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Curriculum Vitae Work Address West Coast Retina Medical Group 1445 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94109 Education Medical School: Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland: 1986-1990 PhD: University of California, San Diego. La Jolla, California. M.P.H.: The Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health. Baltimore, Maryland. Epidemiology and Statistics core curricula. Degree awarded in Public Health: 1990 Post Doctoral Training Internship: Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, San Diego, California: 1991-1992 Residency: University of California, Department of Ophthalmology, San Francisco: 1992-1995 Fellowships: Cornea, External Disease and Uveitis, The Francis I. Proctor Foundation, University of California San Francisco: 1995-1996 Medical Retina and Uveitis, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London: 1998 Research Fellowships Scripps Institute and Research Foundation, The Department of Neuropharmacology.

Sanches by Richard Dokey In the short story 'Sanches', Richard Dokey goes into great detail on the life of. Juan Sanches, a migrant farm worker. Juan Sanches has a really hard and challenging life. He goes from witnessing one of his children be stillborn, to having his unborn son torn from his wife's womb. As if that were.

Richard Dokey Sanchez Pdf Creator

10666 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, California 92037. Bloom, M.D., Laboratory Director:1990-1991 National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Addiction Research Center. Neurobiology Laboratory. Baltimore, Maryland 21224. De Souza, Ph.D., Laboratory Director: 1/90-5/91 Public Health Ophthalmology Fellow. The Dana Center for Preventive Ophthalmology. The Wilmer Eye Institute. The Johns Hopkins University.

School of Medicine. Baltimore, Maryland 21205. Alfred Sommer, M.D., M.Sc., Program Director: 7/90-5/91 Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, and The Johns Hopkins Swallowing Center. The Johns Hopkins University. School of Medicine. Baltimore, Maryland 21205.

Sanches by Richard Dokey In the short story 'Sanches', Richard Dokey goes into great detail on the life of Juan Sanches, a migrant farm worker. Juan Sanches has a really hard and challenging life. He goes from witnessing one of his children be stillborn, to having his unborn son torn from his wife's womb. As if that were not enough Juan's wife dies during the labor of his only son, Jesus. After all of Juan's pain and suffering all that he lives for is for his son to grow up and be a good hard working man like him, but his son becomes Americanized and Juan Sanches becomes very depressed over his son's situation, but Juan is also depressed because of his own situation and the life that he has led. It is evident that Juan is depressed over his son's situation.

This is evident in many ways. Juan is depressed because his son has become exactly what he did not want.

When Sanches drives Jesus to the Flotill Cannery Jesus anxiously begins to tell his father of how great the Cannery is. He tells him of the great aluminum buildings, the marvelous machines, and the belts of cans that never stopped running (151). Jesus seems very interested in the money, a feeling that Juan knows very well. When Jesus and Juan get to the place were Jesus is going to stay he finds out that it is a cheap hotel. Jesus could tell that his father was not pleased. In an attempt to make his father happy he said, 'I will not stay much in the room, it is only for sleep. I will be working overtime too' (151).

All Jesus had to do was look at his fathers face to know that he was displeased. When Jesus gives his father a tour of the Cannery Juan acts very uninterested and, -1- in a way, hurt.

When Jesus went to ta. Middle of paper. That the life he led also had a part in his depression. Juan had a very sad and depressing life.

He was only happy when he was with La Belleza and that is why at the end when he dies he is really just going home. -4- Self Evaluation I found that writing this paper was really hard for me.

I am not good at analyzing stories and trying to find hidden meaning in stories. My strengths in this paper is that I think that I gave enough evidence to support my thesis. I gave concrete evidence. The weaknesses in my paper are that, even though I tried to stay away from it, it seemed impossible for me to prove my point without summarizing. Also I think the time limit that was given was not enough.

When I write a paper I need at least a week and a half in advanced so I can do the writing process correctly. I felt to pressured to finish the paper. Title Length Color Rating - Hindenburgh 1937 by Cameron Dokey The book Hindenburgh 1937, written by Cameron Dokey, shows the reader a story of fear and of true love that will never die. The novel begins in Frankfurt Germany, in late April of 1937. Here we meet a sixteen year old girl, Anna Becker, who has just lost her grandfather and believes that his dying wish was for her to take a trip on the airship the Hindenburgh, this was a trip that they were to take together.

