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JUDAS PRIEST – Turbo 30 [30th Anniversary Edition] [2017] [385 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps] by rockbendaDIO ‎Every long-term JUDAS PRIEST fan have a story of that first time they heard ‘ Turbo‘. In 1986 Bob Coburn of Rock Line world premiered the album. ‘ Turbo Lover‘, the opening track started, I was speechless. At that time, not sure if it was a positive or negative mindset, but I was curious as to what Priest were up to.

By the second song, ‘ Locked In‘, I knew I was going to buy the album even though I knew it would have to grow on me. The atmosphere in music at this time was a more commercial and glam approach. Electrical Interview Questions Pdf Free Download.

There were bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Poison raise the flag. At this time in history, radio and MTV were king.

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I will admit, I am a huge JUDAS PRIEST fan. I will also admit, I did not mind ‘ Turbo‘. This album has to be seen as a band that is trying to merge their past with the climate of music. ‘ Screaming for Vengeance‘ also delved into commercialism, and it is still a perfect album. ‘ Defenders of the Faith‘ was embracing the underground metal scene that was emerging in the Bay.

Download Judas Priest Discography 320

I have to admit songs like, ‘ Out in the Cold‘, you know the band had to be forced by studio execs. I do not see the band wanting to do that kind of desperate radio friendly song. The production on this album is very slick and glossy. This could be seen as the first JUDAS PRIEST record that the song-writing seemed to lack the punch we knew in the past, and in it’s place is just catchy choruses and lyrics that are meant to win over radio. It’s been 30 years since JUDAS PRIEST released ‘ Turbo‘. To celebrate the hallmark, the metal gods have put together a 3CD’s reissue featuring a 1986 live recording at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City.

‘ Turbo‘ is album 10th from JUDAS PRIEST, opening up with the fan favorite ‘ Turbo Lover‘. For this reissue, the entire album has been remastered for both CD and vinyl. Coming out via Sony Music, the 30th anniversary edition of ‘ Turbo‘ will become available on February 3. Discs Two and Three feature a 20-song live show from JUDAS PRIEST. Plenty of ‘ Turbo‘ material will grace the discs, along with live versions of all-time classics like ‘ Hell Bent For Leather‘, ‘ Victim of Changes‘ and many others. Let’s celebrate together this 30th anniversary of this album! – Info– Artist: JUDAS PRIEST Album: Turbo 30 [30th Anniversary Edition] Content: 3CD Albums [MP3]-[320 kbps] Label: Sony Music 25 Edition: GERMANY Genre: Rock Style: Heavy Metal Date Release: February 3rd, 2017 – Tracklist– CD ONE (Turbo 30 Remastered) 01.

Turbo Lover (5:33) 02. Locked In (4:20) 03. Private Property (4:30) 04. Parental Guidance (3:27) 05. Rock You All Around the World (3:37) 06. Out in the Cold (6:28) 07. Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days (4:40) 08.

Hot for Love (4:12) 09. Reckless (4:21) CD TWO (Live at the Kemper Arena, Kansas City May 22nd, 1986) 01.

Out in the Cold (live) (6:35) 02. Locked in (live) (4:21) 03. Heading Out to the Highway (live) (4:53) 04. Metal Gods (live) (4:03) 05. Breaking the Law (live) (2:43) 06. Love Bites (live) (5:19) 07.

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (live) (4:25) 08. The Sentinel (live) (5:03) 09. Private Property (live) (5:12) 10. Desert Plains (live) (4:55) 11.

Rock You All Around the World (live) (5:02) CD THREE (Live at the Kemper Arena, Kansas City May 22nd, 1986) 01. The Hellion (live) (0:40) 02. Electric Eye (live) (3:37) 03.

Turbo Lover (live) (6:03) 04. Freewheel Burning (live) (5:03) 05. Victim of Changes (live) (8:55) 06. The Green Manalishi (live) (Fleetwood Mac cover) (5:19) 07. Living After Midnight (live) (4:35) 08. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (live) (9:01) 09. Hell Bent for Leather (live) (5:53) – Line Up– Rob Halford – Vocals Glenn Tipton – Guitars K.

Downing – Guitars Ian Hill – Bass Dave Holland – Drums – Official Videos– – Data Download– Artist: JUDAS PRIEST Album: Turbo 30 [30th Anniversary Edition] Date Release: February 3rd, 2017 Format: [MP3]-[320 kbps] Total Size: [385 MB] Included: Artwork Password: rockbendaDIO Link:...

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