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Miraphone Tuba Serial Number

May 23, 2017. List of Serial Numbers by Year, Besson Euphonium. Data point: That was 2. First off I'm pretty sure that Rex was exaggerating. I believe he was saying that he'd rather not have to expend quite so much effort to do so. Where speed is an issue, I usually don't use alternate fingerings. For longer notes I do, but.

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Miraphone Tuba Serial Number

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Vincent Bach/ Marc L'Anglier Custom Bass Trombone A unique opportunity to own one of the early custom made instruments by Marc L'Anglier. This one was made in the early 1980s for John Englekes (of the San Francisco Symphony) and further modified by the next owner who has had it since then. We believe that there were six L'Anglier bass trombones built, this one being #5 of 6.

The bell is from a Corporation 50BGL (10.5' gold brass flare), valves are inline rotary in standard Bb/F/Gb/D configuration. The slide is an 81xxx serial number, it has had a recent addition of a nickel silver crook.

Leadpipe is a Brassark MV50 copper seamed press fit. Most interestingly, this trombone is currently set up with a 'Haynor' valve system. If you look at the photos, you can see how it functions. The concept being that the weight of the instrument is cradled in the palm of your left hand while you pull the levers of the valves towards you. Works well for players that have shoulder trouble or otherwise have issues holding up a bass trombone.

It's not for everyone, either you LOVE it or you HATE it. This trombone is being sold as is with this Haynor system installed (which is very well done btw) but we can convert to normal split trigger configuration for a small additional fee if you want it set up normally. $2900 without case. Penzel Romantic Trombone C.1880-1890 Extremely rare German romantic trombone made in the late 1800s by one of the most famous and influential makers of trombones, J.C. Penzel was the apprentice of Sattler, who is credited with creating the large bore trombone, and this instrument is made in the same style as those original models. It is gold brass, extremely thin material, with a wide nickel garland that is engraved and decorated with the traditional shell stamps. Interestingly, this particular trombone has a tuning slide incorporated in the slide.

I showed it to Robb Stewart (who repaired a small crack in one of the slide legs) and he and I both believe this is an original feature on this instrument, making it particularly unusual and special. It's a big bore and takes a mouthpiece somewhere between a 'euro' shank and a modern large shank. The condition is quite good, obviously being over 100 years old it has some wear and some patches/repairs but overall this is nearly museum quality stuff. Slide works well for raw inners (which are both original) and being as old as it is. A piece of history to use in period work or just to own an important instrument in the evolution of the trombone. $1900 with case.

Shires Trubore Bass Trombone A very nice playing Shires bass trombone with dependent trubore valves, one of 9 sets I believe. This is a unique playing trombone, it reminds me a lot of a Holton, that big warm enveloping sound that gets a touch bright when you lay into it. Has an unsoldered red brass bell, B62 slide (one leadpipe). There is some minor wear and tear, lacquer wear and scratches certainly not perfect cosmetically but a really nice playing instrument at a great price. $3850 without case. Bach Mt Vernon 12/16 Custom Totally unique trombone that was built from parts for a Bach aficionado to be an ultimate vintage Bach jazzer. Robb Stewart fabricated the trombone.

Bell flare is from Byron Peebles collection, a Mt Vernon 12 yellow brass bell. The neckpipe is custom built by Robb, along with the hexagonal cross braces, The tuning slide and hand slide are from a Bach New York model 16. A custom knurled hand brace was fabricated by Robb (looks kinda steampunk) and feels good in the hand. Comes with a Mt Vernon coffin case. A steal at $2300. Bach Mt Vernon 16 Gold Brass I can't recall the last time I saw one of these in person, if ever.

Extremely rare gold brass bell Mt Vernon New York Bach model 16. One thing I love about this trombone is the makers stamp, it is an early Mt Vernon so the signature still looks like the New York factory stamp, I love that. It has a dual bore.495'/.509' standard weight slide. Also unusual is that this one has gold brass outer slide tubes. In very good vintage condition. A unique opportunity to purchase something special from arguably the most desirable Bach period of production. Its gorgeous I have to stop myself from keeping this one for my own!

