight sexy tummy! One of the MO's of Attackers in particular, is they pull the panties down and the dress up over the girls mid-section.

Also does anyone know if a decent DVD of Stalag 69 is available? That one's been on my list for years, but I've never seen it available. Also we were talking about AOH scenes. Andrea Salvio in Stryker is one of my favorites. A really underrated rape and AOH scene. Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 11:45:53 PM Name: Eda I agree with elkcreek about Andria Savio's scene in Stryker.

An interesting fact about her is that she was Tony Curtis's fourth (of six) wives. And that he married her the year that Stryker was released!!

Guess he liked the scene, too!! Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 01:01:21 AM Name: Matt Poll Question: A) Totally nude. Forcing them to strip before the interrogation starts adds to the humiliation and degradation the subject(s) experience before the application of pain. Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 02:14:37 AM Name: El Wananchi Hi all, First, the Poll: In an interrogation scenario (my preferred) I'd say: Mostly B, with a slice of A. The nudity has to be functional to the torture.

Both a uselessly naked and a unlikely dressed GIMP only makes the scene lack credibility. Remember that humiliation is not usually part of an interrogation process; it is more typical of BDSM practices. And I am also thinking about the usual mainstream 'interrogation' (most of the times AOH) scene, where the GIMP is virtually completely dressed. Unrealistic to say the least. Now, I concur with Eda: the torture/rape scene in 'Stryker' is very good, almost as good as it gets. Pity they didn't dare make it longer (family market?) That allows for a story.

El Wananchi Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 07:26:44 AM Name: A Canadian The poll question: My vote is C. If the scene is hot, I'm not fussy about the nudity. As Ralphus noted, the torn-clothes look can be very effective. Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 08:03:49 AM Name: Lynn E-mail address: Whether complete nudity is necessary is a question of context.

If it is a 'quicky' rape, where the victim is merely held down by several people, partial clothing removal is believable (they are in a hurry, right) and therefore fine, as far as I'm concerned. If however this is torture, or rape and torture in which there has been enough time to tie or chain her in place, then it is clear there was also enough time (and reason) to strip her completely nude; and anything less than that will not do. (The worst possible scene is the one where it is clear that the Ratings agency and not the plot was determining the subjects wardrobe.) Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 08:23:50 AM Name: Lynn E-mail address: To clarify my previous post, I think the initially partial stripping of the Irish spy in 'Dead But Dreaming' works, because it is a part of a logical continuum - which, it can be added, in this case is shown ultimately going to it's logical conclusion with not punches pulled. The same way, I have no problems with the consensuality of Sirwinakuy, in that case, that is the story.

The problem occurs when the images do not fit the logic of the plot. Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 08:38:20 AM Name: Sloth So we have a poll question upon which the fate of mankind hinges - never thought the sword of Damocles would be dangling over Gimpers - I'll chime in with the C option as it offers a wider range of possibilities for plot development and situational adaptations. Stay well all Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 08:42:00 AM Name: D. Santorum Like many poll questions, this one is somewhat vague and it's hard not to put your own spin on it when interpreting it. When I answered with choice 'A,' I assumed that what Ralphus intended was: Other factors of the scene being held constant (such as attractiveness of the victim, presence of tattoos, context, and logic of the storyline), which do you generally prefer? But I too would much prefer a partially clad Natalie Portman to a completely nude 'mediocre chick covered in tats.' Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 09:02:28 AM Name: Arcas Homepage URL: Hi folks.

I just wanted to pop my head in here and wave since my work has been brought up in discussion a few times. I only just discovered this site.

And I don't know how that's possible, given the man-months I've spent cruising the Interweb for the kind of content we all seem drawn to. At any rate I've discovered it now and it's a heck of a resource! Plus it's great to see so many industry players here, past and present. A little known bit of trivia, but I first got into the professional side of this in the late eighties via Bon Vue. I did my pre-CG work as 'Takashi Naka', if anyone remembers? My GIMP art has been. Less prolific than in the past.

Maybe it's a phase. I do a lot of mainstream stuff - mostly scifi subjects - as well. That's what I feature on my Deviant Art site, but if you're looking the home of my GIMP stuff, keep your eye on.

Recently I added a few new pics to my 'Further Adventures of 912' series - a homage to that cute lil' force of submissive nature at Insex (RIP). The great thing about 3D is that it lets you go beyond limits that reality, sanity, and the law don't allow. Here's one of the recent additions. Thanks again for the the supportive chatter about my work in the past, here! Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 12:22:39 PM Name: YikYakker Today's Pics: Now this is some damn fine movie-making. The pics illustrate well the use of the 'partially-clothed' look for the victim. The would be appropriate with complete nudity, but I think Amy looks very hot in this 'used up' state and what might be described as a quasi-fetal position.

Of course, if she were completely starkers, then you wouldn't have the beauty of the, in which Amy is led to her doom with her garment falling low on her hips, a look that I really dig. Anyway, we know that the robe is going to be torn away in the whipping scene to come, so it fits the 'logical progression' that Lynn wrote about. This movie looks better with each passing day. Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 01:25:18 PM Name: Bill K. Welcome to the Gimp, Arcas, and thank you for the link to 'Art of Darkness' which I just joined. I've only viewed a half of dozen posts, 4 of which were your terrific great poser artworks and I love what I see already and it's FREE. Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 06:26:50 PM Name: Fritz Arcas: Welcome to The GIMP.

I've been a fan of your 3D art for quite some time, first coming across it when you were posting images at Renderotica under the name Zogg (if I recall correctly). Later I followed your work at the long departed (and sadly missed) Chloe's Sanctuary. It was there that I found the courage to post some of my own rudimentary efforts, and you - the site's Grand Poohbah of peril art - took the time to provide some much-appreciated criticism and pointers. Though I have had little time to continue the hobby, I have been following your work and that of several others (including a number of Chloe ex-pats) at The Art of Darkness (particularly the extreme gallery). It's easily the best repository of consistent, high-quality 3D art I've found on the 'net. What surprised me about your post was that you were also once known as Takashi Naka, a name I remember from almost a quarter century ago. Recently, there was discussion on this forum about offerings distributed by Bon Vue Enterprises.

Some old-timers remembered the pen-and-ink portfolios which were advertised in B&D Pleasures and other Bon Vue pubs. Wasn't your material among that available in those portfolios?

I may even have some of it in my collection. I never would have guessed you go back that far. * * * * * Poll: I like diversity in my GIMP, so I'm just as unlikely to commit to any one form of attire or lack thereof as I am to a single type of bondage, peril, genre, or any other aspect of a scene. In the end, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so most of these polls in which I'm asked to state a preference for some specific element therein will get the same 'it depends' response which Eda and others have already provided. I'm not sure if that counts as a C, a D, or a spoiled ballot, but it sure-as-shootin' isn't A or B.

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 10:26:38 PM Name: Rick Homepage URL: Greetings All, In response to the poll, I have to go with Eda's alternate 'd' selection.it depends. I like variety and I also like a progression from fully clothed to fully nude. It's funny, as I was skimming down I thought for a second Eda had said 'in depends' I was like, oh damn, lol. Thank the fates it's my poor eyesight. Arcas: Wow man, welcome. I love your work and its amazing to find out you are Takashi Naka! Now that I hear that, I'm not surprised.

Oh yes, I remember you, some of my favorite line drawings of the day. Anyway, nice to see you here. Your 3D work is among the best, maybe the best. Rick Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 12:38:29 AM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Poll update: Well, as usual, it's not easy to interpret some of you guys' answers, which is okay, since there are variables and circumstances that can affect the vote.

For a lot of us, our opinions are not cut and dried; it depends on the scene. Still, D wasn't exactly an option; maybe it should have been, but given the narrow limitations of the options, a better choice in that case would have been C, which is how I would vote if pressed to narrow it down. At any rate, it's still early, the poll has only been going on a couple of days, but I'll tell you which answer is NOT leading, somewhat surprisingly.

'Stripped completely nude' is currently in LAST PLACE among those who offered a definitive answer, which kind of throws the 'universally agreed' statement right out the window and onto the street. Here's the latest poll results: GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: A) your victim stripped completely nude 2 votes B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed 5 votes C) It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless 4 votes D) 'It depends' (not an option) 4 votes Keep up the votes, guys. Let's hear from you lurkers; you could help sway the vote for your side, but only if you have the courage to step up and VOTE! ------------------------------- Arcas: It is a genuine thrill to have you finally visit our forum. I've stated here before that your work is the very best I've seen; you're the gold standard when it comes to bondage-themed Poser artwork. Suffice to say that you're my all-time favorite artist. I've highlighted a lot of your work at the top of the site in the past, and it always draws positive feedback from this normally silent group of readers.

I had no idea you were Takashi Naka. Now that I look at my Naka folder, a lot of the same themes are there, but I would have never guessed you were the same artist. Great stuff, but for what it's worth, I think the 3D artwork is a huge improvement. I wasn't aware of this Art of Darkness site, but now that I know about it, I can't wait to check out the goodies. I hope we see you back here again soon, and there's no doubt in my mind you'll be included in the next class of 'Notable Guests' in the near future. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 12:59:17 AM Name: MrAnthony @Elkcreek Amazon.com has Stalag 69 available on DVD from Alpha Blue Archives, as part of a two DVD pack (Nazi Experiments and Dorothy LeMay triple pack).

It's actually cheaper to order it there, than from the Alpha Blue site, since you get two DVDs for the price of one. Stalag 69 is on the LeMay triple pack, not the Nazi DVD. Can't speak to the quality, as I own Stalag 69 on VHS, but I expect that it's likely to be a VHS to DVD transfer and probably not a scan of the original film, although Alpha Blue does do transfers of many movies from film.

I ordered the DVDs, and will let you know what the quality is like. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 01:01:31 AM Name: MAV As a fan of interrogation scenes more than anything, I will have to go with B. That way there is still some clothing and dignity to keep the GIMP defiant instead of a sobbing mess which I don't like. Also, I think you get to see hotter actresses/models in your desired bondage scenario with that clause. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 03:20:30 AM Name: Scribbler Homepage URL: I don't know how to vote in this poll. If you envision a timeline of a GIMP or bondage scene or roleplay, then roughly the first third of the timeline can be C, the second third B, and the last third A. That's what I prefer.

Stripped naked for sure, but not right away, over a length of time. I don't want her stripped completely within the first ten minutes of a 30 minute video, nor do I want her to have much of anything on in the final 10 minutes. I guess for me its 'E. All of the above progressing over time (C to B to A)'! And as an aside, I don't want the assailant to strip himself at all (other than to unzip to pull it out and poke her at some point). The assailant getting naked takes away from the humliation of the victim being stripped naked.

Edit: I misinterpreted C. I read it as it didn't matter if she was stripped at all, so my C means she still has all or most of her clothes on.

Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 05:27:39 AM Name: Arcas Homepage URL: Thanks for the warm welcome, folks! I'm tickled that so many of you recall (if not collect) my old Naka work. This is such a different age for doing art like this. Back in the 'Naka Days' I really had no contact with the people seeing my art. The only kind of viewer feedback I got was whatever the publisher would hear about and pass along, which was slim-to-none. I wasn't even sure my art was seen of was registering with people.

The Internet changed all that. Fritz: 'a name I remember from almost a quarter century ago'.ah, must you state it in such epic terms? (lol) Yeah, time flies. Once I tell people of that connection they usually start to see parallels in themes and presentation, but working in 3D really has elevated my game. Just because of how the tool set works.

So I look back on that old work with fondness and detached curiosity, but I too enjoy my recent work much more. And yep - I did three portfolios for Bon Vue, as well as doing a bunch of illos. For their mags.

I still maintain a gallery at Renderotica (under 'Zogg'), but it's infrequently added to. As I said in my intro, AoD's my main hangout. And you remember Chloe's!!!!! That was such a brief flame in the scheme of things. What was your user name there? Rick: I'm a big fan of your work from back in the VHS days.

Until Insex came along you were THE edge. And even in the post-Insex world you still couch your creative bondage and torment within a storyline, which I prefer over a 'mere' studio shoot. Besides, that's what makes it true GIMP versus a paid model enduring the barely endurable. Poll: If I may chime in, I'm gonna have to go with C. I often prefer completely nude, but the tease factor in partial clothing can be nice/appropriate at times. But full nudity often conveys a greater sense of vulnerability in the victim.

At least for my tastes. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 06:05:43 AM Name: Arcas Homepage URL: Fritz: Hm. Maybe it's comin' back to me.

You're stuff: the basement. And you live in Ohio? Am I thinking of the right guy?? Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 06:45:39 AM Name: A Canadian Ralphus wrote: Still, D wasn't exactly an option; maybe it should have been.

Eda and Rick are leading their own rebel faction. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 10:38:30 AM Name: D. Santorum: And so begins one long relentless march into cinematic history.

This scene is going to blow your minds, folks. Welcome Arcas, glad you found us.

Although I didn't recognize the name Takashi Naka, now that Ralphus has posted something of yours from those days, I know I recall your work. Bon Vue's mail-order catalog provided me some of my earliest BDSM goodies back in the early 90s. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 11:55:31 AM Name: Bill K. The poll question answer 'A' (your victim stripped completely nude): What about if the gimp has on only sexy clothing on like nylon stockings and or a garter belt? Just high heel shoes on? A pull up open cup bra?

With Victoria's Secret that can that both A and B (partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed) in my view. Completely nude really mean literally completely nude?

Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 12:21:02 PM Name: El Wananchi Hi, MAV, Concur. I think you got the essence of it, man. Humiliation is not only not conductive but actually a hindrance to a good interrogation scene. El Wananchi Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 04:26:45 PM Name: mr bush Arcas - great stuff from what I have seen, hope I find some bush in some of the pictures Poll- my take is it has to be a realistic progression, So first b, then c, and ultimately the climax A. The a or fully nude part need not be long, just real life like. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 06:53:45 PM Name: Fritz Arcas wrote: Hm. Maybe it's comin' back to me.

You're stuff: the basement. And you live in Ohio?

Am I thinking of the right guy?? No basement, no darts, not even a dog. And definitely not Ohio. I think I first contacted you at 'rotica to send you some fan mail, and from there you led me to Chloe's Sanctuary. I really liked that community - not too many members, no-holds-barred, high-quality content and friendly yet honest opinions. Much like The GIMP in many ways, but with lots more artwork.

I always assumed AoD was an off-shoot of The Sanctuary because many of the same members hang out there, but apparently not Chloe herself. Do you know what happened to her? At the site, I was known by the somewhat surprising screen name 'Fritz', personified by my usual which I can't use here because of the Paleozoic era board software. I was marginally active at Chloe. My most significant contribution was a 188 panel GIMP comic which I posted over the course of several months. It's the tale of an ill-fated, female spy who is sent on a mission to eradicate a renegade agent and her two assistants: a voluptuous cyborg and a robot. It was my first attempt at 3D artwork, so it's a real mess - but the Chloe regulars were supportive nonetheless, and I ended up posting the whole damn thing.

I'm not exactly proud to share it again, but maybe a few sample pics will ring a bell? The rest of this horror is all over the 'net now, so I'm sure many have suffered through it on other sites. But Chloe's is where I first posted it. Good times indeed. Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 08:12:38 PM Name: Arcas Homepage URL: Hey Fritz.OK, I think I may remember your stuff. But given the time since then and the volume of visuals my ole brain processes I'm lucky to even recognize my OWN work! Chloe's was very short lived.

Without getting into personal details, Chloe was in a bad accident and was forced to abandon her site, cold turkey. And you're totally right - Art of Darkness rose from those ashes. And has been mostly happily chugging along ever since.

I'm gonna try a few pic posts again - this time off a different host server. Hopefully it's a nice lil' sampler for those who are unfamiliar with my work: Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 09:27:52 PM Name: YikYakker Ralphus: Having worked with surveys for most of my adult life (if I can actually be considered adult) I feel your pain. Wording of questions - and answer choices - can be a bit tricky. But since the main purpose of these polls is to encourage discussion about a topic, I'm inclined to say that the poll still accomplishes its mission. I've already given my answer to the GIMP Poll as C (and I don't intend to request a change).

However, after reading the other comments, it appears that my interpretation of C is similar to that of some folks' proposed D. So I guess it's all in how one derives meaning from the choices presented. In any case, the comments are interesting. -------------------- I still maintain, as I have consistently done, that a girl tied up on a bed, naked except for her shoes, is neither completely naked nor partially clothed.to me, she is in some sort of mutant state.

I understand the attraction of the victims legs when her feet are curved to fit the shoe; however, I would yank those shoes off and substitute a reasonable alternative: tie the rope around the victim's ankles - as per the usual custom - but then put an extra loop around her foot, just behind the ball of the foot. Pull the rope snugly, and the entire foot is forced to follow the alignment of the rope, which will effectively simulate what the shoe would have accomplished.it flexes the calf muscle and shapes the entire leg nicely. This works when the girl is tied horizontally (like on a bed or flat surface) as well as when she is tied upside-down. If she's tied vertically, or on a slant in say, an AOH position, make sure that she is up on her toes. Yeah, I know.sounds like torture. *shrug* -------------------- Today's Pics: Don't you just hate it when an actress/model is facing her doom and registers no emotion whatsoever on her face?

That's not the case with our Amy. In the, the expression on her face is.what?

Is she glaring at her amour who is about to read the charges against her? I guess we'll have to watch the scene to find out. Margot said it was intense, as did D. Speaking of which, I think we should offer a special shout-out to D. Santorum whose involvement in this flick was instrumental in making this scene available to us (and the rest of the world). In the, Amy's character tries to hold onto her last shred of clothing (and dignity?) but must face the mortification of having her hair pulled.

There's just no consolation for a GIMP girl. *heh-heh* Wednesday, September 4th 2013 - 09:30:56 PM Name: Bill K. Today's picture: I see Amy's up on tiptoes which makes me more hungry to see this movie which still hasn't arrived in the mail. I would think that would make the whipping that much more painful even with a special Amy designed whip that would buffer the pain and scarring. In my last post my grammar was not so good, so to clarify what I was asking, would wearing just nylon stockings, high heels or a push up open cup bra, make the answer A: (completely nude) or would it have to be B: (just important parts exposed)? Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 01:03:27 AM Name: Lynn E-mail address: Alright, if the poll is presented as it is in the summary: My vote is: A (completely nude) Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 04:20:45 AM Name: Badger Homepage URL: Arcas: Your most recent posts are simply outstanding.

I noticed this week that a new Redbox offering titled The Stranger Within featured rape and nudity and our friend Sarah Butler of ISOYG fame. Gave it a try. Though it did include the rape of the ball-gagged star, Estella Warren, the movie barely registered a.5 on the Gimp-o-meter. Sarah, however, was quite lovely as the femme fatale and was once again not afraid to display her offerings. Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 09:01:11 AM Name: TRG Homepage URL: Review: Punished 3 Episode 1 Karen Arthur whets your appetite in the opener. She is sitting next to a table with a pile of cocaine powder, a scale, and a revolver on it.

She starts reading a bondage magazine ( Suspended!, Vol. 7), and gets turned on. Wearing a very mini skirt, she starts rubbing her pussy, through her black panties, with a little dildo. A man in a watch cap, who has been sneaking up on her, grabs her, overpowers her, and ties her up. Still fully clothed and standing in the corner, arms tied behind her, her panties get pulled down by Watch-cap Man so he can ease the neck of a wine bottle up her, um, thingy.

We see this in shadow. Next, she is set kneeling on the table, leaning way back, with a crotch rope working its magic on her pantied pussy. Great close-ups. Her top has been pulled up to serve as a gag, revealing her trim breasts. Watch-cap Man gives them quite a licking and nipple-sucking. Who wouldn't?

Dissolve to her lying down on the table with a milky white goo oozing out of one corner of her mouth. She has dreamy smile. Her panties have been removed, and her legs are tied by the ankle, straight up in the air and wide apart. Her arms lie directly underneath her. She seems to be enjoying this assault, especially when Watch-cap Man goes down on her and then gives her some kissy face.

Karen doesn't have a lot of work to do here. The positions she gets put into aren't especially strenuous, and she's not whipped.

