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I will use this awesome resource to give a spelling test to my current second graders. Climb The Ladder: A Printable Spelling Game For Any Word List. 12 Best Spelling Tests ♥ Images On Pinterest Grade Spelling. Classroom Freebies Too: Spelling Pretest And Test Papers. How To Manage Autotext With Word In Office 2011 For Mac - Dummies. Free Spelling Test Printables. {differentiated Spelling.

South Australian Spelling Test Template 12

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! Have I got a present for you! Lovely and I realized the other day that our wedding is going to be chock full of kiddos, and we didn’t have anything fun for them to do. So I sat right down and started drawing, and ended up with a little activity book that I think they (and you!) are going to love. And you can print it out for free — just because I like you.

All you have to do is for the PDF file, hit print, and go make some copies! You’ll have to do a little double-sided action to make the order of the book right, but you get the idea.

For a fancy finish, get some, punch two holes in the spine of the book, string the twine through from the inside, and tie a little bow on the outside. Set out some crayons and pencils at your kid table, and they’ll have a ball. A few more tips: • The template prints best if you actually download it and print from a Preview program.

Zero Configuration Networking Pdfs. Choose Print Options, then under Scale, select “Fit to Page” for the best results. • The pages are not out of order. If you are printing at home, print out the page with the car on it, then on the back of that same sheet print the front cover of the booklet (ensuring that it doesn’t end up upside-down).

Next, print out the page with the cake on it, and on the back of that same sheet, print out the tic-tac-toe page. • Get crayon packs for your little ones! Have fun, lovelies! Xoxo PLEASE NOTE: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY PORTION OF THIS BOOK BE DOWNLOADED AND SOLD FOR PROFIT. The content of the book is copyrighted intellectual property and offered solely here for free download and personal use exclusively. Save Save Save Save. I know you’re probably annoyed as hell by now with everyone asking you to e-mail them the pdf, but I’ve got a problem.

The link to the pdf just isn’t working. It opens up to a new tab, but nothing comes. Literally, a blank page.

I’ve tried using other people’s computers because I thought maybe it was a problem with my browser, but the same issue comes up. Then, I asked my bestie to try, and it didn’t work for either. Is there any way at all you could email me the pdf? Please, please, please? I beg of you kindly, please? The email you can send it to is I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi Chelsea, I am Avery Ocumen from the Philippines. I’m the Marketing Manager of Amorita Resort, a boutique hotel in Panglao Island Bohol in the Philippines. I’m writing because I chanced upon your coloring book: i do, i do! On Pinterest and was very interested to produce it for children in the resort. I very much understand how kids get restless during wedding celebrations/receptions. And I actually pity the little ones – how uncomfortable they get in their cute little suits and gowns.

I would like to produce copies of your coloring book to be given away to kids during weddings celebrations at our resort. I have no intention of selling it, really. I just want the kids to enjoy themselves as much as the adults around them are enjoying themselves. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind.

Please shoot me an email if there’s anything else you wish to discuss. I would be very happy to hear from you! PS: I soo enjoy your site. 😀 I am very envious you have all the time in the world to do all that! My fiance and I are getting married in August and love this concept for the children at our wedding! You have done a fantastic job! I am wondering if there is anyway you can edit the words bride and groom to bride and bride and remove the groom from the picture and replace with another bride?

Obviously we are two women getting married and I am having a difficult time finding a wedding activity book that is geared towards 2 women! If you can email me your response, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much, Vanessa.

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