$2000 with period bach case. Bach New York Model 36B Wow Super rare and super gorgeous, this is a Bach New York model 36B. Traditional wrap, larger Marston rotary valve with updated linkage,.525' bore slide with gold brass slide crook. Robb Stewart did a beautiful job refurbishing this trombone (as a nice touch he made a long water key by request of the owner) without buffing destroying the original lacquer on the bell (there are a few lacquer blems on the bell). The leadpipe is removable, and a custom two piece leadpipe is installed.

Comes with a period Bach case. King Silvertone Sterling Bell The original King Silvertone trombone, built in the late 1920s by the HN White company. This horn is absolutely a gorgeous time capsule. It is all original with matching serial numbers.

It is in fantastic condition for nearing 100 years old. The slide has the original tubes in great shape and the slide action is extremely respectable for a trombone of this vintage. The hand engraving is jaw dropping gorgeous.

Lion head engraving on the slide is also clear and not worn. She's a beauty. $1600 with case.

Conn 88HTO with SL2547 Slide This was the Ralph Sauer setup for many years before Ralph switched to his Shires (with similar specs). The 88HTO has an open wrap F attachment and thin red brass bell flare. The SL2547 slide is a dual bore.525'/.547' and this particular slide comes with one X pipe, which takes a standard large bore or bass trombone shank mouthpiece. It is in very good, lightly used shape and is an excellent player.

Perfect for the trombonist looking for a large orchestral sound but something that speaks a bit faster and is a bit more nimble than a full.547' instrument. $1450 with case.

Wallace Williams Trombone An old Wallace Williams trombone from the 1930s, made by Earl Williams in Los Angeles in collaboration with Spike Wallace. This one is a bell tuning model and measures to a.485' bore or a 'model 4'. The engraving is all hand done and features Earl's bulldog on the bell. Overall the trombone has seen better days and is in need of some love and repairs to be completely playable again at a professional level. As such, it is priced low with he hopes that someone will invest in bringing this rare instrument back to life.

$350 with case. Custom Thein Bass Trombone Here is something really unique and amazing! This is a custom made Thein bass trombone and has great features and specs. The slide is a.562' straight bore Thein slide, bell is a 10' screw bell Ben van Dijk model with engraved garland. The F attachment is a Hagmann valve, a custom removable 2nd valve was fabricated to fit and works extremely well. The main tuning slide is from a shires and has been custom fit to this instrument to give it a more 'American' blow and response.

The instrument also includes a single valve F tuning slide. In great condition, lacquer on the bell is frosted from being in a cold climate.

Comes with a Thein flat screw bell case. Schmelzer Pocket Tuba in BBb Probably the best playing pocket tuba in the world. Here is a BBb pocket tuba from Manfred Schmelzer. That's right. This is a FULL SIZE BBb tuba wrapped up in a compact package. This is by far the best design for a small 'tornister tuba' I've seen so far and that is because of its full length leadpipe and impressive large bore bends.

This is the ultimate pit tuba. If you are a doubler and need a great playing BBb that you can take to work for your show work, this is the one. Or if you're looking for a really good playing tuba that you can take on the road with minimal space, this is it.

It was a demo model from the recent ITF (International Trombone Festival) in Redlands, and is new but did have a small mishap with the airlines during transit to the show and there is a small ding in the bell flare. As such, get it at a good discount. $2800 with a gig bag. Silver plated with gold plated trim. Earl Williams Model 8 Trombone One of the most desirable medium bore trombones in the world. Up for sale, an Earl Williams model 8 trombone in excellent condition.

This instrument was made in the late 1970s by Earl's son, Bob Williams at the Burbank shop. It has an 8.5' bell,.522' wide slide, curved hand grip, curved bell braces and famous Williams water key.

