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If you’re interested in supporting this blog, Now Live on “Simply the best novel of the 1960s” Get your Official JHK swag on Pre-order the fourth and final book of the World Made By Hand series. (autographed by the Author) JHK’s Three-Act Play, A log mansion in the Adirondack Mountains A big family on the run A nation in peril Visit the to order, perform, or see sample scenes. It’s that time of year again.

Here’s JHK’s holiday classic: A Christmas Orphan. 11-year-old Jeff Greenaway hears his mom and dad argue one night after an office Christmas party.

He infers from their garbled squabble that he is an orphan, found in a willow basket on the welcome mat outside their New York apartment. Thinking now that his parents are imposters, he steals away to Grand Central Station and buys a train ticket to Drakesville, Vermont, where he intends to start life all over again. JHK’s lost classic now reprinted as an e-book. Support this blog by visiting! Spring unfolds at last in all its loveliness and Hillary sits back in repose like the matriarch of toads with a clear path to her toadstool throne, having swallowed the mouse-king Sanders.

(She forgets that there are millions more mice under the thatched grass, including new mouse-kings awaiting.) And Trump with his bullfrog smile now casts his baleful eye on the two remaining gnats circling his lily pad. Yes, this magical week when the world bursts into leaf and flower, the life of our nation seems like a fairy tale. Weeks from now when we’re used to the mild air and the greened world, going coatless and care-free, is when the storms of summer strike and the life of the nation turns from fairy tale to horror comic. Both Clinton and Trump are perfect representatives of the nascent forces moving towards some kind of civil war in comic book America. Clinton perfectly embodies the fortress of the status quo, including especially her praetorian guard of black ghetto grandmothers, giving Hillary the false appearance of some sort of righteousness when, really, she has nothing to offer the greater crisis of black manhood, boxed into prison by the ancient crippling rules of federal welfare policy with its extreme penalties on active fathering.

Otherwise, the stone wall of her status quo fortress conceals her privy council of Wall Street necromancers, and the fortune they have helped her lay up in the vaults of the Clinton Foundation. All of which is to say that Hillary represents the forces that want to keep things just as a they are: rackets rampant.

What can crush her triumph of fakery is the sudden manifestation of rackets collapsing under their own weight — a set of awful probabilities waiting to happen, ranging from riots at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia to an accident in financial markets jerry-rigged to mis-price everything for the purpose of funneling carry-trade gains into East Hampton. Look how she croaks about the triumph of the Affordable Care Act, as though it’s a great thing that Americans can shell out $10,000 a year for medical coverage that only kicks in after you rack up the first $6,000 in charges. (Forgetting for a moment that the costs are an hallucination of the “ChargeMaster” system designed to lavish six-figure salaries plus bonuses on the maestros in the hospital executive suites.) What a demonic fraud this woman is. In terms of sheer persona on persona, Trump is not much better, a walking hood ornament on the faltering beater car that America has become. But at least he recognizes that the beater beneath him needs a complete overhaul, even if he can barely cobble up a coherent list of particulars, or name the mechanics who might be able to fix the damn thing. And, of course, a broad swathe of Americans whose lives have also come to resemble beater cars are very sympathetic to the impulses Trump radiates. For example, I happen to agree that the nation needs to act on immigration, both on the problem of illegal immigrants and on limiting the quotas of legally admitted newcomers.

The Left, sunk in its sentimental sob stories of “dreamers,” and its nostalgia for the Ellis Island romance of 1904, can’t conceive of any reason why the nation might benefit from, at least, a time-out on invitations. The idea undermines their world-saving fantasies. In my little corner of America, the computer chip factory run by Global Foundries (owned by the Emirate of Dubai) has just laid off the majority of its homegrown American technical labor force and replaced them with foreign technicians on H1B visas, thus creating x-number of new Trump voters among the laid-off, and rightfully so, I think. Really, who says we have to invite every striver from other parts of the world where striving is more difficult? Let them improve the strive-osity of their own nations.

Do the citizens already here not have any right to halt the influx and take stock of the nation’s circumstances for a period of time? If only Trump could speak clearly about these issues instead of simply issuing crude and rather dumb threats. Enjoy this end-of-April lull in the action. Use the moment to gird your loins and perhaps get the hell out of the financial markets while the getting is good. I think you will see things liven up a lot as the heat rises and the seventeen-year locusts emerge from their long sleep underground in frightening storms. Support this blog by visiting!

Coming in June World Made By Hand 4 (and final). Praise for A History of the Future: “ Kunstler skewers everything from kitsch to greed, prejudice, bloodshed, and brainwashing in this wily, funny, rip-roaring, and profoundly provocative page- turner, leaving no doubt that the prescriptive yet devilishly satiric A World Made by Hand series will continue.” — Booklist My local indie booksellers (Autographed by the Author) or or Also: Published as an E-book for the first time! The 20th Anniversary edition With an entertaining new introduction by the author Bargain Price $3.99 or or Support this blog by visiting! James Howard Kunstler is the author of many books including (non-fiction) The Geography of Nowhere, The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition, Home from Nowhere, The Long Emergency, and Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology and the Fate of the Nation.

His novels include World Made By Hand, The Witch of Hebron, Maggie Darling — A Modern Romance, The Halloween Ball, an Embarrassment of Riches, and many others. He has published three novellas with Water Street Press: Manhattan Gothic, A Christmas Orphan, and The Flight of Mehetabel. I saw mine about ten years ago but I’m in Seattle. The drivers of beater cars in lines paying way too much for coffee feel special here as they inhale exhaust with the heady aroma of toasted Arabica beans. Its enough to make you forget beater cars are falling apart around you because your beater is not and you have coffee.

King for a sip or king for a day, or king for a s long as ‘ The Awful Lull‘ lasts. We also have ‘bikinini’ barista’s a-plenty too where with your coffee you get canvases of tattooed skin with your brew. Some canvases larger than others. You can deceive yourself that the ‘ The Awful Lull‘ will last forever as you deceive yourself that the shaking bikini top is shaking not for tips but for you. A short distance away from the drive thru Starbucks in Niskayuna, a woman was killed trying to cross from one side of the street to the other to get to a supermarket. Yes, she was in the crosswalk.

A crosswlak is only painted lines, the lines may as well be painted on pedestrians’ backs in the form of targets, as they are more likely to be hit in the crosswalk as anywhere else. The person who hit her was not supposed to be driving on a learner’s permit. No, it wasn’t a kid. It was a grown man trying to learn how do drive one of those big sport-utility type vehicles they import buyers for. I just took and early flight out of Las Vegas airport. You should have seen the sorry looking people lined up at Starbucks to buck their hangovers.

First time in Las Vegas, which I only used as a jumping off point for hiking in the remote Parashant Monument area. I know that JHK likes to pick on Las Vegas as the perfect representation of America’s Get-Something-for-Nothing culture, but I just had to spend a few hours walking the strip while passing through. I had no idea just how depressing a place could be, especially after emerging from a wilderness area. Tens of thousands of people, most of whom have utterly lost (or never had) any sense of dignity.

Ferraris cruising by the homeless. Street fights. Eight acres of Bellagio fountain water and a swimming pool in every other back yard, in the middle of the desert, while Lake Mead is 151 feet below full. The image I can’t get out of my head of a man, about my age (early 60’s), a huge belly hanging out of his flowered shirt, wearing a big plastic Donald Duck hat and carrying a 3 foot high container of some putrid looking turquoise alcoholic concoction. An image I just can’t un-see, and two hours of my life I’ll never get back. We’re so f&cked.

I see a total meltdown at the Republican Convention as a perfect storm is brewing. The Trump Supporters and the Leftist protestors will have violent clashes outside the convention and the whole thing will sink into a giant crater of fire and blood with Trumpzilla standing over all. Meanwhile Hillary will appear on stage in Philly dressed in her Chairman Mao outfit with a bunch of female clones dressed identically all chanting phrases out of the little red book of political correctness. Meanwhile I am working on getting off the grid in the RURAL area I moved to about 6 years ago.

Whomever takes office will have to deal with a global collapse that will see the breakup of the US into more manageable pieces. You have just illustrated one of the many facets of what globalism is. It is against sovereign state economies and is in favor of what I call the new colonization of the world.

It is precisely about the total arbitrage of labor globally which means all work will be done for (what I used to always say) a dollar a decade. That’s right there will be a global elite from around the world who come here and other former industrial countries to make the big bucks while the rest of the national population works for nothing. If you think things are unfair now, just wait. The future is grim, indeed and the clarion cry for greater education won’t work, because they can still get someone to work for less. Hillary is the top dog of this system and why is she running exactly?

Because as Bill said a few years ago, they want to make history. It’s all about getting back into the WH and to serve the global racket of the banking industry. I have to say the Repubs are just as bad, but at least they’re honest about their plans.

I tell my friends that Bernie is the only vote that actually counts right now. It’s the only vote that doesn’t fit into the fait accompli of who wins the nomination in each party and maybe he could put the brakes on the runaway train that is global corporate inverted communism that we are heading toward.

I would like to recommend people to listen to an economics site called “Smart Talk TV” because they cover much of what’s happening in macro and micro economics and in most cases is incredibly easy to understand. Of course there’s Michael Hudson who recently wrote “Killing the Host” and another important person is William K. Black who put the S&Ls into receivership under Reagan and is now an advisor to Bernie! We really are sleepwalking into a future which we may not survive. If things don’t change, I don’t know what to say about the future of civilization but it something none of us are going to like. The socialism he wants is very much what we had in the ’50’s and 60’s here in the ole USA.

You may not have been living at this time, or not understood Keynesian economics which was a mixed economy rather than the “free marketeers who talk a big story about free markets while the rich and powerful corporations went global and have total control of the markets. Do you know what’s in your food—how is this free market?

Answer there’s no such thing as having powerful monied people police themselves with no regulation. Its a contradiction in terms and simply doesn’t exist.

After 35 years of this neocolialism by transnationals and central banks, little Bernie isn’t going to take this mess into socialism. He might be able to make some changes and bring more awarness out of the ideology of neoconservatism warriorism and the financialized racket of Neoliberalism. He’s still the best choice you have and you may never have another chance at this. Ron Paul might utter some truths about things but the Austrian school of business was developed by proto facsists between the 2 world wars and is regressive and is against the people getting any help when theyu might need it. Some are very lucky indeed and live into their 90’s while still working but they are few and far between. The rest of us are going to need help. We are allowing corporations to put additives into our foods that aren’t food.

One additive is a sealant for aquariums in McDonald’s fries which btw are in a super sale of all you can eat. Without govt regulation you’re going to make the racket of the Medial Industry very rich indeed. You better fight for a better govt that looks out for you or someone’s gonna get away with mass murder corporation style. And like the kings of yore, the corporations are the law.

Socialists always argue that their system works, but it fails because it didn’t have the right people running it. (meaning those arguing for it weren’t in power).

It’s completely idiotic that a nut case like Sanders still believes in this shit. I think he’s permanently stoned or never recovered from a bad trip on LSD.

Talk about never learning or understanding anything! It’s like Obama, who hasn’t learned a thing since 1970, propelled into & thru elite schools by Leftist-inspired affirmative action money. Despite all that money thrown at him, it didn’t work. He knows nothing (“it would be unprecedented if the SCOTUS struck down ACA”) and STILL doesn’t learn anything as his brain is somehow petrified.

He’s quite literally wrong about everything. If he says something right, you can be sure that his administration is doing the opposite.

In other words, he’s lying like hell. But big govt types like Sanders want to throw even more money at unworthy people still hoping that someone is helped. It’s sad really. No one is allowed to say that low cognitive ability is the problem which has no solution in the short/medium term. Yes, I’m talking about the black population (anywhere). The VA is the supreme example of socialized medicine. For decades scandals and outrages emerge and some politician tries to “fix” it.

The problem is that socialized medicine can’t be fixed. It’s un-fixable just like Socialism itself. It’s the Socialism, stupid! Sorry buddy, you cant’ handle the truth. The entire Federal govt colossus including the Federal Reserve needs to go bankrupt, burnt down and/or wound-down.

Basically everything is as about as broken and failed as could possibly be. Burn it down!! Capitalism that includes failure is the answer to many problems.

