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Program To Disable Ulps

Introduction ULPS is an ultra low power saving feature which turns off all GPU's except the primary one in use. ULPS can cause crashing / stuttering / reduced scaling when enabled. ULPS is always enabled by default.

It can't be fully disabled via software such as MSI Afterburner or Sapphire Trixx (as of ) since AMD Crimson (and some previous CCC versions) changed various reg entries which controlled ULPS. Before following the guide, read the Q & A below. Solution 1) Click Start - Type regedit.exe and hit enter. 2) In reg editor, press F3 and type EnableULPS, hit enter. 3) Keep pressing F3 until it finds a key called EnableUlps in a sub folder called 0000 4) Double click the reg entry and change value from 1 to 0. 5) Keep pressing F3 until it finds a key called EnableUlps in a sub folder called 0001 6) Double click the reg entry and change value from 1 to 0. Can't I just disable ULPS in MSI Afterburner?

Program To Disable Ulps

It no longer fully disables ULPS. Trixx also has issues doing so. Why is the first EnableUlps key set to 0 already? Compaq Presario Sg2102la Drivers Xp Lan here. MSI Afterburner most likely set this key to 0 when you tried to disable ULPS.

Oct 19, 2012 Ok so hopefully someone can give me some advice on this. Recently i bought 2 Diamond multimedia AMD HD 7770 double black diamond edition. When anything that requires. If you check unofficial oc and disable ulps and without powerplay you can still oc or dc. I gave this info over at ethereum forum with pictures. However you cannot lower memory voltage, which will still be at stock. It will consume less though and you will be able to hit better timings. After you done these steps.

Just leave it and find the next key required. Should I reboot after following the guide? For settings to take effect. Will idle power usage increase? If that's an issue, change the reg keys back to 1 after a gaming session and reboot. Incorrect values can cause software issues. Make backups of files and the registry if you are new to reg edit.

Why disable ULPS? Some games don't scale well, causing reduced performance, stuttering and system crashes. Should I have CFX enabled in 'Radeon Additional Settings' before following the guide? It does not matter. I upgraded/downgraded drivers. Is ULPS still disabled?

Follow the guide to disable ULPS once again. I can see Enableulps_NA, what should I do with it? Nothing at all, don't touch it.

I'm confused, where and what are these sub folders? You'll see them on the left hand side. They are like any other folder/directory.

Pressing F3 yields a lot of hits for ULPS, is this normal? Don't edit any Ulps keys expect the ones stated. Can I enable/disable CFX whenever I want after following the guide without breaking anything?

Yes, you are safe to enable/disable CFX at will. Where are the exact keys found exactly? Here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

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