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Learn Chinese Free

Are you just starting to learn Chinese and looking for a comprehensive Mandarin Chinese language course? If so, you'll be pleased to know that the most comprehensive course ever produced is actually 100% free. Developed in 1974 by the Foreign Service Institute of the US State Department, the FSI Standard Chinese.

You love these Free Lessons – so check out the Free Trial of Online – with Full-Featured Audi-Visual Goodness and Progress Quizzes! L-Lingo follows a similar approach like the L-Ceps Personaltrainer but is a full online web application - it just runs in your browser!

Give it a try and head over to for some free lessons. Benefits and Features of L-Lingo Chinese (Mandarin). L-Lingo Chinese (Mandarin) is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Chinese (Mandarin) language. Common Arrangement Of Work Sections For Building Works Pdf Download here. The comprehensive program contains 105 lessons and is comparable to 1-2 years of teaching of the Chinese (Mandarin) language.

The lessons cover the complete spectrum of traveling & social life, at home, at work, body & mind and nature. There are five special lessons with a focus on common Chinese (Mandarin) phrases and dialogues. • Approximately 2000 Chinese (Mandarin) words and sentences • Full native speaker pronuncation by Chinese (Mandarin) natives • Highly adaptable to your learning style and level • Learn Chinese (Mandarin) pronunciation, Chinese (Mandarin) listening, Chinese (Mandarin) writing and Chinese (Mandarin) speaking • Print out your own Chinese (Mandarin) learning cards and Chinese (Mandarin) text-book.

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