Our national policy obsession now is “fire suppression” where what we need is a “let it burn” policy. () The big Federal colossus should be allowed to go bankrupt, which means that the Federal Reserve and it’s happy idiot money printers should be put out of business before they “rescue” the governmental status quo when the next big crisis hits and tax revenues drop to nothing. I can see it now — the Fed Reserve buys $4Trillion of gov’t debt (& prints money to do so) while the entire global supply chain is disrupted. This will surely bring a taste of the Wiemar Republic experience to our land in the final nail of hyperinflation in our collective coffin. Burn ’em down now before it’s too late! Apart from everything obviously full of fraud and failure, even the regulatory apparati at the Federal Level are completely and utterly failed and incompetent.

The Fed Reserve and other banking regulators did nothing/saw nothing when all the liar loans and fraudulent activities were underway from 2002 to 2007. The SEC is a total waste of time and money and never saw any problem with the securitization of junk mortgage loans marketed as AAA bonds. Like Mark Cuban said, it would be better to “burn it down” and start all over. Even the ratings agencies were asleep at the wheel. Deutsche Bank a few days ago admitted to rigging the gold market (all of the big and now protected big “banks” are using “free money” printed out of thin air to corner commodity markets to “profit” — proving that these banks are as far from being real banks as could possibly be. Instead they are a bunch of hedge funds using literally free money and depositor money to speculate — as there is little need for loans). But get this: the CFTC, in charge of regulating the commodities markets was unaware of the issue!!

Burn that down too! Fucking useless cunts! I could go on an on. Big Gov’t sucks and supporters of Big Govt suck even more.

People like Obama who have a stupid idea that gov’t is the answer to everything. Hear that Clinton? Hear that Sanders??

The bigger it is the more incompetent, corrupt and counter-productive it is (read that blog that I mentioned above). So #1, stop digging!! #2, sell-off all these mortgage agencies FNMA, Freddie Mac, FHA.

Get rid of entire departments like Energy, Education, etc. Downsize Dept of Housing and Urban Development and Commerce, etc.

#3, delegate most functions and power back to The States. The Federal level should limit itself to competent regulation and the duties strictly enumerated in the Constitution. There’s not many of them, which was true during the majority of our history.

Yeah, I do have constructive solutions. It would be a new American Revolution.

For an inkling of what a new revolution would look like, read this blog post of mine: OK, enough ranting. There have been many systems in history that have worked very well, but only for a very short time. They all eventually go bad, and usually sooner rather than later. It is like a contractor who builds an office building, a bridge and a dam, but they all collapse. After him another contractor meets with a similar result, and after him another etc, etc. Finally, someone realizes that the concrete has all been sourced from the same place. Humans are the concrete–the heart of man is selfish and corrupt on top of his being small-minded and short-sighted.

It will never change. Don’t get involved in politics, try to find hope somewhere else. Being There, I totally agree with what you said above about corporations screwing us over and putting crap in our food, water, air, etc. The problem is that the regulatory agencies are run by personnel from the corporations they are supposed regulate, but don’t. It’s a revolving door. Making the agencies bigger won’t change that. In most cases the Government protects the monopoly rackets run by big contributors.

The mainstream media feeds us bullshit and won’t expose their corporate bosses’ crimes. We have a fusion of big money and big government and it is evil. It’s useless to argue over labels – is it fascism, is it socialism, is it crony capitalism?

Who cares about the label, we have to expose the evil. I didn’t say making the agencies bigger as such. I am saying they better stop working for the corporations and we have to demand that incessantly. We the people have to force the issue of the revolving door and the end of lobbyists writing the law of the land signed by congress. This isn’t going to turn around without a lot of fighting and workthat’s right.

If you want a democracy you’re gonna have to take it back from those who are misusing the system. Sorry it’s blood sweat and tears.that’s how far it’s gone. Oh and btw I only shop at the green market, but the point is that not everyone in the country can and many of the poor go to McD’s I for one, took one bite of a MD hamberger, spit it out and never had another.

But I’m not just interested in me or I wouldn’t be wasting my time talking about it. Millions of Americans are eating this way and we all are paying for it. My point was to tell you that free market ideology is as insipid as Communism and has nothing to do with reality. It’s just words—its just ideology with nothing to back it up and no way it’s ever going to be arranged the way its written.

I watched a very interesting You Tube video years ago which detailed the evolution of slavery from the original “work them till they die” model utilized by the ancient Egyptians followed and improved upon by the Romans who added small freedoms resulting in improved production. The serfdom model of the Dark and Middle Ages added much increase in productivity by allowing for a small sharing of crops by those who tended the fields and provided their spawn for the noblemen’s armies and wars. The modern American model of complete (perceived) freedom and choice has boosted production and profit so far through the roof that it has created a vast class of wealthy elites who now own it all. Unfortunately, these bastards have grown so greedy (which always seems to result from such prosperity) that their new plan is to revert to the original Egyptian model by replacing us all with stone age primitives whose needs are next to nothing. I must say that not only are they doing a fine job at implementing this change but they have actually convinced the lemming-like hoard of used to be well offs to help dig their own graves. You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you may find, you get what you deserve. The Left, sunk in its sentimental sob stories of “dreamers,” and its nostalgia for the Ellis Island romance of 1904, can’t conceive of any reason why the nation might benefit from, at least, a time-out on invitations.

I wonder what the left of 1904 thought about immigration? I googled Samuel Gompers on immigration and found this: In 1905 when efforts were made in Congress to open the doors to Oriental immigration the American Federation of Labor declared We make no pretense that the exclusion of Chinese can be defended upon a high ideal, ethical ground, but we insist that it is our essential duty to maintain and preserve our physical condition and standard of life and civilization, and thus to assure us the opportunity for the development of our intellectual and moral character. Self-preser-vation has always been regarded as the first law of nature. It is a principle and a necessity from which we ought not and must not depart. Shutting out from our shores the poor of other nations and races is caused by the law of necessity and self-protection consequent upon our industrial system.

Labor does not desire to erect a wall around our country and prevent the poor of other nations from entering. It does not declare that America is for Americans alone, but it does insist that there should be and must be some restriction of immigration that will prevent disintegration of American economic standards. So the people calling for immigration restrictions are aligned with the left of 110 years ago. One more thing about the deal Andrew Cuomo made to attract corporations to NY state. He wanted to stimulate labor growth in NY State by offering 10 years of 0% taxation for the corporations to set up shop.

So where is the quid pro quo in this? Why can they lay off Americans and bring in B1Visa workers if the whole idea was to get Amreicans working?

The same thing happened in 2009 when Obama gave money to companies like Whirlpool et al and they opened factories in Mexico. What do you think this is about? You know what I thinkwhat say you? It is an old failure of an old scheme though I am sure the sellouts at the top collect much in the way of kickbacks for their aid in such scams. There are as many stars in the sky as their are towns that failed with the “tax incentive” approach to luring in ratables. It is a pipe dream, a lie and with the abilities to offshore or bring in “visa” labor at Bangladesh pay scales, the promise for employment of locals labor refers to those brought here in Sealand containers by the boatload.

It would appear that Big Bad Ben Bernake was full of crap when he told us that American workers were going to have to learn how to compete with cheap foreign labor because it is obvious that this is just another sellout lie. It shan’t be a lull when the cicadas come out after their 17 year sleep to make that cacophonous chirping. The title necromancers is most appropriate for the Wall Street crowd but must also apply to those croaking residents of that Necropolis on the Potomac.

A dead city that does’t quite know it is. Check around the bus terminal. Also JHK’s investment advice is sound: sell in May and go away. Trump gets 1270 delegates for the first round selection in Cleveland and then comes colourful fireworks. Sometimes I have to wonder if there is some kind of behind the scenes Bond-style master villain manipulating American society. While on the phone with my Mafiosi-wannabe student loan “collection” company this morning, I was suddenly struck by an insight; that more and more people under 50 are in lower paying, part-time jobs, delaying having children (or any kids), while being extorted 1/3rd of their incomes to pay college debts.

This in turn creates demographic decline & corpo-marxist calls for “diversity” thru immigration. The destruction of the American workforce has perhaps entered a new stage– “insourcing” of lower paid foreigners on one hand, while creating a native class of debt slaves, on the other. There is also the cohort that is out of work permanently, the older men who lost their jobs in the crash and will never again be hired to anything approaching what they earned before, despite having “STEM” skills and experience. The companies don’t want older workers, period.

A large number of these men have student loans, I’m assuming, because from what I know middle-class parents took out loans to pay for their children’s educations, it isn’t just the students with the loans. I heard just last night that suicide is way up among men in that age group.

Concern about immigration implies concern over overpopulation unless that concern is a mere expression of tribal elitism (racism). My concern over immigration is tied to genuine concern over overpopulation and current immigration policies totally send the wrong message and are no good at all for America. Current policies prepare America for a future that can never be. Among 9 of 10 people who have other than a don’t worry be happy attitude to immigration however, tribal elitism prevails. Consequently I tend to keep my views on immigration to myself. I don’t want to be mistaken as just another hood ornament on a decrepit and rusted out jalopy leaking fluids everywhere it goes. I suspect most people concerned about immigration don’t know what overpopulation is.

Take a look at what’s happening to the EU and Lebanon. Forced to take in millions of displaced people from the ME that we broke into smithereens and still want to continue.

All for fossil fuels. Why we’re even bosom buddies with the Saudis.of 28 pages fame.

Did you see W holding hands with the Prince? (I think there was one of them kissing too) Mhmmm.

We decided on regime change for Iraq and tore a functional economy asunder and for what? But I digresswe flood countries with outsiders in order to destroy the modern nation state in favor of global corporate interests. Cheap labor and under par goods and services made as cheaply as possible to the point where they look good and barely work. Gotta love that model.

With third world labor and 1rst world prices for basics, who’s going to be the market? Another thing: I was coming up on my twenty-fifth birthday when Bill Clinton had his New York Democratic Primary where he beat his one remaining serious challenger Paul Tsongas by saying in campaign commercials “Let’s close the book on the eighties!”. Tsongas was rather enamored of some aspects of Prez Reagan’s supply-side economics but was still a decent and principled man. But of course, we all know in retrospect that Prez Clinton not only kept open the book on the eighties, he wrote a whole bunch of brand-spanking-new chapters of his own! Good afternoon James, Been awhile, but I always read, and this was excellent as usual. Sadly, we are at the stage where; There will be blood. One way, or the other, JFK was right.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” We’ve been through the Tea Party and the Occupy, now comes civil war. Our enemies should love that I guess, we are at the Hero phase of this Fourth Turning. Now, regardless of The Donald’s style, we must give him credit for blowing his horn, while riding the whirlwind the Elite have sewed. The people are awakening God help us all.

I know a young woman who is a Trump supporter. She is not white. Yesterday there was yet another shooting near her house, the neighborhood where she’s lived all her life. She’s seen steady deterioration on her quality of life under several administrations, but it has really exploded under the current one.

Her parents are both working people who own their own home. Her neighborhood is the one that was written about in a book called Funkytowns USA, I believe. I can’t see where she’d be any worse off voting for Donald. Forgery of the primaries results is a very expensive proposition, and in New York State Hillary Clinton did not spend money on those counties where the population is less than half a million. Therefore, when looking at the New York election map, it seems that Bernie Sanders won everywhere, except for the big cities. Although if you consider normal sociology, it is the residents of big cities who had to vote for him (accumulation of the proletariat and the recipients of welfare), especially on the border with the semi-socialist Canada.

But they voted for the apologist of mad capitalism, Hillary Clinton, in comparison with whom Margaret Thatcher seems to be a trade union leader in the mining village of Wales. Bernie won nearly all New York precincts outside of NYC with the exception of the Rochester and Buffalo areas, which have weathered things better economically than the rest of the state. You can see a direct correlation of the poorest counties registering the most votes for Bernie. They know that he (or God forbid, Trump) is their last best hope for ever digging out of the economic morass that has plagued most upstate communities for the better part of 30 years. If thousands of voters had not been purged from rolls in Brooklyn, among other cities, Bernie would have likely taken the state. This election is making Bush’s two stolen terms look like child’s play.

True, the ACA is a cruel joke. And speaking of cruel health care travesties and evil CEOs how about that Abbott Labs, Laying off over 150 employees, making them sign an agreement that they can’t sue or “disparage” the company, and forcing them to train their replacements, who are all from India. I actually felt like I was reading the Onion but there was the hard copy Trib right in front of me. That kind of crap and health care premiums that are like making huge car payments and not getting the car make you seriously wonder when the pitch foks are really going to come out.