It blows like a jazzer but sounds like a big horn. If you're looking for a commercial trombone that has a big sound, this is the one. It isn't in cosmetically perfect shape, but a nice sounding trombone REDUCED $2700 without case. Bach New York Model 8 'McChesney' Up for sale is one of Bob McChesney's New York model 8 trombones. This one is really a beautiful instrument, has a silver plated slide, lacquered bell. Slide action is great. Press fit leadpipe.

The bell flare is very thin and lightweight. Lots of fast notes still left in it. Bob is extremely picky about his trombones and he's owned this one for many years. There is a smallpre-emptive patch on the bell rim, as the metal is thin there and Bob didn't want the rim to split. $2300 without case. Vintage Corporation Bach 42B Silverplated A great playing vintage Bach 42B 'Corporation' from the early 1970s.

Features the larger Marston made rotary valve (same valve on the Mt Vernons) with a closed wrap. Silver finish in decent shape, some silver is worn through showing brass on the neckpipe which you can see in the photos (easily covered up with a leather neck guard). This 42 has one of the sweetest and clearest tones of 42s that have come through the shop.

Really a beautiful blowing and sounding instrument. $1650 with Bam case. We can update the linkage to a ball and socket here at the shop for $75 extra, which I would recommend. Brass Ark/Sawday Elkhart Conn 88H We had a beautiful vintage Elkhart Conn 88H come into the shop and thought it would be a nice candidate for a full conversion. We decided to leave the closed wrap intact to preserve the vintage feel but install our new modern rotary valve. The closed wrap also has our custom ferrules installed. The bell has had Don's voodoo treatment, new slide crook and our custom Brassark BA2 leadpipe, which is a nice match to the instrument.

Threaded leadpipe receiver has been installed and fits Shires threads. We decided to leave the slide the original 'narrow' width of an 88H. The instrument was then lightly buffed and relacquered.

A top tier Conn 88H with our well balanced rotary valve that gives vast improvement on the F side of the instrument. This one projects like crazy, big warm sound with clarity and color. $3500 without case.

Larry Minick Conn 62H Custom Inline Bass Trombone A very rare gem of a bass trombone, this instrument was purchased new in 1969 and immediately modified by Larry Minick into the configuration you see here. He built the inline valve section as well as installing an unstamped 62H bell flare that Minick was certain was an improvement over the original bell flare, it was installed and remains on this instrument.

The original leadpipe and Minick Leadpipes are included. The valve configuration is inline: Bb/F/Eb/G. It has been used for many years and shows that is has but overall is in very good condition with a lot of life left. This thing is a gas to play, its everything you expect it to be and more.

$4500 with case. These rarely show up for sale and I can speculate that the inline Minick bass trombones are fewer than you can count on your hand. Earl Williams Los Angeles Model 4 Trombone Extremely rare jazz trombone made by the legendary trombone builder, Earl Williams. Sony Vegas 7 Keygen Download Free.

This instrument is one of the earliest stamped model 4 trombones I've seen. It was made at the Los Angeles shop and still has the prominent 'williams' trademarks: curved handgrip, special water key, and curved bracing. It was fully restored in 2015 by Robb Stewart. Robb fabricated new cork barrels to match the original as well as rotated the inner tubes to extend the life of them. He also did a nice patch on the original slide crook. It was buffed and relacquered by Robb.

This is a stunning trombone and one of the very best jazzers I've ever played. $4300 without case. Larry Minick Custom Bass Trombone Extremely rare bass trombone made by the famous maker, Larry Minick. This one appears to be a purpose built instrument, in that it wasn't another instrument before like a modified 62H. It has a one piece Minick bell flare, the valves are dependent and also stamped.

The J bend tuning slide is prominent in the design and the slide also appears to be custom made. The instrument did have some poor repair work done on the slide connector/leg coming out of the first valve. I've had Robb Stewart do an A+ repair to it and reinforced the casing (which you'll see in the photo).

The valves are tuned as normal in F and D. The leadpipe is press fit, but has corroded and should be replaced. This is a killer instrument and I've only seen a handful ever.

A unique opportunity to have one of the most coveted bass trombones in the world. $4800 no case.

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