By the end of the episode, she's actually having a lot of fun, or so it appears. But it's our Karen, so we enjoy watching, even though we have to withhold a few GIMP points. Grade: B Episode 2 Sharon Montgomery, in curly hair instead of the more glamorous black wig she often wore, is led into a corner, wearing a white blouse, torn open in front, and a short denim skirt. She is cleave-gagged, with her hands tied behind her back, palms facing. In the opening position she is lying face down, one leg tied extended out to a rope hanging from the wall and fastened to her ankle, the other leg in a frog tie.

You get great kamikaze shots of her pantied snatch from behind. Those are the same panties she wore in Curiosity Excited the Kat (I notice these things.) Then she flips over to reveal her breasts through her torn blouse, and her crotch again with her legs spread very wide apart. Her body protests her constraint oh, so gracefully. Already, Sharon is turning your brain into jelly. Next, she is tied in a kneel-back position similar to KA in Episode 1, crotch rope and all. Lots of nice pussy close-ups.

Though her arms are fixed behind her, her hands are free to roam over her hips and breasts. The final position finds her standing, still cleave-gagged, her arms covered by her sleeves and tied out to the side, her ankles tied together with a short tether in between. Her skirt is gone, her panties get pulled down to her ankles. Her virtually naked body and her face say, 'Now you aren't going to whip sweet, innocent, naked, defenseless me, are you?'

Well, Sharon, since you brought it up, yes, we are. Her soft, curvy body, dancing to avoid the blows, reacting to them, or maybe goading you into whipping her harder, makes you ache. What can I say? Throw on a few ropes and watch her hit it out of the park. I love this gal. Grade: A+ Episode 3 A nurse (why do we love tied-up nurses, anyway?) is led into a basement room, hands tied behind her back and wearing a tape gag.

Her mini-dress is unbuttoned to reveal her underwear. Zounds, is she pretty. Long blonde hair, big tits (encased for now in a bra), generous hips, luscious long legs. Really nice ass, too, which her captor makes her show us.

Cut to her tied AOH, sans dress, standing with each foot on a one-gallon paint can. A crotch rope is being lovingly cinched up her crack. Captor starts pushing the paint cans apart, making her look even more lovely, writhing her hips and legs. Now the bra is removed, and boy are those tits nice. Out comes the flogger.

After a serious chest-to-thigh flogging, with a few whacks on the crotch thrown in, away go the paint cans and she is suspended, her gorgeous legs responding even more sensually to her plight. More flogging. The crotch rope gets checked to make sure it is still tight enough. Dissolve to her still hanging there, but facing away from us, so we can see her butt getting whacked. Finally, she is suspended upside down, facing us, her ankles tied together, but her arms and hands are free. While being flogged, she cinches up her panties and gives herself a firm cunt-busting. Nurse has beautiful eyes, and a cute nose, but because of the gag, it's all you ever see of her face.

She's an HOM one-hit wonder with a lithe, curvy body you wish you could have more of. The screen caps don't do her performance justice. You've got to see her in motion. Grade: A+ Episode 4 There's no turning down the heat. Toni Stern is secured to an overhead pipe by a chain attached to her metal collar. Wearing a pink, long-sleeved sweater, matching panties, and heels, she's doing a little 'Let me out of here' dance and caressing Pleasure Central. She releases more nervous tension by pulling up her sweater to caress her breasts as she keeps dancing.

Enter the Dominatrix (Kaye Adams, star of P1-1). She cuffs Toni's arms straight overhead, and puts straps around her thighs and ankles.

She then cuts out the front of Toni's sweater with a pair of scissors. Thank you for that, those breasts are marvelous. A lot of breast molesting and a little pussy fondling ensue.

Tied to a post now, sans sweater, Toni keeps up her dance. Clamps, like the kind you used in wood shop, but made of metal and much smaller, pinch her tender nipples as D starts flogging the poor dear. Note the neck strap that helps tie her to the post.

Try that out on your willing SO. Her panties get lowered for extra viewing pleasure while the flogging is going on. Next Toni is on all fours on a table top, her wrists, thighs and ankles fastened to it. There is a bed of nails on a board mounted underneath her breasts, high enough so those pendent globes are continuously mashed against the pointy nails, bouncing against them with every stroke of the whip. Maybe that feels good, in a way. Finally, Toni is back on her feet, tied Eiffel Tower and getting split by a leather strap cinched up into her pussy.

Then her ankles get tied outstretched but off the floor, so the poor girl is suspended just out of reach of respite. Now her legs are outstretched even farther, and she is hanging for good. Many of the Punished models convey a sense of being engaged in, even complicit in the torment they're suffering. Toni, however, never lets up on her 'Why is this happening to me?' Isn't that you want from a woman with a glamorous face and sumptuous body whom you've tied up and are about to hurt? She knocks me out every time.

Grade: A+ Episode 5 Laurie Sands plays Vickie Collins, who a masked border agent has identified as an 'American Bitch.' In comes Vickie, in a white, long-sleeved blouse, and shorts that would made even Daisy Duke blush. She is made to fasten her hands behind her back with handcuffs, and immediately goes into her submission dance. Then her ankles are chained apart to hooks on the floor. A little flogging and breast mashing (nice rack!) gets her warmed up for the main course.

She's gagged and tied AOH, ankles together, facing the Board of Nails and flogged on her back, forcing her breasts into the nail points whenever she jerks away from the blow. We see this from behind. Her panties are scooched up her crack to show off her very nice butt. Next, a Stick of Nails gets hooked up in such a way that they press against her pussy. Tied with her arms outstretched and her feet apart, there's more flogging as she tries to avoid rasping her delicate nether folds across the nails as she is struck. The episode ends with Border Agent discussing some matter concerning her passport. Still astride the Stick of Nails and in no position to argue, she agrees.

I like Laurie's body. It's a lovely body, with nicely-shaped breasts and a solid bottom you would love to smack a few times.

This is a fairly short episode, but a tough one. She doesn't shy away from those nails, especially the ones doing more than just tickling her crotch.

Hers is a convincing performance from a model who is either a really good actress or really digs this stuff. Probably a bit of both. Grade: A Episode 6 Lana Ryan gets worked over in the finale. The episode begins with her getting flung into a room, wearing a black cami and panties, arms tied behind her back, and a crotch strap tightly affixed. There's a chair on a platform that she is forced to sit on, with her thighs tied very wide apart.

Her top gets torn away to expose her breasts. Much struggling and trying to talk her Tormentor out of what he's going to do next, and for good reason. Next is a platform of nails on the chair seat that she has to sit on. Fortunately, her arms are tied outstretched over her head, so she can pull herself off the nails a bit. Switch to her still sitting on the nails, but she has been turned around in the chair, butt side facing us. This can't be fun. The seat of nails gets swapped for the dildo seat.

A little whipping convinces her that her best interest is to lower herself onto the dildo. She does, as we see in shadow. Once she's on it, she gets flogged some more. Finally, gagged and sitting on a no-seat chair (there's just enough support for her widely-parted thighs), a cylindrical object about a foot long, that tapers to a rounded point, and has to be at least three inches in diameter at the base, is put on a hydraulic jack just underneath her exposed pussy and levered up into it. We see this in shadow, too. Oddly, she minds this less than the dildo seat she was just on.

This is pure torment: sitting on nails, getting flogged, unnatural objects forced up her yinyang. Lana takes one for the team. Grade: A Overall grade: A Pluses: The whole damn thing.

Minuses: Nada. Find it at Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 12:24:55 PM Name: Louis Grande E-mail address: Homepage URL: Hi guys (& girls), You'd probably say I'm a long time lurker. I've been following this site for about a year now and have finally decided to say 'hi' and introduce myself. My name's Louis. I'm an Australian university student in my early twenties with a passion for film making and writing fiction. I first became interested in GIMP probably about five years ago and since then it has been a secret passion of mine. I say secret because nobody knows I'm even interested in this kind of thing except me - and now all you of course.

I must say congrats to Amy and Jac and everyone else involved for their latest release, it looks simply superb and I can't wait to have the opportunity to watch it for myself. I've followed you guys for awhile now and think it's fascinating how you're trying to introduce GIMP into mainstream film without losing the aspect we all value so much. Keep up the great work! In regards to the poll question, I'd have to plump for B, though I do love a good GIMP scene with no clothes at all.

In my opinion though, rags add an entire dimension to a scene of torture which is somehow lacking in their absence. Must say it feels great to have actually spoken up for the first time: ) Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 12:32:57 PM Name: Alice E-mail address: Good question! I think I prefer the naked victim, although in some situations (like branding on a shoulder or a breast) it could be just the interesting part exposed. Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 04:04:17 PM Name: Amy Hesketh E-mail address: Homepage URL: Hi All - Sorry to be away for so long. Sometimes life gets in the way. I still haven't managed to take even a day off in months.

But at least I know my work is appreciated! Even though I don't post as often as I should, I still read eveything on here, and really appreciate the compliments. First, thanks to Ralphus for agreeing to the promotion at the top of the site. I'm really glad that many are enjoying the pictures! I pushed myself even farther for this movie.

If you can believe it, the physical experience was worse than Maleficarum. Of course, that matters not in the face of ART. Next, a big thanks to YikYakker for the review of Sirwinakuy! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was my first film as director, it's a very personal film (all of my films are in one way or another), but this being my first, with a script I had started writing years before we made it, is special in that way. And Ralphus is correct about Sirwinakuy funding Maleficarum, and Barbazul. While the money was not 'pouring in', per say, enough was coming in so that we could make both films, along with the clout it gave us among people here, who thereafter agreed to work with us on a small budget, and help us produce with great locations.

And now Barbazul is going to the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas! I'm really excited about that, as it's an important festival, chock full 'o distributors and industry people. I'll be attending, so if anyone wants to hang out, stalk me, etc. I'll be there the 9th through the 13th! I didn't make Sirwinakuy as a GIMP film. But it may appeal to some GIMPers, because, while our fantasies are often non-consensual, many of us do enjoy role-playing in the bedroom in real life, which is essentially consensual. And that's pretty much what the movie is about, a couple who tests their boundaries together.

So some of us can relate to that. Going back to the non-consensual.

The rape scene in Dead But Dreaming. Since this is a mainstream film with a script, the progression of the story line has logic. In the rape scene, my character, Moira, has just been strip-searched, and a bunch of soldiers are lined up to rape me. Are they going to take the time to remove my shackles, take off my scrap of clothing, and then put it back on when I'm taken back out to the whipping post the next morning? No, the goods are already exposed, so they're going to get what they want, as quickly as possible, so they can get back to their duties without getting in trouble, with the knowledge that tomorrow holds even more nasty things for Moira, anyway. The whipping scene, while it was made to D. Santorum's exacting (and awesome) specifications, was also based on a real-life event that took place here in Bolivia.

That incident is cataloged, and specifies that the prisoner was stripped at the beginning. That element, and the progression up to it, is important to the scene. There's a protocol involved. In Dead But Dreaming, the rape scene is only the beginning of a three-part sequence. I'm manacled, strip-searched (they tear my clothing), raped, left manacled in a cold cell, then hauled out in public, completely stripped, whipped, left chained AOH all day hanging there, thrown in a cell, this time naked (more stuff happens), then taken back out, still naked, to be executed, again in public.

At a certain point in that sequence, the beginning of the whipping, I lose all of my clothes and they stay gone, and it's a logical progression in the story. It's a seriously intense sequence, in which there is never any doubt that my character is in merciless peril.

The Poll: I guess I'm a ' B'. Actually, I'll be annoying and go for all of the letters in a progression. For me it's about the realism of the scene or sequence, the entire arc. I do hate it when there's a girl in peril and we get to the end of the sequence, or movie, and the agressor doesn't even expose the goodies. It's illogical. If we went by PG ratings in life, everyone would have sex with their underwear on. All the time.

According to network TV stations, women apparently never take their bras off during sex, or to sleep. Which is ridiculous. Bras are not really that comfortable that you want one on all the time. I also agree with Scribbler in that I don't really like to see the agressor take his clothes off. To me, nudity is equal to vulnerability, and therefore should be reserved for the victim.

Well, unless it's a creepy thing, like in Silence of the Lambs. I mean, the guy's gotta measure his skin suit, right? And a big hello to Arcas, I've enjoyed your work for quite some time. Very cool to have more artists on here!

Not to mention that you have the wittiest website name of all time, Art Of Darkness. I'm sure Joseph Conrad would have thought that is. Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 05:19:37 PM Name: Gabriela Atar Regarding the poll: I look at GIMP from the victim's point of view, so I can't really say what I prefer. As a victim, I would have to submit to whatever my captor wanted. Having said that, I think total nudity inflicts a sense of degradation and powerlessness by itself. Let's say I'm in a room full of strangers (or strange Gimpers).

If I was forced to strip naked and stand with my hands clasped behind my neck and my (bare) feet spread, it would be a humiliating experience, even without bondage or torture. So I'm voting for A. Gabriela Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 05:23:24 PM Name: Blakemore FUCKING BACK SURGERY IS A COLD DRY PUSSY!

Tomorrow I WILL respond to a few recent posts.but not now. Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 07:04:40 PM Name: YikYakker Today's Pics kinda speak for themselves: - Oh my goddess.Amy, will you marry me?;) - De agony of de feet. -------------------- TRG: Thanks for the epic review of Punished 3. It's amazing that you were able to get all of that in, replete with caps, without going over Dreambook's limit.

-------------------- Arcas: I'm glad you visited us and treated us to some samples of your work. I like your style, especially the use of shadows. I hope we get to see more of it.

Gotta say though, with regard to the pic: The dude on the left looks like he has a tool where his, uh, tool should be; and the guy on the right had better move to the side a bit before he uses that taser on the girl, because when she reacts and kicks her legs, he's going to wish he wasn't standing in that particular spot. Just messin' with you, your stuff is great and I dig it. -------------------- Badger: Thanks for the tip on The Stranger Within. Despite the low Gimp-o-meter score, I may check it out just to see Sarah Butler. Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 10:10:39 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Homepage URL: Latest poll update: Once again, it's kinda hard to gauge a definitive answer from some of you since some are choosing multiple answers or a progressive answer without nailing it down.

But like YikYakker noted, the important thing is we're getting lots of discussion about the subject, and the answers have all been quite interesting. We're also hearing from a few newbies, a refreshing change from the normal gang of pervs and sick fucks. And the race is tightening up, so don't stop now, keep those answers coming in. Here's how I count the totals at this point: GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: A) your victim stripped completely nude 5 votes B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed 7 votes C) It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless 5 votes --------------------------- Bill K asked.would wearing just nylon stockings, high heels or a push up open cup bra, make the answer A: (completely nude) or would it have to be B: (just important parts exposed)? I think completely nude is completely nude.

Stockings and a bra are nice embellishments, and can often highlight and enhance the female body, but that ain't nudity. --------------------------- Badger: Thanks for the info, I've had my eye on The Stranger Within ever since I saw on Brian's Page that Estella Warren was going to get ballgagged in it. She's been out of the public eye for a while, but I'm a big fan of this doll-faced cutie and hope she makes a GIMP comeback. She was also raped in I Accuse and memorably branded with a hot iron in. So what's up with her scene? Is she actually tied up and raped, or just gagged?

Can you flesh out a few more details? And Sarah Butler gets nekkid and.what?

Any GIMPage for her? --------------------------- Louis Grande: Welcome to the forum and congrats for finally breaking out of the lurking closet. Now that your first post is out of the way, the rest will be easy. Looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say. --------------------------- TRG: Terrific review of Punished 3, I really enjoyed reading it and appreciate all your fine work sharing this with the forum. And looking at all those wonderful vidcaps is just the opposite of a cold dry pussy. The direct link for your latest is in my Homepage URL above.

Friday, September 6th 2013 - 01:04:55 AM Name: Charles Lonberger E-mail address: Homepage URL: I agree with Amy. Nudity is vulnerability and should remain that way.

Friday, September 6th 2013 - 02:29:22 AM Name: Fritz Arcas: Thanks for the info (and the pics). I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe. I can only hope that some day she will return.

* * * * * TRG: Thanks for the great review of Punished 3. It has always been among my favorite HOM / CalStar videos, and it well deserves its A rating. I still have a pristine VHS tape of this title, clam-shell packaging and all - but no hardware on which to play it. I suppose I should upgrade to the digital version, but it looks like it's available only as a streaming rental, no doubt in the same low resolution as the original release. Friday, September 6th 2013 - 02:50:46 AM Name: BP RE: GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed And what is wrong with brief tatters? You young kids don't remember those old Pulps and Men's Adventure Magazines?

They sold tons of them and you never saw anything but the promises of things to come. You capture, secure and then you rip off the clothes of the part you wish to view or torment. If she gets loose she runs real good with ripped clothes in the wind. There is always time to have another go at her and rip some more off. Completely naked? What is she going to get, a medical exam? Do you make her remove and fold her clothes?

Maybe you have them sent to the cleaners till after? Friday, September 6th 2013 - 06:44:47 AM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Fritz asked: What happened to the option D rebel faction? Were they executed or tortured until they converted to A, B or C? Yes, tortured.

Only the women though. Friday, September 6th 2013 - 08:29:16 AM Name: Reine Margot E-mail address: Homepage URL. Dead But Dreaming is here - Part TWO! This is the continuing story of our new release,. It feels good to finally have it as a release, after more than a year since we began production. It's also good to see how it reaches out, gaining support and accolades.

There are reviews already in and one awesome and analytical review by Charles Longberger that will be published in the September 20th issue of the magazine. You should check the magazine from time to time. There are really great reviews there, not all praising the films, Almodovar didn't fare well recently. We're also enjoying all the comments appearing here, some of which I'll be quoting and adding my own comments. There's also a great by our own.

But this is just the beginning. We expect more to come in the next few months. This is a very exciting adventure, as Charles puts it in his review: Dead But Dreaming succeeds on all levels, entertaining the general public while remaining true to itself. We're very happy with the initial impact of the film on its audience. An audience that grows exponentially every day.

Santorum was the first to announce in this very forum that the film was out, and he was the first to watch it for, as you all know, he put part of the money for the flogging scene in the movie, so he was the first to receive a download of Dead But Dreaming. His reaction was widely read here.

However, prior to his public comment Amy and Jac received a message in their FB inbox saying: Amy and Jac: Wow. Holy fucking wow. Dead But Dreaming is magnificent. The way the shots are composed, combined with the music, make it a feast for both the eyes and ears. I thoroughly enjoyed it. That was a very good sign. Our associate producer approved of the way the film was made.

Amy and Jac were very happy indeed. And well done on my public whipping scene. Looks like you gathered a bigger group of people for it than I thought. Amy, your reactions to what is happening to you are what really make the scene powerful. Your facial expressions and screams were totally believable and convincing. It's even a little hard to watch at times, as it seems so damn real. And that's exactly what I was hoping you guys would achieve.

The thing about having crowds is that they have to be dressed, and every costume has a price tag, they have to be fed, watered, controlled and kept in the set for hours on end, so in some way they have to be entertained. So we had just enough to cover the cost of our crowd for the four to five days that took to shoot the scene. Yes, four to five days. I don't have the logs with me, that's why I can't be totally certain, but I remember that the location was held for that long. And that's another issue for a public flogging scene. The location has to be accessible, available and kind of private.

Oh, and the birds chirping at the end of it was a great touch. I think they enhanced the realism somehow. It's funny how little details like that can be so powerful. Gotta go watch it with the commentary now! And I'm already looking forward to the sequel.

That comment, along with another one that says: And the first few minutes look a hell of a lot like a Sergio Leone western from the 60s. Which I think is just incredibly cool.is similar to the one Charles makes in his awesome review: Given the vastness of his historical tapestry in this production, the fact that Avila's directorial approach has much more in common with the spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone than the mock operatic aesthetic of Visconti, establishes his cinematic pedigree as rooted in popular culture. So, all that I see happening now is completely cool, indeed. The enthusiastic comment from D Santorum came before my post, as I mentioned before.