In New York, in order to vote in the primaries, voters had to register a year ahead of elections, when no one has ever heard and could not imagine such presidential candidates like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. And this rule was introduced quietly one and a half years ago, and very few people knew about it. Therefore, those voters who want to vote for Sanders, but were registered as independents, could not do so, as well as those who would vote for Donald Trump, but were registered Democrats. Well, an independent can not do anything about this, but to try to convince Bernie Sanders to run as an independent, but Democrats sympathetic to Trump can go to the polls and wait 3 hours in line (Hillary took care of that) and cast an empty ballot. And these blank ballots turned out more than 20%! Plus, the Democratic Party election commissions “lost” 7% of registered voters! That is, imagine a registered Democrat comes to the polling station, stands 3 hours in a queue, and is being told: “Sorry, but you are not on the list.” And democratic supporters of Trump have been pre-prepared for this situation (they have a whole organization) and knew what to do, and those who wanted to vote for Sanders, could hardly guess to cast an empty ballot.

Total Hillary officially won 58% of the vote, 5% was plainly stolen from Sanders – payoffs, inflating the registry, the sick, the dead, etc., etc., 7% – lost and 20% empty ballots casters. That leaves 26% of true Clintonites. And this despite the fact that turnout in Democratic primaries, had dropped by a third. She won the already registered Democrats, for the most part. That’s not the big achievement they made it out to be. Kasich won Ohio. It annoyed me the way they kept saying it would be embarrassing for Hilary to lose in her home state.

As if she’s more of a New Yorker than Bernie. BTW, why didn’t Hillary move to this area to establish residency for her Senate run?

Why should it be inconceivable that someone running to help the working families and the poor actually live someplace where there are people like that? You might enjoy Carol Quigley, “The Evolution of Civilizations” with a hilarious description of where we are today: “This is generally a period of gambling, use of narcotics or intoxicants, obsession with sex (frequently as perversion), increasing crime, growing numbers of neurotics and psychotics, growing obsession with death and with the Hereafter. The vested interests encourage the growth of imperia list wars and irrationality because both serve to divert the discontent of the masses away from their vested int erests ”. New York is no longer a democratic state.

I even think that there simply is no more Democratic Party – it is necessary to create one from scratch. But Sanders in this situation during the Democratic Party convention may say, “Oh, I can not allow Trump to win the White House and Hillary can not win at all!

I am compelled to put forward my candidacy as an independent candidate.” And the votes will be taken away from Hillary, but not from Trump. Here it is, Madame Secretary, Ross Perrot 2.0, please accept and sign on a dotted line! Combined with the threat of FBI bringing an indictment against Hillary, this plan could work with a bang, and super-delegates that she believes are in her pocket may think hard.

And their number is more than enough to make Bernie Sanders the nominee and save the Democratic Party from complete fiasco. And it may very well be that it is the Obama-Sanders plan, and it seems to have been joined by the Pope Francis. Many things conspired to make the US the great success which it was for a while: (1) After the second world war everybody except the US was in ruins with the US seeing no destruction on the homeland.

(2) Expansion into a largely empty or emptied space which is just now hitting the wall (homsteading in Alaska only recently terminated). (3) Enormous influx of foreign intelligence into the US after the 2nd world war and the torch capably picked up by US nationals. I really don’t know any other country where so many fortunate accidents conincided with hard work and determination.

Unfortunately this has set the bar of expectation very high at the time when global currents are turning against it in every sphere. There will be much blame spread about for no purpose. I see this tending to a violent reset, hopefully nonnuclear.

As I continue to read Jim’s posts and books and explore other writers as well, I am learning more about how criminal and ridiculous the financial rackets are. These derivative markets are simply gambling on whether certain banks will fail or not. The bets and other decisions can be made to make failure a certainty, and this is our economy? No, it’s not. It’s the banking families playing the human race for suckers. It’s the economy of the oligarchs. I have been very worried about my social security benefits being stolen by the oligarchs, but it appears that they are safe for the short term.

The reason I think this is that when the bubble bursts – later this year? – the banks will be seizing depositors’ cash to bail themselves out. It’s called a bail-in, and legislation was passed in December 2012 to make it legal. When folks rush to get their money, they will be given certificates of equity in the bank, but not cash. That will happen overnight. The oligarchs have been planning this “harvest” for years. It’s how they operate.

Bull and bear markets are cyles that build wealth for the oligarchs to harvest. This next one, from what I’ve been reading, is going to be the mother of all bubbles bursting, wiping out the rest of the middle class in the US. I think the oligarchs will want to keep the federal government operating so that they can control the milltary, which no doubt will be used to put down the mobs marching on East Hampton and other communities of the elite, with their baseball bats and ropes, looking to dispense justice to the bankers for stealing all their cash. Truly, what a clusterfuck this country has become. It’s ruled by criminals who are stealing everything of value and destroying everything that we need to live.

What a scourge they are! I don’t see any way to stop them. Russia and China will have to figure out how to do it. The “American” people are mostly useless. There will never be change through the existing political structure, which is part of the oligarchic charade. “For example, I happen to agree that the nation needs to act on immigration, both on the problem of illegal immigrants and on limiting the quotas of legally admitted newcomers.

The Left, sunk in its sentimental sob stories of “dreamers,” and its nostalgia for the Ellis Island romance of 1904, can’t conceive of any reason why the nation might benefit from, at least, a time-out on invitations. The idea undermines their world-saving fantasies.

In my little corner of America, the computer chip factory run by Global Foundries (owned by the Emirate of Dubai) has just laid off the majority of its homegrown American technical labor force and replaced them with foreign technicians on H1B visas, thus creating x-number of new Trump voters among the laid-off, and rightfully so, I think.”. Right on JHK!

I thought there was some legality against hiring foreign workers for companies located here. Funny you should mention Ellis Island Quote of the month is found there. “give me your tired, your poor, huddled massed, your multi-national corporations yearning to be tax free.” $111 Billion lost in tax revenue. Think what that could do, do much toward the trains that are needed.

Is that the understatement of the century. Ah, the common good went out with the hoola hoop. Truth of the decade. Kim Kardashian wouldn’t make a zit on the nose of one of the participants in Democracy Spring at the capitol. Now, THERE’s a truth! Early Happy Birthday Beantown Bill! A good week to you blogmaster.

America is a ticking time bomb. The only thing we don’t know is what the fuse looks like and how long it will burn before Kerpluey! The people of America are fundamentally different than those hard working stock that built this country. The movie “Concussion” proves that we have gladitorial games, except here and now they blow their brains out a few years after “retiring”. Their retirement fund was just awarded to them in court: 5 million apiece for their mushy brain care. Pop Warner is off 10%. It’s just a matter of time before America has dozens of colisseums dotting the landscape of gloom and despair.

And football teams like the Dallas Cowboys will go from being worth 2 Billion dollars to worthless mind numbingly fast. I have to disagree here.

The American people are certainly not useless, indeed I believe that they are the least sheeplike of all western countries with maybe the exception of Switzerland. Here in western Europe people accept it as an unquestioned assumption that government is benign and will remain so to be trusted indefinitely. They are also willing to give up their weapons which they think is a good thing to do and no thought is given to the fact that the state is armed to the teeth with SWAT teams looking exactly like the thugs depicted in cartoons only a few decades back.

A collegue of mine (university “educated”) was of the opinion that it is a good thing that information is immediately classified so that proper channels can sort out the confusing facts and present them in orderly fashion to the people, lest they be confused. Very few here find it odd that on the one hand the state must spy on people to keep them safe from terrorists while on the other hand one million people can be let into the country from regions where large terrorist organizations dwell with no controls whatsoever. People are full of fear and strive to have insurance for everything (including the risk of unwanted immaculate conception). Envy is the predominant sentiment since almost nobody sees a realistic chance to move ahead and feels stuck with whatever the circumstances have dealt him. While I was in the US I had the distinct feeling that very few were envious of others.

In some ways the last few weeks have felt quiet – certainly the FED/Treasury manipulation has kept the U.S. Markets (and overseas markets) from completely turning over. On the other hand, it looks like NATO/USA/SAUDI-ARABIA are preparing for some kind of nasty operation in Syria, and then there’s the Ukraine, with its proto-fascist leadership, claiming it has a “ballistic missile”. (likely one of those air-pump rockets like when I was a kid, fill it with water, pump it up, fire it – I don’t see those any longer???) Any who – be safe all and thanks so much J.H.K.

For your work! The neoliberal/neoconservative consensus on economic and foreign policy issues–essentially, plutocracy and perpetual war–is masked by their differences on social issues, which is what the MSM covers and has the American citizenry fighting over. Sometimes even this perceptive blog gets sidetracked on such issues, which, while important, are not matters of national life and death. There is a substantial minority of citizens who see the big picture and understand the neo consensus, and they are largely in Bernie’s camp. There is another substantial minority of citizens who know that something is very wrong with this country, often because their lives are coming apart, but do not yet see the big picture, the neo consensus, but remain in a fog of anger and confusion. They are largely in the Trump camp. If and when this latter substantial minority finally gets clear about the neo consensus that is destroying their lives, their country, and their world, and, putting social issues aside for the moment, unites with the former substantial minority, there is born a substantial majority with the power to alter the present and create the future.

Until then, we’re politically helpless, except on the local level. Venting our frustration is helpful for our individual sanity, allowing us to let out steam and to learn that we’re far from alone. But education remains the key to change on the national level, not in the sense of the often dysfunctional public school system, but in the sense of Thomas Paine. Where the hell is he when you need him? Obama has come to the UK to convince Brits not to leave the European Union, which the treacherous Anglo Saxons conceived to fuck in a particularly perverse way, known as TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Moreover, Prime Minister Cameron was the initiator of exit of UK from the EU, but with the passage of time came to a conviction that UK need to stay in the EU for some time, “forgetting” that England as a member of Anglo Saxon world will have to fuck itself, and this is a perversion, which normally can only be taken with the good portion of the famous English humor. This to some extent explains the expression on Obama’s face, with which he listened to the question about the end of the special relationship of Great Britain and the US due to the desire of US President to advise the United Kingdom what is beneficial, and what is not beneficial for them, which the Brits, considering not less famous British stubbornness, perceive as a threat.

Obama shines like a polished quarter, but yields to Prime Minister Cameron, who gives to English humor even more English flavor thanks to absolutely serious expression with which he tells stubborn Englishmen that only thanks to the presence of their stubbornness in the European Union, Angela Merkel was able to impose and to keep sanctions against Russia after its blatant aggression against Ukraine. And the British began to fight for the freedom of Ukraine 200 years ago, abundantly irrigating the Ukrainian land with English blood in the vicinity of the Ukrainian city of Balaklava. And the grateful Ukrainians have not forgotten that deed, wearing appropriate hats when they with Molotov cocktails in their hands were peacefully protesting on Maidan square in Kiev against the entry of Ukraine into the Customs Union with Russia.

It seems that Obama has actually put Cameron before a choice: either the European Union (and the US) cancels sanctions against Russia or Cameron on behalf of the British people kisses fat Angela Merkel’s ass and the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union. And this impression becomes even stronger after Cameron concedes his turn to Barack Obama and he continues this competition in the British humor with a story about how he ordered to remove from his cabinet Winston Churchill bust, which is a symbol of the above-mentioned special relations, replacing it with a bust of Martin Luther King Jr.

Obama is openly enjoying his return to the center of world politics, when next to him there is no loony half-witted witch who perverts his every word, turning the policy of the country, for which he and he alone bears responsibility, into the stupid shit policy And combined with his confidence in the victory of his confidant Bernie Sanders, in spite of the control of Hillary Clinton over the vote counting process, is only one explanation of Obama sentiment that gives meaning and purpose to American policy. While the denial of these conclusions leads most of “analysts” to the suggestion of US President being a Muslim or to speculation about his clinical idiocy, or at least to the clinical depression of the analyst himself and his patient expectation of a nuclear war as a result of the “inevitable” victory of Hillary Clinton. “Weeks from now when we’re used to the mild air and the greened world, going coatless and care-free, is when the storms of summer strike and the life of the nation turns from fairy tale to horror comic. Both Clinton and Trump are perfect representatives of the nascent forces moving towards some kind of civil war in comic book America.” Jim, do you really think we are down to a matter of weeks? I suppose anything is possible, but a sudden collapse leading to civil war? (or were you being figurative?) Honestly, I think they can keep this going for decades.

