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Records 31 - 44. Summit Distributors, Inc. Linder Avenue Skokie 60076 31 2/677-1 621 Jack White, Seymour Greenspan Les Reid - Gen. Sales Offices. Charlotte 28208 Owners: Phil Goldberg/Herb Weisman 334-4637 Buyers: Johnny Bishop/Dub Piyler (Alaga.


Hiroshi Fujiwara Dub Conference Raritan

Full text of ' Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 with funding from Council on Library and Information Resources with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation COLUMBIA WORKS FOR THEM. Ruff Sqwad Guns And Roses Vol 2 Rare more.

Weather Report The hundreds of people who work for Columbia Records are among the most competent record people in the world. And they’re all working to develop artists like Aero- smith, Blue Oyster Cult, Earth, Wind 8s Fire, David Essex, Herbie Hancock, Janis Ian, Billy Joel, Mott the Hoople, Rick Springfield, Tanya Tucker, Weather Report, and newer names and faces that will be equally as familiar to you.

Herbie Hancock Earth Wind & Fire Tanya Tucker Mott the Hoopl Blue Oyster Cult Rick Springfield p 'COLUMBIA MARCAS RE6 PRINTED IN U.S. GEORGE ALBERT President and Publisher MARTY OSTROW Executive Vice President IRV LICHTMAN Vice President and Director of Editorial PHIL JAFFE Vice President and Director of Advertising West Coast EDADLUM Managing Editor Editorial New York ARTY GOODMAN DON DROSSELL MICHAEL DAVID Hollywood RON BARON ELIOT SEKULER BEAU EURELL DAVID BUDGE Research MIKE MARTUCCI Research Manager Art Director WOODY HARDING Coin Machine EDADLUM — Manager CAMILLE COMPASIO, Chicago Circulation THERESA TORTOSA Manager PUBLICATION OFFICES NEW YORK 1 19 West 57th St. N Y 10019 Phone (212) 586-2640 Cable Address Cash Box N V CALIFORNIA 6565 Sunset Blvd. (Suite 520) Hollywood, Ca 90028 Phone (213)469-2966 NASHVILLE JUANITA JONES 806 16th Ave South, Nashville Tenn 37203 Phone (615)244-2898 CHICAGO CAMILLE CAMPASIO 29 E Madison St. Chicago III Phone; (312) 346-7272 ENGLAND DORRIS LAND 3 Cork St, London Wl Phone ARGENTINA MIGUEL SMIRNOFF Belgrano 3252. Piso 4 B Buenos Aires. Argentina Phone 89-6796 CANADA WALT GREALIS 6 Brentcliffe Road T oronto 1 7, Ontario.

Canada Phone (416)425-0257 FRANCE FRANK IIPSIK 5 Rue Alfred Dormeuil. 78 Croissy Phone 225-26-31 HOLLAND PAUL ACKET Theresiastraat 59-63. The Hague Phone 837700 ITALY GABRIELEG ABBATE Viale A Dona 10.

20124 Milano BELGIUM ETIENNE SMET Postbus 56, B-2700 Sint-Niklaas Phone: (03) 76-54-39 AUSTRALIA PETER SMITH 40 Winters Way. Doncaster 3108 Victoria, Australia JAPAN Adv Mgr. SACHIOSAITO 1-11 -2-Chome Shinbashi, Minato-Ku. Tokyo Phone 504-1651 Editorial Mgr. FUMIYO TACHIBANA 1-1 1-2-Chome Shinbashi. Tokyo Phone 504-1651 SUBSCRIPTION RATES $40 per year anywhere in ihs U S. Published weekly by CASH BOX, 1 19 West 57th St., New York, N Y 10019.

Printed in the U S A. Second class postage paid at New York, N Y, and at additional mailing offices. V Copyright (g 1974 by The Cash Box Publishing Co. All rights reserved. Copyright under Universal Copyright Convention. POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to CASH BOX, 119 West 57th St., New York, N Y 10019 J THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC-RECORD C4SHBCK VOLUMEXXXVIII— NUMBER 8— July 6 1974 cash box editorial July, 1974 Dear Friends, We are now midway through 1 974, about which great anxiety was expressed in January.

The phrase “energy crisis' and “vinyl shortage' haunted the in- dustry as they did many other aspects of our economy. Since that time, of course, the Arab oil embargo has been lifted, and though we still cannot minimize our energy needs as they affect many areas of the music business, we can happily report at this time that there is reason to believe that the in- dustry is continuing on the road to greater financial gams. We are not without problems, among them a profit-squeeze and the ever- present spectre of “returns.'

But, more realistic pricing policies and product release programs are currently being put into effect. We are told, in fact, that a good first-quarter will be matched by good six months results for the business.

This 32nd Anniversary Edition of Cash Box is a particularly satisfying issue for us. It reflects the graphic changes that were made in the weekly issue of the magazine in April. We are not abusing the word 'overwhelming' in describing the response we received with the very first issue marking our new format. We sincerely hope that this change-for-the-better symbolizes a similar new and healthy outlook for the music business. Certainly, our ability to provide the industry with progressive revisions in the magazine is due in great part to its continued support of our endeavors. We are, indeed, proud to grow with an ever-growing, ever-exciting and challenging industry. George Albert President and Publisher indexof advertisers music domestic parti ABC Music Publishing 103 ABC Records 51, 53, 55, 57, 59.

61 Alco Mfg 146 Alive Ent 110 Allied Artists Music 102 Alpha Dist 47 A&M Records 7,8,9 American Song Fest 163 Paul Anka 19 A-1 Record Sales 48 April/Blackwood Music 123 Atlantic Records 63 A TV Music 115 B 24.25. 85 Barnaby Records Shirley Bassey Bell Records Beta Record Dist Bestway Prod Big TREE Records Bourne Music 120 Buddah Records 13 C Glen Campbell 150 Capitol Records 73, 74. 75, 1 35, 1 49 Capricorn Records 161 Casablanca Records 29 Chapman Dist 48 Children s Records 96 Cheech & Chong 10C Chess/ Janus Records 87 Chips Dist 62 Roy Clark 168 Perry Como 93 Alice Cooper 110 Crossover Records 151 Curtom Records 91 Mac Davis 137 Kiki Dee 34 DeFranco Family 106 DisCreet Records 81 Double B Records 94 Epic Records.

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