I was glad to see it, of course, and I liked his public reaction to the movie. I can highlight the moments where we were truly touched: Dead But Dreaming (.) is really quite a remarkable achievement. --- Dead but Dreaming is a low budget movie as well, but there are many moments where you could almost think you are watching a big studio production. The shot composition, colors, costumes, and music all combine for a visual and aural feast. --- Yes my friends, this one is a winner. There are more great comments in D's post, you will need to go down to read it all if you didn't already, I bet you all did, of course.

The points he makes, which are nice to hear are those where he points to our production values. I think that's where the money went in this production, it's values. The film looks great.

As Charles puts it: The production itself, by Amy Hesketh and Avila himself, is richly handsome, and makes full use of the Bolivian landscape and, as always, Mestizo Baroque architecture, particularly its desolate, rocky terrain and its curving, winding, if abruptly foggy, streets. Dr Yuya I saw Dead But Dreaming. The public whipping which was simply the best thing I think I've ever watched from any BDSM media ever. The only complaint I could even muster against it is it was TOO good and nailed my perfect fantasy/scenario scene so well now I don't know what future offerings from anyone I can even look forward to that would compare.

That was a truly nice comment. TOO good!, that's the complaint. You will all be surprised with what Jac is coming up with for the sequel, really. It's beyond words. D Santorum wasn't finished.

He returned with more comments, some public, like: Back when I first stipulated (for Amy and Jac) certain things I wanted to see in this scene, one was that the victim was to struggle to remain stoic when the whipping begins, but gradually loses control and eventually is unable to keep from screaming in agony. (.) And what I really want to say is that Amy pulls this off perfectly, and her screams are 100% convincing. It gives the scene a powerful emotional impact that it simply would not have in the hands of a less daring actress and director. He's not alone in this assessment of Amy's acting. Charles impression is that: As Moira, Amy Hesketh jolts the drama with electrifying scenes. Particularly unnerving is the scene in which she is garroted, a textbook example of how the unreal can be so convincingly and chillingly portrayed, that we do not for one minute doubt the veracity of what we are witnessing. It is a triumph of the art of acting, miraculously transforming it into a form of illusionism (and, speaking of illusion, it does not go unnoticed that for this part, Hesketh carefully kept up the appearance of being a natural blonde).

Amy is an incredible actress. The reaction of people at the public screenings point to those scenes, the rape, the flogging and the execution as powerful because of her acting.

The phrase difficult to watch is common, very common, even Jac has a hard time watching those scenes, and he made the movie. Powerful, electrifying, unnerving. Amy pulls it off. Although Amy's performance, Amy's role, is the prominent one in Dead But Dreaming, and her arch is what the film is all about, the other women in the film have their strengths as well. Vero is, of course, the central character because it is she who starts it all, she's the source of it all.

Her sacrifice at the hands of the Island of the Sun priest set's off everything. Her performance is unique, she carries her character with the same elegance, angst, beauty as you see in all the films she's in. That was noticed by a viewer when he said that the vampires, and that includes Mila as well, are ' unbearably beautiful'.

Charles describes her this way: The casting is flawless. In the lead role of Nahara, Veronica Paintoux appears perpetually ravenous. Yes, I agree, she eats her audiences as well, all the time. F inally, a few words about the actress Mila Joya.

I've seen her before in Maleficarum and Barbazul, and in both I thought she seemed rather timid and self-conscious (granted this was consistent with the characters she played, but I think it was more than that). But in Dead But Dreaming I was happy to see her expressing a very sexy confidence.

(.) She looks as if she's really enjoying performing these scenes, fully aware of the visual impact her cute body is going to have on many viewers. I suppose I could be reading too much into her performance, but I just loved this about her. Mila is certainly growing as an actress, from her early performances in Barbazul and Maleficarum, passing through Le Marquis de la Croix, she has gained a lot of experience and confidence, and I mean a lot of confidence and yes, she's enjoying her performances. She's a good sport as well, having to go through what she had to go through in Maleficarum and Le Marquis de la Croix, she was prepared for Dead But Dreaming, but she was not prepared to actually feel the nail piercing her hand.

That was a bit of a rough surprise to her. She's confident that the scenes she will have in the sequel, although hard, she'll be able to pull them off. I can't say what what the scenes will be, but I can hint that one of them is similar to one very good scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Her body has an impact in the viewer, yes, but in Dead But Dreaming she uses a lot of her eyes in many different ways. Gog Reine Margot - I'm looking forward to seeing this one soon! I really like the idea of not only having Amy suffer a public flogging.while naked, but to have her on public display for (implied) hours afterwards is priceless. The idea is precisely that.

She's left on display until dusk, when she's taken down and to her cell. A movie has a limited time to show something. Jac took a high risk when he decided to put the flogging scene almost in real time. I say almost because real time can be trimmed down. But Amy was, in real time, exposed for hours and hours and during three days. Reality beats fiction.

I must add that most of the time she was cold as well. Ralphus Margot: Great review you linked. Anybody else getting Dead But Dreaming fever? I'm still waiting on my DVD, but I've peeked at some of the promotional stills I was sent and I'm impressed at all the really nice looking ladies participating in this one. And not just Amy this time.

I'm deliberately not looking at all of them because I want to be surprised when I see it. Yes, this film has many wonderful and great looking ladies. Of all the new ladies seen below, one of them is set to be placed on the cross on the sequel. I'll let you use your imagination as to which of these four will suffer such fate. There's a lot more to say about Dead But Dreaming and out other films as well. For instance, Maleficarum became our best seller of ALL time.

This will be a hard to beat record for any of our future productions. Barbazul is going to Las Vegas, it is an Official Selection, for the PollyGrind Film Festival.

Amy will be there to present it and for a Q&A, we don't know the exact date yet, but she's going to be in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 13th of October. In two weeks Amy will start directing her fourth feature film, Olalla. She's getting ready and she's very, very excited.

Soon after that the production of the second part of Dead But Dreaming will begin, that's another event to be excited about. We'll close this year with work and more work. And some fun for Amy in Las Vegas. I'll return with more. I'll have more exciting news soon. Reine Margot Friday, September 6th 2013 - 09:52:00 AM Name: D. Santorum Getting back to production values, one of the most surprising things about Dead But Dreaming is simply the way it looks.

And I don't mean the shot composition, set design, costumes, etc. (although these things are certainly great).

I'm talking about the picture quality. The shots being posted here day to day don't fully convey this.

One thing that has always bothered me just a little about Amy and Jac's prior efforts is the rather grainy picture quality. I can agree that this look has a certain charm of its own, and apparently it didn't bother me so much that I was unwilling to pay them to make a scene for me. But still, the concern was there.

But all of this has changed with the new movie. Last night I watched Dead But Dreaming for about the fifth time (I know, I know.I'm kind of obsessed with it), and immediately afterward I watched a few scenes from both Malificarum and Barbazul. Doing this made it obvious to me just how much the picture quality has improved. It's really quite a dramatic difference.

I remember a couple of years ago Amy saying something about their having purchased new equipment for shooting the new movie. This investment has paid off beautifully. Friday, September 6th 2013 - 10:04:44 AM Name: TRG Re: GIMP poll. On the one hand, you could say C, because as long as a woman is powerless to stop what is happening to her, what does it matter what she has on? But look at the picture of Sharon Montgomery being whipped in the Punished 3 review. That she still has part of her blouse on, rather than being completely naked, makes the scene much more erotic, for some gut reason I can't explain, which is why I chose B.

Friday, September 6th 2013 - 10:51:47 AM Name: El Wananchi Hi Arcas, Now that I am a bit more familiar with your work, I would very much ask you: why the blindfold in 'Subject 7'? You are very good at depicting eye expression. El Wananchi Friday, September 6th 2013 - 02:49:31 PM Name: brainmaster E-mail address: Here's a poll: What kind of gimp do you prefer? Feminine girly girl who is just asking for it. She cries, begs, whimpers from the start and offers to do anything if you just won't hurt her any more. The rough and tough bitch to the end. She yells and curses, tries not to respond to her tortures.

She begins putting on a tough show only be be broken down into the crying whimpering begging feminine girly girl. Friday, September 6th 2013 - 06:32:12 PM Name: MaX CoXXX Homepage URL: Hey GIMP, Some bad news. Jeff Gord has passed. He was totally amazingly talented. All the models spoke well of him.

He took the time to talk with me in some emails. Real cool dude. Riding chicks around on those carts he built.

Friday, September 6th 2013 - 07:16:54 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Homepage URL: Very sad news. Jeff was a friend of this site, and he's listed as one of our Notable Guests. He and I met after I contacted him to report a bootlegger that was stealing his stuff and we struck up a personal online friendship.

He was a very good guy. We would talk back and forth via e-mail about all kinds of stuff, only a small percentage of which was bondage-related. I hadn't had much contact with him in the past few years, though. He was a totally unique artist; he's the one who invented the concept of transforming bound women into living furniture. Not for everyone's tastes, but like Maxxx noted, his models loved working for him, and he worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Ironically, House of Gord is next in line to be featured as our banner of the week tomorrow night. In my Homepage URL is the announcement on his site.

Anybody know how he passed? I'm quite sad to hear the news about Jeff Gord.

He was definitely an original and he was a good guy. Friday, September 6th 2013 - 08:31:59 PM Name: Arcas Homepage URL: First off, I too am sorry to hear about Jeff Gord.

I didn't know him, but I certainly knew of his work. And my buddy Davo seemed to have regular contact with him. And I think was doing a comic for his website. Gord definitely brought a unique set of skills and vision to the genre. Amy: Thanks for the welcome and I'm tickled you've followed some of my work. I wish I could take credit for the site name, but that cultured choice is the product of the site's founder, Hieronymous Crowley - a man both classy AND demented!

YikYakker: Thanks for the fine words. And if I ever decide to advance the frames a few seconds on that Cassie v. The Cartel Baddies piece, I'll be sure to incorporate some of your storyline. Hey - she has to escape somehow, if only so that she can get captured and tortured all over again! Fritz: I doubt Chloe will return.

At least with any permanence. She did poke her head into AoD a couple of years back to explain herself, but she didn't stay long.

She's clearly moved on. El Wananchi: Why the blindfold? It's not all about appearance to the viewer, but also the viewers' empathizing with/through the characters. Her being blindfolded in that situation makes it all that much more frightening for her. The great unknown. With cigarette smoke. Friday, September 6th 2013 - 09:12:39 PM Name: Gog Amy wrote: 'And now Barbazul is going to the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas!

I'm really excited about that, as it's an important festival, chock full 'o distributors and industry people. I'll be attending, so if anyone wants to hang out, stalk me, etc. I'll be there the 9th through the 13th!' Darn, I wish I could make it.maybe next time around. [It's funny that she should mention 'stalk'. Little does she know I'm already stowing away in the luggage compartment of her tour bus.with all the comforts of home built in.

Kinda like: ] Reine Margot wrote (of Amy): 'She's left on display until dusk, when she's taken down and to her cell. A movie has a limited time to show something. Jac took a high risk when he decided to put the flogging scene almost in real time. I say almost because real time can be trimmed down. But Amy was, in real time, exposed for hours and hours and during three days. Reality beats fiction. I must add that most of the time she was cold as well.'

Whoa.I wanna be an extra in the next one then!:-) Friday, September 6th 2013 - 10:05:44 PM Name: Blakemore TRG: Thanks for the encouragement 'Old Man'! Am walking fairly well with the help of pain killers but the best pain killer known to man is a rock-hard cock!

(Being married to Danielle makes that almost automatic!) The poll: All I can say is that all of the opinions are valid and equal but they are also subjective. I did what I did back 'in the day' because I tried to keep my personal idioms and desires secondary to keeping an very objective view. From day one.my objective was to bring to photographs and film, a totally REALISTIC portrayal.(to the extent that censorship would allow).of actual torture and rape because I will maintain to my last day that if given complete immunity from any form of negative repercussions.any man as pussy-crazy as I am WOULD torture and rape some gorgeous young slut without restraint or mercy. And this my friends, forms the underpinnings of ALL SEXUAL FANTASIES involving doing things to beautiful.HELPLESS girls. Therefore my vote for the poll is this: From personal experience off camera I have to say that the emotional roller-coaster an abducted girl goes through has different stages.the first being that the real terror begins when her clothes are ripped or torn to expose her breasts and pussy because these are the most sensitive parts of her body and are culturally and morally 'forbidden' to men. To have her breasts and pussy bare are a 'violation' of her EMOTIONS. Stage 2 to begins when she is either forced to rip.cut or tear her clothes off in front of her abductors without knowing what they are going to do to her body and the drives her terror level higher and makes her cunt even wetter because that is her body's natural way of preparing her pussy for an 'invasion' of something she does NOT WANT INSIDE HER.

Stage 3.total nudity drives her to a state of absolute and total terror.BUT.if she is forced to keep her spike heels ON.her mind is forced to maintain an OBJECTIVE awareness of her sexuality and that prancing her ass around in heels and a skin-tight micro-mini-dress is what got her into trouble in the first place, so my opinion has to be all of the choices because each 'stage' has its own rewards. Perhaps my view comes from witnessing the virtual abduction of my wife Danielle by men she does NOT know.who then force her through the aforementioned 'stages' that make her anxiety and fear grow over time from the anticipation of what they MIGHT do to her.and then ARE doing to her to torture her into a state of such total submission she actually IS really begging them to rape her. (The ultimate torture is of course, that they fuck her brains out but NEVER LET HER ORGASM.and leave her there all alone in the dark unable to scream or escape something that is still torturing her huge breasts and her raped pussy!) This completes the pleasant task of rendering a gorgeous.Cock-Teasing woman absolutely devastated emotionally and physically.which is the basic intent to begin with. I love the reviews! You people make my day and I thank you all.but I want to add a couple of things you couldn't know about some of the girls. 'Toni Sands' was one of my very best girls because she absolutely HATED the fact that I could take control away from her and force her to give in to the way her body had 'betrayed' her resolve that she WOULD NOT get all wet and gushy and want to be hurt even more.

Her nickname as a dancer was 'Silver'.(which I thought was like 'Silver' or 'Gold', but I learned very soon that 'Silver' was a reference to the Lone Ranger's horse!) Now get ready for really WIERD folks.because after our second session of shooting stills for the magazines I left her with her wrists bound on her hands and knees with her thighs strapped and chained widely spread to posts on each side.and a rope around her throat pulling her head back to choke her. When I slid my cock into her everything was 'normal' (for a girl being fucked for the first time while bound).but as she responded she became a fucking HORSE!

Kathy began to shake her head the way a horse shakes its mane and make 'horse' sounds. At the same time she 'lofted' her front 'hooves'. ('Lofting' is a term for the way horses rear up and slam both front feet back down at the same time.) She did this, slamming her knuckles against the concrete floor so hard they bled.

'Silver' was in many movies and a lot of stills but there is one of the silent loops that is outstanding where she goes wild with fear as hands bare her gorgeous big breasts and she's forced to saw a rough rope through her pussy.(which hurt like hell even though she still had her panties on). It ends with her sitting on a chair with her legs bound up in the air and spread with the last shots showing real ejaculate gushing out of her bare pussy when she contracts the muscles of that hot cunt. Lorie Sands.was a rather strange young woman who taught 2nd grade and was married to a preacher.(who never had the slightest inkling that his wife was a classic closet 'Torture-Me-Toy'! Yeah.sometimes things got really surreal, because this young woman became the same as 'addicted' to being sexually tortured from the 1st set of stills I made of her. I can clarify someone's comment that 'she was either a great actress or she was into it' by telling one and all that she WAS into it infinitely more than I could ever show on camera. Being in at least one of the films I did for European distribution where I stuck hypo needles into those super firm tits of hers left her so Goddamn-Freaking-Out 'aroused' that all the cock in the world wouldn't have satisfied her because she ended up sobbing and crying.begging me to severely CUT her breasts and the lips of her pussy which, knowing how fucked-up her head was at the time.I DID NOT do. Lana Ryan.sweet, crazy Dixie.

What a woman! Those scenes of her sitting on spikes were.as you KNOW.very real and when she had to sit on the little dildo it is blatantly obvious that she WAS sitting on it. However.I take great pleasure and pride in telling you that when I put that God-awful monster shaft 12-inches long, that tapered from an inch at the tip to 3-1/2 inches at the base into her pussy and jacked it up into her? Well look closely at the 'shadow' shot.you will see her entire body rise off the seat because that huge shaft is IN HER SO DEEP it is lifting her body weight UP OFF THE CHAIR. And no.she did not have all of it in her because it just wouldn't go more than 10-inches deep.BUT.and again friends, get ready for 'weird'. On many different occasions, while 'playing' with Dottie for my own gratification.I used the same hydraulic jack to force EVERY INCH of that huge thing into her screaming pussy.to the point that you couldn't see the base of the thing but you damn well COULD see.(and feel).the incredible 'bulge' it made in her belly up around her navel! Yeah, I did that to her.knowing that I could get-off in her mouth and down her throat because there's no way in this world I could follow a 'cock' that fucking huge.

When it came out you could easily run you hand inside her.grip her womb and squeeze it until she was screaming in pure fuckin' agony! (Oh the things we do for fun!) To Arcas: You have a talent, Sir! Being an artist myself I am a fanatic when it comes to accuracy, especially in 3-point perspective and I admire your ability to make it look so real! In your illustration 'Subject 7'? That is the first of this kind of art I've ever seen.(which is very limited).that captures real ACTION as well as the impending torture of our captive having her sexy body tortured with a lit cigarette! You're a man after my own heart and I'm damn glad to make your acquaintance.

Now to be a 'critic'.first of all, your illustration posted on Sept. 3rd is absolutely superb but know what.THAT really CAN be done because it has been done to Danielle.(the hook through her tongue thing to keep her compliant when other parts of her outrageously hot body are being tortured.) What I am about to say however.is nothing more than 'splitting hairs' as I know how difficult it is to render feet or legs in that foreshortened position but if the girl's left foot was arched a little more? Think nothing of it because overall, THAT piece of work.IS A PIECE OF WORK! I WANT to see a lot more of your work. Would you be willing to trade hard-copies of your work for pretty damn good sketches of 'situations'.'

Methods'.and other ways my evil mind is still conjuring of torturing young women? If so, tell Ralphus and he will put us together privately. That's all for now, boys and girls and as always.don't get killed or caught! Friday, September 6th 2013 - 11:37:46 PM Name: Elkcreek E-mail address: I know a few people have already mentioned it, but 'I Spit On Your Grave 2' is released in the states 9/24 in an uncut version. From the trailer the lovely and petite 5'2' (my kind of victim) Jemma Dallender suffers electro shock treatment, among other indignities.

Well, the BBC forced the filmmakers to cut the theatrical version up considerably to get an '18' rating in the UK. I've seen a few snippets floating around on the web and in one Jemma has a sustained scene handcuffed and chained to a post completely nude on a mattress.

She is raped during this scene. I must admit the snippet I saw was as good as any mainstream scene from the glory days of the 70's. If there is more to follow this flick could be a gold mine. And it seems to have fairly big budget production values. My only concern is Jemma has very little acting experience, basically a couple of plays and one other budget horror movie that hasn't been released here yet. But then again it's not like you need to be a mensa candidate to get a job in Hollywood these days. Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 11:23:22 AM Name: G E-mail address: Dear Elkcreek.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has been blamed for much in its time but it has no responsibility for film censorship. That is the British Board of Film Censors, the BBFC. This is not a statutory body, but has been set up by the industry and there is an understanding that their classifications will be accepted. Local authorities do have powers to censor films in their local area but these have not been used, to my knowledge, for a number of years. I have in the past proudly claimed the title of this site's resident pedant! Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 12:46:19 PM Name: YikYakker Today's Pics: Oh lordy, get ready,. Heaven help me, I love these clothes-ripping scenes.

Well Amy, at least the guys dressed up for the occasion. -------------------- TRG wrote.look at the picture of Sharon Montgomery being whipped in the Punished 3 review. That she still has part of her blouse on, rather than being completely naked, makes the scene much more erotic, for some gut reason I can't explain. I've felt that same way, and can't explain it either. One theory I have is that when I was coming of age there were very few scenes of nudity available to me, and certainly none that involved bondage or peril. My main sources of GIMP inspiration were the men's adventure mags and detective mags, whose covers showed as much as they could while still retaining strategically draped shreds of clothing. That look still has a strong appeal for me.

Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 12:48:44 PM Name: brainmaster E-mail address: I'm doing some home renovations and needed some clamps. I went to Home Deport and to that 22 piece spring clamp set. It has all different sizes in a bag from tit crushing to nipple and clit crushing. Only 9 bucks. They are quite tight and would surely make any gimp confess.

If you have a real life gimp to play with, go check them out. A bag of fun. Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 01:37:03 PM Name: Badger To put a bit of meat on the bones of my previous note about 'The Stranger Within': Estella Warren plays an actress, returning to the stage after an absence. After her first performance back, she is abducted in the underground parking lot of the theater. The scene moves to an underground room where a masked man has her tied up and suspended. But she's unfortunately wrapped in a translucent plastic bag so that --even though the guy feels her up a bit -- you are not certain what parts he is feeling up. Next she is tied and ball-gagged in some sort of coffin where the bad guy has his way with her - unfortunately in a very un-erotic manner and with her fully clothed.

The only nude scene involving Ms. Warren is a bit of the in-and-out with her husband -- played by William Baldwin -- that takes place early in the evening. Following the assault, the couple retreats to an Italian villa where one evening Sarah Butler shows up tearfully recounting how her boyfriend had fallen off a cliff. Baldwin is a psychiatrist, they of course ask her to stay. Butler shows her cute body on a couple of very brief occasions. Was it worth $1.28 at Redbox?

But only on a slow night, as I wait for by order of Dead But Dreaming. The only real torture I can recall is mine, as I watched Mr. Baldwin attempt to act. (The guy MUST have a relative in the business!) Looking ahead on IMBD, I see that cute Sarah is slated for two more releases titled 'Treachery' and 'Demented'. I can hope that she has found her niche and that we have a bit more of Poll Answer A to look forward to from her.

Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 03:59:32 PM Name: Arcas Homepage URL: If anyone's interested I put up another in my open-ended 'Further Adventures of 912' series a couple of days ago. That make's number 13.

If you care to see it, click. You'll need to be registered at Art of Darkness to see it, but it's a FREE registration. This is probably my last 912 piece for a while.

For various reasons: I have other paying pieces I need to get to and I don't want to get stale. But I suspect I'll be back on the series for a few more at some point. While I'm on the subject of 'getting stale', how do you all try to avoid it in your work? I've heard some creative folks say 'it's all been done' and 'there's nothing new in BDSM'. Maybe that's partly true, but it seems you can continue to make things fresh by changing settings and mixing up combinations?

You folks got any thoughts on the subject of keeping things feeling 'fresh'? Blakemore: I'd be happy to talk to you in more detail. I've nudged Ralphus, so hopefully he can put us both in touch. I'm flattered you like the work!

Certainly there's some of your influence (and many others) in what I produce. Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 06:15:46 PM Name: YikYakker Arcas wrote.it seems you can continue to make things fresh by changing settings and mixing up combinations?

You folks got any thoughts on the subject of keeping things feeling 'fresh'? I'm lucky I don't have to produce creative things for a living.I'm just a spectator. But I think Amy and her colleagues have been doing just what you're suggesting in their most recent crop of releases, for example: ~ Maleficarum is about persecution of witches (common theme) in South American (fresh) based on a true story (fresh) ~ Dead But Dreaming is a vampire tale (common theme) set during the Bolivian revolution (fresh) When I use the word 'common', I mean that it's been done before; but by introducing a different angle, the gang was able to put a new twist on the genre. So viewers can say, 'I've never seen anything like that done in a (insert genre name here) movie.' Just my two cents. Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 08:03:09 PM Name: ssmith2010 E-mail address: First time posting, just saw I Spit on Your Grave 2 and need to say that this flick really delivers the goods.

Spoilers a'plenty from here on -- Film stars the gorgeous Jemma Dallender as Katie, an aspiring model who is working as a waitress in NYC. A talent agent tells her that she needs to upgrade her portfolio. Since she has no money, she answers an ad which promises 'Free photos for models.' She goes and meets three brothers with vaguely Eastern European accents -- one is the photographer (Ivan) and the other are his assistants. The shoot seems to go well until the photographer asks her to go nude. She refuses -- 'So you want free pictures to sell on the internet?'

She asks -- and runs out. Once back at her apartment, one of the men comes and apologizes and gives her her pictures. She's creeped out, to say the least, but takes the pictures and tries to be polite. She's not so polite when she wakes up that night and sees him in her bedroom. She tries to scream and run, but he grabs her, ties her arms behind her back, lashes her ankles together, and stuffs a rag in her mouth as a gag. A neighbor hears and comes in, but the guy stabs him.

He then rips Katie's panties off and in a long brutal sequence, rapes her -- and it appears to be anally since her ankles are still ties together. Once done, he panics and calls his brothers.

They come in and survey the situation, and Ivan says there is no cleaning this up. He forces Katie to grab the knife (so her fingerprints will be on it) and the gives Katie some drug that makes her pass out. She wakes up and is chained naked on a mattress while she is being raped by one of the other brothers.

Once he's done raping her, she begins to cry and says that she's thirsty, to which the guy who raped her replies by pissing all over her face. She spends the next bunch of time desperately trying to break free from her chains (still naked the whole time), until they come back and talk about 'someone coming' and wanting to 'dress her pretty.' They force another pill down her throat and go to get something to put on her.

Once they leave, she puts her hand down her throat and makes herself vomit the pill out. So when the guy comes back and have her put on a very short slinky dress, she is able to overpower him and escape. Once she gets out, turns out that she had been transported to Bulgaria. She goes to the police and meets a woman who runs a shelter and agrees to take her to the US Embassy. But, of course, this is an Eastern European country, so they are in on it and drag her back to the basement where they rechain her up -- but still wearing her short dress. Ivan -- who seems to be in charge -- punishes her by pulling her dress down and twisting her nipples for a while, and then some new freak comes in holding a shock wand. In an incredibly long sequence that I simply cannot believe is in a mainstream film, this guy shocks Katie on the legs, the inside of her thighs, makes her take the wand in her mouth, and then shocks her right in her groin multiple times.

He then goes ahead and rapes her. When we next see her, she is curled up in a fetal position, almost comatose, blood dripping from her groin and thighs. Ivan comes in and mocks her, telling her that she is now 'too disgusting to fuck' and taunts her a little more. She still has enough strength to slap him, although the enormity of her situation begins to hit her and she starts to cry. And so, just to sort add a final insult, he kneels over her and begins to beat the crap out her with his fists. Next they dig a hole in the basement, while Katie -- who now is in really bad shape -- lies there.

Ivan says, 'Just think -- if you'd only just taken your clothes off for me in New York, none of this would have happened.' They rip her dress off, and throw her naked, and still definitely alive, into a trunk. They also throw the shock wand in the box with her, which turns out to be not so good news for the scum. They then bury her in the hole. Of course, she escapes and takes gruesome (and well deserved) revenge against the entire group. But that's the part of the film nobody in this forum cares about -- although I will say there is a little twist at the end that pays a little homage to the original ISOYG's famous marketing campaign.

I still am in a little bit of shock after seeing this. Far and away the most extreme thing I've ever seen in a mainstream film. What I've described takes up the first hour of the film, then there's about 15 minutes of escape and 'preparation', and then about 20 minutes of the revenge. It's filled with extensive nudity, bondage, and torture and the victim -- Jemma Dallender -- is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And what happens to her is so horrible that you actually sort of want the scum to get theirs. I'd have to say 'I Spit on Your Grave 2' may be the best rape/revenge flick in a long time. Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 10:07:10 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: ssmith2010: Wow, terrific debut post, and easily the most complete information we've read yet on the eagerly awaited I Spit on Your Grave 2.

I think in all the years we've been around, only about a half-dozen people have ever graced us with a review with their very first post, so you're in select company. Please post again and give me a letter grade so I can add it to the Reviews section for you. Based on your write-up, this has to be a must-see for GIMPers. I've put it Number 1 in my Netflix queue, but I may not wait and might just grab it at the video store if I can so I can see it sooner. This is very good news. ---------------------------- Badger: Thanks for the additional info on The Stranger Within.

Sounds like it had some potential but missed some opportunities, but I love Estella Warren so I'll be checking it out. ---------------------------- Brainmaster wrote: I went to Home Deport and to that 22 piece spring clamp set. It has all different sizes in a bag from tit crushing to nipple and clit crushing. Only 9 bucks. If Home Depot was smart, they should label their bag of clamps with names like 'Tit pincher' and 'Clit crusher'. They would sell a lot more of them. Heck, there's a full line of items at that store that could be used to subdue and torment girls.

How about all that heavy-duty Gorilla Tape they carry? If they put a picture of a woman with it over her mouth, they could market it to a whole new line of customers. And don't forget about one of my favorites, the hot glue gun. Just imagine how that could be put to use.

If Home Depot wants to be number one, they need to continue their creative merchandising, like their ad I ran earlier: Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 02:16:34 AM Name: Bill K. Watched 'Dead But Dreaming': Terrific great:-) R rated or X rated depending on your point of view vampire movie but it had a somewhat hard to follow storyline which is only a minor thing for me.

I got lost in Amy's great whipping scene and bloody sexy nude female vampires drinking blood. I was indifferent to Amy's rape scene for raping isn't my gimp interest anyways but her acting was believable.

As gimp movies go it had only the great Amy whipping scene and the why are you whipping her with her clothes on scene then the too short nails into hands to the cross scene. Because it didn't have the long multiple torture scenes that Maleficarum had, I'm not going give it a grade but I enjoyed the movie very much. I hope D.B.D. II will have longer vampire gimp torture scenes in it. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 02:59:20 AM Name: Insomniac ssmith2010: Thanks for confirming what we were hoping for with I Spit on Your Grave 2. The only drawback to this is I was hoping it would become a trilogy, but given how graphic this one is, they may have trouble getting another one green-lit. Hopefully it does well financially.

Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 06:09:09 AM Name: accountse Official poll: I'll go for C) 'It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless'. I fact, many times I find pictures or movies more arousing if the victim is clothed, at least in the beginning. I love to see the goodies later on, but I find the bondage of an everyday girl, in everyday clothes and in everyday surroundings (that is NOT a dungeon) the best. Maybe because it's more easy to identify with?

Brainmaster's unofficial poll from September 6th 2013: I prefer gimp A 'Feminine girly girl who is just asking for it. She cries, begs, whimpers from the start and offers to do anything if you just won't hurt her any more'. I find it highly erotic when the girl offers to do anything, just anything, to get out of the situation. So, there you have it. What makes it tick for me is a tied up and, to begin with, fully clothed gimp crying and begging and offering just about everything to her capturer.

Add some longer lonely moments, when she doesn't even have somebody to beg for mercy and only can spend the time to suffer and nurse her own growing despair, and it's complete! Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 06:46:07 AM Name: A Canadian ssmith2010: Gotta agree with Ralphus, that review was a terrific way to introduce yourself on the forum.

Up until now, I wasn't all that excited about I Spit on Your Grave 2. What little I knew about it wasn't doing much for me (much as I appreciate any mainstream effort that reaches GIMPers). But I've done a complete 180. After reading the review, ISOYG 2 is now on my must-see list.

Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 10:40:56 AM Name: Eda E-mail address: Homepage URL: Ralphus has kindly posted my latest story, FINAL RESISTANCE, set (unoriginally) in Germany in WWII. It is not for everyone for a few reasons, but, of course, if I say exactly why not, I will give away too much.

I hope that those of you who read it (despite this warning -- or because of it!!) will enjoy it. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 11:25:25 AM Name: D.

Santorum 'As gimp movies go it had only the great Amy whipping scene and the why are you whipping her with her clothes on scene then the too short nails into hands to the cross scene.' It's true that Dead But Dreaming is not the sort of GIMP movie that Maleficarum is. But I think it needs to be clarified that there is a fair amount of GIMPage in this movie, catering to a variety of tastes/fantasies.

Let's count the GIMP scenes, shall we [SPOILER ALERT]: 1) human sacrifice, featuring a topless Veronica 2) gang rape featuring Amy 3) public whipping (Amy) 4) public execution by garroting (Amy) 5) bondage and whipping of a naked Mila (a seriously sexy scene, by the way) 6) whipping and crucifixion (Mila) 7) Veronica shown tied up in a cave That's seven GIMP scenes. That's a good number for a film with fairly mainstream ambitions. Now 2 or 3 of these scenes are quite short and so there's not much to them. And your count may well vary because you don't consider 1 or 2 of them to be true GIMP scenes. But all of them play to our fantasies of lovely tied-up suffering women in one way or another, so I'm counting them. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 11:52:16 AM Name: ssmith2010 Thanks for the nice words about the ISOYG2 review! Obviously, I won't know until the 24th when I get my BluRay whether I saw the exact same version that we'll get, but most reviewers seem pretty horrified by what they've seen and my source says it's a BluRay rip, so I hope so.

Ralphus, for a rating I need to give it an A across the board. It's not 'Citizen Kane,' obviously -- it is a rape/revenge flick after all -- but it's one of the best of this sordid sub-genre that I've ever seen.

Competently made, solid acting from the lead actress (believable during the harrowing early portions and filled with believable RAGE during the revenge, an incredibly brave performance), no scrimping on any of the exploitation requirements, and some nice film making touches -- a couple of shot-outs to the original, a nice bit of early foreshadowing where Katie builds a trap to catch a rat, etc. And can I make a recommendation for the reviews page? You should add a 'Date Added' to the title of the review. Since there are now so many reviews, it's tough for the occasional visitor (like me) to know what is new.

Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 01:12:10 PM Name: Bill K. Santorum and Gimpers, I don't consider the short quick but well done execution scenes in D.B.D. I'll correct my post by saying the death scenes are terrific gimp scenes but just not the slow torture scenes I crave. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 01:28:40 PM Name: MAV Homepage URL: Btw, GIMPers, if you haven't checked out a PKF joint in a while, I highly recommend John's latest 'Cheerleaders' Coach'. The awesome Rilynn Rae is beaten, tortured, and raped, mostly while AOH! This is also one of the movies where John or Max Coxxx convince the model to do a real whipping scene, even if only a short one with a cat-o-9 before she's fully stripped.

Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 01:30:39 PM Name: Dr Yuya About Dead But Dreaming.I don't mind paying the full price for it only having the single scene that I really like. I do it for Giga/Zen movies all the time when I really consider it. Take Space Heroine Mary (ZHZD-01) and Female Combatant Story R (ZARD-82) from Zen. Both of these movies can be defined by one single scene that most anyone who's watched can clearly identify and would justify their purchase on. Even Maleficarum did this in a way.though this is a claim that's certainly more debatable. The thing is when I sit down and say 'hey I want to watch something from Maleficarum' because at that moment it fits the setting and mood I'm in, I always decide in my mind it's the first whipping scene with the curly haired girl AOH is the one to watch.

Not because other scenes were bad, just in my mind it's the one that was the best done and why bother with others when there's that one? If all I'm going for is a GIMP whipping scene with a medieval type setting and nudity.and don't mind the repetition, then there's no reason not to watch that scene. Now for a movie that's more mainstream and professional written/directed etc by a big name Hollywood company.like say for instance The Hobbit.yeah I'm going to expect entertainment from start to finish. The GIMP world in my mind is only about stand out scenes though. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 02:24:10 PM Name: MAV @Dr Yuya-completely agree with you.

I bought Maleficarum only for the AOH whipping scenes and am on the fence for doing the same for Marquis de la Croix (b/c of Mila's whipping scene). I also do the same for the Zen/Giga movies when it seems like the AOH scene is gonna be worth the price alone. 8 times out of 10 they deliver IMO. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 02:47:30 PM Name: The Monk E-mail address: Homepage URL: Have you seen any of these? Apparently they've got more than a few people very upset, can't imagine why. The most obvious thing I see wrong here is that their wrists need to be bound BEHIND THEIR BACKS. Why do so many idiots refuse to get that through their thick skulls?

And they need to be properly hogtied to keep them from getting up and jumping out when the vehicle comes to a stop. A person really needs a van for this sort of thing, or at least a secure automobile trunk. Pickup truck driving crackers are hopeless. Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 08:07:51 PM Name: vintageaman E-mail address: Look again - they are pictures painted or pasted onto the truck tailgates.

I agree that the hands should be tied behind the back, and a very snug hogtie is a definite must! Monday, September 9th 2013 - 02:40:17 AM Name: Louis Grande E-mail address: Homepage URL: Hi all, Thought I'd share a video clip I found on Dailymotion. It's from the 2004 Shallow Ground, and is composed of two scenes which Ralphus includes on the Suspension/Rack database. One of which is a really great suspension scene where a nude girl is hung AOH from a tree branch.

She is raised and lowered several times, her toes coming to rest in the leaves once or twice before they are lifted back into the air. Overall it is a great scene and the girl thrashes her legs about quite a lot. I'm attaching the link for all of you who are yet to see it and I thought Ralphus might want to link to it in the database. I know the quality is not full HD but it's better than nothing. On a unrelated note, hopefully someone on here can answer a question I have.

Is it possible to purchase downloads from Red Feline using Paypal? As far as I can tell, the only way to do so is using a credit card. Does anyone know if the people there are into arranging specialised checkout? Stay well everyone Dailymotion link: Monday, September 9th 2013 - 10:14:10 AM Name: brainmaster E-mail address: Homepage URL: Gimp alert! Last night on Netflix I found an new and interesting mainstream gimp movie called The Hamiltons. Get this; it was directed by the Butcher Brothers. There is a lot of gimp strung up arms over head in the dirty dungeon basement.

Evidently a sick sadistic family likes to keep them there and harvest organ parts. Though there is no nudity, the girls wear those hip hugger jeans and short tops which exposes their midriffs.

We don't get to see any direct torture but much is implied and the girls performances are completely convincing as far as fear and helplessness goes. It makes me wonder why it's so hard to find performers like this is hardcore gimp movies outside the mainstream? Monday, September 9th 2013 - 11:03:26 AM Name: Amy Hesketh E-mail address: Homepage URL: D. Santorum - I'm glad that you noticed our improved production values!

Barbazul and Le Marquis de la Croix were shot before we invested in some new equipment. Although I've seen both on Bluray, and they look good in HD, I think it's also about the codec used to compress them onto DVD. Dead But Dreaming, and all of our films to follow, such as Dead But Dreaming Part 2, and Olalla, will be with the new equipment, lenses, etc. So, they will all have that spectacular look to them. Gog - I have a private tour bus?

Why didn't anyone tell me? That would be awesome. Stowaway some Triscuits and pickled herring, ok? YikYakker - There's something about fascist uniforms that adds to a rape, torture, whatever scene, really, no? At least to me. Thanks for the kudos on keeping things 'fresh'.

The types of stories we're doing now will all be fresh, because we write our own scripts, sometimes basing them on classics, as in the case of Barbazul (Bluebeard) and Olalla. But in essence, they're original stories. While it was fun to more quickly crank out a Red Feline production, it's so much more rewarding to make films with stories, character arcs, and action. It'll always be fresh for me. My 'Documents' folder is chock full 'o script ideas and finished scripts.

Louis Grande - Sure, we accept PayPal for downloads and DVDs. Just send Margot an email to the email address above with the Download(s) you'd like to order, and the email address you use for PayPal, and she'll set it all up.:) Eda - Congratulations on another story, you're really cranking them out this year! And here's another picture from Dead But Dreaming, after my character has been raped. Monday, September 9th 2013 - 02:40:12 PM Name: A Canadian ssmith2010 wrote: You should add a 'Date Added' to the title of the review.

Since there are now so many reviews, it's tough for the occasional visitor (like me) to know what is new. It may be that Ralphus has better bookkeeping skills than me. But that sounds like quite an undertaking. I would make a couple of observations, though: 1) I'm not sure the occasional visitor necessarily needs to be searching for new releases. There are plenty of gems from years gone past that have been reviewed and most of the films are still available from reputable sources.