Besides, there’s a lot left to steal. Until 2007 I was quietly living out my life only vaguely aware of my own dissatisfaction and unease.

I noticed things but didn’t really think it was more than cyclical. Since then, I’ve educated myself, and I still don’t believe this is anything more than cyclical. I still read the doomsday prophets because there is always a kernel of truth and I do think what we are doing is unsustainable over a longer period of time. But historically, we’ve been down this road before. Hell, the US was founded by elite white males and the history of this place since then has been mostly about retention and erosion of power.

So what’s different now than it was in 1790, 1810, 1836, 1870, 1890, and right on up to the present? What would make a collapse abject now when that didn’t happen periods when circumstances were equally bleak? Are they that much worse now on a relative or absolute basis? We’ve elected incompetents and self-interested people as President before but we survived?

There are a couple of things that come to mind that might make the present time more precarious and prone to sudden collapse – possibly taking down the country as we know it. At least the federal part of it. 1) Population increase – there’s no doubt there are more people than at any time in our history; but that assumes, arguendo, that there is some threshold number people that operates like a critical mass. But there are parts of the country still as yet not densely populated.

In fact, it is only the urban areas like NY, LA, Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta that are so densely populated that breakdown could lead to uprisings on any large scale; but would even that bring down the federal government? 2) Militarization of the police – this one bothers me because it has turned the police into para-military instead of community service. But would it be a cause of a complete collapse? There’s no way of knowing but the examples I can think of recently (for example, the shooting of unarmed black men and the Boston bombing) didn’t result in widespread breakdown of law and order. In fact, the rioting in LA and NY in the 70s and 80s produced more widespread violence. 3) Income disparity and the shrinking middle class – this is a process which has ebbed and flowed for generations.

Is it different this time? There’s no doubt that the very rich and affluent have an easier time of it and and get away with things the average person cannot. Again, is there a point where the gulf widens so much that people will say, “I’ve had enough” and string up a few rich people? 4) Corruption in government and politics – again, it comes back to a matter of degree. Is there a corruption boiling point where people will say “I’ve had enough?” Why didn’t they say that during the 1850s or the 1870s? What about in 1913 or during prohibition or during the civil rights era or Vietnam protests?

5) Government debt and the dollar – ahhh this might be the one. Erosion of freedom, inflation, deflation, militarization of police, slow loss of money all create animosity, but if people woke up one day and discovered they had lost their savings and 401K accounts by government fiat that might inflame passions to the boiling point. But what are the chances of that happening? What about a 1% “bail-in” of all deposits over $10,000?

What if the government seized all retirement assets but replaced them with treasuries of the same value with a guaranteed income? 6) Immigration and loss of jobs – another flashpoint, but what set of circumstances could lead to anything other than the continuation of gradual decline we have been witnessing for 40 years?

Every scenario I can think of is either just a matter of degree or can be offset by some other government action. If this were to be sudden it would have to be something unanticipated or such a great dimension that it would shake millions of people to their core. I don’t see such a calamity as predictable – certainly not in a matter of weeks and certainly not over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Things are different in the present time. Not the hot-button talking points you mentioned.

I would say that incompetence and the pissing away of vast sums of money are the biggest problems in America today. Of course, when money is wasted on bridges-to-nowhere and gas stations in Afghanistan the average American does not see any difference in their daily life. That is exactly the problem.

People cannot see things that have not happened. So people come to expect that the government will never have any civic responsibility.

That is what makes modern times so very different. Don’t give me crap about this. People on my street pay over $ 100,000 in taxes every year, yet the road has not been resurfaced in over 15 years. I apologize for my poor sentence structure. Yes, Hillary appeared in the North End of Hartford a few days ago, the subject at hand: “taking on the gun lobby.” Here’s some irony; the North End is a notorious ghetto where people are shot and stabbed on a daily basis.

Who’s fault is this according to Hillary? Why, the NRAs. Nobody In their right mind goes to Hartford’s North End, which is deadly No Man’s Land. Here’s more irony: while Hillary vowed to ‘crack down on guns’, she herself was surrounded by dozens of armed security agents from the Secret Service, FBI, Connecticut State Police and HPD. When I say armed I presume they were armed with the latest, most up to date weaponry. Jan from San Jose, I would recommend another book to readone that is topical to this week’s offering. The book is “Deep South”, by Paul Theroux.

It is a first-person narrative of his several trips through the southern states, mostly on back roads, in 2015. Theroux has written dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, but it is with the non-fiction accounts of his world travels that am I familiar. He makes the point that the poverty and hopelessness he encountered in the south, last year, compares with the worst he has seen in Africa, or any other 3rd world country. It should make you weep for what this country has become.

I said before on this site that I didn’t see desperate people in my day-to-day life. I was told by CFNers that was because the Boston area was relatively affluent compared to many areas in the USA. However, that’s not really true – plenty of areas in Eastern Mass.

Great disorder, leading to societal breakdown won’t occur until one or more of several things occur: 1. Much of America begins to starve 2. A long series of natural disasters strike 3.

A major war against Russia or China, maybe N. A series of devastating terrorist attacks 5. A black swan event 6. Racial warfare What will NOT cause breakdown: 1. Bank bail-ins 2. Loss of income or savings 3. Ridiculously high medical costs 4.

Political and corporate corruption and/or ineptitude I’m reminded of the ’60’s when there was much anger at the establishment and much civil unrest. Yet no revolution happened and things eventually settled down. Unless some of the above occurs, the same return to order will result. Sure, there’ll maybe much unrest this summer as many people will be disappointed by the political party conventions, but I don’t believe it is the end of America yet. By the way, a thank you to Barbieisbest for the birthday greeting.

I feel particularly good for soon to be hitting 71. I think the most likely event of your top 6 Bill is war on the Korean Peninsula. NKorea in some respects seems to be China’s Pit Bull, so far kept on a relatively short leash, used to intimidate economic competitors Japan and SKorea. I wonder how long a war in Korea would last?

3 weeks, a month? American forces on the 38th Parallel would initially be overrun, and nearby Seoul destroyed. But I think the allies would recover pretty quickly and that would be the end of NKorea. I tend to agree this place has a lot of staying power and will be around a long time yet. It has its ups and downs like anything else. I still have a helluva lot of fun here, pretty much do what I want (within the law). Eat good, always got beer on ice at hand, fish, shoot, tend the garden, read anything I want (no books are banned) As far as money goes, it doesn’t bother me there are billionaires around or people who have more than I do.

More power to ’em. They leave ma alone, I leave them alone. Live and let live, that’s my motto.

Speaking of the Korean War, my uncle was a veteran of the first Korean War, 1950-1953, a combat engineer. He passed away late last year and I was recently given a Winchester Model 1894 he bought when he came home in late 1952. Sure enough an investigation of the serial number indicates it was made in New Haven, CT in 1952. They were all hunters back then. A family heirloom.

Bill, you are a real voice of reason here. Hey, Marlin, it’s great you seem to be leading a good life. If people just leave me alone, I’m happy. I try not to let what I see happening around me affect me too much.

Live and let live. Doesn’t seem to be too hard to do, but people just can’t help getting into other’s business. You’re lucky to be able to have that rifle. All I ever had in my possession from family were letters from the 1930’s my grandmother’s relatives wrote to her from Europe. They suddenly stopped around 1938 and my grandmother never heard from them again.

I had great aunts, uncles and cousins I never knew. After thinking about this a little more I don’t think anything political or economic can cause a complete breakdown of the federal government. Not even a combination of two or three from your list at the same time. It will take some arbitrary and repressive act creating some sort of constitutional crisis. That could happen as a result of a series of terrorist acts or perhaps a singular act but sufficient to create a state of emergency.

(small nuke blows up in Washington or NY) An invasion would be enough too though I think that highly unlikely in a matter of weeks or even months. That, or an interruption in the food supply, utilities, and widespread rioting and looting (think home invasions on a large scale) might be enough. The popular culture tends to inculcate the myth that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was a great “Liberation” for the negro. But I get the impression of my reading of the writings of 19th century black intellectuals, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.

DuBois, that the slaves in 1863 were not psychologically prepared for Emancipation and that Emancipation and its attendant consequences (disappointment as slavery morphed into serfdom; and the rise of race hatred) were actually quite traumatic psychologically for black people, even to this day. According to W.E.B DuBois, the relations between the negro servants and the white families in “The Big House” on plantations were often quite close with the black servants emotionally considered part of the family. Emancipation would have been traumatic for them since, in many cases, they would suddenly go from being beloved members of the family to being hated outsiders after the Civil War—the rise of race hatred. The white Southerns likely transferred the bitterness of losing the war to the freed slave. Although the institution of slavery was per se racist, the race hatred only developed after the Civil War. According to Booker T. Washington, under slavery, the negro slaves didn’t just pick cotton.

The negro slaves basically did all the work, including making the furniture, building the houses, blacksmithing, etc. There was a division of labor favoring negro slaves with trade skills. These trained negroes were hurt badly after the Civil War as Northern skilled whites and European immigrants took their jobs. Washington was trying to re-train negroes in trades and wanted the government to protect them from the new competition.

I’m just presenting the other side of it. Northern Factory workers worked harder – and under horrendous conditions. Blacks could rest during the winter. Thus Southern Intellectuals told the North to free their slaves. Beyond this, there was an anti-slavery movement in the South as well. Robert E Lee supported ending slavery for example. It was bad for Whites after all and I believe he felt it was morally wrong to begin with.

Indentured White workers were worked harder. To get their full money’s worth out of them before the seven years expired. They were given the most dangerous jobs. Blacks were valuable property after all.

Of course, but again – the other side. A term in the Caribbean sugar plantations was often a death sentence for Whites. I get the whole “calm before a storm” proverb. Now that tax season is over (except for those with extensions) and most people have their returns and the weather is mildwhy not splurge it on Vegas or your favorite presidential candidate?

There’s not much of a difference in those two options, is there? Hillary is looking more like a power hungry lunatic every day more delegates start rolling over for her and Trump is priming himself for the biggest bid for Washington D.C. Real estate in his lifeare you ready to rumble? We can discuss men and women and birds and bees, too. Trump is for protecting Ms. U.S.A and Hillary is uplifting women’s suffrage to never before seen heights.

An alpha male vs. An alpha femalecan’t get much better than that.

Like in nature, someone is going to be destroyed,not just lose, and maybe Kunstler is on to something when it comes to the fantasies proposed by his party. The morning sun never lasts a day Financial and economic globalization, covering the entire globe except, perhaps, three or four areas, has reached its limits, along with financial system that used to serve it. And so, after the phase of Globalization “inhalation”, that drew into this system almost all countries and peoples under the shadow of the WTO and the dollar, comes the “exhalation” – polarization and fragmentation into currency and trade zones. Shakespeare, the 400th anniversary of the death is being commemorated these days, expressed everything that happens in the simple words: “Nothing lasts forever ” Globalization is complete.

Ahead – regionalization and polarization. The crisis of the financial system, by the way, shows the way, in which, it seems, there is nothing that could save the current system. That’s why “negative bank rates” – for someone – refined, and for many, on the contrary, – desperate attempts to use one of the extreme instruments so that the global financial system would not collapse sooner than the “Masters of the Money” could come up with “What to do next?” For centuries – centuries!

– Bank lending rate was a “sacred cow” of the world financial system. And now no more! The immigration battle is beyond a lost cause. First off, we now have a country not worth caring about. The so-called “warrior class” no longer has a country, way-of-life, or leadership (elected or uniformed), worth fighting for.

You’d have to be a complete idiot, or completely desperate, to sign-up to serve at this point. Really, what’s the point fighting for corporations, 1%ers, and illegal aliens who don’t want, or have, to serve? Yet, all of this is a desired result. Break down the borders in politics, laws, and finally, mind.

The open borders goal of neoliberalism is spreading throughout the world. Nationalism is a hate word in Obama’s, Soros’, the UN’s, the IMF’s, and Brussels’ world. Protecting borders, languages, and cultures is protectionist, xenophobic, and reactionary. No wonder why the Catalans are viewed as embarrassing aberrations.

They should not be doing this! As i’ve said many times in the past, the passport is merely a key on a keychain. Some have more than others. Another interesting habit that I’ve picked-up from the neoliberal globalist set, is the habit of now calling the place where someone was born as “the country where they were born” as opposed to referring to the person as Ghanan, Argentinian, Venezuelan. It’s the latest attempt to diminish the importance of country of birth and original citizenship. Subtle and powerful.

