Viewtiful Joe Iso Ps2 Jpn Kelantan 3,0/5 9664votes

Mangybeard rates this game: 4/5 Control Joe as he fights to rescue his girlfriend Silvia from Movieland. Harness the power of VFX to demolish anyone and anything in your way! Joe gains a superhero persona rather quickly, giving him the power of VFX; this gives him the ability to slow down or speed up time or zoom in on himself (changes a lot of Joe's abilities while active), and you can even combine powers! These powers also help affect the environment to solve puzzles (i.e. Slowing a slot machine's reels to get the result you want). You also can learn new moves or upgrade old abilities. To summarize: A movie-styled beat 'em up where you're a superhero.

I recommend this game.

Viewtiful Joe Iso Ps2 Jpn Kelantan

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Viewtiful Joe Iso Ps2 Jpn Kelantan
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