An easy way to find the more recent reviews may be to go through the Guestbook Archives, since the original postings of the reviews will be there. But new isn't necessarily better. Which takes me to my second point. 2) New members or occasional visitors to the forum shouldn't be shy about asking for recommendations for particular types of films. Many of us have been around for a while and like to talk about (and recommend) our favorites. As we saw with the responses to the recent question about 'military' and 'spy' films, I believe a number of us are happy to answer questions about films that best suit a particular interest or niche.

In my view, it never hurts to ask. Monday, September 9th 2013 - 06:13:53 PM Name: Scribbler Homepage URL: That Amy chick is really cute. But that wooden pole is in the way. Definitely need to rethink that for next time.:) Monday, September 9th 2013 - 06:25:43 PM Name: Blakemore Given that I must be a fucking alien from some other planet.greetings from my planet.

I have been plagued by a question ever since I was introduced to this incredible forum.where one and all are free to express their feelings about very personal things without being judged. My question to all who choose to answer is: Are you actively pursuing out common love of tormenting and fucking helpless young women?

I know it's none of my business, but it would be educational to know if one has 'hands-on' experience. If I am out'a line forgive me, but as you surely know by now.I am as 'active' now as I was back when.perhaps more so because I don't have deadlines or anyone to please but myself.

Monday, September 9th 2013 - 07:35:09 PM Name: Louis Grande E-mail address: Homepage URL: Thanks Amy! That's great to hear. If there's anyone who could answer for me, which version of Maleficarum is best - Director's Cut or Theatrical Release? By best, I basically mean the longest scenes of torture. Monday, September 9th 2013 - 08:37:22 PM Name: YikYakker Louis Grande: Thanks for the link to the Shallow Ground clip. Those scenes happen to be favorites for a lot of folks here, so you can be sure that the clip will be viewed and appreciated. Personally, I did not like the movie itself very much, but those two suspension scenes were a pleasant (which is to say, unpleasant *heh-heh*) surprise to find in a mainstream movie.

-------------------- Amy wrote: My 'Documents' folder is chock full 'o script ideas and finished scripts. Well, that is good to hear. I hope you'll be presenting them for many years to come.

BTW, I really like that aftermath pic that you posted - you look splendid. I'm even growing accustomed to the new hair color/style.which, for all I know, may have become your current (?) hair color style. And speaking of pics: Today's Pics: I know you really took a few for the team doing this scene, and want to express my appreciation for the effort you put in to produce top-notch GIMPage. Even the guy on the far right in the Napoleon-style hat seems to be.;) I'd be more like the standing next to him, taking in every bit of you.er, it.;P -------------------- brainmaster: I'm glad you reminded us about The Hamiltons, which was by one of our own. The review also links to a few pics, two of which I've posted below: -------------------- Finally, I just want to second the comments made by A Canadian, which I hope he won't mind that I've condensed below: ~ New isn't necessarily better. I may be a bit biased because I tend to gravitate toward the old grindhouse-type flicks of the 1970s and early 1980s. But one can also do quite well with ZFX products - of which many, if not all, are still available - even though nothing new has been issued by ZFX for a few years now.

And Japanese flicks are also held in high esteem by many here, although the content seems to have 'gone soft' recently. ~ It never hurts to ask. Canadian makes a good point about checking the Archives, and of course there are the databases pointing the way to the good stuff. But if anyone wants some tips and recommendations, we have enough variety of tastes here to cover most subjects and predilections. Plus, one of the benefits of this site is that there are many here who can tell you what is not good GIMPage and should be avoided. Maybe someday we can make that into a poll question, like: What movies did you see that were the biggest disappointments?

I'm sure everyone here can name a few they got burned on. Monday, September 9th 2013 - 10:14:31 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Homepage URL: Latest poll update: This appears to be winding down. Only just a few more countable votes from last time. Here's how I count the totals at this point: GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: A) your victim stripped completely nude 5 votes B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed 8 votes C) It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless 6 votes --------------------------- ssmith2010 wrote: And can I make a recommendation for the reviews page? You should add a 'Date Added' to the title of the review.

Since there are now so many reviews, it's tough for the occasional visitor (like me) to know what is new. I could conceivably go back and add a date to the literally hundreds of reviews that have been posted here over the past 14 years. But it would take hours of work to comb through 168 months worth of posts to find out when each individual review was posted to the board. To me, that's not a good use of my time, not when I've still got multiple updates to add to the databases that I can't find time for already. An easier solution would be to handle the Reviews section in the same way I do the Stories section and the Database entries, and that's to add the word 'NEW' when a new review gets posted.

The problem there is deciding how long something should remain 'new'. I've been going about 3 months on the stories, but some of the 'new' entries in the databases have been there longer than that. It would require trying to remember when certain reviews got posted and to go in and remove them in a timely fashion. And Canadian brings up a good point when he says that new isn't necessarily better. And it's also not necessarily 'new' in that some of our recent reviews are of movies that are several years old, so if the occasional visitor is looking for just reviews of new movies, it might not be that useful.

But I can do it, if there's enough support for such an idea. Going back 3 months and marking those reviews wouldn't take that long. Post here if that's what you want. If I see enough posts asking me for it, I'll add that to my list of things to do for the site. I also uploaded your review, which can be accessed in my Homepage URL above.

Congrats on joining the coveted Reviewers Club. --------------------------- Louis Grande: Thanks for the addition. I hadn't seen those scenes from Shallow Ground for a long time. The segment with Natalie Avital is a GIMP classic. I added your link to the Torture Rack Database. Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 01:04:17 AM Name: Howie Well, I suppose I may as well come out of YEARS of lurking to voice my opinion in the very important poll. (^_^) As I stated MANY MANY times in here years ago, NUDE NUDE NUDE all the way.

The female form is WAY hotter to me than any annoying article of clothing will ever be. Do clothes extenuate their beauty? Of course, but I can see that anywhere. When I'm viewing Gimp material, I want no impedance between my eyesite and every inch of her writhing form on display with no regard for how she feels about it. To me clothing just gives her some form of dignity and security to cling to, and who need that? (^_-) HOWIE Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 02:19:41 AM Name: Howie Oh, and I ordered I Spit On Your Grave 2 based on that excellent review, ssmith2010. Good work sir.

(^_^) HOWIE Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 02:24:13 AM Name: Obikenobi I also enjoyed ISOYG2 mostly due to how gorgeous and believable in her role as a victim Jemma Dallender is, but I felt that the film held back quite a few punches, so to speak. The original from 1978 is still quite a bit more raw and visceral IMO. It doesn't have the production values, budget, or fancy camera angles of the sequels, which makes the whole first half basically one long take, which only adds to the realism. Going strictly by numbers, it had 4 separate rape scenes, all of which with extensive full nudity and a palpable sense of nastiness. ISOYG2 has 2 & the 2nd one is almost offscreen. It has more bondage of course.

The 1st rape is almost a copy of Irreversible except not as brutal. The scenario is almost perfect since it's basically a cliche - a gorgeous naked girl tied up in the basement as a sex slave. Given that, and the fact that the brothers are clearly criminals who intend on killing her, you'd think they'd have some more fun with her. There's no excuse for a torture scene with her dress still on.

I think the 2010 remake had a little bit better setup too in the scene where they invade her house and proceed to make her 'whinny'. In this movie, almost all the action is 1-1, unlike the 1st 2, there's no scene in which she faces more than one guy. That can go a long way and the filmmakers shied away from it - e.g. Show her being groped and kissed as they tear away her clothes and she struggles and cries. Still, Katie is drop dead gorgeous with a great body. I hope this movie makes some profit and can turn into a series with a new installment every year!

Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 03:47:06 AM Name: Sloth Eda - haven't had a chance to read your latest but will get to it soon - I assume we will have all the evils of Nazi Germany packed into one short story:). The Monk - I caught the news on a local station the other day and it had a feature of the blonde supposedly in the vehicle with the Texas plates - pretty racy stuff for the bible belt - apparently an updated version of the Halloween prank with the dummy in the trunk - must agree with vintageaman - wrists behind and a stout hogtie would seal the deal.

YikYakker - after A Canadian posted the Natalie Avital shot a couple weeks back I pulled Shallow Ground out of the archives for another look - yeah, overall not a great movie with an absurd premise but both Tara and Natalie played it to the hilt with good effect - and I do still have a tree reserved should they be in this part of the country. Amy - so as I understand it in addition to you being raped and whipped you suffer an execution by garotte - on my way to order a copy. Blakemore - aren't we all aliens from the planet Gimp - in younger days I did have 'hands on' experience though I'm no longer active - certainly nowhere near the volume you managed to achieve but I can verify those were probably the most intense sexual encounters ever for this humble Gimper - nothing quite like having a hogtied chick in the backseat knowing you will have your way with her when you reach your destination - aw, the good old days. Stay well all Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 09:20:43 AM Name: TRG Blakemore: You have made your life in this regard an open book, so it's certainly a fair question to ask to the rest of us. In my single days, I would test a new lover by taking one arm and pinning it to the mattress. If she put the other one on the mattress for me, I knew I had a winner. It then got mostly into light bondage in bed, but a few got off on being tied upright in an Eiffel Tower so I could smack them with my belt and do other fun things.

I would also get a key to their apartment or house and sneak in late at night to do a simulated rape. You would be amazed at how many women dug the shit out of that. But then, maybe you wouldn't. That was over thirty years ago. Now, not so much.

Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 11:57:39 AM Name: john p boogerd E-mail address: I'd enjoy it, too - high up on her toes is such a sexy position! Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 12:32:52 PM Name: Galahad E-mail address: Greetings All.

Of the most recent posts, Howie expresses most forcibly my own sensibilities. Let me rephrase. One of the most glorious, (perhaps, the most glorious), subjects that God has created, is the naked body of a beautiful woman.

Perhaps that should be the beautiful body of a naked woman. Not to wish to see such a sight in any and every circumstance, where such a possibility exists, is therefore, positive blasphemy. I did not think that when I made my observations on that particular sequence in D. B D., I would provoke a poll question. I am honoured that it has become so. I am, of course, incredulous that all are not of the same opinion as myself! But I am reassured that the last three posts by women on this issue agree with me.

They should know! I am hoping that our revered Moderator fails to notice that this is my second bite of the cherry (!) and counts this post as another vote for complete and utter nakedness, in all and every circumstance! Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 01:43:12 PM Name: Howie Galahad said: One of the most glorious, (perhaps, the most glorious), subjects that God has created, is the naked body of a beautiful woman. Perhaps that should be the beautiful body of a naked woman.

Not to wish to see such a sight in any and every circumstance, where such a possibility exists, is therefore, positive blasphemy. PREACH IT BROTHER! Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 04:21:59 PM Name: cmf once again, chiming in late on a poll: NUDE, please! Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 05:57:30 PM Name: A Canadian Howie wrote: Well, I suppose I may as well come out of YEARS of lurking.

I'm guessing the last time we heard from you was six or seven years ago. I'm glad you were lurking, since I wouldn't want to be the one to try to update you on everything you might have missed. I mean, some things haven't changed (Bill Zebub's movies still blow) but a lot has happened. Anyway, welcome back.

I'm glad to hear you're still around and doing well. Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 06:01:43 PM Name: Howie @ A Canadian - Well, I can't say I've been a consistent lurker, so I'm PARTIALLY up to date, but I think Bill Zebub's flicks will be a constant touchstone we can all agree on. I appreciate the welcome back. Good to see you're still hanging in there as well.:-) HOWIE Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 06:22:31 PM Name: Darkroom E-mail address: Homepage URL: Ralphus, I'd have to vote for plan B this time around.

Though C is a close runner up. Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 10:38:10 AM Name: Mr. 0 E-mail address: Homepage URL: Hi, guys. Long time no see. Hope you're all doing good. I recently re-surfed through Ralphus review collections and noticed Alucarda (1977) isn't there, so I'd like to add this one to the list. Alucarda (1977) is a Mexican nunsploitation movie by Juan Lopez Moctezuma, a little known horror gem with surreal storyline and dreamlike images.

We start in an abandoned ruins where we see a mother (Tina Romero) giving birth to her daughter with the help of an old woman before quickly abandoning her newborn kid because she comes from something evil (presumably Satan). Flashback to some 15 or 17 years later, we arrive in a church that looks more like a cave where the nuns dressed like mummies having their period (I'm not joking, it's gross). A newly orphaned Justine (Susana Kamini) arrives in the church and is greeted by Sister Angelica (Tina French), whose kindness quickly borders on sexual liking (no surprise there, this being a nunsploitation and all). Justine is assigned as Alucarda's roommate (the titular character also played by Tina Romero). They quickly become best friends and spend their days wandering around the village when they're not attending the church's lessons.

Ins: Susana Kamini (Justine) is the one on left, Tina Romero (Alucarda) is the one on the right. One day, while enjoying their day out, they meet a hunchback (the legendary Claudio Brook) who gives them prophecies about their dark fate, the girls laugh it off.that is, until they stumble upon a ruin with a coffin inside it. Alucarda declares her love for Justine (which Justine reciprocates) and coerces Justine into making the same oath.in the coffin! Justine of course refuses the coffin part but Alucarda insists on opening the coffin.

The next scene apparently suggest something supernatural emerges from the coffin and gets a hold of both girls (my own interpretation, I did tell u about the surrealistic bit). Both girls were apparently injured and somehow taken back to their church where they are nursed by the sisters (especially Sister Angelica). One night, Justine is visited by Alucarda (and later the hunchback) where both are stripped naked in a ritual. Stripping two women nude had never been quicker!! Kudos for Claudio!!!

And boys, we even have this as a part of the ritual >_. I don't have a pickup truck. If I did, I can't say for sure that I would buy a decal like that, since I'm not usually so open about my fetish in public. But I applaud the hell out of anyone who had the cojones to put something like that on the back of his truck. I do own a with a topless woman being burned at the stake on the front. I used to be fearful about wearing it in out in the open, but now I just say the hell with it and don't bother to change it if I happen to have it on and go pick up a pizza, for instance. If people don't like it, who cares?

It's artistic expression. I may not like your nose ring or that nasty tattoo on your arm, but I'm not gonna complain about it. Unless you happen to be the star of a bondage film I just purchased, then I have a big problem with it. -------------------- Mr. 0: Great to see you back; you seem to have a knack for finding obscure GIMP titles to review.

I'm not sure I would rush out to track down a copy of Alucarda, but I love the 1970s full-frontal nude bondage. Gawd, that was really the era for exploitation; we may never see that kind of openness again. The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above. -------------------- Latest poll update: The nudes, led by ancient returning GIMPer Howie, have now surged to a tie in the voting. GIMP POLL: Given a choice, do you prefer: A) your victim stripped completely nude 9 votes B) partial nudity, with just the 'important' parts exposed 9 votes C) It really doesn't matter, as long as she's helpless 6 votes -------------------- Howie: I don't think it's been 6 or 7 years since you were here before, since I seem to recall you stopping by on our anniversary a few years back, but it's been too long regardless. Last time you were posting regularly, you could buy bondage films on VHS. Good to have you back.

Now if we could only get a few more of our past former 'lost' GIMPers to come back, we could rebuild our base of perverts and sick fucks. Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 08:14:20 PM Name: D. O: Thanks for the review of Alucarda. That punishment scene in the chamber looks mighty interesting.

I found the movie on Netflix, so I've added it to my DVD queue. Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 09:15:16 PM Name: YikYakker Today's DBD: Wow, is really laying into poor Amy's sweet back. Look at those gashes. He seems to be enjoying his work, too.although it looks like. -------------------- Speaking of whipping scenes.

I was surfing around the other day and found a discussing the movie Pets (1974). I've never seen this flick but the WSIMD database shows being whipped. Anyway, this blog is about movies from that period in movie history, about which the author says (in a statement I've shortened a bit): The great thing about the 70's is that they were so openly sleazy with their esthetic.

Sometimes it was sleazy for sleazy's sake, but it always seemed natural. Sexuality and violence was just so matter of fact back then.Every film seemed like just another day, which is weird when you think about a film like 1974's Pets. Yeah, that's about how I remember movies from that time. Although one does look back and say, 'Wish they'd had a bigger budget' or 'Wish some of these actors weren't so wooden.' But back then we (I?) kinda shrugged it off. As long as they delivered on the GIMP and sleaze, they did the job. -------------------- After seeing an Amy Hesketh whipping scene, all others start to pale by comparison.

Still, there are some that a very nicely done and I still find them enjoyable. One of them was the scene in starring cute Italian actress Elenora Giorgi.

I came across a picture from another of her movies, Mia moglie e una strega which translates to 'My Wife is a Witch.' About the whipping scene, the database entry says.it's a comedy, with one scene: italian actress Eleonora Giorgi (same of Story of a Cloistered Nun) is a witch longly whipped to confess, but the scene is comic and unrealistic.

Well, no wonder -- they didn't rip enough of her clothing off. -------------------- Mr. 0: Thanks for the well-done review of Alucarda, a movie that I saw a while back. Your descriptions are spot-on. I didn't mind seeing more nudity from Kamini than Romero, because if I had to choose between the two, I would pick Kamini. But your point -- that the lead GIMP should get naked the most -- is a valid one and is so often violated. I don't know if this one is typical of Mexican movies from that time, but if it is we should see more of them.

But the nuns should look more like penguins than mummies.;) Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 09:37:57 PM Name: Rick Homepage URL: Greetings All, I am sorry to hear of Jeff Gords's passing. He used to contribute here quite a bit back in the day and I regarded him as a very nice and intelligent man.

He was also a very talented artist, a man with a passion for his art. The world is a more boring place without him. I figured he was just too busy to come around, that happens to most of us from time to time. Anyway, my condolences to his friends and family. His work lives on and it looks like they still have a lot of unreleased footage on his site so he will keep releasing for some time. TRG: The owner should have seen this coming. Certainly a Gimper or three over at the Hornet sign joint lol.

He should have have had the model tied up with a neck tie and put 50 Shades of Grey in pink letters somewhere on it, then it would be all good. My own personal outrage is that the models hands are tied in FRONT of her.come on guys.=D Rick Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 10:26:14 PM Name: HOWIE @ Ralphus - Ya, I don't know if it's been 7 years either, but I think Canadian is probably closer to the mark than we think. (^_^) Kind of funny how this poll and you mentioning VHS relate to something that made me think of this forum about a two years back.

I was in the process of taking some of my old prized VHS collection (Some of which I'd actually gotten from our from our own GIMP forum moderator from trades we made back in the day. Yup, I still have 'em:-) ), and transferring them over to DVD. Naturally some of the MOST prized VHS tapes I had were my ZFX tapes, which I hadn't watched in years at that point. Oh man, seeing Monica Moore again was a treat! Those flicks REALLY hold up well. Anyhow, the way this relates to the Poll, is I got to 666, and LOVED every second of it again from start to finish.

Watching Rick perform his magic on Christina Anderson and Kimberly Noble. Ahh, makes me smile just typing that. (^_^) What an outstanding flick. So then I get to 666 2, and while it's still a ZFX movie, which means I love it just for what it is, I'd forgotten how annoyed by this particular flick I'd been, because for some reason Rick took a GLORIOUSLY nude and tied up Christina Anderson and had them put clothes back on her for pretty much the entire 2nd film. I was just as frustrated by it as I'd been the first time I watched it. I know they're in the archives somewhere, because I remember coming here back in the day and noting my displeasure with that even then, and used that on a pretty consistent basis as the example for why I wanna see my GIMP women NUDE!! (^_^) GIVE ME NUDE GIMP VICTIMS, OR GIVE ME DEATH!!.

Well, not really, but you get the point.:-) Also, I noted that you guys started discussing Poser & DAZ art in here a few weeks back, and even managed to draw my particular favorite digital artist, Arcas into the forum. Well, I just started doing DAZ myself, and you can check my images out over at Art of Darkness right as well. As you'll note, the two ladies in my story so far are exactly the way I want 'em, in trouble, and NUDE! (-_^) HOWIE Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 11:24:09 PM Name: HOWIE Homepage URL: Well, for some reason that link isn't working, so just go the the Xtreme Gallery over at AOD, and you'll see the thread from me called: My first set of pics. I've been posting about a pic a day, so it's usually somewhere near the top.

