Hiren S Bootcd 9 9 Fr Isohunt 3,6/5 5312votes

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Hiren S Bootcd 9 9 Fr IsohuntHiren S Bootcd 9 9 Fr Isohunt

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Consider donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation! They give you stickers! I believe ASUS charges either $30 or $50 for recovery disks outside of warranty. That's really the only 'legit' version you're going to get. Someone on here could FTP you a non-OEM version of windows starter 7 which would install fine, but it wouldn't be legit or legal. I understand your aversion to torrenting, but if you can find a legit copy of your(may be model specific) recovery disks on pirate bay or isohunt, it will ready some unique identifier on your netbook's motherboard and automatically, legitimately, and legally, license your windows installation. Otherwise I'd say post an update with your exact model number and hope someone on here has that exact image.

If this is typical netbook you may experience the same thing I did. Bseap Ssc Hall Tickets 2014 Download. You won't be able to boot from a USB optical drive and you will have to make a bootloader, which will use an image of the operating system you want to install, and it will have to be done from a USB memory stick drive. It was seriously the most convoluted tech work I'd done in a while.

I believe this is the guide I used to get my project to work, and it worked well once I'd found a compatible pen drive. You will still need to have at least an image of the OS you want to install.

Hmm, I'll have to torrent it then, the netbook is for a sales rep, ubuntu would be impossible for him to use. I just got off the phone with ASUS and I'm pissed, they want $50.00 for a damn recovery cd.

The guy just got snotty with me when I asked 'really, 50? And told me that I should have made a backup image of the computer myself (true, but I didn't even look at this machine before it was given to the sales rep). Real condescending and snotty, this has me quite enraged with them after spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on their products. I just might drop this company altogether. My view on ASUS as a company did a complete 180 tonight.

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