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So I bought the Mayflash TX4500 Pad with a '. My 'Stepmania PC' has Windows 8.1 (x86) and my own PC has Windows 10 (x64) and both of them report that the USB device is malfunctioning or unrecognizable. The problem is that it works perfectly on my old Windows 7 (x64) PC which I am unfortunately unable to use for anything but testing things out. The W7 system recognizes the USB adapter as 'RedOctane Dance Pad' and downloads the drivers straight through Windows Update, but I can't seem to find the W7 driver for the said device or any alternatives from the internet. Has anyone found a solution for this? Is there a possibility to 'extract' installed driver from Windows 7 system and force them on W8 or W10 system?

Xtreme Dance Pad Platinum Software Solutions

Of the unrecognized device in devman Device information in Windows 7: ugen0.2: at usbus0 uhub6: on usbus0 uhub6: 3 ports with 3 removable, bus powered ugen0.3: at usbus0 uhid0: on usbus0 Edit: Also posted the problem to the, for their suggestions, check out the thread below. Asked around in and got a response but haven't been able to try it out yet myself due to being at work. Copying it here just in case it works if you want to try it out: Ok so first thing you wanna do is uninstall all those unrecognized drivers. Then you go ahead and follow these instructions to disable driver signing and add the ability to install unsigned driver.

After that's done, make sure you're connected to internet and then just plug in your stuff and the drivers should start installing. Hope this helps. Hit me back if it doesn't.

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Ciara The Evolution 2006 Zip. Looking at the source of the xbcd driver it does code to support redoctane pads, in the xbcd.inf it says%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB VID_0C12&PID_8809; RedOctane Ignition Pad ive tried anything to add the driver, installing it, and adding it manually as in placing the inf file in c:/windows/INF and the sys file in c:/windows/system32/drivers but it just wont find it, I even edited the drivers inf file to see if I can add support manually but seeing it just gives USB DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR_FAILURE for hardware ID I cant add it, so I'm kinda out of ideas.

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