I'm up to 25 images in the story at this point. I also noted a typo I made below. Good lord, I forgot how archaic this forum is. One of the barriers that led to me becoming a lurker. It's not Ralphus's fault, but I REALLY wish there was a way to update this forum, because things like an edit button, posting links, and images shouldn't be something you need to worry about HTML coding for in 2013. Just think how many more people would post here if just getting your post up wasn't at times such a hurdle. HOWIE Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 11:35:22 PM Name: HOWIE Damn, you're on the spot there, Ralphus.

(^_^) Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 11:59:17 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: HOWIE wrote: Damn, you're on the spot there, Ralphus. (^_^) You just made a mistake in your link, added the 'http' part twice, an easy error to fix. Good lord, I forgot how archaic this forum is. One of the barriers that led to me becoming a lurker.

I'm sorry about that; it is what it is. Dreambook has shown no signs of suddenly waltzing into the 21st century, but they are a whole lot better now than they used to be. It's not Ralphus's fault, but I REALLY wish there was a way to update this forum, because things like an edit button, posting links, and images shouldn't be something you need to worry about HTML coding for in 2013. Just think how many more people would post here if just getting your post up wasn't at times such a hurdle. I agree with you. It's not like I haven't heard this before. Yes, we would likely get more posts if this site weren't so user-unfriendly.

Think I like having to go into the control panel and fixing people's posting errors? Not everyone knows HTML, although personally, I think it's fairly easy once you memorize a few basic codes. We do have a link to the HTML Practice Site on the SIGN THE FORUM page. It's very helpful if you utilize it before posting. That way you can spot errors before your post goes live. And save your overworked moderator some grief:) Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 12:21:18 AM Name: Howie Secretly.

I think you love it. (-_^) Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 12:46:51 AM Name: Renzo Novatore Alucarda is a classic. In regards to the decal 'controversy', I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people probably find suggestive images of attractive female prisoners & bondage to be exciting, although they'd never admit it. This apprehension is somewhat understandable I suppose, because acts of sexual violence are sometimes directed against women in real life and people don't really want to seem like they approve of that sort of thing. But at the same time it kind of contributes to the overall stigma against BDSM and sexual repression in general (50 Shades of Grey notwithstanding, LOL). Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 02:04:38 AM Name: Galahad E-mail address: Greetings All.

Apropos of Blakemore's question on Sept. I have been engaged in BDSM practice for over 50 years, as both a sub and Dom. As a result of that experience I am completely persuaded that BDSM appetites and desires have nothing fundamentally to do with sex/the sexual drive. Although, given that for me such activity must involve a naked, attractive body, some sexual engagement is likely. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that for most, BDSM is a way of spicing up their sexual pursuits. Incomprehensibly(!), now that I am 68, the sexual allure that enabled me to attract young women into exploring these delights, seems to have entirely evaporated.

Therefore, my BDSM involvement over the last few years has been sparse. On an entirely different topic. Motorola Pst 7 23 Cracker more. It seems that 24 people have voted on the current poll. The population of the world is 7, 8 billion? From memory, (not as reliable as it once was), Ralphus told us some months ago that there are something over a thousand hits a day on this site. And 24 have voted! Pull your fingers out (from wherever they are located!).

Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 02:04:04 PM Name: YikYakker Archaic Dreambook: I will say this for Dreambook--I like being able to post without logging in using an ID and a password. It seems like anytime I join a forum that requires these things (which I'm probably going to forget anyway) I end up getting more junk mail and other weird shit showing up on my computer. Not accusing anybody, just saying. -------------------- Decal Controversy: Probably the best reason not to put this on your vehicle is that it leads to unnecessary 911 calls by concerned witnesses.

It's located right above one's license plate, no less. But what really bugged me was this statement from MoveOn.org: Using imagery of a hog-tied women on the back of a pick up truck is unacceptable in today's climate of violence against women. Maybe this is not an accurate quote, but just in case, let's sniff out the anomalies in the wording here: ~ 'imagery' - Yeah, that's right, it's an image. And how, pray tell, does an image contribute to a climate of violence?

By suggesting that tied-up women represent something 'normal'? Using that logic, what does an actual tied-up woman, or an abused woman, as seen in factual news reports represent? Should we quit reporting on this shit when it really happens, lest it contribute to the belief that such violence is normal? ~ 'climate of violence against women' - technically, this phrase is either a misnomer or an exaggeration. There is no 'climate of violence against women', anymore than there is a climate of violence against men, children or pets.

There are people who commit violence against other creatures, and those people may believe that it is okay to do such things; but at most, we might say that they represent a subculture of our society. ~ 'unacceptable in today's climate.' If the 'climate of violence' is worse today (than say, 20 years ago), wouldn't that mean the imagery of violence is more acceptable? A more logical/accurate statement would be: Using imagery of a tied-up woman (not all of them are hog-tied) on the back of a pick up truck is unacceptable in today's climate of resistance to violence against women. Which can be translated to mean that such imagery is politically incorrect.

And like politicians, those opposed to the imagery of violence are fighting a symbolic war in place of an actual war against real violence. The target of their wrath should be those who do actual harm to humans, pets and other protected species. Is it so hard to identify that type of perv that one must target imaginary ones with no actual victims? I didn't think so. -------------------- Please pardon my ornery demeanor. I just learned that Ashley Greene and I preferred her just as she was.

Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 02:37:10 PM Name: brainmaster E-mail address: To YikYakkar: You gave a very good analysis on the wording of Moveon.org. George Soros himself is a Jew who collaborated with Nazis to turn in other Jews for a commission. So I think it is safe to say he has no objection to victimizing people for his own gain. Political correctness is about manipulating people, to portray certain groups as victims of injustice and then get people to identify with those groups. That being said, putting such a decal on the rear of his truck doesn't strike me as particularly skillful in today's climate of PC police state surveillance.

In fact it is downright foolish and make me wonder what motivated this guy. It sure gave good ammunition to Moveon.org to continue to portray Texans as total savages. Back in the day when the wife and I were checking out the local BDSM scene, I made cards with the image of a hot chick chained up being whipped, with my email address on it. They were a big hit because I understood where to advertise and where not to. One hugely interesting hypocrisy in this is the cry of objection to images of violence against women. These same liberals, who produce entertainment, constantly portray such fantasy imagery in TV and film much to our enjoyment. I wonder if these images add to the climate of violence against women in their view?

Perhaps it is not the imagery they object to, but the fact that they aren't making money on it? Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 04:25:55 PM Name: A Canadian Mr. O: Nice work on the review and the caps for Alucarda. I don't think it's my thing although I don't know if my issue is with the film itself. Maybe I just have bad memories of school proms and John Travolta, but at least one cap is reminding me of Carrie. Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 06:17:21 PM Name: Daniel E-mail address: Thank you 'Yik Yakker' for your post regarding the pick up truck image! Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 08:45:14 PM Name: Bill K.

Today's pictures should be the main ad teaser pictures for the movie. Sorry, I may have asked this before, the whipping of Amy with her hanging with her toes just touching the ground was a great call but was it historical the way whippings were done in actuality or was it Amy's idea to add more merciless pain to her whipping scene?

Friday, September 13th 2013 - 01:25:51 AM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Okay, that's scary. And made one year apart? Surely this can't be a coincidence.

Friday, September 13th 2013 - 01:42:34 AM Name: Gog Haven't had a lot of time as of late, so will just briefly touch base on the GIMP Poll Question. On a personal level, shoe leather and fabric do nothing for my sense of touch.

Definitely prefer the touch of flesh to those alternatives. Visually I feel completely the same. I much prefer to see Amy totally naked and barefoot (and on her toes in a nice touch too). [I sure wish Amy would walk around naked more. Afterall, spent some damn good money on that telephoto lens. And keep the curtains open.geeeze.] Friday, September 13th 2013 - 09:01:30 AM Name: Mr.

0 E-mail address: @Ralphus: I wouldn't be surprised if Moctezuma did lift that scene from Carrie. Carrie was really popular and, IMO, the best Stephen King book to movie adaptation ever. Wouldn't be surprising if it is copied by other movies. It's done all the time. Friday, September 13th 2013 - 11:09:48 AM Name: D. Santorum '.the whipping of Amy with her hanging with her toes just touching the ground was a great call but was it historical the way whippings were done in actuality or was it Amy's idea to add more merciless pain to her whipping scene?' That was done at my request.

I have no idea of its historical accuracy (I would assume not), I just think there's something quite nice about a GIMP forced to endure her ordeal while standing on tiptoe. Friday, September 13th 2013 - 11:56:59 AM Name: Galahad E-mail address: My Dear Ms.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond on Sept. 5th to my comments on a particularly significant sequence in 'D. If I appear at any time to be slightly testy, it is because I was seven eighths of the way through composing a post to you when it all disappeared into the ether. Should this happen again you will hear my shrieks of frustration in La Paz direct from London! In a situation such as this, there is a danger that a critique of a given creation reads as a criticism that you did not execute it as I would have done.

And why should you. It is your film.

As you and your colleagues are unique in presenting stories of abuse and exploitation in such visceral ways, it seems to me that you are in a unique position to create scenarios that are as intense and controversial as possible, no opportunity should be lost. I understand that the sequence from your rape, to the flogging, to execution requires dramatically an increasing intensity. And your progressive denuding visually expresses this.

I write as though you are your character. This is, of course, not the case but I suspect that there is an emotional truth here that justifies such an assumption. However, your shift could have been dragged up to your wrists for the rape, exposing you fully naked, to be pulled down again before your presentation for the flogging. Your observations on the practicalities of the rape scene and the soldiers is reasonable but not necessary. You wrote the script; it could have been different! Given the rarity of such scenes, I regret that you did not take the opportunity to make the sequence as intense as possible. It should also be kept in mind that for many, the spectacle of the abuse of your fine body is a very significant part of the appeal of your films.

You should not deny your fans! On this subject, may I again express my delight that you have now fashioned your body to a most delightfully athletic manifestation. Please let us enjoy this spectacle on every conceivable occasion! Friday, September 13th 2013 - 01:41:51 PM Name: Bill K. Santorum: A great call for having Amy's whipping done that way. Friday, September 13th 2013 - 01:45:35 PM Name: Galahad E-mail address: My Dear Ms. May I, on behalf of your legion of admirers, (of which my ever-so-humble self is one!), beseech you to post a number of photos, in glorious full nakedness, of your new splendid physique.

I assume that the next 'official' opportunity for such visual pleasure will be on the release of 'Ollala' and 'D. I am anticipating that you will be losing your clothes in both of these films. But, for us, think of the delay and have mercy! If you condemn us to such frustration you will be responsible for untold hypertension, heart attacks and other physical ills. Can you be so cruel? Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 05:33:44 AM Name: MAV @galahad-your GIMPy perv talk is hilarious!

I can imagine an english accent like John Cleese's vocalizing your comments:D Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 08:41:02 AM Name: Lee Mortacchi E-mail address: Hi All I just saw 'Maleficarum' and I really enjoyed it. The two actresses are gorgeous and very good - it looks (near enough) real! I had to wait three weeks for the disc to arrive but it was well worth the wait. If it could be improved perhaps they could have a better articulated story line instead of the witnesses interspersed with the tortures. Nevertheless, I highly recommended it - buy it if you enjoy watching a whipping, rack stretching and other assorted tortures! I think it is the best I have ever seen.

(Ralphus, what do you complain that the spit roast scene is too short? Are you sadistic, or what?) I won't tell you how it ends, sorry, you'll have to buy it.

Lee X Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 09:49:11 AM Name: YikYakker Today's Pics: is enough to evoke feelings in even the most hardened GIMPer. And let me tell you, I'm feeling quite hardened right now. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 10:41:40 AM Name: a51541476 E-mail address: I am delurking to answer the new question.

I prefer Option A. Women and girls (legal of course) kept naked and barefoot is my choice. Men should wish to see females this way whenever the opportunity arises. The female human with nothing on whatsoever is an art form that can be admired by all. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 10:46:46 AM Name: Lynn E-mail address: Historical accuracy. Given that public whippings were carried out for thousands of years, I would think that there many, many different ways the person to be punished, was fastened.

But given that these were not Japanese roping art competitions, no doubt the simplest effective ones were the most common. Given that the way it was done to the Irish Spy (Amy) in 'Dead, But Dreaming' - strung up to the post, on her toes - is one of the most simple and effective ones I am sure it is quite historically accurate. I however would like to see a whipping scene in the future, where the girl gets the lash primarily across the front and not the back. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 12:55:45 PM Name: Amy Hesketh E-mail address: Homepage URL: Scribbler wrote: That Amy chick is really cute. But that wooden pole is in the way. Definitely need to rethink that for next time.:) There's good news on that front, another wonderful soul is sponsoring a scene in the second Dead But Dreaming, a public whipping scene.

No post in the way this time, I'll be strung up with my hands apart, between two posts. AND, we're launching a campaign (finally!) to raise funds for an incredible sequence in Olalla, which culminates in a huge blow-out mega scene in which I (as Olalla) am chained to a cross by a mob of angry villagers, stripped (yay nudity!) and whipped. Mostly across the front ( good news for Lynn), given the nature of a cross. Then, I'm burned at the stake by the mob.

Louis Grande wrote: Thanks Amy! That's great to hear. If there's anyone who could answer for me, which version of Maleficarum is best - Director's Cut or Theatrical Release? By best, I basically mean the longest scenes of torture. I think Margot already answered your question in an email, but for anyone else wondering, the Director's Cut of Maleficarum has the longest torture scenes. The Theatrical Version has them somewhat intercut with the testimonies.

It also has a slightly different score and sound mix. YikYakker wrote: BTW, I really like that aftermath pic that you posted - you look splendid. I'm even growing accustomed to the new hair color/style.which, for all I know, may have become your current (?) hair color style. Thanks YikYakker, I'll keep that hair for the second part of Dead But Dreaming.

But in Olalla, I have very dark hair, which I know you like better.:) After seeing an Amy Hesketh whipping scene, all others start to pale by comparison. That's super nice of you to write! Is enough to evoke feelings in even the most hardened GIMPer. I actually love that picture, the make-up, making me look really ravaged, is terrific. And I like my expression there, I even feel sorry for myself looking at it.

Particularly because I remember how cold it was, and how much I really needed a break. Sloth wrote: so as I understand it in addition to you being raped and whipped you suffer an execution by garotte - on my way to order a copy. Indeed, I'm executed by garotte, it's a dramatic scene, about which the critic Charles Lonberger (Beverly Hills Outlook) wrote in his soon-to-be published review of Dead But Dreaming, ' Particularly unnerving is the scene in which she (Amy Hesketh) is garroted, a textbook example of how the unreal can be so convincingly and chillingly portrayed, that we do not for one minute doubt the veracity of what we are witnessing.' O - Thank you for the review of Alucarda, that film has been on my radar for some time, but I was on the fence. I think I'll enjoy it. Wrote: Sorry, I may have asked this before, the whipping of Amy with her hanging with her toes just touching the ground was a great call but was it historical the way whippings were done in actuality or was it Amy's idea to add more merciless pain to her whipping scene?

Santorum responded: That was done at my request. I have no idea of its historical accuracy (I would assume not), I just think there's something quite nice about a GIMP forced to endure her ordeal while standing on tiptoe. It was a great call, the tiptoes. Yes, it added to my real suffering shooting the scene, but it looks great, right? And I'm sure it helped my performance, being a method actress.

Gog wrote: I much prefer to see Amy totally naked and barefoot (and on her toes in a nice touch too). [I sure wish Amy would walk around naked more. Afterall, spent some damn good money on that telephoto lens. And keep the curtains open.geeeze.] That's so sweet of you to write, Gog. Perhaps I'll re-think my decor. Who needs curtains, anyway? Lee Mortachi - I'm glad you liked Maleficarum!

Some of what you're looking at is real. You must have ordered the copy without a cover for it to take 3 weeks (or you're in Europe/UK), as the ones with a cover only take 4-10 days to arrive to the USA, being shipped from within the USA. Galahad - I think you're referring to the picture at the end of my post, which we took as a gag one day in the studio, and the photographer, Miguel, who does the cinematography on our films, posted it recently to Facebook.

I have been working out a lot. It really helped after my father passed this year; endorphins and whatnot. I'm glad you appreciate my efforts. Although, poor Jac. I guess I couldn't take anymore perilous scenes. We have tons planned.

But someone will have to tie my up just for posting that picture. It's in such bad taste. I'll be posting pictures from Olalla, as we're beginning the shooting of the contemporary scenes this Monday. And of course, Jac, when working out the shooting schedule, scheduled my nude scenes for the first four days of shooting.

I'll be leaking stills and pictures from the set. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 03:02:41 PM Name: A Canadian Lee Mortacchi: Glad to hear your disc arrived safely. I suspected it would. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 03:07:45 PM Name: brainmaster E-mail address: Homepage URL: Hey, it's consensual with stupid fetish wear, but the victim is hot, responsive, convincing, great positions, which is a rarity in most commercial BDSM videos. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 03:43:07 PM Name: Daniel E-mail address: WoW! Amy, you look so good! Clothed and armed!

Unclothed, tied AOH and whipped GREAT! Jac not so good!

Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 06:15:19 PM Name: Scott This will be my first post. I haven't watched all of Dead But Dreaming yet, but I did get the DVD in the mail yesterday. So, I want to make some comments on the movie. First, delivery was super fast. It took seven days from the time I ordered the DVD until I got it. The photography is right up there with movies that cost $100 million or more from the mayor studios.

The DVD also came with another DVD on behind the scenes making of Dead But Dreaming which is also very good. As for the whipping scene, which I did watch.

I have one complaint. The guy doing the whipping of Amy, seemed to be enjoying himself way too much. Amy did a great job, and it was hard to realize that it was not a real whipping. I wish Amy the best, but it will be hard for Amy or anyone to do a better, more realistic whipping scene. Watching it, you could easily feel sorry for her because of the way she was suffering, even if it looked worse than it really was.

I will certainly be ordering more of Amy's DVDs and I urge everyone to purchase this DVD. You won't be disappointed and I haven't even watched the whole movie yet. I will post more, once I watch the movie.

Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 06:31:33 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Lee Mortacchi wrote: I just saw 'Maleficarum' and I really enjoyed it. Pretty damn good, huh? Jam-packed with naked women being tortured.what's not to enjoy? If it could be improved perhaps they could have a better articulated story line instead of the witnesses interspersed with the tortures. I think Jac did that to make it more 'theatrical' and to appeal to a more mainstream audience, instead of an all-out continuous torture-fest that would appeal strictly to GIMPers. I haven't seen the edited 'Theatrical Version' but it sounds like it's even more so. Ralphus, what do you complain that the spit roast scene is too short?

Are you sadistic, or what? I never said it was too short; my complaint was that it wasn't filmed in such a way that it was clear Amy was really being roasted.

I had a friend who insisted it was faked, and even though I knew it wasn't, I couldn't prove otherwise because you never ever saw any establishing shots of Amy and the smoking coals below her. Seeing is believing. It was the difference between what was a good scene and what could have been a great one. And yes, I'm sadistic. I like seeing women suffer.

----------------------------- Amy Hesketh wrote.I (as Olalla) am chained to a cross by a mob of angry villagers, stripped (yay nudity!) and whipped. Mostly across the front ( good news for Lynn), given the nature of a cross. Then, I'm burned at the stake by the mob.


(High-fiving Bill K) ----------------------------- Gog wrote: I sure wish Amy would walk around naked more. Afterall, spent some damn good money on that telephoto lens. And keep the curtains open.geeeze This cartoon is for you, my friend. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 07:49:36 PM Name: Bill K. A couple comments on Amy's whipping in D.B.D. And Maleficarum: The same actor played the whip man and torturer in both movies and I've got to say he did an unbelievable job of self control in staying in character doing both those movie roleplay scenes. What a lucky part he got in both movies.