As the story progresses the reader learns that this is not her grandfathers wish. [tags: Papers] 465 words (1.3 pages) Strong Essays - Did Richard III Kill the Children. We really cannot know for certain. If there was a cover-up to protect the actual murderers, it was done exceedingly well and so thoroughly that we will never be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what really happened. In spite of what I see as very persuasive evidence that Richard did not kill the children, there are many very intelligent, highly successful, and unquestionably reputable historical scholars out there who believe that they have evidence that the king did commit the murders and that this evidence is equally as compelling as anything I believe.

[tags: Richard II Richard III Essays] 1104 words (3.2 pages) Strong Essays - The Characters of Bolingbroke and Richard II 'What tongue speaks my right drawn sword may prove' is the sentence which concludes a short speech delivered by Henry Bolingbroke to King Richard II (1.1.6). These words are but the first demonstration of the marked difference between the above-mentioned characters in The Tragedy of Richard II. The line presents a man intent on action, a foil to the title character, a man of words. When Bolingbroke first appears in the play, he is accusing Thomas Mowbray of treason and then states that he is ready to act upon his accusations, to draw his sword against Mowbray. [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays] 860 words (2.5 pages) Better Essays - The real tragedy of Richard III lies in the progressive isolation of its protagonist. From the very opening of the play when Richard III enters 'solus', the protagonist's isolation is made clear.

Richard's isolation progresses as he separates himself from the other characters and breaks the natural bonds between Man and nature through his efforts to gain power. The first scene of the play begins with a soliloquy, which emphasizes Richard's physical isolation as he appears alone as he speaks to the audience. [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays] 1206 words (3.4 pages) Strong Essays - The Importance of Honor in Richard II The tension-charged exchange between Bolingbroke and Mowbray in the first scenes of Richard II provides exciting action for the audience, and gives a glimpse into trial by combat and the importance of honor in Shakespeare's plays. Trial by combat, or a judicial duel was a traditional way to settle disputes in England and Europe for many generations. People dueled to defend their own honor, and to prove personal claims against the honor of others. [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays]:: 12 Works Cited 1763 words (5 pages) Powerful Essays - Richard III and Adolf Hitler In William Shakespeare's Richard III, we see Shakespeare's interpretation of despot rule and the parallels that stem from this interpretation.

The character type of Richard has been examined and marveled for thousands of years. From Plato's examination of despot rule in the Republic, we see the motives of what drives despot rulers. A look at the background of Richard and how his upbringing and personal life contributed to his insecurities will help to understand why someone may become a despot.

[tags: Richard II Richard III Essays] 731 words (2.1 pages) Strong Essays - Richard III and Deformity Some scholars insist that Richard was neither crippled nor humpbacked, and they are passionately dedicated to proving that Shakespeare's portrait of the inhuman monster is based on Tudor propaganda used to bolster Henry VII's weak claim to the throne The only 'proof' we have of Richard III's deformity is that which is provided by Sir Thomas More in 'The History of King Richard the Third'. It is here that modern readers digest the adjectives which forever plague Richard 'Little of stature, ill-featured of limbs, crooked-backed, his left shoulder much higher than his right'. [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays] 438 words (1.3 pages) Strong Essays - Seduction in Richard III Seduction is definitely a dominant theme in Richard III. I noticed another instance of it to go along with the ones discussed in class the other night. Richard's wooing of Lady Anne is more than obvious than the example I've found; but, Act 1 scene 4 definitely contains another instance of seduction.

This is Clarence's murder scene and the murderers have to convince one another to actually carry through with the act. Murderer One is the first to exhibit a hint of hesitation. [tags: Richard II Richard III Essays] 351 words (1 pages) Strong Essays - King Richard My report is on Richard I, byname Richard the Lion-Hearted.

He was born September 8, 1157 in Oxford, England. He died on April 6, 1199 in Chalus, England. His knightly manner and his prowess in the Third Crusade(1189-92) made him a popular king in his own time, as well as the hero of countless romantic legends. He has been viewed less kindly by more recent historians and scholars.

Richard was the third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and he was given the duchy of Aquitaine, his mother’s inheritance, at the age of 11 and was enthroned as duke at Poitiers in 1172. [tags: History England King Richard Essays]:: 6 Works Cited 1146 words (3.3 pages) Strong Essays - The short story 'Sanchez,' written by Richard Dokey, is a story about Juan Sanchez and his family. 'Sanchez' is told in many different settings, which are all unique and represent various feelings that Dokey portrays to his readers. The settings are described realistically; they affect Juan and Jesus in personal ways. The settings vary from a small village in Mexico to the Sierra Nevada in California. At first the story is set in Stockton in the San Joaquin Valley.

[tags: essays research papers] 914 words (2.6 pages) Better Essays.

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