Brazil’s present is America’s future. It’s too late to stop the samba. You are correct. But it is much more subtle than what you think. It is a chemical attack on the population, a psychological attack on the population, and an instigated civil war. First off sugar has utterly destroyed America. It’s debilitating effects are so profound, I really believe it is the most destructive force in the universe.

The drugs we then ingest to relieve the symptoms of sugar toxicity make things even worse, the worst being the serotonin inhibitors. Then we are fed violence in sports and movies, porn in the internet and movies, and finally guns like crazy. The net result is a society on the verge of self immolation. The immigration battle is beyond a lost cause. First off, we now have a country not worth caring about. The so-called “warrior class” no longer has a country, way-of-life, or leadership (elected or uniformed), worth fighting for.

–Frankiti Immigrations is a net-positive. Many immigrants are contributing more and working harder than some meth-addled white native-born.

I still care about the USA and love my country. Sorry you don’t. The so-called “warrior class” should be reduced by half. The DoD has over one million active military and is the largest, most wasteful (with billions unaccounted for), bureaucracy we have. We could cut our military by 50% and reinvest the trillions saved over the years to rebuild infrastructure to benefit all of us. JHK- A wonderful essay once again.

However, rather than malevolent toad-queens or bullfrog warlords, I would submit that the political establishment is much like Mr. Toad, gaily playing with his gypsy wagon or motorcar (Poop! Poop!) oblivious to the crushing realities bearing down upon us. Oh Trump has hit upon the trade and immigration issue. Hillary has hit upon the authoritarian tendencies. But both are gagillionaires and have no understanding of daily life amongst the wage class as it really is.

Nor do they care! Of the two, Trump may (stress the may) have e stronger pull. But at the end of the day, they will race the motorcar around a blind curve and careen off the cliff. Poop!) Then you have the Stoats (Cruz) and the sensible Ratty (Kasich) and of course dear old Mole (Sanders) idealistic for a bygone age. Where the hell is Mr. We need him, in his down at heel slippers, ready to do what needs done. Badger is conspicuously absent.

This does not bode well for the future of the Republic. Meanwhile storm clouds gather and the River swells. “DON’T HATE the Player, hate the Game” is the saying that came to mind when our illustrious host wrote these words: “If only Trump could speak clearly about these issues instead of simply issuing crude and rather dumb threats.”-J H K. Yes, I agree – it would be better IF he could “speak clearly about these issues” to his public, but where would he find a swathe of the public broad enough to help elect him in these United States of America, circa 2016 AD? Therein lies the rub eh, Mister Kunstler?

It’s no great mystery who hopes and prays most fervently for Trumps Ascendance. Now – thanks to IT and highly developed data-mining software – we have these people cleanly quantified: The vanguard of Trump’s Vanguard is the same demographic slice of America that’s dying off. So why should we be surprised that they’re throwing themselves into this election like their lives and livelihoods depend on it?

This is what happens when another chunk of the populace gets chucked under the bus. Expect ‘externalities’ 😉 Cheers!

Yes, one is reminded of the Battle of the Kings in the Old Testament – four against five with the losers pushed into the slime pits. This debacle may have been pre-figured during the that debate when Cruz ate a booger that had magically appeared on his lip. Trump has not used this against him, but it was there for all to see and it’s inner significance may now be apparent.

Somethings are too much even for Trump to use. But Kasich’s gustatory glee? Meanwhile F Chuck (Todd) is beating his breast about how the alliance was made too late to stop Trump. If I may channel Q, Fuck you and your yoga (union), Chuck. That and a dollar fifty will get you a ride on the elevated in New York. Careful you don’t get mugged, preppie.

A persistent theme of black history since the Civil War has been the appeal for economic protectionism (and its variant “Affirmative Action”) to protect black labor, which the blacks themselves have always recognized as not competitive. The Peculiar Institution of Slavery was basically Production Quotas enforced by whipping + Protectionism. The negro slaves were in fact “Slaves”, which by definition cannot compete outside the confines of slavery. In the global knowledge-based economy confronting accelerating computer automation and robotics, black people are totally screwed Big Time unless the US collapses into some form of Communism. Total Freak Show!

One dreams of the lost land of Lyonesse, with its drowned churches who bells ring fathoms deep. And of the lost city of Ys, with its magicians who failed to forsee the treachery that delivered the keys of the sea gates to the enemy, allowing the sea to overwhelm it in one night. Trump is just the boy with his finger in the dike. But the dark tide of color is rising and he cannot stop it.

In any case, these civilizations went their way in water as we shall go our way in fire. Nothing else can save the remnant of our people so that some day they can start again. If the kind of black person that Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois were describing in their writings in the late 19th century describes a negro Slave, then a negro Slave would be a black person who is shiftless, uneducated, disinterested in education, polygamous, improvident, very emotional, irrational, passionately religious, superstitious, loyal, and dogmatic, who seeks protection and guardianship from a strong father-figure, and who is extremely egalitarian. This basically describes Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple cult, which was 80% black. Shtik: Oh wow, the camera just swung over to hubby Bill with his smiling mouth hanging half open as always.

This is so exciting! How ’bout his zipper — was it half open too? Or maybe it was open all the way — The Green Light Special with a sign that says Open For Business.

If she becomes the next POTUS, imagine all the cash The Foundation will ultimately collect after her term — or maybe even during her term considering the law doesn’t apply to The Clintons? I’m guessing billions of dollars when it’s all said and done. Isn’t this System great? God Bless America!!

We need to eliminate 99% of the NSA and it’s spying on Americans and just focus the remaining 1% of that staff to monitor our politicians and any elected officials. They should monitor every communication (written or phone or texts) and any and all financial transactions done by any government official or elected office-holder including judges. In short, we need to thoroughly spy on all politicians and disclose how they are getting wealthy as a result of being in office. Hillary Clinton has amassed $100 million by her using her office for financial gain. This should be illegal if it isn’t already.

She’s a grifter of massive proportions. Trump kicks ass and still, The MSM, every channel, has to downplay it.

He kicked fucking ass, and in my book, when someone kicks ass, you give credit where credit is due. I agree with Janos and Finca, it looks like The Republican Establishment probably won’t have a contested convention. Cruz & Kasich have ruined their political careers. The only option left for The Establishment is assassination. I wouldn’t count it out. The how would be the question.

Michelle Fields was a trial run of how easy it is to get to him. But, it could be the plane since they ran an article not long ago about how he has neglected it, so when “mechanical failure” occurs it will be blamed on his greed and cutting corners. And here also comes into play the “National Interest”, which has for long time published some nonsense about that the Russian army, “though weaker than the US, but not so bad”. But last week they straight in a batch began to publish articles with such headlines: These Russian Nukes Are Better Than America’s How Russia’s Edge in Electronic Warfare Could ‘Ground’ the U.S. Air Force America’s F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Is a Killer (But it Can Be Defeated) And this is not a picture on the TV. This is called a change in the military-strategic balance and if American elites somehow have to explain it to voters, including those who are eager to see how Hillary Clinton will punish Putin for bad behavior having very little or no interest in how Putin will punish them for their love for Hillary Clinton. To Buck Stud: “WASHINGTON (JTA) – The combative tone in Bernie Sanders’ campaign statements faded on Tuesday evening to a softer pitch of suasion.

“I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her victories tonight, and I look forward to issue-oriented campaigns in the 14 contests to come,” Sanders’ statement began after his rival for the Democratic presidential nod, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, rolled to victories in four of the five states in play that day. Prior to the statement, Clinton had “applauded” Sanders and his causes, signifying a party ready to rally toward the general election and a likely contest between Clinton and Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner who swept the five primaries on Tuesday. Aides to Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont, in recent days had presaged a “reassessment” of the campaign should Clinton perform well in the Tuesday contests.

Sanders’ statement encapsulated what “reassessment” looks like going forward, in effect acknowledging that Clinton is the likely candidate while remaining in the race to influence the shape of the Democratic Party in years to come. “This campaign is going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform that calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage, an end to our disastrous trade policies, a Medicare-for-all health care system, breaking up Wall Street financial institutions, ending fracking in our country, making public colleges and universities tuition free, and passing a carbon tax so we can effectively address the planetary crisis of climate change,” Sanders said.”. There is more to be said, but not by such as you. Only National Socialists can correct and amend Pat, no one else. Godless Commies, Homos, and Eskimos have brought low this great land. In a recent column Dennis Prager made an acute observation. “The vast majority of leading conservative writers have a secular outlook on life.

They are unaware of the disaster that godlessness in the West has led to.” These secular conservatives may think that “America can survive the death of God and religion,” writes Prager, but they are wrong. And, indeed, the last half-century seems to bear him out.

A people’s religion, their faith, creates their culture, and their culture creates their civilization. And when faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, and the people begin to die.

Is this not the recent history of the West? Today, no great Western nation has a birthrate that will prevent the extinction of its native-born.

By century’s end, other peoples and other cultures will have largely repopulated the Old Continent. European Man seems destined to end like the 10 lost tribes of Israel — overrun, assimilated and disappeared. And while the European peoples — Russians, Germans, Brits, Balts — shrink in number, the U.N. Estimates that the population of Africa will double in 34 years to well over 2 billion people. What happened to the West? Chesterton wrote, when men cease to believe in God, they do not then believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

As European elites ceased to believe in Christianity, they began to convert to ideologies, to what Dr. Russell Kirk called “secular religions.” For a time, these secular religions — Marxism-Leninism, fascism, Nazism — captured the hearts and minds of millions. But almost all were among the gods that failed in the 20th century.

Now Western Man embraces the newer religions: egalitarianism, democratism, capitalism, feminism, One Worldism, environmentalism. These, too, give meaning to the lives of millions, but these, too, are inadequate substitutes for the faith that created the West. For they lack what Christianity gave man — a cause not only to live for, and die for, but a moral code to live by, with the promise that, at the end a life so lived, would come eternal life. Islam, too, holds out that promise.

Secularism, however, has nothing on offer to match that hope. Looking back over the centuries, we see what faith has meant. When, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the West embraced Christianity as a faith superior to all others, as its founder was the Son of God, the West went on to create modern civilization, and then went out and conquered most of the known world. The truths America has taught the world, of an inherent human dignity and worth, and inviolable human rights, are traceable to a Christianity that teaches that every person is a child of God. Today, however, with Christianity virtually dead in Europe and slowly dying in America, Western culture grows debased and decadent, and Western civilization is in visible decline.

Rudyard Kipling prophesied all this in “Recessional”: “Far-called our navies melt away; On dune and headland sinks the fire: Lo, all our pomp of yesterday/Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!” All the Western empires are gone, and the children of once-subject peoples cross the Mediterranean to repopulate the mother countries, whose native-born have begun to age, shrink and die. Since 1975, only two European nations, Muslim Albania and Iceland have maintained a birthrate sufficient to keep their peoples alive.

Given the shrinking populations inside Europe and the waves of immigrants rolling in from Africa and the Middle and Near East, an Islamic Europe seems to be in the cards before the end of the century. Vladimir Putin, who witnessed the death of Marxism-Leninism up close, appears to understand the cruciality of Christianity to Mother Russia, and seeks to revive the Orthodox Church and write its moral code back into Russian law. And what of America, “God’s country”? With Christianity excommunicated from her schools and public life for two generations, and Old and New Testament teachings rejected as a basis of law, we have witnessed a startlingly steep social decline. Since the 1960s, America has set new records for abortions, violent crimes, incarcerations, drug consumption.

While HIV/AIDS did not appear until the 1980s, hundreds of thousands have perished from it, and millions now suffer from it and related diseases. Forty percent of U.S. Births are out of wedlock. For Hispanics, the illegitimacy rate is over 50 percent; for African-Americans, it’s over 70 percent. Test scores of U.S. High school students fall annually and approach parity with Third World countries.

Suicide is a rising cause of death for middle-aged whites. Secularism seems to have no answer to the question, “Why not?” “How small, of all that human hearts endure, That part which laws or kings can cause or cure,” wrote Samuel Johnson. Secular conservatives may have remedies for some of America’s maladies. But, as Johnson observed, no secular politics can cure the sickness of the soul of the West — a lost faith that appears irretrievable.