If you watch and combine all the different long dungeon whipping scenes in Maleficarum, they were equally as terrificly well done as Dead But Dreaming. Amy's out in the open courtyard whipping scene was a great gimp scene but Maleficarum had more of them. I enjoyed very much D.B.D but I loved Maleficarum and not just because of the spit roast and bats scenes which is why I bought the movie but for all the great dungeon torture scenes. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 07:50:09 PM Name: YikYakker Scott: Your first post? You wrote (among other things): The guy doing the whipping of Amy seemed to be enjoying himself way too much.

Yeah, I noticed that too. But here's another way of looking at it -- If a guy had a job like this and did not enjoy it, he probably wouldn't give it his best effort. It wouldn't be long before he lost his job to someone with more zeal. The official job description may not require gleeful sadism, but it does help a torturer get through a long day.;) For the victim, it adds insult to injury knowing that her suffering is bringing someone else pleasure.

----------------------------- Amy Hesketh wrote.I (as Olalla) am chained to a cross by a mob of angry villagers. Ah, a new element in your movies.a mob of angry villagers. That should be fun. ----------------------------- Carrie/Alucarda Comparison: Wow, I never thought about that.

Canadian, are you the first person to ever bring this to the board's attention? Seems like the kind of perceptivity that should deserve mention during the end of the year awards festivities. I remember seeing Carrie (the original) in the theater. The audience reaction to the surprise near the end -- those of you who've seen it will know what I'm talking about -- was visceral, audible and near-unanimous. My buddy sitting next to me cringed so much I thought I would need a crowbar to pry him out of the space between the cushion and the back of the chair. Now that's some damn fine film-making.

-----------------------------: I dig this; it shows many sides of Amy -- smart, sexy, talented, fit and dark. Really cool look. (Sorry Jac -- but it also shows you've got a good sense of humor);) ----------------------------- Decal Controversy Addendum: Just want to make it clear that my remarks about symbolic conflict were not meant to target any specific political ideology, religion or superstition. It was really an attack on all of them. The tendency to engage in symbolic conflict has been around since the beginning of recorded history and encompasses many varieties of belief systems. The common thread is the use of the unverifiable to explain the unfathomable. Your town gets overrun by barbarians?

Punishment from God. Cow died of disease? Burn the witch. Violence in the community? Blame subliminal messages in video games. I'm an equal opportunity skeptic. ----------------------------- History is not just for nerds.

Just the other day, I learned about a group of nasty mercenaries who operated for many centuries, primarily in the eastern Mediterranean area, and were known as bashi-bazouki. They never got paid, but whenever they raided a town they got to keep whatever they wanted to take.

Take this image below, which depicts an episode of the conflict between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires during the 19th century. It's called The Bulgarian Martyresses, by Konstantin Makovsky. So you see, history is not just an intellectual pursuit.

I like to look at the pictures, too. Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 09:53:17 PM Name: Gog Homepage URL: Ralphus - Thanks for sharing the comic. Too funny!.but maybe I SHOULD take the direct approach and set up a folding chair in Amy's yard. Lol ** Amy - I really liked reading your post.

Sounds like you have some great things lined up in the near future. Just wish I had the funds to commission a scene as well.

I have some great ideas. [If I only hadn't spent so much money modifying the luggage compartment of that tour bus.which turned out to be not Amy's. Damn it!] And you had mentioned, 'It also has a slightly different score and sound mix.' , in response to another's post. I don't know what it entails of course (cost or otherwise), but if you wanted to add a song for the soundtrack to the next 'Dead But Dreaming', I think The Cult's 'Wilderness Now' would fit perfectly. YouTube link in the homepage URL above if not familiar with the song.

The first line of the lyric (and recurring) and you'll understand. Anyway, continued great success. Your stalker.ummm, I mean fan, Gog.;-) Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 03:58:09 AM Name: A Canadian YikYakker wrote: Canadian, are you the first person to ever bring this to the board's attention? Middle-aged guys like me don't do too well with that type of question. Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 01:19:59 PM Name: YikYakker Homepage URL: Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012) Running Time: 89 minutes So it turns out that near the end of World War II, as the Allies were closing in on the last remnants of the Nazi regime, the evil Dr. Mengele and some Nazi troops boarded a plane and headed for South America. However, they ended up crash landing in Antartica.

There, they built a vast underground bunker and planned another assault upon the world's nations to establish the final supremacy of Master Race. Certainly not the current-day crop of mixed-gender Antartic researchers, led by Adrian Reistad (Jake Busey) and Paige Morgan (Dominique Swain), who discover the Nazi hideout and find themselves captives of the still-living Mengele and his supporting group of goosesteppers. But how can they still be alive?

Well, without getting into all the scientific mumbo-jumbo, Mengele kept them (and himself) going with a combination of bionic and facial transplants.The male members of the captive research party would make good donors for a new set of faces. As for the women. The babes (left to right): Angela, May and Silje Lanky, blond Silje has arranged to have her life spared because her boyfriend, Reistad, has decided to throw in with the Nazis. May obviously represents an inferior Asian race and is sent to the lab for experimental purposes. She puts up a fight and gets knocked around a little before they take her away. That leaves Italian-ish Angela. The Nazis have special plans for her.

One of the officers approaches her, rips her blouse open and exposes her Victoria's Secret. Then he takes a knife and runs it along her cheek.down the length of her sternum, positions it under the front clasp of her bra.and pops it open. Then he pulls the bra and blouse down, leaving Angela topless. Stepping back, he admires his handiwork while Angela displays a sob-drenched melange of fear and defiance.

'Do what you want with her,' he tells his soldiers, and they immediately begin to take hold of her. Soon, four goons have her surrounded and pull her down to the floor, crying and screaming all the way, until she is out of sight and the scene fades away. Nicely done by Maria Pallas as the lovely, hapless victim. Otherwise, this movie is a piece of shit.

It's almost as if the film-makers didn't want us to take it seriously, so they interjected some goofy dialogue and even trotted out Hitler's head transplanted onto a cartoonish robot's body. Even Dominique Swain can't save this mess, which as a movie definitely earns a D+, IMO. However, the GIMP scene described above, which occurs at the 45-minute mark, is the most well-done piece of the movie.

It's handled in a fairly straightforward manner, with enough realism, tension and babe-aliciousness to strike a chord in the heart of a GIMPer. So, if you're looking for some more material for your Sub-Antarctic Nazi Gangbang Scenes in Mainstream Movies Database, this one does the job nicely. The direct-to-video production is available on Netflix Streaming. Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 02:30:06 PM Name: Galahad E-mail address: Dear MAV. Thank you for your kind(?) comment. I am happy to be both the site jester and the site pedant.

However, I am not so enthusiastic about being compared to John Cleese. Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 05:38:20 PM Name: A Canadian YikYakker: Nice work once again on the entertaining review of Nazis at the Center of the Earth.

Outside of our specific universe, I suspect many people wouldn't be surprised to learn that a film about bionic Nazis is of a rather poor quality. But I think I get the point you were making. I suspect one of the tricks to producing a successful camp film is that the people in the movie can't appear to be in on the joke. In any event, while I like the looks of the GIMP scene -- and always enjoy a victim with some spunk -- I'm not sure that one scene is enough to prod me to actively seek out the film.

Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 05:52:13 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Homepage URL: YikYakker: Thanks for the review of Nazis at the Center of the Earth. With a title like that, how could it be anything but goofy, but I appreciate that the filmmakers included a scene of a babe getting her bra cut off. That will make even the cheesiest of films worthy of at least a look, even if the rest is likely fast-forward material.

Sometimes I swear the filmmakers know they have a turkey so they'll deliberately throw in some tied-up chick or at least a woman in trouble so they can have something to advertise in the trailer. Just out of curiosity I checked and the trailer does indeed show a snippet of the GIMP scene you described. The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above. --------------------- Sir Galahad wrote: However, I am not so enthusiastic about being compared to John Cleese. Dude, John Cleese is a comic genius.

Easily my favorite member of Monty Python. It's quite a compliment to be compared to someone like that. Heck, no one ever says stuff like that about me. The closest thing I've ever gotten to a compliment is: 'That Ralphus.he.uh.um.he knows most of the words to the Meow Mix jingle.' Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 07:43:11 PM Name: Galahad E-mail address: Dear Ralphus. But I never aspired to be a comic genius, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Apropos of your caption to today's photos and talking of pedantry; I do not see any eggs! Monday, September 16th 2013 - 02:59:15 AM Name: YikYakker: Ah.this will be a nice addition to the Bruised, Bloodied and Naked Aftermath Scenes in Mainstream Movies Database (BBNASIMD). Monday, September 16th 2013 - 09:31:47 AM Name: Oslo Netfetter Homepage URL: Just wanted to alert you folks about a pretty great whipping scene from the recent anime series 'Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.' Episode 7 begins with a scene of the lovely heroine being tortured with a bullwhip. It's all too brief but interesting nevertheless. Check it out at the URL link. Monday, September 16th 2013 - 09:22:11 PM Name: Bill K.

Great news Ralphus, Bengals beat Steelers and heads up or off in this case, the new Fox TV show 'Sleepy Hollow' has witches and previews showed at least one witch bats scene and may have possible witch gimp torture scenes. Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 12:35:00 AM Name: Bill K. Just saw a preview for a new remake of the movie 'Carrie'. Ralphus said 'Okay, that's scary' in his post about Carrie.

Now that's real scary. Gimpers and especially Ralphus beware of goblins and ghouls this October. Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 01:23:02 AM Name: Bill K. Here is the You Tube trailer for the new Carrie: I never saw the first one but I will see this one based on that trailer. Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 02:14:00 AM Name: Akhenaton Oslo Netfetter is back! Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 02:18:34 AM Name: Rack 'Em Up E-mail address: Greetings, GIMPers!

Just by sheer happenstance, I came across a movie (on YouTube nonetheless!) that may be of interest. It is called 'Beautiful Girl Hunter', otherwise known as 'Star of David: Beauty Hunter'. It's a Japanese film that contains some GIMP material.

Here is the link: There are some brief whipping scenes at 20:55 and 1:03:50, and some AOH scenes at 24:10 and 33:25. There are also a few rape scenes. I only 'skimmed' the movie, so there may be more than I found. Worth a look!

Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 10:49:50 AM Name: HOWIE Now I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Dead but Dreaming, or any of their films yet, but you know what I like most about? The fact that she doesn't appear to have had anything done to her yet, but the log they're about to nail her to already has blood on it, as well as the cloth they're using to tie her left arm up. Shows these people are busy filling their GIMP quotas. My kind of people. (^_^) HOWIE Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 04:07:38 PM Name: A Canadian Homepage URL: Rack 'Em Up: Thanks for the link to Beautiful Girl Hunter. That film was actually a few years ago by Sloth, who gave it a B+.

I can't recall the film too well but my memory tells me I would have given it a slightly lower grade. ----- Speaking of reviews, here's a review for the AOH crowd.

Title: Female Ninja 5 - Red Phoenix (GOMK-64) Starring: Ayumu Kase Produced by: Giga Running time: 95 minutes Petite Japanese porn star Ayumu Kase, star of the modern classic, is back in this Giga flick about a sword-wielding ninja warrior who is mistreated and raped. Sadly, Ayumu's return to GIMP-land is far from triumphant. While her acting is as strong as ever, Female Ninja 5 - Red Phoenix is an uneven film that often misses the mark. As is common in a Giga flick, the movie starts with fight scenes between Ayumu and some bad guys. Unlike other Giga films, however, this one is set on a recognizable Earth. There are no goofy-looking alien costumes; everyone in the film looks human.

This movie does have some mystic touches, though. It starts in the opening sequence after Ayumu stabs an enemy ninja with her sword. As the guy is falling to the ground to die, he touches the right side of Ayumu's face, putting some kind of spell on Ayumu that causes her to have sexually charged thoughts. That night, as Ayumu is lying in bed, she is possessed by raunchy dreams. She has her sword with her in bed, encased in its sheath.

Sweaty and aroused Ayumu is pretty much masturbating herself with the sheath, rubbing it against her clothed pussy area. When she falls asleep, Ayumu is still in heat ( this will be important later on). In one of the next fight scenes, Ayumu -- dressed in a purple kimono -- uses her sword to try to defeat three villains who appear to be unusually strong. But Ayumu is overpowered and disarmed by the lead villain ( the guy who ran Slave Island, incidentally) and she receives some hard punches to her belly. Ayumu's face is slapped again and the lead villain puts his foot on Ayumu's chest as more tea is forced into her mouth.

Ayumu almost drowns in the stuff, gurgling it up and gasping for air. As Ayumu remains lying in the dirt, the lead villain uses ninja powers to hurt Ayumu by jabbing his thumb against parts of her body and her head. This leaves Ayumu almost passed out. ' ' Ayumu jolts up from her bed, holding the sheath and gasping, and it's confirmed that all those scenes about the fighting and the whippings and the tea were just part of Ayumu's dirty dreams. Back in the land of the conscious, Ayumu gets into some real-world fights in the outdoors with the villains.

She is overpowered by one guy with a small scythe who forces her on her back and uses a metal chain to bind her hands. Unfortunately, the chain isn't tied properly and Ayumu doesn't look believably helpless.

The villain uses the scythe to rip open Ayumu's top. The villain then helps himself to the goods, licking and sucking Ayumu's small breasts.

While Ayumu's grunts and protests are convincing, the scene doesn't work because the heroine isn't properly restrained. The villain moves Ayumu into a seated position and his hand rubs the bottom part of her costume to massage her pussy.

After getting rubbed for a bit, Ayumu uses a high kick to the villain's head to break free. She doesn't stay free for long.

The lead villain appears with a straw voodoo doll version of Ayumu, which he uses to torture her. Ayumu rolls on the ground as the lead villain pokes the voodoo doll. The lead villain also brushes some kind of liquid on the voodoo doll, which makes Ayumu horny. Eventually, the lead villain is killed by the other guy, who takes control of the voodoo doll. Thursday, September 19th 2013 - 06:25:27 PM Name: YikYakker: These babes are too gentle, unwrapping Mila like a gift.

Maybe that's the point, I dunno. But Mila looks great, as usual.

I kinda miss that wild hairdo of hers, though. Anyway, the chick in red is Jessica, and I believe the one in blue is Andrea.

Variety is the spice of life, they say. That's certainly true of the chicks in this movie. For example, you've got Vero - willowy and elegant; Mila - curvy and earthy; and Amy, petite but durable. -------------------- Regarding the Wendy's Girl, Dr.

Yuya wrote: I do keep wondering if that chick will do anything else with her career. We couldn't be alone in our fascination with her right?

She has done some singing and stage work, nothing meteoric. But she has a girl-next-door quality that I like, especially when it comes to GIMP victims. Someone is bound to notice and offer her some kind of work after the Wendy's gig is over. But before that happens, she'll have to survive her ordeal in my dungeon. -------------------- TRG: Thanks for the very comprehensive review of Punished 4, including grades for each episode. And the caps are excellent, even though, as you say, the scenes are a bit dark.

I like Blondie, I wish it were my hands groping that fine bod of hers. Thursday, September 19th 2013 - 09:48:34 PM Name: TRG Ralphus: I first saw 'Eiffel Tower' at Lorelei's Bondage University page of. It's a variation on the spread-eagle.

You see that term all over, though, so I think it's a common term for a very GIMPy position. As for 'Flying Wallenda,' I have only ever seen this position in HOM videos. It looks like the model is flying, which made me think of trapeze artists, and I came up with Flying Wallenda. Yes, they were high-wire artists, not trapeze artists, but it is descriptive and has a nice sound to it. I could have called it, 'horizontal suspension,' but that doesn't sound like half as much fun. When the model is face down, it's an elegant position, displaying her curves to great effect and making her fun parts so vulnerable to being touched. Her breasts are lifted and taut and easy to get to, her ass is right there for the feeling or the spanking, her crotch can be investigated from top or bottom.

----- Good to know I'm not the only one here with a Jones for the Wendy's girl. Friday, September 20th 2013 - 09:50:37 AM Name: A Canadian Homepage URL: TRG: Great work on the review of the latest Punished movie. It looks like there's plenty to enjoy, although it's too bad my favorite image -- of the woman giving head to the dildo seat -- appears to be consensual. You may have spoiled it for me, by the way, pointing out that Karen Arthur is wearing a wig in Episode 5. Hideous though it may be, I'm the kind of guy who might not have figured that out. ----- Thanks to everyone who provided comments and feedback on my latest review.

I do sympathize with mr bush's point about the fundoshi. The whole kimono get-up didn't really do much for me. As for the scene with the tea, that was unexpectedly hot (no pun intended). I wish there had been more scenes like that in the movie. ----- I actually have another review written, of the Fa-Pro war movie,.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure when I'll be able to post it. The disc I received was faulty (I didn't get my copy from Larry). While I was able to write my review, I have had some difficulty with some of the caps. I hope to have the situation resolved in the coming weeks. Friday, September 20th 2013 - 06:18:05 PM Name: YikYakker: Mila looks like she want to take her right hand and use it to smack that vampire in the face. Too bad (for her) - the hand is tied and nailed to the patibulum.

*heh-heh* Score another one for the bad guys. -------------------- TRG wrote: Good to know I'm not the only one here with a Jones for the Wendy's girl. Well, I hope you'll also be glad to know that I abducted the wench. Here she is in the back seat of my car, as documented by the dash-cam. I would have put her in the trunk, but I had 3 or 4 babes stuffed in there already.

That's what happens when you visit a lot of burger joints. -------------------- Has anyone seen the movie (1986)? The description says, 'An innocent, young pioneer woman is kidnapped and raped by a drunken bandido.' Said innocent young pioneer woman is played by Lynn-Holly Johnson, who was an Olympic figure skater back in the day, and then went into a brief acting career. Anyway, I haven't seen this movie myself, just wondering if there is anything worthwhile in it. Friday, September 20th 2013 - 09:36:22 PM Name: Scott Yik Yakker: I have Angel River on VHS tape (it took me years to find) and I also have it on DVD.

Many years ago (before the internet), I was writing Lynn-Holly Johnson and she would give info on some of her movies. I was also able to send her a VHS copy of one movie that she had been told was never released. It's not the best movie, especially in writing. Lynn-Holly does look great, but even when she is taking a bath in the river wearing a white dress, she does not show anything. The only real bondage is when she has her hands tied together in front of her right after she is kidnapped and a brief scene where she is down on the ground being pulled by a horse. Friday, September 20th 2013 - 11:20:49 PM Name: tkl-pen E-mail address: I, too, have had the hots for the Wendy's girl since she first appeared - I have visualized her in many gimp type situations including pretty well all of the ones on that wonderful perilousthoughts.com website - now that's better! Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 12:54:26 PM Name: YikYakker Scott: Thanks for the info on Angel River.

Another one I can scratch off my list. --------------------: There's a little voice in my head telling me I should avert my eyes for this.

But the little devil on my shoulder is saying, 'This is going to be great!' Hey, dude on the left with the rifle!. -------------------- A about the use (or lack) of a gag. Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 01:02:05 PM Name: Bill K. I second that complaint in today's picture for that gun barrel is in the way.

Ralphus is there a front on or a better angle picture where the gun isn't blocking Amy's beautiful full bush? I was thinking of using Wendy in a bats manip picture story at the Stakedamsels forum. That is a rough mugshot draft. I am sure Wendy Baconator is a witch and needs to be flame broiled tied to a stake. Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 03:05:55 PM Name: Scott For those of you complaining about the gun barrel blocking the view of Amy's bush in today's photos, that was probably done so that you buy the movie to see Amy's bush.

I bought the movie. Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 08:17:47 PM Name: Scott How can I post photos on this site? Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 08:28:53 PM Name: Gog Today's caption: 'Uh oh, they've got Amy back up there, this can't be good' I don't know.good for me.;-) But here's one for Amy. Haven't seen her 'Drawn & Quartered' yet. Actually, forget the quartering part.but I imagine she'd sure look sweet stretched tight and spread, suspended from those posts.;-) Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 08:36:13 PM Name: Gog Yik Yakker - Warning! Don't drive around too long.or you might just get car-jacked.;-) Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 08:43:16 PM Name: Gog Homepage URL: A mainstream GIMP review of Home Sweet Home. Will only touch on the GIMP scene rather than the whole movie.

