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I believe that you get this error message when you launch the application and it fails to connect to the server. What you need to do is to check if you have internet access on phone either wifi or with the packet data on phone. If you have good internet access and same error you are getting.

You just need to clear the application. On your device. Just go to Applications then settings and your Manage Applications. Hindi Tv Serials Mp3 Free Download there. From their, select the wechat application and select clear data and cache plus the force to stop.

Download free Widgets Mobile Phone Applications for Nokia 5233. Lock and Track your Stolen Mobile Hand Set Through IMEI Number. Do you know your mobile’s IMEI number? Just press * # 0 6 # in your mobile hand set, IMEI number.

Exit and relaunch the application then relogin with your credentials and your application should work normally after. I would like to sincerely help other users who are facing issues like 'not connected to chat servers'. I cannot assure this may work for every region, however here is what i did. 1) using Idea settings, i downloaded the app 2) completed whatsapp settings after which the app became 3 MB in size 3) then i deleted all the settings in my handset, and i mean ALL 4) whats app worked just fine after that.

Nokia Cell Phone Applications Download 5233

I dont know what settings it used to connect when there were none present. This is how i am using whats app on my nokia C3 01 touch and type phone. Try to appreciate the fact that this is a workaround, which may or may not work for you. Works for me.

Probably your internet connection is failing you, so you cannot even browse and use any application that requires internet. I suggest rebooting your modem to ensure that the connection will be refresh and also reboot your phone. If the problem still persist, then I suggest you to do a ping test. Open a command prompt >Type ping -t >(-t) is for continues ping >Then spot the connection failed.

If you see these often then call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as they are the one failing to give you a proper internet connection. Leader Board Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. 0 89% Leading this Week Pts Helpful 1. 200 64% Leading this Month Pts Helpful 1.

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