Any poll, survey, or estimate shows that a majority of americans claim adherence to the Christian faith. That means many or most of the divorces and out-of-wedlock births in America are experienced by professed Christians (Hispanics, by the way, are notoriously devout). The current brutality surrounding the middle east is clearly based on the ongoing battle between islam and judeo/Christianity. Religion may provide a common thread for various cultures, but it solves few problems, and creates many. You are mostly correct in your first assertion. I stated that “calling on the spirit WORLD” has not really worked.

There is a difference in semantics. We are discussing the proverbial apples and oranges, anyway. You are speaking from a purely supernatural aspect, which I do not acknowledge. I have been surrounded my entire life by well-meaning people (many of whom I dearly love) who pray sincerely and consistently.

Events have occurred as they would have with or without millions of prayers. I reiterate: calling on the spirit world has not really worked. I also must urge you all to repent at the earliest convenience and please indulge me to bear my witness: I used to be undecided but certain pronunciations from the good book are spot on: “let there be light”: check, Big Bang, pure radiation event.

“in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, ” (Timoths 2, 3:2), check, everywhere in evidence. Now even the is now making its appearance.

The first report was from a Danish brothel, where a near field communication chip implanted in the biceps (an early manifestation) upgrades the customer to VIP status. More ominously recently it was promoted on the radio station of the local provincial government (a propaganda organ). The female reporter had such a chip implanted in her _hand_ (!) and reported favourably about the ease with which commercial transactions are enabled by merely passing the hand over various sensors. Now this implantation must have required a cut of at least a third of an inch and knowing how much women love to have their hands mutilated we can infer that the Beast was already able to bring considerable pressure to bear on this unfortunate individual. Surely you have already noticed that War on Cash has been declared in Europe. It soon will no longer be possible to buy or sell unless beeing a bearer of the Mark, exactly as decribed.

This seals it for me. Hope you will repent also. Completeness of Trump victory This was not expected. The plan to arrange a contested Convention failed and although Trump can not be considered a nominee just yet, but you have to admit that all intrigues against him lead to the opposite results, and it is a scientific fact, confirmed by numerous experiments. Trump is an agent of Mystic-Meteorological Factor, in the sense that his appearance on the stage is a miracle, or rather a series of miracles. He did not want it, did not expect, but when he heard a Voice commanding him to get up and go to Nineveh, got up and went, no questions asked.

On to California with Bernie! Sanders said he planned to move a number of staff members to California, where he hoped to hold rallies for “hundreds of thousands” of people in cities across that state. “California will have the most staff,” Mr. Sanders said. “Symbolically and in terms of delegates, if we can win the largest state in this country, that will send a real message to the American people and to the delegates that this is a campaign that is moving in the direction it should.” (NYT, April 27, 2016) Bernie & Tulsi 2016 Bernie & Tulsi 2016! (first Jewish/Hindu ticket in the history of the USA).

Previously, Casualobserver mentioned that he had made his first trip to Las Vegas, and his comments were much to be expected. After his observations he said, “we’re so fucked!” I had to laugh in appreciation.

Las Vegas can be garish and gaudy, even grotesque. One of the most improbable of cities, like the spring, it “breeds lilacs out of a dead land”. And like April, it can be cruel.

Daytime exposes the ugly whore, and if you’re a loser, the burning sun seems to brand you with your own depression, and the busy, bright boulevard becomes as lonely as the grave. But night time brings the neon, and more dreams of magic carpet rides on hundred dollar bills. Anthony Bourdain visited and examined the city’s contradictions and attractions, not the least of which was food. And what food. At the end of his show he at least gave a nod to the water crisis. I’ve been there many times, and I enjoy the contrasts.

The highs and lows, the rich and poor, the greedy and the giving. Like in Atlantic City, ugly at times, but not sterile. See hundreds of reincarnations of Aphrodite and Adonis parading through the clubs and casinos, apparently with no imperfections of the flesh or curvature of the body.

True, the oasis in the desert has become an orgy in the desert, an offshoot of the larger orgy on mother earth itself. Las Vegas mocks, parodies and emulates the human condition. If the time comes, and it may come soon, and the water drops so low it can no longer power the turbines to light the towers, Las Vegas will dry up and evaporate, like a gambler’s dream.

@ beantownbill: I like the way you’re thinking about the high-impact risk events relevant to our systemic Collapse. Making lists is a great place to start. However, I have some thoughts about your lists and the ordering of their priorities, starting with the second list: RE “Great disorder, leading to societal breakdown won’t occur until one or more of several things occur: 1. Much of America begins to starve 2. A long series of natural disasters strike 3. A major war against Russia or China, maybe N. A series of devastating terrorist attacks 5.

A black swan event 6. Racial warfare What will NOT cause breakdown: 1. Bank bail-ins 2. Loss of income or savings 3. Ridiculously high medical costs 4. Political and corporate corruption and/or ineptitude”-beantownbill. Items on __List # 2__ are symptoms of accelerating Systemic Collapse – which we are already undergoing.

Item 1 is nearly certain to happen at this point. That’s why policy has been formalized to facilitate it. It will be a cause and is a partial consequence of Item 2. Item 3 is why medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, and why people are simply opting out and assuming the tax-penalty they are now forced to pay – thanks to the ACA – further accelerating not only their personal decline, but drying up discretionary income and therefore consumer demand as well. Item 4 aids, abets and aggravates the previous three Items. Yes, none of these things by themselves triggers a total Collapse, but only a system in an advanced state of decay would have all of them to begin with. Your __List # 1__ is only a partial list of high-risk threats.

Item # 1 on List # 1 can happen in a number of ways, either starting incrementally in a region and destabilizing the global system as a whole, or suddenly because of global financial grid-lock. This is not a question of whether there’s enough food & water, this is a question of distributing it – something that the world has gotten worse at – as wealth became more concentrated. A three-day financial ‘cluster-fuck’ is enough to induce region-wide violent mayhem. Notably, the US Military has put some time, planning, training and logistical support into dealing with this eventuality We’ll see how well that pays off. If Item 1 occurs then you can be sure that Item 6 will happen in some form – that’s just ‘baked’ into the cultural ‘cake’. Weather events of Item # 2 on List 1 are already happening – the time interval between them is diminishing even as they increase in severity. Geopolitically the USA has never been a sorrier state; nuclear weapons have proliferated drastically since the 1960’s, and there are more rogue nations out there than North Korea ready to use them.

Even some of our purported ‘allies’ are potential nuclear foes: one nation for instance has repeatedly threatened to attack every other nation – without exception – if it feels sufficiently threatened. In the current geopolitical environment, your Items 3, 4 & 5 can happen separately & together. When deadly weapons are in the hands of unstable entities pretty much anything can and will happen, given time. In this case the weapons in question can end all multicellular life on Earth, so the stakes are higher than they have even been RE “I’m reminded of the ’60’s when there was much anger at the establishment and much civil unrest. Yet no revolution happened and things eventually settled down.”-beantownbill In no meaningful way is the United States in the same state, nor does it have as many options as it had in the 1960’s. This is not an abstract notion. Understanding of this extends all the way down to the average man and woman on the street at some level.

You may have noticed that in reference to Collapse that I refer to many things in the past tense – that’s because the Collapse has already begun. For instance, the ‘die-back’ certainly has: You don’t see stats like these in places with expanding economies and prospects. The last time that a major nation did this on a national level was in Post-Soviet Union Russia. “I said before on this site that I didn’t see desperate people in my day-to-day life. I was told by CFNers that was because the Boston area was relatively affluent compared to many areas in the USA. However, that’s not really true – plenty of areas in Eastern Mass.

Are poor.”beantownbill Bill, I’m certainly not criticizing the insights that life has taught you, but I do think it’s not only possible but inevitable that everyone – no matter who – can get out of touch. Professional observers have noticed a vast disconnect between what is happening at street-level in the US, and the way the upper-echelon of the commentariat see fit to discuss it – when they deign to. With that in mind, I recommend reviewing this article from a typically irreverent but insightful site: Cheers & Happy Birthday! Bernie is just getting started. If Bernie does not win the nomination, he will go back to the Senate.

Bernie will have the chance to promote legislation and to help cut deals — particularly if Democrats take back the Senate and he ends up as chairman of the Budget Committee, where he is the ranking member. More importantly, he is in line to become a leader of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing, alongside liberal heroes like Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). That means Sanders will have microphones in front of his face every time something consequential happens in Washington. If Clinton becomes president and decides to appoint a Treasury Secretary with close ties to Wall Street, or backs off her pledges on the minimum wage and trade, or cuts some horrendous fiscal deal with Republicans, Sanders can be there to pounce.

If a Republican becomes president, Bernie could become an opposition leader in Congress, with a lot of say over where the Democratic Party picks its fights — and, eventually, who the party nominates to run for president in 2020. Yes, Bernie Sanders has been proposing legislation and speaking out for essentially for his entire career in national politics. But until now, almost nobody in Washington was listening. That is going to change in 2017. Bernie is just getting started.

Bernie is done. Too many old women voting with their dry vaginas. Hillary’s got the lube, the salve, to a life of d*ck envy in, baby, a man’s world. Doesn’t matter that she’s a sociopath willing to put up with a floozy chasing redneck of a husband (you can take the hillbilly out of the Ozark foothills, but) What do you expect from a party that votes for skin-deep change with the superficial black guy. The party most vociferously opposed to racism and sexism abuse both to rope in their low info voters.

They need the easy sell, the color or the shape, black and a woman’s body. That’s our candidate. Bernie is an old man too white in too many places. Men can play dirty, congenitally lie, be corrupt, be egomaniacal, be career driven, be careless, get away with murder, and break the rules. Hell, it’s women’s turn, and man do they have the best candidate. “Bernie is done.” — Frankiti In your dreams. Bernie forced Hillary to adopt his ideas.

He will get those ideas into the platform. Then he will be in the Senate watching to see if Hillary acts in good faith on those ideas. Then he can support he impeachment, in the event she chooses to engage in wars and commit high crimes and misdemeanors. She is a war hawk, so that scenario is likely. The drama is just beginning. We are a long, long way from the last act: Hillary impeached like her husband was.

Except this time the Senate will convict, with Bernie leading the impeachment effort. Good luck in getting a visa for permanent residency [in Iceland]. It’s a small country, connections are easy to come by, you should have little problem. All Hail President Trump – what a marvelous speech yesterday: 1. Defend Western Civilization’s values 2. Defend Christians 3. GTFO of foreign entanglements 4.

Obliterate ISIS 5. Islam is the ENEMY (stated several times) 6. Put America first 7. American interests above all 8. America will work with others from a position of strength Gotta love a truthsayer.

What an unbelieveable positive message of common sense, unlike the filty dog america-killer that’s currently in the WH. You havta laff at the polls saying hillary’s gonna beat Mr. LOL, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. Not meaning to get off topic(s), but I saw a good PBS show about America’s Ten Towns That Changed America. It was an hour long presentation of cities that reflected American city planning in unique ways, and was a good primer on urban history. There were cities like St. Augustine, Philadelphia, Pullman, Greenbelt, Riverside, Seaside, Levittown (Ugh!), Pearl District, and offered unique views on how to build a city, plan for green space, access, and use the natural environment.

It also had interviews with Andre Duany, and having read all of JHK’s books, this was seeing a visual take on the books. It’s also good to see some of the well-planned cities still functioning and showing how public transportation, proper zoning, and using the local environment function. The only problem was I kept saying ‘why aren’t they interviewing JHK?’ I wonder, JHK, when are you going to hit the big time? Be on CNN, Fox, etc. Are they afraid of you?

It’s nice to see something on TV where someone’s actually THINKING how to build a city the right way, and there is a PLAN. This was a good show.

I hope all of you can see it. It seems to me he left that lost cause behind and put most of chips on the peak oil theory. Can’t say I blame the guy. Writing about it since the early 90’s (I believe) only to see more and more sprawl, subdivisions, strip malls, and highways must be dispiriting. He had a podcast with the Strong Towns feller, Chuck Marohn, not too long. Marohn seems to be the new torch bearer for the movement.

Problem is, he comes off as an apologist and is rather uncharismatic, boring, and innocuous, and seems to lack the magnetism and humorous candor that JHK brought to the movement. It seems people are unwilling to give up their auto dependent lifestyles. Google and others are going full steam towards autonomous vehicles, shared vehicles, and the imbeciles are flocking towards Musk and his battery cars. All of the oblivious to the fact that the sociopathic car and the lifestyles it engenders IS the problem with society. BTW, the Pearl District is the least interesting part of Portland. You can get to all the quadrants of the city on foot, bike, rail, and/or streetcar rather easily. The Pearl has a Whole Paycheck and some sleek high-rise condos snapped up by San Franciscan refugees.

