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Detect Fake Counterfeit Nike Clubs Online - Learn how to verify golf clubs In this section we have some specific information about how to verify Nike Golf Clubs and determine authenticity. We gathered all of this information by going to Nikes website and seeing what they had to say about verifying their golf clubs. We also called them and got as much information as we could. • Serial Number Location on Club: A 10 digit serial number is located on the hosel, where the shaft joins the club head. For sets of irons the serial number can be located on the five iron.

Nike Vrs Covert Driver Serial NumberNike Vrs Covert Driver Serial Number

Results 145 - 192 of 833. Nike driver - No serial number - Golf Monthly. Jan 21, 2014 Hi, I have bought a Nike VRS Covert tour driver off a reputable seller on ebay. I received the club yesterday and there is no serial number on the club. Detect Fake Counterfeit Nike Clubs Online - Learn how Learn how to detect.

Auto Tune 7 Crack Mac Recipe there. • Phone Number to verify Serial Number: 1-888-799-6453 • Website Address to verify Serial Number: • Where are clubs manufactured: We think this is important because most fake clubs ARE coming from China and some club manufactures have a much worse reputation for fake clubs because they are made in China. Nike (and Ping of course) are the only companies are the only companies that disclose where their clubs are made. Nike heads are forged in Thailand, China and Japan. The shafts are made in the United States, Japan and China. The grips are made in the U.S., China, and soon to be Taiwan. Everything is assembled in plants in the U.S., Japan, and China.

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