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I need a little or to be pointed in the right direction. I've been mixing with Reaper for over a year or so - but never tried to record with it yet. I have a PODxt and would like to simply connect to my computer using the USB out on the POD. There are a fair amount of articles out there - but all are about very specific questions, none that approach this from a general 'here is how to get started' stance.

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Pod X3 Live Manual Em Portugues

I'm mostly concerned with what do i need to do in Reaper do get a signal. Do i need special LINE6 drivers installed? I saw ASIO a lot. Again, recording in Reaper is pretty new to me, mixing is not. My goal is to record a direct, dry signal for later use w/ impulses.

Pod X3 Live Manual Em Portugues

Does anybody know exactly what i have to do within the PODxt to make sure the signal coming out the USB is unprocessed and can later be used with impulses? Thanks in advance. I always use the Line 6 Monkey utility.

You can download it from the link below. You might need to register.

I’ve registered and I can’t remember whether you can get away without registering. As well as getting the latest updates, running the line 6 Monkey utility will arrange to download the required drivers. When you’ve installed the drivers you need to select ASIO Podxt from the drop down list (see picture below). You can hear the Pod processed signal for monitoring, but record dry.

This is what I do, because I often use alternative VSTs after I've recorded. Go to line6 website and download line6 monkey this prog will keep you up to date with the software and firmware (including the latest ASIO driver) just plug into a usb port, and in reaper preferences under audio select the line6 asio for recording and playback. In your control panel, youll find an icon for 'line 6 audio device' double click this and itll open the ASIO control panel (I think you can open this from within reaper also). There is a drop down menu that you can select 'send dry guitar only' Plug your monitors into the left and right outputs of the Pod and you can have direct monitoring of the guitar in realtime with no latency.

Hop this helps. No you don't need to turn off cabs etc because you might want to hear those for monitoring. You just select the inputs (or is it outputs) in Reaper that correspond to the dry signal. Using the Pod as your audio interface, if you try to monitor through a DAW using an alternative VST, you'll probably find the latency a bit too high. So I monitor with the Line 6 (Pod) sounds (virtually zero latency), record dry and possibly re-amp with an alternative VST later. Unfortunately, I haven't found a setting that would allow me to play with the virtuosity of thequietroom Pete. Hey guys - quick question.

Sorry for the delay in getting around to doing all of this. Been crazy lately. Anyway - i got the LINE6 MONKEY and installed the needed drivers - even updated the firmware. Here's my prob.

I seem to be having an issue with the 'outputs'. For example - i don't see 'dry guitar signal' anywhere - not in 'preferences ->audio devices' or control panel LINE6 icon.

And, even though i'm able to record playing from the podxt - i can't hear anything on playback from Reaper. If i unplug the LINE6 USB from the PC - i can hear things again. It's like it's overriding the default soundcard driver. I've never been able to get ASIO working. Maybe that's it???

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,mark p.s. I uploaded a JPG of the control panel view as an attachment, hopefully you can see. I'm using a Pod X3 instead of a Podxt now so I can't check this. However, I found something from an early post of mine (see picture below).

It shows how I had things set up in Reaper Preferences. I think the only inputs were 1 and 2 and the only Outputs were 1 and 2. If not, set them to the full range. Looking at your settings, I think you need to increase the monitor level. Below is a marked up version of the image you posted. Also, you can find out how to set up things up from the Gearbox manual, which can be accessed through the Help menu. I think pages 2-30 and 2-31 are relevant (I've attached them at the link below) Hopefully someone who's currently using a Podxt will be able to point out if I've got anything wrong in the above explanation.

Edit: I've just noticed there's an error message at the bottom of your settings window. It says something about 'Communication errors'. That could be the cause of the problem. I'm not sure what's causing that. A couple of things to check. (1) Are you running off a USB hub, because Line 6 devices don't seem to like this.

(2) Are you connected to the same USB port you used when you installed the drivers? I had a problem when I changed the USB port I was using (but I think that might only apply to Vista). Thanks Pete!! Really appreciate you taking the time.