It sucks for the most part. If you want to experience a lively walkable neighborhood there go to Glisan and walk around 21st and 23rd up and down (AKA Alphabet or Nob Hill). That’s pre-WWII at its finest. Elysianfield, The monetary wars were started by Hillary and Bill Clinton in the 90s, when they let the printing press into the overdrive and robbed a significant portion of the Foreign Nation’s savings kept in the foreign reserves of their Central banks. Of course they did pretty much the same to Americans, but Americans can’t do anything about it, just ventilating their anger on various web blogs. Foreign Nations is completely different animals, and some of them even have nukes.

Where’s my money, dude?!!! Most likely nothing will change in the election campaign now for a month, if Bernie Sanders does not withdraw his candidacy.

Of course a lot of pressure will be put on him, he will be given any promise, and if need be, Hillary Clinton will personally do his toenails. But I hope that Bernie will stand and we will see the battle for the 457 California delegates, and who knows, may be Armageddon is a village in the Los Angeles area, where will be the final manual counting of votes 2000 Florida-style.

First of all, if he would withdraw his candidacy, then, when Hillary is put in the handcuffs, he will be Mr. Nobody and the establishment of the Democratic Party will be able to put forward somebody like Joe Biden. Otherwise, he is undisputed nominee, and Democratic establishment, having found itself in the position of suspected accomplices of Hillary, is unlikely to make some fuss on the subject. But for Hillary withdrawal of Sanders candidacy is the last hope, since becoming a nominee until the FBI finishes its investigation, she can become untouchable, not only for the FBI, the subordinates of Democratic Justice Department, but also for the Congress investigators subordinated to Mr. Gowdy became very nervous and replied with the publication summarizing 11 hours of Hillary Clinton interrogation. “Of course Trump also is a billionaire,but he is a turncoat, a class traitor, the Benedict Arnold of billionaires.” –Fred on Everything This is exactly what Trump wants you to believe, and Fred fell for it.

If you look at Trump’s tax plan, it does not benefit the lower class. But Trump’s plan does benefit the middle class and the billionaires i.e. Trump’s plan directly benefits Trump. Trump plans on using government for personal gain.

Sounds like a standard corrupt politician to me. Bernie Sanders 2016 (he is not a billionaire).

He has everything going for him. He’s male, white, European ancestry, divorced multiple times, and ostensibly Christian. Can someone point me to the passage where Jesus says, the “white” shall inherit the Earth and that non-whites are stupid, lazy and and violent.

The Jesus that was born in Iowa of Northern European descent. Something wrong with being White and male and successful, bub? You might try it, it feels very good. Did Trump say non-whites are stupid, lazy and violent? Didn’t think so. ===================================== If you look at Trump’s tax plan, it does not benefit the lower class.

But Trump’s plan does benefit the middle class and the billionaires i.e. Trump’s plan directly benefits Trump. Where is the logic in this???

Under Trump’s plan the lower class pays ZERO. How is that not a benefit?

Who cares if his plan benefits billionaires, as long as it demonstrably benefits tens of millions of middle class folk? There are 536 billionaires in the US. In early 2015, 120.8 million adults were in middle-income households [] What the hell do you care if they benefit, as long as 120 million Americans get massive tax relief? Get your priorities straight. We need to massively lower taxes in the US to light up the economy and get everyone EARNING MONEY. Then, the feds take more and more of a lower percentage, resulting in higher overall tax receipts. Instead of the sick, stupid leftist MASSIVE-TAX philosophy that’s as smart as taking away ever more grass from a cow and demanding it produce more milk.

Bloody common sense, which Mr. Trump has brought back in vogue. ================================== Q, tx for the welcome back note. Wpa, I wonder if you recall about a year or so ago when I posted one of the most inspirational and visceral political Bernie rants I have ever seer or heard, before or since? I was deeply moved by his speech at the time. Bernie is great, but his movement became corrupted by absolutists who began making absurd declaration such as they ‘refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils’ if Bernie is not the nominee. This implies that Bernie himself has transcended duality and resides in some mythic “Form of The Good” Platonic fantasy land.

After all, isn’t Bernie, human warts, faults and all, still only “less evil” than, say, a Cruz? So one begins to see that those lamenting their ‘lesser of two evils’ choice are fundamentally irrational. Moreover, at this juncture in the ideological war the GOP still dominates Congress.

That’s not going to change anytime soon or least before 2020 and Congressional districts are potentially redrawn. Put another way, the structural political reality of America at this point in time not allow for “revolution”. Indeed, a stalemate might be considered a victory of sorts–at least it is not losing ground. There is another very potent force/party that opposes progressive revolutionary fantasy. Apparently, the Bernie Bros cannot grasp this reality. As the Sage once quipped, when the house is on fire, you don’t care what temperature the water in the garden hose is.

Now put down the absurd and ridiculous wpa and pick up the garden hose: there is work to be done. ***************************************************** I got a kick out of Bernie’s trip to Italy and all the Pope talk. I even had a little private joke playing in my head when some of the Bernie Bros pissed me off: ” The stink of self-righteousness is in the air; Bernie Sanders just walked into the room!” OK, that’s not very nice, especially since Bernie Sanders is fundamentally a very decent human being. But back to The Pope/ Italy trip. Isn’t it amazing when people and campaigns are so focused on promotion and orchestration of narrative that they miss the mother lode right in front of their eyes. I discovered a mother lode of political narrative related to the Pope/Italy that would make the Bernie bird landing look like small potatoes by comparison. It truly is a remarkable fact that is phenomenally serendipitous.

Perhaps after June and the California primary I’ll tell you exactly what it is. Buck Stud, nowhere is it written that supporters of an independent socialist candidate have to vote for the lesser of two evils in a Democrat/Repubican race. Every citizen has the right to vote for the candidate who most represents his or her views.

If Bernie is not the candidate, there are many other parties besides the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Rather than vote for either of the war hawks, Trump or Clinton, I would take my vote to the Green Party. If by taking support away from Clinton, Trump is elected so be it. We live in a democracy. We are not forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. There are at least 42 presidential candidates running with independent parties or “third parties” so it shouldn’t be hard to find an alternative to the Trump/Clinton war mongers. Fodase, you can vote for Trump if you like.

It is your right. But don’t pretend that he is a “populist billionaire” look at Trump’s actual tax plan. “For all of Trump’s populist appeal, however, wealthy Americans stand to benefit the most from the presidential contender’s tax plan, according to an analysis released on Tuesday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. After crunching the numbers on the plan, unveiled in September, the center concluded that Americans at every income level would receive tax cuts, but that the highest-income households would see the most significant cuts.

The plan also comes with a hefty price tag. Trump’s plan would cut federal revenue by nearly $10 trillion over a decade, the center estimates. Unless Trump makes deep cuts to government spending or decides to raise taxes later on, the analysis concludes that his proposal “would yield persistently large, and likely unsustainable budget deficits.” –The Atllantic, Dec. 22, 2015 Elect Trump and we are truly fucked. But there are not enough ill-informed white male voters in the USA to elect him.

Trump will be squashed like a bug at the polls by Bernie or Hillary, or whoever wins the Democratic nomination. “Elect Trump and we are truly fucked.” -wpa_ccc If you truly believe that, why on earth would you risk letting it happen by throwing your vote away on one of the 42 independent ‘third party’ candidates you said you would choose from? Does electing a Democratic President not provide ANY benefit you can think of that would make ‘her’ a better choice for you than Trump? What if she’s indicted, impeached or dies in office? Would her #2, if that person is anyone to the left of, let’s say Ted Cruz, make voting for Hillary a better choice than being “truly f*cked” with Trump?

What if it’s Tulsi? Did ‘the Bern’ cast some magic spell on you that would make you run off the cliff in lemming-like fashion if you can’t have him? I’m betting you change your tune by November. “Note that the 80% of registered Hispanics in those states said they are less likely to vote for Republicansnot just Donald Trump.

So his rantings are not only affecting the presidential race, but could also have an impact down ballot. As November looks likely to be a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there are whispers of a possible landslide election in the making. It is interesting to note that the Republican Party had a moment of sanity immediately following the 2012 election when they published the infamous “autopsy” suggesting the need to do better outreach – specifically with women and Hispanics. But Donald Trump is succeeding in the Republican primary precisely because he is so intent on alienating those two groups (among others). There are those who expect that Trump will somehow “pivot” during the general election and increase his appeal beyond the angry white male Republicans who are the base of his support right now. What is important to keep in mind, however, is that Trump is incapable of assessing his candidacy beyond the frame of a dominant white male perspective. That’s why he continually suggests that women, Hispanics and African Americans “love” him despite reality.

He won’t feel the need to pivot because he honestly thinks he’s already arrived. In other words, he is living in a delusional world that reinforces his narcissism.” –Nancy LeTourneau.

My father, a career infantry soldier and veteran of WWII, Korea & Vietnam, said Charles Lindbergh, the most prominent and vocal ‘America First’ advocate, was right.* After the war my father stated (to his family when he got back home) that Roosevelt goaded the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor** in order to get America into the war. (His family chastised him for his opinion.) America should have paid heed to the warnings of General Smedley Butler, the most highly decorated Marine in Marine Corps history, during a nationwide speaking tour in the early 1930s, “War is a racket!”*** * (1) “Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America’s Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941”, by Lynne Olson (2) “Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt: The Rivalry That Divided America”, by James P. Duffy **(3) “Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor”, by Robert B. Stinnett ***(4) “War is a Racket”, by Smedley D. Butler Sticks-of-TNT. Yeah there’s a lot of power in those two words – and they’re enough to cause an international consternation.

Imagine if he actually carries it out. The other day I heard someone snarl that America was turning towards “isolationism”. What does that even mean?

As if there’s going to be a complete cessation of trade and travel. Yet this stupid snarl word, never really defined, helped get America into World War One. “Anti-Semitism” helped get us into World War Two, plus Pearl Harbor of course. We’ve been lied into one war after another, and now our borders are wide open. Yet still the idiots rave about “isolationism” We need some isolationism or we’re going to die.

“Go, Bernie, go! Bernie was almost 50 points down before he won 104 more pledged delegates in NY tonight (the state where Hillary Clinton was elected to two terms in the U.S. Bernie won more delegates in New York tonight than any state that voted or caucused before tonight. Bernie has the momentum wow! 104 more pledged delegates!” -Baghdad Bob April 20, 2016 @ 1:19am “Bernie is just getting started.

IF BERNIE DOES NOT WIN THE NOMINATION* [emphasis mine], he will go back to the Senate. Bernie will have the chance to promote legislation and to help cut deals — particularly if Democrats take back the Senate and he ends up as chairman of the Budget Committee”blah, blah, blah -(a contrite) wpa_ccc April 27, 2016 @ 6:56pm *ELAPSED TIME FOR FULL PIVOT. The angry white male Republicans who are the base of his support right now.

Gotta love you sick lefties who constantly tell us how blacks etc. Are discriminated against on the basis of their color.

Then every word out of your mouths is ‘white this’ and ‘white that’. Of course you don’t see any contradiction. One can’t reason with unreasonable people, as the eminent Roy Masters says. ————————————————————– secondly, i like how you reality ignoring leftists leave out the fact that Mr. Trump won the Latino vote in both New York and Las Vegas, by huge margins. It’s because Mr. Trump innately appeals to truth-loving people of all colours.

=================================================== Trump’s plan would cut federal revenue by nearly $10 trillion over a decade, the center estimates. Unless Trump makes deep cuts to government spending or decides to raise taxes later on, the analysis concludes that his proposal “would yield persistently large, and likely unsustainable budget deficits.” HAHAHA, kind of like obammy’s persistenly large unsustainable deficits???

Reality challenged leftists always assume static income modelscut taxes here, the government takes in less. Lowering taxes by large amounts for the broad middle and lower class stimulates economic activity in the form of spending, and the govt take increases because it takes a lower% many times over. This is just commonsense, and as such is not very common. I never expect democratic party ignoramuses to understand this, they are wholly incapable. When lived in iceland, they abolished the income tax for one year. The economy exploded, everyone worked 2 jobs (because jobs exploded) to earn and spend and save as much as possible. It was great.