And right off the bat, will make mention that this is probably a GIMP for those with special interests.specifically for those into GIMP asphyxiation tortures. The movie starts off with an intruder entering the home of a young couple while they are out. He drives screws into all the windows and doors, with exception of the front door. He then suits up (I guess to keep from leaving DNA evidence), including a utility belt complete with zip-ties. The couple now return home where they have a very special evening planned, making out a while on the couch.

Well.it's obvious the intruder bought himself an unofficial, knock-off version of the GIMP manual. First off, even though using zip-ties, he zipped her hands in front.eventually leading to her escape. Then there was the pathetic attempt at the first gag (what chapter was that in the official GIMP version?). And finally, it's was obvious that there was some sort of sexual attraction there.hence the lipstick, yet he did nothing to her sexually.or even attempted (leaving her clothed.dumbshit!). Still, being an asphyxiation aficionado, I enjoyed the bagging torture sequence.

And also enjoyed watching the victim struggle to reach and try and knock over the candle, showing off some nice leg. So as a special interest GIMP, I'd give it a B- for the sequence mentioned. Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 11:09:14 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: Homepage URL: Catching up on the latest posts.

TRG wrote: As for 'Flying Wallenda,' I have only ever seen this position in HOM videos. It looks like the model is flying.I could have called it, 'horizontal suspension,' but that doesn't sound like half as much fun. So does the term 'Flying Wallenda' only apply if the model is suspended face down (simulated flying position) or is face up allowed?

I wonder if one position is more painful than the other? You're right that Blakemore did utilize that position in his videos for HOM, but ZFX has done the horizontal suspension plenty of times. Without thinking real hard, we have Penelope Pace in. There might be more, but those come to me right off the bat. So while Blakemore might have done it first with HOM, I'm sure Rick and probably some others were inspired by him and repeated the position in their movies.

---------------- Scott: Pretty cool story about Lynn-Holly Johnson, that you were able to send her one of her own movies she didn't know was out on tape. I always liked her, one of those sweet, innocent girls that you just want to rip their clothes off and ravage against their will. Since you seem to know a little about her, do you recognize what movie these stills were taken from? I found them online and never knew where they came from. BTW, drop me an e-mail and I can help you out as far as picture posting.

---------------- Teens rescue woman who mouthed 'help me' though window: Good story. That guy deserved to be caught. You don't kidnap someone and allow her to signal passers-by; that's what amateurs do. When I 'abducted' my friend that I met online, I quickly snapped the cuffs on her behind her back, stuck a ballgag in her mouth to shut her up, and then made her lie in the back seat while I covered her up with a comforter before I took off in my car.

I was just as scared as she was, but I planned out my attack and made sure I knew what I was doing beforehand. If you're going to do it, do it right. ---------------- Gog: Nice review, thanks. Looks like a decent GIMP asphyx scene for a mainstream movie.

But why does Hollywood continually do the hands in front thing? You can easily remove your gag with your hands tied in front, and that's how damsels escape and get revenge. It's just not realistic, and even worse, it's teaching a bunch of stupid wannabes out there to the wrong way to do the deed. They're setting a bad example.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above. Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 01:54:18 AM Name: DHT Homepage URL: Not likely to become a Youtube sensation, but some Gimpers may enjoy it: Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 07:27:08 AM Name: A Canadian Gog: Thanks for the review of Home Sweet Home. Based on the caps and the producers' decision to follow an inauthentic version of the GIMP manual, a grade of B- sounds about right.

Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 07:54:46 AM Name: Gog Today's caption: 'Amy is about to be garroted.for getting jelly on her chin?' So if I ever take Amy to breakfast.I better hide the jelly packets then.:-) Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 01:01:35 PM Name: MAV Homepage URL: Hey gimpers-has anyone checked out this site yet? Seems to be mostly exotic TV/movie scenes of rape, but there is also other GIMPy content.

I found a couple of cool scenes. Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 03:14:47 PM Name: TRG Ralphus wrote: So does the term 'Flying Wallenda' only apply if the model is suspended face down (simulated flying position) or is face up allowed? I wonder if one position is more painful than the other? Even if the model turns into a wiggle worm, the attachment points did not change, so every position she gyrates into is topologically equivalent. I think the best we can do is to name the original position and let it go at that. Otherwise, we'd need running commentary.

Any experienced GIMPs care to answer the second question? Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 06:41:39 PM Name: YikYakker Gog: Thanks for the nice review of Home Sweet Home. Home invasion is always an interesting GIMP topic. But doesn't it seem like some movie-makers are just teasing us GIMPers? They set everything up for a good scene, and then they mess it up. --------------------: Did Amy get smacked in the mouth? Or did she get a head start on the vampirism?

I suppose anyone in that situation - facing certain doom - would fight like hell, even if you get punched in the face as a result. I mean, what do you have to lose? -------------------- Flying Wallenda: Help me out here, guys. Wasn't there a movie (or perhaps it was a clip) in which a girl was tied in this position in an auto mechanic's garage?

I seem to recall some discussion about that but I'll be damned if I can remember the source. -------------------- Lynn-Holly Johnson Mmmmmm.what a cutie she was. Skating's golden girl.

Only I'm not sure if she won gold or silver. Anyway, wouldn't you just love to see those big blue eyes, looking up at you, brimming with tears as she pleads for mercy?

Sunday, September 22nd 2013 - 09:42:36 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: DHT wrote: Not likely to become a Youtube sensation, but some Gimpers may enjoy it I think it should become a YouTube sensation, that video was freakin' hilarious! Hard to watch that without a big smile on my face. Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 09:27:18 AM Name: Badger Gog Thanks for the review of Home Sweet Home.

I saw it myself and think your rating is spot on. It has minimal GIMP but is actually a pretty decent movie.

I see that ISOYG 2 (actually 3, but who's counting?) hits my Redbox on October 1. I might consider camping out that night until the guy loads the machine. Probably not.

I fear that the MPAA may have had its way with it. I wonder whether the guys in that organization watch and rate the movies with an overcoat in their laps. Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 10:33:00 AM Name: Daniel E-mail address: Good Morning! As a 'nipple' person, I have to object to the careful placement of Amy's hair in todays pictures!!:( Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 11:27:22 AM Name: YikYakker Well, as I write this no one has identified the garage Flying Wallenda that I inquired about last night, so I went ahead and looked it up using Search the GIMP. Sure enough there it is, in a post from Jake back in October 2012. The movie is a German thing called.

They hoist her up using the hydraulic lifts, propped up by a rolling tool cabinet. Then they pull the cabinet out from under her so she's suspended. What a relief to know it wasn't just a hallucination. -------------------- Today's DBD: Amy looks great when she's dying. No, I'm serious, this chick then anyone else I've seen.

She even looks beautiful with that red stuff, something I usually don't like to see. Her strangulation in Barbazul was, IMHO, the best part of the movie. -------------------- I really didn't quite understand what a garrote execution was, so I looked it up. Turns out that this execution type took on a variety of forms and methods. Sometimes it was just a rope tightened around the throat by twisting, as with Amy's situation. Sometimes, the victim was seated on a wooden structure, with a rigid neck-clamp of leather or metal around the neck. There was a metal turning mechanism that drove a large bit, like a drill, through the back of the neck.

I don't think I'd want to witness that. Anyway, here are a few pics I found: -------------------- DHT: That really was an entertaining vid you found on YouTube. I downloaded it for posterity, in case the YouTube police take it down. But even though the word 'rape' is used umpteen times in the song, I really didn't interpret it as a song about rape. I saw it more as a 'poke' against the tendency of tabloids, magazines and reality shows to bludgeon us all by repeatedly flaunting the sexuality of celebrities, and the retaliation against that is a kind of mental 'rape'.

This elaborate theory of mine works for all of the examples named in the song, except perhaps the Queen of England. Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 10:00:41 PM Name: Galahad E-mail address: Greetings All. Apropos of the 'Flying Wallenda' and Ralphus' question. I have always known this position as the 'hammock', 'face up' or 'face down'. In either version, the wrists and ankles can be bound together; or wrists and/or ankles; or the victim may be secured in a horizontal spread eagle pose.

If in the first, she may wriggle and writhe, perhaps with some stimulation, most entertainingly, and flip herself over. I have a preference for athletic women, so the display of physique involved in these actions is most enjoyable for me. However, for serious action, I prefer the wrists secured together and the legs stretched wide apart. This, obviously, makes all that sensitive and private flesh between the legs available, in addition to all other parts of her body. And the two orifices. In either position, if the victims height from the floor is suitably adjusted, the mouth is also available. Being the sadist that I am, the best pose for me is face down with wrists secured together and legs spread wide.

Of the two variations, that face down is by far the more intense. The spine, being bent backwards, is in a position for which it has not evolved. The vertebrae and the tissue between are squeezed and crushed, painfully. Even before indulging in any 'playful' techniques, the victim is in considerable distress. In addition, the stretch along the front of the torso makes the victim feel particularly vulnerable and helpless. The tension in the rib cage will, with time, restrict her breathing.

As they say occurs in crucifixion. In this position the breasts are flattened against the chest, throwing into prominence the nipples. The armpits are stretched and vulnerable. It is, most definitely, a position to delight those into AOH scenarios. And if the victim is raised sufficiently high any temptation felt can be gratified with the minimum effort.

A further delight results from the fact that the flesh of the buttocks is pressed together, presenting a very different target from that of the more usual bent over position. The sound and feel of striking such a target is surprisingly different. However, our own Ms.

Hesketh has been in this position herself, particularly in the film 'Fantom'. Perhaps she will be gracious enough to share her experiences with us. There is a position allied with these which was much favoured by some South American regimes.

It is called 'The Surgeon's Table.' Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 05:49:10 AM Name: Dan Hawke E-mail address: Homepage URL: YikYakker: What do you use to download video from youtube? I use real player, but it has many faults and works intermittently at best. Now I need help finding a movie. There was a movie about a couple traveling in a camper in some rocky/desert type area. They are threatened by some guys.

I don't remember much, but at one point the woman is wrist tied in front and dragged behind the camper. That's all I remember. It was a modern movie, probably from the late 90's or early aughts. Anyone recall seeing this one?

~Dan Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 11:30:57 AM Name: Bill K. The 'hammock', 'face up' or 'face down' bound position Galahad posted about: This Damian atrwork minus the shoulder harness rope bra where only her wrists are tied to her ankles, fits which I believe he was describing. Hesketh has been in this position herself, particularly in the film 'Fantom'. Any pictures of that scene available? Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 02:50:01 PM Name: YikYakker Homepage URL: Dan Hawke: The YouTube Downloader is available at the site shown above. There is a stripped-down free version and a $29.90 Pro version. After fooling around with it for awhile (free version), I found that the trick is to copy the URL of the vid, close the vid, and then past the URL into the downloader box.

Otherwise, it won't work while the vid is open. You can choose the quality that you want (which translates to file size). When you've saved the vid in the format you want, you can convert into into another format. (I convert song vids to mp3, for example, if I really just want to hear it, not see it.) When you started to describe your Mystery Movie, I first thought it might be Hitch Hike with Corinne Clery. But that's a '70s movie that doesn't fit your timeframe. Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 03:06:30 PM Name: marathonmann 2 more methods to download from youtube: 1. If you use Firefox there is a 'DownloadHelper' extension.

Put an ss before youtube in the url and load that site.That leads you to a download site. Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 03:59:15 PM Name: elkcreek E-mail address: Well, I picked up ISOYG 2 at my local video rental place today, couldn't wait till tomorrow when the copy I ordered from Amazon shows.

My conclusion, it is one of the top 10 maybe top 5 mainstream flicks ever. I'm shocked it got released because the sex and violence definitely reached and in some ways exceeded 70's to 80's levels. The other thing I liked was the whole story was told much better, we saw Jemma staggering out of her predicament, naked and vulnerable, we saw her struggling to recover. For the record this is a great Gimp MOVIE, not just a movie with a few gimp scenes.

A better flick than the last one in every way. And as a plus Jemma Dallender is hot feisty little dream girl, certainly as hot as Jo Ann Harris of 'Rape Squad' or Cassandra Delaney of 'Fair Game'. A perfect gimp in every way, I'd marry her tomorrow since Amy's taken:). As a side note, Jemma is also in a movie called 'Community' that is available from Amazon UK but region 2 only. I received that one last week.

While it's not a great gimp movie she does spend an honest 5 minutes of the movie tied up spread eagle on a bed in a bra and panties. While she is menaced a bit and looks as hot as ever, it doesn't approach ISOYG 2 for gimp value. But it's not a bad movie about a couple of college film-makers who stumble on a pot stash. I was also wondering has anyone seen 'Abducted' by Ring Divas? It has some promise, but their scripts seem so predictable. But Calli G as a helpless menaced victim could be a good thing. I'd love to see a review before I part with the $30 for the DVD.

Also I'd love to see a poll on the most disappointing mainstream efforts. Here are some of my nominees: 1) AND SOON THE DARKNESS: Both Odette Yustman and Amber Heard in a movie about two young American tourist girls who get abducted into sex-slavery and it didn't manage thirty seconds of memorable gimp material? 2) EDEN (or the Abduction of Eden): How do you do a movie with the incredibly hot petite Jamie Chung about kidnapping into sex-slavery that includes a rape, two AOH bondage scenes with water torture (ice) and a whipping and not one scene containing any gimp or for that matter sex value?

3) SPRING BREAKERS: I know this wasn't promising as a gimp flick, but I figured, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson running around in bikinis couldn't be all bad. But the Blair Witch bad you-tube video shooting style managed to make those three not look sexy in bikinis, what a waste. 4) PURGATORY: A Tanya Roberts WIP flick with a cover that showed Tanya hanging AOH. With the exception of one quick stomach punch Tanya was not in any memorable gimp movies in the entire movie and the cover was left on the cutting room floor.

5) CAPTIVITY: Elisha Cuthbert kidnapped and tortured and manipulated by an evil madman, a home run right? While she was menaced a few times, and even tied up a couple of times, but as hot as she is, nothing memorable in the gimp department. Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 10:07:18 PM Name: Badger MAV I took your advice and pulled up cutscenes.net. There looked to be a lot of promise there. Some great clips from movies I have never heard of (including 'Black Ribbon'; That looks interesting.

Anybody ever heard of it?). Anyway, as I was logging in this morning, about to recommend it here, it seems to gave gone down. Hopefully the pull-down is temporary. Elkcreek Great idea, looking back on movies that set us up for disappointment. Off of the top of my head, I can think of Last House on the Left, 2 Straw Dogs, 2 Resurrection County Shuttle There are of course, so many more. Dan Hawke I am wracking my brain about the movie you are asking about. I have seen it, but cannot remember enough about its actors to look it up.

Wednesday, September 25th 2013 - 11:22:26 AM Name: French Charly Checked out cutscenes.net.how do you get the ad overlay to close so you can watch the clips? Wednesday, September 25th 2013 - 03:00:21 PM Name: Badger French Charly wrote: Checked out cutscenes.net.how do you get the ad overlay to close so you can watch the clips? I couldn't make it close on my iPad, but could on my iMac. Wednesday, September 25th 2013 - 05:06:18 PM Name: YikYakker: Oooo.Vero chained up in shredded garments; now that's a good way to end a movie. I guess she's supposed to get fried by the sun coming through the cave(?) opening. Kind of like an interesting variation on crucifixion.

But we know the gang is planning a sequel. So maybe this movie has a surprise ending? -------------------- Great Disappointments: Elkcreek and Badger, you guys have the right idea.

One of the things that make this forum so valuable is that it can help GIMPers avoid the aggravations brought about by films that hold out the promise of GIMPage and fail to deliver. Of the flicks you mentioned, the only one I got burned on was Purgatory.

Tanya Roberts was such a hot property back in the day. How could you cast her in a WIP flick and go so very wrong? I saw this when it was in the theater and couldn't just 'fast-forward' ahead to the good parts. Sat through the whole damn thing, thinking, 'Surely, they're going to take Tanya and (fill in the blank).' Probably my greatest disappointment was, originally touted as a sequel to Jacqueline Lovell's well-done Head of the Family.

But it really wasn't a sequel; it was just a big waste of time, except for when Jacqueline was on-screen, and even then they didn't do anything GIMPy with her. Recently I caught a movie named on Netflix Streaming.

How do you keep hot babe Natassia Malthe from having to endure the indignities of being abducted and forced into sexual slavery? Keep her clothed and in a drugged stupor until she gets rescued. A few more:: A deranged trucker abducts chicks from highway rest stops and chains them up on his property. Pretty suspenseful movie, but a letdown for GIMPers. An abject lesson on how movies end up when they're forced to comply with British censorship standards.: Bikini models are abducted, bound and tortured in a revenge plot. How can they screw that up?

You don't want to find out. Wednesday, September 25th 2013 - 05:46:27 PM Name: Fritz Garrote Executions: Thanks YikYakker for those garroting pictures. The one at, apparently from an inquisition film, is particularly intriguing. Anyone know the source?

Despite the popularity of asphyxiation scenes, they rank fair-to-middling on my list of GIMP diversions. Most oxygen deprivation perils - drowning, bagging, smothering, hand choking - don't do much for me, and ligature strangling has limited appeal at best. But garroting has been a notable exception, a form of asphyxiation torture I almost always enjoy.

I suspect that's due to the institutional nature of this form of punishment. Like hanging and BATS, garroting is most frequently portrayed as a method of formal execution. It is calculated and deliberate and leaves little doubt as to the ultimate fate of the victim. Other asphyx perils usually are committed as crimes of passion, more focused on a quick dispatch than instilling pain and fear. Furthermore, garrotting can be carefully controlled, causing the GIMP to suffer a long and gruelling demise, often in public.

Unfortunately (at least for me), garrotte executions are among the least common GIMP torments depicted in either mainstream or fetish media. Even video producers and artists who specialize in asphyxiation don't often feature garroting. As always, there are (a few) exceptions? Our new friend Arcus has rendered some outstanding garroting images: The eccentric Eyewitness team also has a respectable collection of pics and clips.

Bryan Adams OC, OBC, (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian rock singer, guitarist, songwriter and photographer. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, 18 til I Die, and Waking Up the Neighbours. Bryan Adams was already popular in when the release of his third album 'Cuts Like A Knife' in 1983 brought him a large following in the USA.

His fourth album, 'Reckless', often referred to as one of the most significant of the 1980s, sold over 4 million copies at the time and continues to sell now. His fifth album 'Into the Fire' went platinum. 'Waking Up The Neighbours', his sixth album in 1991, powered him to international stardom. The single '(Everything I Do) I Do For You' spent 16 weeks at number 1; it broke a UK record that had stood since 1955 and still stands today. Across in the USA it became the second largest selling single to 'We Are The World'. The song was featured in the film 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' (1991) and for this Mr Adams received his first Academy Award nomination.

He was also nominated for a Golden Globe. 42 film Directors' have used Adams' music as soundtrack - from A Night In Heaven (1983) to Bobby (2007). Adams was awarded the C.M. (Member of the Order of Canada) on April 20th 1998 and the C.O.

(Officer of the Order of Canada) on May 6th 1988 for his contribution to popular music and his philanthropic work. He was also inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 1998, and more recently inducted into the Music Hall of Fame at Canada's Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys) in April 2006. Notably, Adams refuses to attend the awards; as his manager, Bruce Allen explains: 'they turned their back on the biggest thing to come out of Canada'--in reference to the hit '(Everything I Do) I Do For You'. Adams has been nominated for three Academy Awards for songwriting, and was recently nominated for his fifth Golden Globe (2007) for his songwriting in the film 'Bobby'. Some trivia: Bryan Adams shares the same birthday as Ryan Adams, the late Herman Brood and Ren Froger.

He attended the same high school as Michael J. Fox in Vancouver.

Of his #1 hits only one ('Please Forgive Me') was not written for a motion picture. Bryan Adams is part Maltese. He Declared this on Tour in 2007 when he visited Malta. Bryan Adams is also an acclaimed photographer. His works include his book 'Made in Canada' User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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