Yea, i agree. That error at the bottom can't be doing any good. I don't have the option in the pull-down to record 'dry'. If you can tell, kinda hard, it's gray'd out.

So maybe something didn't work with the driver install - even though it said it was successful and everything seemed to work ok. No errors - at all. My podxt is ancient. I didn't realize it until monkey asked me for some info that it's actually over 4yrs old. Changing gears. Redline Аниме Скачать. In my pursuit for info on this last night - i ended up over on another forum i hang out at quite a bit. Perhaps you've heard of it - or visit -it's the andysneap forum.

Anyway - they have sticky over there () on 'reamping' and impulses. There are several, much greater than i in the engineer's seat, that suggest the POD should never be used to record dry signals for later reamping due to the lack of quality. More than one guy over there has witnessed a degradation in quality when using a POD for this purpose. They all recommend a few different DI boxes ->preamp rather than the POD. Why am i expounding at length on this? Well - i may not pursue the POD for doing this. I thought it would be a good option given i've already laid down the cash for it - but i think in the long run it may be better to just pop for the DI and go that route.

If you want, aren't already doing it and are interested in this route too some day - i'd be happy to let you know what i find out once i get one. Just drop me a PM. Thanks again. Mark btw - i'll probably purse updating ASIO on my system today and get that finally working. Best to start at the ground-level with issues like this and work up.

I'll update if i get this thing working today. Btw btw - that GEARBOX PDF was great! One other thing i forgot - than i'll shutup.

Even though i wasn't able to specify the 'dry signal' in the devices section - i was able to turn off the CAB on the podxt as well as 'bypass' all head options. I 'think' in effect go dry, although not 100% sure about that because i'm new to this and not sure what a truly 'dry' signal should sound like. It sound dry, lol. That's for sure - and when i stuck a amp vst and impulse on it didn't sound horrible.

Anyway, wanted to mention that. I wonder if i can't get the devices working correctly if this is an option for getting a true 'dry' signal for later reamping or vst impulses. Quick update just in case anybody else runs into this. After a VERY long day - i have successfully got my ancient PODxt talking to Reaper - and i must say - the conversation is pleasing.

So - what'd i do to fix the error above. Because my POD was so old - i was unable to update the FLASH MEMORY via the USB-OUT of the pod to my puter's usb using LINE6 MONKEY. (this was the crux of the problem. The flashmem needed to be updated to see ALL reamp options from the audio devices pull-down.) you can only do this on older machines using a MIDI->USB connection (even though you can install drivers and firmware via MONKEY - not flashmem).

So - i diligently ran to my local guitarwhore store and bought the LINE6 recommended interface (M-AUDIO Midisport UNO, $20). Ran home, ran to my pc - loaded the M-AUDIO cd for drivers and ran into more issues. Was greeted with a big 'F**K YOU DUDE - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VISTA' for starters, so hopped out to m-audio.com and got correct drivers, loaded and was then greeted with several other majorily retarded 'incidents' (will not disclose for fear of being known around these here parts as 'the retard'). In the end - after several hours of cursing PCs, music, my dog - my life - etc - i was able to finally upgrade the flashmem to the current release.

After this i was still unable to get midi going in Reaper but WAS ABLE to get the original USB-OUT of PODxt to USB on my PC working - and now all options for reamping were available. If i could only figure out how to get a signal from my drummachine via MIDI to USB!!! Glad you've got it working.

You can't send midi note messages via your Podxt. It only works for midi control messages. I used to use an Edirol UM-2EX as my Midi interface (in fact I've still got it hanging on a USB port on my system). It worked fine alongside my Podxt audio interface. Also, it's inexpensive.

You can have separate audio and midi interfaces (at least I can on my computer). These days I use my Pod X3 as my audio interface and an Edirol FA-66 (Firewire) as my midi interface. The FA-66 got ditched as my audio interface when I discovered I couldn't get low enough latency. So now I direct monitor through my X3 for audio. The virtually zero latency direct monitoring is the big plus for Pods.

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