The income tax was reimposed the next year, and the economy promptly died. Bigtime recession. I remember the early ’80’s when the Reagan administration cut taxes and handed out massive tax rebates to huge corporations like general electric. It was not politically practical to cut federal programs to match the tax cuts, so the national debt increased substantially (quadrupled if I remember correctly). Corporations used much of their newfound bounty to automate and offshore manufacturing operations.

At the same time, the administration took aggressive measures to neutralize organized labor. Real wages began to decrease. I agree that reducing the tax burden is a good thing if done properly. Tax cuts must be well-targeted, and matched by cuts in waste, fraud, redundancy, and programs no longer needed. The damage from the Reagan cuts could have been avoided if they had been done pragmatically instead of ideologically. “Who the frig is Nancy LeTourneau?

You probably had to have IBM’s Watson grind for 5 minutes to come up with this obscure writer’s article.” — Q. Nancy LeTourneau is a contributing writer for the Washington Monthly, which is not an “obscure” publication. It took Google 0.50 seconds to answer your question. I take it you don’t believe anything is truly “nonpartisan” pity. Right wing media has done a good job of breeding fear and mistrust among people, especially when it comes to “facts” and “experts” and that is how a Donald Trump, with zero political experience and zero military experience, becomes the Republican candidate to become the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

The military will refuse to carry out Trump’s orders that violate both international law and the UCMJ. Trump will be neutralized. The 11th Commandment of the Orange Bible: You shall not create a machine in the image of the human body. Powerpoint Free Download 2014 For Mac there.

(robot) The 12th Commandment: You shall not create a machine in the image of the human mind. (computer) The Butlerian Jihad will be fought for exactly this Cause – for Human Beings and against those who would replace them with machines. It is unavoidable. Sometimes the future can be changed and sometimes it can’t. We’re already too close to this “iceberg” to avoid it in time. It has already happened in the future.

More on Iceland’s 1987 tax-free year, which I lived through there: TABLE 2-GROWTH OF HouRLY (REAL) WAGES FOR BLUE-COLLAR WORKERS (INCLUDING OVERTIME) Year Percent 1984 -1.3 1985 3.7 1986 5.3 1987 18.2 1988 3.4 1989 -5.5 source: This is the oh-so-obvious result of eliminating taxes – economic growth through rising wages. Notice what happened after income taxes were reinstated in 1988 in the table above So go and vote Bernie, wpa, so we can massively increase taxes ‘on the rich’ and fuck everyone in the process because they’ll have nothing left to spend or invest in wealth-generating enterprises.

We need a low, low “7% solution” for income tax with streamlined government spending and much higher efficiency. The US and A would boom like never before. If you want the opposite, a moribund economy, vote democrat. Off topic Misc: Item 1: Did anybody watch the NFL Draft last night? The first 2 selections were plain vanilla white guys (quarterbacks) wearing Robert Hall suits, Timex watches and $8 haircuts.

Let’s hope they can keep cleaner noses than “Johnny Football.” They were followed almost exclusively by gaudily attired and oddly coiffed young black men of enormous stature, already the fathers of small children, who would all be Escalade driving millionaires by this time next year. The Giants chose interestingly named Eli Apple and the Jets selected Darron Lee, both out of Ohio State. That was round one. Tune in tonight for round two. Item 2: Earlier this week I caught a moment or two of an interview of former presidential candidate, Rick Perry. I heard him pronounce the name of a foreign country as Izzrul. I don’t know why but this bothers me no end and I wondered what Cold thinks of this pronunciation.

(I think Cold said he lives in Texas.). White Dispossession is huge business. It’s the very essence of modern America. And it’s also the only thing that hold together the Grievance Alliance. Already it’s fraying, with the Holocaust being called “White Privilege” and minority Feminists telling White Feminists to shut up. Once the White Middle Class is gone, who will be robbed next?

Think the White and Jewish Elite are going to allow themselves to be treated this way? They’ll try to keep blaming the downtrodden Whites and encourage minorities to hunt as down for sport. But the minorities will know the trick by then and know who to hunt down instead or in addition to. All we (Jared, Janos, Booker, and Puck) are saying, is give Segregation a chance. We’ll live and work apart like fingers, but come together like a fist to defend our mutual interests. Integration was tried and it failed. Let’s go back to the Tried and True in the New America.

Is Diversity a Strength for America? Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 29, 2016 Taylor_Slide Remarks at a debate at Kentucky State University. I’d like to thank Will Reilly for inviting me to speak to you today.

I used to get a lot of invitations to speak on college campuses, but they are now very rare. At least on majority-white campuses, there is an abject terror of speakers who might offend someone. You can’t speak honestly about race without offending people, so what this means is that the truth about race is almost never spoken on most American campuses. The subject of this debate is whether diversity is a strength for the United States. As you know, from President Obama on down, all you ever hear is people telling you that racial diversity is a strength.

Not just a strength, but maybe even our country’s greatest strength. They’re wrong. Racial diversity is not a strength. It is a grinding, permanent source of conflict and tension, not just in the United States but everywhere in the world where there is racial diversity. Racial diversity means the presence of more than one race. So let’s imagine, just for a moment, how the history of the United States would have been different without the racial diversity that resulted from bringing blacks here.

What would American history be like with no blacks? There would never have been slavery. There would never have been the American civil war–which killed more Americans than all our other wars combined. There would have been no Jim Crow, no segregated schools, no civil rights movement, no busing, no race riots. And it makes no difference if you want to put 100 percent of the blame for all these things on white people. The fact remains that the historical balance sheet for black/white racial diversity in the United States is hugely, crushingly negative.

If you remove black/white racial diversity, you remove slavery, our most deadly war, and our most murderous civil disturbances. The very worst parts of our history vanish. How can something that brought about all that horror be a strength? I would be the winner in this debate if I sat down right now. But let’s move to the present. I’m sure you have followed the racial demonstrations on college campuses, such as Yale and Princeton and University of Missouri.

There would be none of this commotion without racial diversity. Do you think all that screaming and demonstrating is a strength? Does it help people study? No, it is tension, it is conflict. What’s more, these campus disturbances also show just how differently black and white people see the world. Black students at Yale were complaining about “entrenched white supremacy” at Yale. “Entrenched white supremacy.” First of all, if Yale were a bastion of white supremacy, there’d be no black students there at all.

But were the whites students burning crosses and lynching the black students? Were they attacking black students?

Were they at least calling them rude names? Not a hint of any of that. Blacks were furious because a professor sent an e-mail message saying that it wasn’t Yale’s job to tell students what Halloween costumes they shouldn’t wear. She said if somebody’s costume offends you, maybe you should just tell him.

That’s white supremacy? Black students on an Ivy League campus must be the most coddled, pampered black people in the history of the world, and if they really believe they are fighting entrenched white supremacy they are living in a completely different world from white people. And what about the Black Lives Matter movement? Is this a strength for the country? Gangs of people marching around yelling, stopping traffic, shutting down politicians’ speeches. Is this a strength? Even if you think all the shouting is justified, it’s a sign of conflict, fury, and tension.

Without racial diversity, we wouldn’t have any of it. And again, whites and blacks have a completely different view of reality. Where did the Black Lives Matter movement really take off?

In Ferguson, after a white policeman shot Michael Brown. When the officer who shot Brown was not indicted, 64 percent of whites thought that was the right decision. Only 4 percent of blacks thought so. This is a huge difference. It was the very same event, but blacks and white saw it completely differently.

Now, to win this debate, I don’t have to convince you that white people were right and black people were wrong. My job is much easier.

All I have to do is point out to you that blacks and whites look at exactly the same thing and see something completely different, and for you to realize that that is not a strength. To have people so divided by race that they don’t even see the same things means perpetual, agonizing conflict. Racial diversity also turns everything into a racial turf battle. Are the Oscar nominees too white? Should the next Supreme Court justice be an Asian?

Don’t we need more black policemen? Are there enough Hispanic programmers in Silicon Valley? You can’t just say, “I hired the best programmers for my business and they were all white guys and Asians.” Nope, in this country if you hire by pure ability alone you can get sued. That’s the kind of thing racial diversity does for you. Let’s look at this from a different angle. If racial diversity is America’s greatest strength, it must be a truly wonderful thing.

It’s better than having a country the size of a continent with beautiful harbors on two oceans. It’s better than having the most productive farmland in the world and huge reserves of natural resources. It must be something so fantastic that every man woman and child in the America wakes up in the morning and says to himself, “How can I get more of this wonderful stuff?” Is that how people live their lives? Are you dying to go to school with Hispanics? Do you yearn for roommates and neighbors who speak Chinese? I suspect you don’t. People like being around people like themselves.

Only white people are confused about this. In 2010, Brown University–a big, Ivy League university–did a study about housing segregation.

John Logan is the professor who was the lead researcher. He found, and I quote, Among minority households, even those with relatively high incomes tend to be clustered in neighborhoods where most of their neighbors are the same race.... Race trumps income. In other words, black people who could afford to buy houses in a white neighborhood bought houses in black neighborhoods instead.

John Logan thinks this is terrible. He’s got a theory about how real estate agents are somehow tricking black people into buying houses in black neighborhoods. I feel like telling him, “John, darling, there are black people with money who want to live with other black people. Believe it or not, not every black person wants you as a neighbor.” This is a concept he can’t seem to grasp. The other day I was reading an article about housing segregation in California. That state is a real stew, of course, with people from everywhere. The article was one long moan about how in Los Angeles it’s not just neighborhoods that are segregated, but there are apartment buildings completely segregated by nationality.

In some buildings, every single tenant is Korean. In some buildings they’re all Salvadoran. The writer of the article–another goofy white person–thinks this is scandalous. It’s not scandalous at all. Those people chose to live with each other.

They like it that way. Because diversity isn’t a strength. If you want to understand race in America, just go to church. That’s right. What you will find is that nearly 95 percent of churches have congregations that are at least 80 percent one race. Lots of them are 100 percent one race. There are even about 4,000 Asian congregations in the United States.

You are free to go any church you want. No church is going to bar the door to you or run you off. But when people are completely free to choose, they go where they are comfortable, where they can be like people like themselves. They don’t go looking for diversity. People want to live, work, socialize, and go to church with their own tribe. A survey of Californians conducted at UC Berkeley found that majorities of whites, Hispanics, blacks, and Asians agreed with the statement that “people are happier when segregated.” [i] Again, California is a mishmash, with people from all over the world.

Hispanics, especially, have been moving into South Central Los Angeles, which used to be black. Here’s what the president of one black home-owners association said about Hispanics: It’s a different culture, a different breed of people. They don’t have the same values. You can’t get together with them.

It’s like mixing oil and water. [ii] Here is what one black person told The Philadelphia Inquirer some years ago: We don’t want whites living in our neighborhoods. We don’t want our children going to school with theirs. We don’t want our daughters and sons marrying their sons and daughters. No thanks.... So why have I been talking about segregation? Because it’s about how people really live, not about what they say.

It shows what they truly think about racial diversity. They don’t like it and they run away from it. Now, don’t get me wrong. If some people want to mix it up, God bless them. After I’ve finished talking, someone in the audience–probably a white person–is going to get up and say, “I love my black friends and my Mexican friends, and my Chinese friends.” And, to that I say, “I couldn’t be happier for you.” You go out there and you love them for all you’re worth. Just don’t pretend that you’re somehow.

In the Heights Series: Format: Softcover Composer: Lin-Manuel Miranda The 2008 Broadway musical In the Heights explores three days in the characters' lives in the New York City Latino neighborhood of Washington Heights, with an infectious score featuring hip-hop, salsa, merengue and soul music. Our piano/vocal selections songbook features 14 tunes from the production, which won the Tony for Best Musical and Best Original Score, plus awards from the Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, Theatre World and more! Songs: Breathe • Enough • Everything I Know • Hundreds of Stories • In the Heights • Inutil • It Won't Be Long Now • 96,000 • No Me Diga • Paciencia Y Fe • Piragua • Sunrise • When the Sun Goes Down • When You're Home. Includes a bio of composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, and his Tony acceptance speech.

2008 Tony Winner – 4 Awards, Including Best Musical and Best Original Score! 19.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00313411 ISBN: 814 UPC: 17 Width: 9.0' Length: 12.0' 168 pages Also Recommended.

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